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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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only on al jazeera america. >> two palestinians are shot dead after separate stabbings in jerusalem as the israeli government prepares a new security crackdown. >> as the violence continues there is a call for international help. i'm julie mcdonald live from london. coming up reports that assad's forces now have the support of iranian troops. nigeria's cost practice down on products that he it shoes.
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>> i'm jonah hull in sweden, we're at the lon end of a long journey from syria. >> two palestinians have been shot dead after separate knife attacks in another day of unrest after weeks of violence the palestinian leader mahmood abbas said that the international community must step in and help. now there has been con terry rumor that secretary of state john kerry will be traveling around jerusalem. over 100 reservists have been called up.
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>> chaos in the streets of bethlehem. these clashes falling th the--following the funeral of a 17-year-old who was protesting in the same area 24 hours ago. here army troops have been deployed in israeli cities as part of the government calls heightened security measures. >> it's almost empty here. >> and occupied west injury
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almost is calm. residents praising themselves for israeli action that could include the black said of neighborhoods or the demolition of those that have ben part in yet days. >> the only way to achieve the goals is to establish the two-state solution, the state of palestine and the state of israel along side. >> and anger words from lynn leader mahmood abbas. >> we're not aggressive against anyone. we don't want any aggressions against our people. we're asking for help. we will not stand for the killing of our children in cold blood. >> three palestinians shot and
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killed in the past 24 hours come in this neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem. each carried an israeli-issued i.d. and perhaps the most issue aannounced was the decision not to return th to the families the bodies it's a red line that no previous israeli government has crossed. in seeking the manage the conflict by flexing muscle, they may be sowing the seeds towards greater vie lung greater
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violence. en do you, a chaotic situation. >> that's right, julie. the situation here right now, well, any hope that the security announcement would make a difference, this is the scene at the west jerusalem bus station complete panic. you can hear the crimes. [ screaming ] no one is sure what is going on. special forces police are running through the building. it would appear that they're trying to find a suspect after a stabbing, and then later on you'll see the scene outside of the bus station. difficult to make out in this video, but close ups show the two gunshots are fired by
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special forces close to the man who delivers a journey woman was natalie owas. >> army soldiers in the old city of occupied east jerusalem, the man there apparently went away. there is some video evidence of him being shot as he was running away. the exact circumstances are hard to make out. difficult to assess that video. was he carrying anything? it didn't appear that he was, but the police say that he drew
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a knife when he was searched and consequently he was shot dead. really we have a situation developing that is not that different than what it was before. there are certainly more soldiers on the ground, and there are other measures that mike hanna reported on, alarming the palestinians such as this move to not only depolish the opens of people who are deemed as terrorists, but also to take away their property and not to allow any further development on the site, and more concern than ever before about the process beckett of bodies not being returned. the situation now is pretty much on high alert again here in jerusalem.
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thanks for that update. in ramallah with the reaction to the speech by some palestinian youth who are at the center of the unrest. >> they have been saying all along, each time i spoke to either one of them over the past two weeks, at the didn't care and and what they had to stay. >> wshortly after the speech i spoke to some of the demonstrators. i spoke mainly to young girl. she's 22 years old. she's a student. she was hit by live ammunition during the protest here in ramallah. i asked what she thought about it. he said well, he's trying to appease us, telling us that he's going through loyal means to get
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the palestinian rights. she noted that over his speech there was a picture that was overlaid. that was the picture of a young palestinian boy a 13-year-old boy who was wounded and left gasping on the sidewalk for quite awhile. that picture is very symbolic among the youth here. he was trying to tell us that he feels for us, but at the end of day there is no bold step here. that's how she felt. i spoke to other students who did not listen to the speech. earlier i was at the university, and i told him, president mahmood abbas is going to speak to tonight, and they shrugged it off. i don't think they received as much as they wanted from him.
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>> reports that russia and the u.s. has moved closer on how to prevent aircraft from flying too close to each other over syria. syria. they have condemned western bishops iwestern interference into syrian policy. >> leading only to chaos, anarchy and rejection. they'll continue to conduct a multi facetted policy. they'll trying to make sure that security is observed in the world. >> well, lavrov made his comments with reports that iranian troops are arriving to support a government offensive in aleppo. the syrian government is already backed by lebanese fighters and a russian air campaign. it is following the story for us
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from bay root. >> providing military support, military, advisory and that they have other advisers on the ground. the official line is no, we don't have ground sources in syria. but i've been waiting for pro reports. >> talking about a positive outcome as a result of the coordination between russia, iraq, iran and syria. on the ground, yes, the assault
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led by the government as well as russian airstrikes have really pushed rebels back from a number of front lines placing the rebels on the offensive. they're no longer on the offensive. but these reports are undoubtedly significant. ever since russia joined the military efforts in syria, more information has been coming out saying that iran troops are on the ground and that they're helping the syrian government. many beef this is still a, they do not want to be left out of any political talks to find the settlement because there is no doubt that russia's intervention has put russia in the spotlight of efforts to try to find a political solution. iraqi forces are about to take
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back the city of ramadi from the armed group. so far they've made significant gains around the city. but sectarian infighting has delayed the offensive. >> in a carefully choreographed message to isil these sunni fighters chant, we're not afraid. they belong to tribes from the anbar province who are opposed to the armed group. and the graduation ceremony was tended by leaders and commanders. a deliberate show of unity as the government prepares for what is describing as a major offensive in anbar to retake the capital ramadi from isil. >> our message is that these are your sons, and we want them integrated in the establishment and recognized officially.
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>> the recruits have been trained to be part of what has been called a national guard. a proposed armed guard made up slowly of local fighters. it's meant to address concerns in predominantly sunni areas, known as the popular mobilization forces crying to gain reors finance the plan has stalled in parliament with iraq's deep sectarian divisions largely to blame for the political deadlock. as a result president hyderal apany has nod been able to offense even promising to do so for weeks. >> there is no trouble is no trust. that's why there is an up coming
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delay in the fences. in july the offensive was halted after it was gamed tha--it was complained that there was too much intervention bial abady. >> it would appear that he's determined to take the capital ramadi from the armed group, but until he addresses the secretary sir yawsecretary. >> calling for an end of corruption. >> in southeast china a
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manufacturing hub that prepares for christmas all year round. but the orders are down, and it's not just china's slowing economy that is to blame.
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>> they don't fear anything. >> they're consuming economically important species >> we're offering something on our menu that no-one else is offering. >> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories. there has been more bloodshed with israeli forces shooting dead two palestinians. there has been the calling for international intervention. israel introduced new restrictions to combat the
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violence. secretary of state john kerry will travel to the middle east to try to calm the violence. there is an continue assistance of fighting to take the city of ramadi from the armed group. u.s. president barack obama said that he's sending 300 troops to cameroon to fight boko haram. the u.s. contingent will be conducting airborne surveillance and reconnaissance operations. nigeria is to lead an 8,700 strong multi national force in a fight against the armed group. let's go now to allen fisher. he joins us from the u.s. capital. hi there, allen. what are troops going to do while they're there? >> as you say they're be
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involved in del venezuela recovering. they were despised by a come more which will take the contingent up to 300. you'll remember back a few months ago when barack obama made his tour of africa he was saying he thought there had efforshould be effort against boko haram. they would like to see chad and nigeria get involved as well. but as they've asked for help up to this point, this is why they've put them on the ground to do the job they need to do. always in support of the regional efforts that have been put into place against beckham had a ram. >> any idea how long this will
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be? >> i'm informed this is happening. he has to do that under the war powers act and said this is an open-ended operation, that they'll be there as long as needed. >> that does suggest that they will be there for quite some time. >> alan fisher joining me live from washington. thank you. >> now morallies have been held in south africa urging the government to stamp out corruption. the united against corruption campaign has been led by south africa's trade union. tanya page now has more from johannesburg.
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>> there are 5.5 million working poor in this country. there are people who work full time. still they can't afford to care for their family's basic needs. they want the government to intervene and create million more jobs people here are in a difficult position. there is high unemployment. they need jobs, and the jobs need to pay a decent, fair wage.
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>> more refugees have sought asylum in sweden in 2015 nan any other people in history. now that surpasses the 1992 effort that saw 84,000 people seeking asylum after the wars in the balkans. this latest influx has overwhelmed the country, as jonah hull reports now. >> we catch up with the family, and it's not the sweden that this woman imagined. >> i'm sorry for the future here. i didn't think it would be like that. >> she shows me what appears to
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be bullying threats from immigration officials. >> every day, new rules, new rules. >> so you do hate us. if you hate it, go somewhere else. >> he organized with this guy from damascus. he told us, give me, and i can do everything--i will throw you out of sweden. >> he said give me your identi identity card, and i'll throw you out. >> yes. >> i put all this to the immigration minister in stockholm. >> this is a problem. because so many people are coming right now, and it really is a challenge for the authorities to set up proper housing and have a proper control. we're not dealing with this so
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good as we should do right now. >> you have to travel in the middle of nowhere to find these camps, for want of a better word. people waiting for months and months for their asylum applications to be processed, living in conditions they didn't expect to find here in sweden. one day their life in sweden will be much better, but even in this country with its long history of welcoming, it's finding it hard to cope. >> do you think that the compassion of sweden and swedish people have limits? >> no, i think the opposite. because when we started collecting here for clothes and
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it was streaming to us so much. >> so people care. >> people care. they do. >> as we talk about the past, about syria, her father breaks down. >> this is not his life. he did not want to go out. >> a reminder that this is not the life they chose. al jazeera, sweden. >> australia has vowed to identify those responsible for shooting down mh 17 over the ukraine and bring them to justice. 38 out of 298 passengers who decide in the crash were australians. mh 17 was hit by a russian-made missile fired from ukraine. several countries accuse pro-russian separatists. there is more evidence that china's economy has slowed down.
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there is pressure on its government to simulate the economy, but it may the too la late. >> a vast one-stop emporium for traders around the world. 60% of all christmas decorations are made, an important manufacturing center, and today an indicator of china's economy. >> this year it's very bad. much worse than last year. my business has dropped by almost happen. >> ye chengwu's factory makes artificial christmas trees. until now europe has been his most important market. but european growth has remained sluggish, and the euro is weaker against the chinese yuen, all of
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which hurts exporters like mr. y. >> the problem is that importing overseas increase a lot and the volume of orders has dropped as well. >> and there are other problems, labor costs are rising on that rich 30% higher than five years ago. >> the price over products did not rise. that's why i closed my factory. >> in other words, factories in the world's workshop are struggling to remain competitive. all of the time when the economy has already slowed to its lowest level in 25 years. while this is very much the face of made in china, but it's the face that chinese government wants to slowly phase out. it wants to end low-end manufacturing and focusing on high-tech industries like green
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energy. >> it could mean a transition for this city. >> certain things still have to be made by hand the traditional way. >> the write something on the wall in other ways here. this cluster of crudely maded a investigato verts prices almost always negotiable. >> i don't know, there are so many empty apartments. too many in this area. >> it is not all bad news. in atheist china christmas is becoming popular. this city needs it to become even more so. adrian brown. china. >> wildlife photographer of the year, canada amateur photographer won top prize after
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capturing the fight between a fox and it's arctic cousin. you can find much more on our website. the address is i'll be back in just a second with a reminder of the headlines. that was so implausible. >> negroponte co-founded the mit media laboratory - which is credited with driving the multimedia revolution. the research center brings together hundreds of leading thinkers in design, science and technology. >> we had license to do things, which, you kno c