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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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estimated to be worth about $5 million. thanks for joining us. the news continues from london next. >> a come is stabbed at a bus stop in jerusalem despite the sweeping security measures designed to prevent such attacks. good to have you along. russia's jets pound positions in syria as reports emerge of iranian troops on the ground bolstering assad's forces. taking to the streets in south africa protesters call for an end to corruption. >> i'm jonah hull in sweden, the
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idyllic end of a long journey from a war in syria. >> despite security measures there has been no let up in violence. forces shot a palestinian man after he stabbed a woman at jerusalem's main bus station. >> a spokesman for the israeli police. >> the woman was stabbed, and the terrorist attempted to go on the bus.
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the police shot and killed the terrorist. it is the second attack that has taken place in jerusalem in the last four hours. tight security continuing here. >> let's go live to ramallah, the palestinian president mahmood abbas, his address of the people. >> because our people because much discriminations and the occupation in such a way that is threatening the peace and stability and trying to we ask
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the international community to intervene immediately before it's too late. we're not accepting to change the situation al aqsa. i will not allow any israeli plans which target the islamist we're asking for help from the united nations. we will not continue with the situation of this occupation. i will not give up to the of the
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occupier who has been used biel israelis, which our people and our also killing children in cold blood in regions in the palestinian territory. we will use those who have been
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detained are the martyred, and the injured. the courageous palestinians, your assistance, the weren't and detention of all. yes, we have fate from our blood, our martyrs, but the price of freedom, which became between two, victory is coming
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with the help of allah, but the people do not know that. we will continue in our fight, and all the aggression against gaza and the people, and now they're in front of the international criminal courts and all the persecutions of all our children and grandchildren.
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anyone who fear the international law, they should be tried against all these crimes. we always have in our hands peace, which securing peace and security in order to create an independent palestine with its capital jerusalem. based in 19 much our great people wherever you are.
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protecting our people, this is our right, and we will stick by it. congratulations. >> that was palestinian president mahmood abbas in the likes of all the security clamp down emposed by the israeli security forces. also because of the deaths of the number of palestinians during the course of the last month or so. 32 palestinians, seven israelis have died.
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they have asked the international community to intervene, and they're based on protecting themselves. the israeli prime minister said earlier he has said that the fight is coming we'll try to round up events. [ gunfire ] >> chaos in the streets of bethlehem. these clashes following the funeral of a 27-year-old who was shot and killed by israeli forces while protesting in the same area 24 hours ago.
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in stark contrast the streets of west jerusalem are eerily quiet after yesterday's violence. few residents venturing out in this normally bustling precinct. palestinian residents protesting the blockade of neighborhoods. >> the only way to achieve the goals between the israelis and the palestinians is to establish the two-state solution.
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>> three of the palestinians perhaps the most controversial security measure announced is the decision not to return their bodies to their families in addition the government is considering burying them in a remote military area. three israelis were killed when the attacks were carried out it is a red line that no previous government has crossed. the netanyahu government may be sowing the seeds of greater violence to come. >> our apologies for the confusion earlier on. we do now go live to ramallah in
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the west bank. tell us about the security situation there. >> well, there have been earlier in the day some clashes mainly in bethlehem following the funeral processions of a young man who died during confrontation there. there was a bigger showing than in the past days. after a few hours you had that hard-core group of young people who stated that this is something going on all over the west bank.
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>> this up rising, suddenly these incidents, you spoke earlier on to an university student who said it was being organized at grassroots level. they say that they are doing it united. most of them pointed out to the fact that many political factions represented in the university, but this time they really are doing it under the barn of the palestinian flag, and that they say as long a as--and they want to keep it like that. they say they've been a generation this is them taking
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things in their own hand. showing an unity that maybe does not exist outside of the gates of the campuses. in the president of president mahmood abbas, you could see that he was talking to them. these students have shown an unity that has not existed. they were complaining about the leadership. they were aggravated and want to restore calm. they're hoping that the leadership will follow them after that, but they're certainly at the forefront of the unrest that is happening here in the occupied west bank. >> we'll leave it there for now. thank you. >> still ahead on this program
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the democratic hopeless go head to head in a live debate. stay with us if you can.
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>> president mahmood abbas just called for international intervention. israel bringing new restrictions to combat the wave of palestinian attacks.
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turn to go other world news, the u.s. has refused to send the military delegation to the country to discuss coordination over syria. and he's condemned what he says is western interference. >> attempted by the west and particularly by the u.s. to put a break on this process, leading only to chaos anarchy and rejection by many other countries. continuing to conduct a multi facetted international policy. it will try to make sure that security is observed throughout the world and in russia as well. >> iranian troops are now arriving in syria to support a government offensive i in aleppo. we're following that story from
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bay not. >> providing much needed support over the years political military as well as financial. the official iranian line has been no, we don't have ground forces in syria, but we have been hearing reports from pro iranian sources saying that thousands of iranian troops have arrived in syria to take part in ground operations along side the syrian government as well as their lebanese ally, the shia armed group hezbollah. now these reports coincide with the visit of a top-ranking official, in damascus holding talks with officials. he's talking about an outcome
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but on the ground, yes, the assault have really placed rebels on the back line. they're no longer on the offensive. but these reports undoubtedly significant since russia has joined the fight in syria, more are saying that iranian troops are on the ground and they're helping the syrian government. this may be a message from iran saying they don't want to be left out of any political talks because there is no doubt that russia's intervention has put russia in the spotlight of efforts to try to find a political solution. >> more refugees have enter the
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country more than any other time in history. >> we catch up with them in the countryside. it's a long way from al jazeera's first encounter with the family in the september bustle of budapest train station. and it isn't the sweden they had imagined. >> i'm sorry about the future here. i didn't think it would be like that. >> she shows me what appear to be bullying threats from an immigration official. >> if you're hated go somewhere else. >> he argued with this guy from
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damascus. he said i i can do everything, i can throw you out. >> he said give me your identity card and i'll throw you out. >> yes. >> i put all this to the immigration minister in stockholm. >> this is really a problem because so many people are coming right now. it's really a challenge for authorities to be able to set up proper housing for people, and to have proper control over what is happening to them. >> you got to travel a long way to the middle of nowhere to find these camps for want of a better word, people waiting months and months.
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even this country with its welcoming history, it's finding it hard to cope. >> do you think the compassion of sweden and swedish people have limits? >> no, i think the opposite because when i could see we started to collecting here, and it was streaming to us so much. >> so people care. >> people care. >> a reminder that this is not
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the life they chose. jonah hull, al jazeera, sweden. >> it only held kunduz for four days. but still being felt from kabul here is the report. >> she loved her job as a reporter in kunduz until the taliban came and forced her to leave. she fled leaving most of her family behind. after she left her father was killed in the fighting. >> i couldn't go to his funeral. the road was unsafe and also i'm too recognizable. my mother was grieving. i was the only bread weather for the family. because of this i could not see my father for the funeral.
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>> a few photos only remain of what was the only independent tv station in kunduz. >> now that she is here when i go out with her i feel that we're in danger. i don't want her going out alone. >> i thought the taliban would behave well towards ordinary people, but i was wrong. the taliban will never treat them properly. once again the dark ages that people experienced in the past could happen again. >> the director said he wants to rebuild but it won't be easy.
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the taliban took $100,000 of equipment, much of it came from international donors. >> there was lots of aid in the past, but things have changed. >> more than 100 journalists fled the city. the taliban threatened the television station because of the reporting in kundoz. know though know they're a target. >> jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. >> now to south africa where we've had. >> work is in south korea's biggessouth africa. the union leader said it was
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sabotaged by allies of the congress. >> this is an on slot against our agenda. >> government corruption is estimated to cost south africa billions of dollars a year. but people still vote for the anc. some analysts believe that some forces may be used to test the government. >> they're testing the government and increasingly the private sector. you can see a desire to find an alternative. >> for many south africas it was a $5 billion arms deal in the 1990s that set the stage for government corruption. one man in prison for taking a
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bribe was president zum,'s recently a company linked to the anc accepted $5 million in what were described as improper payments from the japanese company hitachi, they were credited to build a new power station. >> pressure from the street in order to seven as recorders for taking it would be strengthen th the party. >> few people here believe that the party of nelson mandela is capable of beating corruption in
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its own ranks. >> marvyn james is the first jamaican author. it is described as the most exciting work on the short list. >> i would say it is really affirming. when you're in the quiet room writing novels you like to think that the world is isn't there. but that's the opposite true, the world is never gone.
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>> named junior photographer of the year, it's a 50-year competition with 42,000 entries. for more. >> another attack in jerusalem. a person has been stabbed as police shoot the man believed to be responsible. democratic candidates came out swinging. we'll see if what they said was actually true. >> i'm melissa chan in las vegas taking a closer look at how the housing crisis continues to impact its aging population.