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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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gone. >> named junior photographer of the year, it's a 50-year competition with 42,000 entries. for more. >> another attack in jerusalem. a person has been stabbed as police shoot the man believed to be responsible. democratic candidates came out swinging. we'll see if what they said was actually true. >> i'm melissa chan in las vegas taking a closer look at how the housing crisis continues to impact its aging population.
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>> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm tony harris. we're following deviling news out of israel right now. about an hour ago, the israeli police shot a palestinian man who they say attacked a woman at the bus station. it happened at the very same time palestinians were protesting at israeli military crackdown. >> this situation which cause alarm we ask the international community to intervene immediately before it's too late. >> we have the latest now from jerusalem. >> well, any hope that these new
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security measures the announcement of these new security measures would have a pro found effect this is the scene of chaos right now at west jerusalem at a bus station. the police say that a man entered the bus station and attacked a woman with the knife, as a scene of confusion. the police intercepted this man and shot him dead. he fell , and now this came hours after a youth was shot dead at damascus gate in occupied west
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jerusalem. he, according to the police, was actually searched and produced a knife. the part of this innocent where he's seen running away and apparently shot as he's running away in the back. that appears to be the case. there is no explanation from the police on the exact circumstances on this. >> andrew simmons reporting in jerusalem for us. iran's guardian council approved of the deal between the toss and iran. iran is expected to exchange
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centrifuges. >> we're not able at this time to associate . >> and today iran is denying
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reports that it's troops have joined forces with the syrian government. we have more now from beirut. >> iran's official line is that they have no troops ground forces in syria. we know iran is a key ally of the syrian government providing much needed political military support even financial support. and iran does not tried to stay away from the fact that they have military advisers on the ground. just a few days ago they announced one of the top generals were killed. but now we're hearing from sources reporting that iranian ground forces are taking part in end ground offensives. we know that there are sources, and the reports that they're leaking are providing really
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detailed information about operational plans on the ground, which with this being very fourth coming, and they have been fourth coming since the start of the russian intervention in syria. iran wants to get a message to the world that they're there. we are in syria. we've always been in syria. our role has not been sidelined ever since the russians--what is clear that pro iranian forces are talking about ground operations to try to change the balance of power on the ground. the balance no one really had the upper hand, but as of late the syrian government was feeling threatened in two front
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lines really on the coast and in the province of latakia as well as the prolines of aleppo. >> isil leaders released a new audio message wanting to launch a holy war against russia and america. the pentagon has been planning to reduce the number of troops by 2017. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are out campaigning again hours after their big face off in los angeles with five democrats running. clinton and sanders dominated the event and were pressed hardest on how they would run the country. al jazeera's david shuster is
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here to talk about the debate, david? >> we are pouring through the focus groups who watched the debate, and by all accounts hillary clinton scored well on being polished and presidential. and bernie sanders scored well on substance and passion. the defining moment was when sanders addressed hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. >> let me say something that may not be great politics, but i think the secretary is right. that is that the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you, me, too, me too. >> it helps them both. from the highlights to the low lights. based on the focus group the low light came when hillary clinton was asked about policy flip flop and denied that her views have changed very much. watch. >> well, actually i've been very consistent over the course of my entire life.
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i've always fought for the values and principles, but like most human beings including those of us who run for office, i do absorb new information, i learn things from the world, i did say three years ago that i hoped it would be the gold standard. it was negotiated last week, and in looking at it didn't meet my standards. >> focus group voters said that they didn't like the answer very much. they said it sounded like a job interview rather than what she believes. clinton is already facing perceptions that she's not truth worthy or honest. that might be the one thing that is wrapping u wrapping up this
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nomination. >> did you find there was a gender or age gap between those who were in the focus group. >> yes, men scored higher for bernie sanders and women gave it to hillary clinton. there was a huge divide when it came to age. younger voters loved what bernie sanders said last night 37 not so much hillary clinton. here's a problem that bernie sanders has , older voters tend to vote more than the younger voters. can he get those younger voters out on the night of election. >> did they talk about joe bid biden. >> they were presented by the commercial that the draft joe biden campaign put together.
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and based on the commercial 20 people out of 35 in the focus group said that we want joe biden to run. but then the debate. hillary clinton has taken up a lot of space and may have squeezed joe biden out particularly in policy views. if joe biden gets in, now he finds himself to hillary clinton's white. those are key issues degrees. >> defunding planned parenthood has emerged as a big issue among republican presidential hopefuls. hillary clinton defended the healthcare provider. >> it's always the republicans wh or their sympathizers who say you can't have parent leave but they don't mind big government when it comes to planned parenthood. i'm sick of it.
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>> now planned parenthood is changing a policy that drew anger from republicans and caused the call to defund the group. >> planned parenthood has been under attack for months over allegations that it was given payment for providing fetal issue for research. this anti-abortion group tried to make that case. >> anti-abortion groups said that planned parenthood making a profit off fetal tissue. they were seen as a commodity. they were harvesting little hearts, little lungs, little livers for a cause. >> planned parenthood said that the videos were misleadingly edited. now the organization said that it will no longer accept r reimbursement. icecil richards wrote, now
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we're going further to take away any basis for attacking planned parenthood to advance an anti-abortion political agenda. she was grilled last month on capitol hill. the republicans are trying to defund the healthcare provider. >> why do you need federal dollars, you're making a ton of dough. >> we don't make any money off federal money. it's unacceptable that in the 21st century that women in america are routinely harassed for a medical procedure. >> they called planned parenthood's policy change an admission of guilt and the chairman of the house committee that questioned ms. richards said that significant questions remain about planned parenthood's finances. the organization is now the focus of five different congressional investigations and numerous state inquiries. al jazeera.
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>> coming up on al jazeera america, a court reinstates a lawsuit challenging a new york police program. surveillance on muslims not accused of any crimes.
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>> they don't fear anything. >> they're consuming economically important species >> we're offering something on our menu that no-one else is offering.
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>> they say the shop is responsible for the injuries because it made an illegal gun sale. >> is this the beginning of how guns are sold? >> this is going to change the way things are done in the country. time will tell. >> this is not the first time that badger guns have been connected to gun violence. 500 firearms crimes committed in the area was traced back to the store. a federal appeals court has ruled that muslim americans who were being watched for more than a decade can sue the nypd. here is more. >> it was created after the september 11th attacks. the nypd called it the democrat gaffic unit.
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from 2003 to 2014 it kept secret tabs on the activities of new york's muslim americans without any evidence of criminal activity. >> what is the lead that sends them into our organization for ten years at a time? >> angel new york muslims filed a series of complaints against the department but those were thrown out. quote: >> 20 months ago judge william martini dismissed the case ruling that it was designed to stop attacks not target muslims. then police chief ray kelly offered this explanation at the time. >> we'll continue to do the things that we believe we have
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to do to protect new york city. >> the demographics unit was disbanded in 2014 when mayor bill de blasio took office. they admitted it never generated a lead. >> apple is preparing for the next phase of a lawsuit that could cost $900 million. it was ruled that apple used technology owned by the university of wisconsin out permission. it is technology found in chips in recent iphone models. they argued that the patent was invalid. the backdrop was the bright lights of the vegas strip, but that's not the reality for many who live there. >> coming to las vegas prepared to retire and live the life of leisure. then the financial crisis hit.
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house at the peak was worth $400,000. now they're worth $250,000. >> now he needs help with his wife who has alzheimer's disease. >> it's been rough. i don't know how to say it, it's been very hard. >> las vegas gambled big on real state and lost. >> folks who planned for their retirement in their later years and moved here for the warm wonderful weather and low cost of living and then found themselves going under when the economy crashed. >> the number of senior citizen who is found themselves needing help financially or with medical care caught the state by surprise. according to one study the demand for assisted living is
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higher in nevada than the national average. this is just one of the few facilities that take care of a rapidly aging population. the center helps about 1,000 people. that's not that much if you consider the fact that there are more than 350,000 seniors in the entire state. fred is 72 years old. he tried working at a walmart a while ago. now he is is senior helping other seniors volunteering and receiving a type pend of $2.65 an hour. even that little, he says, helps. >> it helps out, not much, but it helps out. >> aarp local chapters stay busy trying to place seniors in a variety of jobs, training and preparing them for the workforce. retirement takes decades of planning. to sore many people who made las vegas their destination, it was not supposed to play out
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this way. the economy has picked up, but not enough to change these lives. >> do you remember the days of slow internet connections with the it's still the reality for some people in the united states. why telecom companies are not doing anything about it. and why this picture purchased for $2 may be worth $5 million.
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>> the federal aviation association said that passengers may no longer carry lithium batteries. the battle in chattanooga, tennessee, jacob ward went to the cyber front lines. >> penny is mother of two with no access to broad bend. they have two choices, dial up or satellite internet service, which is not reliable. >> the internet we use is our data on our cellphones. >> she has been waiting for years for broadband to come to her area.
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she's not alone. 53% of americans living in rural areas don't have access to basic broadband. the reason comcast isn't there or the reason why other providers aren't there is because it costs a lot of money and the revenue is not very high. but one company does bring the internet. the local utility who brings internet service, and an ends a half mile from where this family lives. >> we can make a financial business model serving some 6 those areas and we could do it quickly. >> david wade is the chief administration officer and said that the company is willing to invest $60 million into the county but it can't because of a law that prohibits companies
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from expanding past their service areas. >> so epb and the city of chattanooga filed a petition asking the federal communication to overturn the law charging that it limits city owned broadband from competing with comcast. nelson fired a similar request. >> the laws that we challenged from a product by lobbying by industry. >> jim baylor represented epb chattanooga and nelson. >> the laws are said to be for the purpose of creating a level playing field, for the purpose of creating fair competition. but in reality they create barriers that the established carriers can't comply with in
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most cases. >> in february the fcc agreed with chattanooga and overturned tennessee state law. >> we have a situation why the federal government is preempting a state from preempting cities. >> they filed an appeal in september saying that the order runs afoul of core constitutional principles and disrupts the balance of power between the federal government and the united states. >> there is no competition. there is no choice. there is no service. >> she said that changing the law is a challenge because of telecom lobbyists in tennessee. >> they have cobbled together to eliminate this problem in a few areas of tennessee at a time. each time tremendous dollars have gone into lobbyists to defeat it. >> senator bowl willing pro poet legislation in 2016 to strike
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the cause that prohibits municipal broadband from expanding into rural areas. >> it has been a problem exacerbated by a political problem. if you have a governmen government-protected entity that has a monopoly. the last time i looked that up, it was called crony capitalism. >> a california collector may have struck gold. randy gallardo purchased this picture for $2. the man with a croquet mallet is billy the kid. it was taken at a new mexico wedding i in 1878. it is said to be worth
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$5 million. i'm tony harris. i'll see you back here tonight. the news continues next live from london. >> and you join us live. i'm david foster. this is some of what we'll be looking at in detail in the next 60 minutes. a woman is stabbed in a bus stop in jerusalem despite security measures to stop such attacks. soldiers use tear gas on palestinian