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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> two palestinians are shot dead after separate attacks in jerusalem. and an israeli woman is stabbed at a bus station. >> hello there, i'm julie mcdonald. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, russian jets reports emerge of iranian troops on the ground supporting assad forces. preparing to battle. >> in southeast china they
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prepare for christmas all the year down. but orders are down, and it's not just china's slowing economy that is to blame? >> despite new security measures being introduced by israel there has been no letup in the violence. shot dead after a suspect suspected of knife attacks, israeli forces fired tear gas as palestinians threw stones. the new security measures the u.s. secretary of state john kerry plans to travel to the middle east to call for calm although the state department has played down the possibility of a revived peace process. we have more now on the continuing violence.
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>> police run through a mall in west jerusalem's main bus station. nobody here can work out exactly what is happening. [ gunfire ] >> later on the streets outside two gunshots, and the dark figure by the doorway, one of the special force officers has shot dead a palestinian man. police say that he had stabbed a woman in the bus station that wasn't caught on the cell phone camera. the woman an israeli was taken to hospital in what police describe as moderate injuries. the security measures having an immediate effect would be shattered. questions loom on how security forces are handling the situation. hours before a young palestinian was shot dead in the old city of occupied east jerusalem the police say that he had pulled a knife when he was being searched.
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there is no incident evidence. it appears that he had been shot while trying to run away. earlier the streets had been disturbingly quiet people preferring not to venture out. >> you can see it's almost empty here. especially they keep going to the garden of the school. >> the new measures allow the blockading of whole neighborhoods, the demolition of homes of attackers, the ban on rebuilding and refusal to return the bodies of people the government called terrorists. >> the punishment will not-- >> the only way to achieve the goals is to establish a
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two-state solution. >> on the west bank more violence. this is bethlehem where demonstrators clashed with soldiers again. here the day before a 27-year-old protester had been shot dead. with israel waiting for the new security measures to take affect the palestinian president went on the verbal offensive. >> we are people asking for riots. they will not tolerate this occupation, and we will not give up fighting these israeli policies that are against our people. we will not stand for the killing of our children in cold blood. >> as israel once again witnesses more violence there is political deadlock. one that has a lethal price for so many people. andrew simmons. al jazeera in west jerusalem. >> well, earlier we spoke with the palestinian ambassador to
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the u.n. who gave us this response. >> this attack and aggression against entire palestinian civilian population starting from al aqsa mosque, and old jerusalem spanning all corners of the occupied palestinian territory. this aggression by this massive military force of the occupying authority and the armed settlers against our civilians has to be stopped. we condemn it, and it has to be stopped immediately. all these forces need ton removed from points of confrontation with our civilian population. and starting with east jerusalem. >> russian and u.s. militaries are finalizing an agreement that sets out the basic air safety procedures flying over syria.
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the civil war with concerns-- >> attempts by the west and particularly by the u.s. to put a break on this process to prevent a more stable international environment are lead to go chaos, an averagey and rejection. russia will continue to conduct a multi facetted international policy. it will try to make sure that security is observed throughout the world and in russia as well. >> well, lavrov made his comments with reports that iranian troops are arriving to support a government offensive in aleppo. they're already backed by hezbollah fighters and the russian air campaign. we're following the story from beirut. >> iran is a key ally of the syrian government and provided much-needed support over the years, political military as well as financial.
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and they don't hide the fact that they play an advisory role in syria, that they have military advisers on the ground along with syrian officials. but the official iranian line has been no, we do not have ground forces in syria. but we have been hearing reports from pro iranian sources as well as pro iranian media saying that thousands of iranian troops have arrived in syria to take part in ground operations along side the syrian government as well as their lebanese ally the shia armed group hezbollah. these events ar go along with top official visits. on the ground, the assault led by the government as well as russian airstrikes have really
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pushed rebels back from a number of front lines, placing the rebels on the defensive. they're no longer on the offensive. these reports about the presence of iranian troops is undoubtedly significant. ever since russia joined the military efforts in syria, more important has been coming out saying that iranian troops are on the ground, and they're helping the syrian government. and many believe this is a message from iran. that we're still here. we're still a player, and we have a say in syria. we do not be left out of any political talks to find a settlement because there is no doubt that russia's intervention has put russia in a stop light of efforts to try to find a solution. >> the russian goffed said that it's existing in the fight against isil and iraq. the consent of the baghdad government. meanwhile iraqi forces are about to try and take back the city of
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ramadi from the armed group. so far they've made significant gains around the city. we have reports of the sectarian infighting. >> in a careful liqueur graphed message to isil, these sunni isil fighters chant we're not afraid. they belong to tribes from the sunni anbar province in western iraq who are opposed to the armed group. and just completed a training program with the iraqi military. the graduation ceremony was attended by sunni tribal leaders and commanders. it was a deliberate show of unity as the government prepares for what it is describing as a major offensive in anbar to retake the capital of ramadi from isil. >> our message to the central government is that these are your sons and we want thember integrated in the military establishment and recognized officially. >> the recruits have been
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trained to be part of what is being called the national guard. a proposed armed force for each of iraq's provinces made up slowly of local fighters. it's meant to address concerns in predominantly sunni areas, known officially as the popular localization forces are trying to gain control. a bill seeking approval for the controversial plan has stalled in parliament with iraq's deep sectarian divisions largely to blame for the political deadlock. as a result prime minister hyder al abadi has not been able to launch in anbar despite promising to do so for weeks. >> there is no trust between the mobilization forces and the sunni fighters. that why there is a delay. >> this is not the first time that they've tried to liberate
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from isil. they launched to take back the city in july, but the offensive was halted after sunni tribes complained shia militias were becoming too involved in the fighting. prime minister hyder al abadi strategy in isil-held anbar province has been described by some political analysts as a complete mess. still it would appear that he's determined to retake the capital ramadi from the armed group, but until he breaks the political deadlock and addresses sectarian concerns, he'll have a hard time doing so. al jazeera, baghdad. >> now the ongoing war in yemen has almost depleted the state's finances. the blockade has stopped cash flow for many months. and many may not be able to get their salaries.
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>> this is aden, the port city recently recaptured by government troops. the government and the central bank have relocated here. employees have been waiting for months to get their salaries. >> i haven't received my salary for the last two months. bank officials told us that they're still running out of cash. >> a woman died while she was queuing up to withdraw cash. >> pro government officials say that the crisis started when houthi rebels withdraw $2 billion from the central bank to pay their fighters. now central bank officials are left grabbeling how to solve yemen's deepening financial crisis. >> we urgently need almost $100 million to pay employees in aden and elsewhere. >> aden, areas under government control, which means that
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millions of yemenis in other cities will have to wait until the political crisis is over. yemen is divided. the north and the capital of sanaa are under hoty government. yemen is the poorest country in the arab world, and many are worried if we go bank report, if the world moves on. >> still to come, bolstering the battle against boko haram. the u.s. will send troops to cameroon. in mexico the government tells people to stop complaining.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of our stop stories here on al jazeera. there has been more bloodshed across israel and explain. israeli forces shooting two palestinians after stabbings. president mahmood abbas has called for international intervention. new restrictions to combat the wave of palestinian knife attacks. theru.s. secretary of state will travel to the middle east shortly to try to calm the violence. and finalizing the agreement that sets out basic air safety procedures for the final with syria.
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two suicide-bombers are responsible for the attack that left 97 people dead in ankara on saturday. protests have broken out across the country and the government failed to protect the victims of the bombing. u.s. president barack obama said he's sending 300 troops to cameroon to help counter boko haram. the armed group is blamed for suicide attacks in northern cameroon on sunday. we have this update from the u.s. capital. >> well, the first contingent has arrived in the last 48 hours and have gone at the request of the cameroon government. they will be helped by a few more others to around 300. they will be involved in surveillance and reconnaissance and also in aerial operations. that will mean the deployment of
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drones over the border in cameroon and nigeria. now they've said that they want to help the regional countries in their fight against boko haram, so you can see why they're putting this number on to the ground. they will be armed, but we're sold that this is for force protection rather than offensive role. and it's an operation which has been promised by barack obama and he also said that he will be there as long as they are needed. as long as the government said we're happy with them. we need them. they're important and vital in our battles against boko haram, we're going to keep them there. this is open ended with no end in site. there is no guarantee that they will be out by the end of the year. they will stay as long as the mission is thought to be important. and as long as the americans are willing to help. >> now provisional results from the presidential election suggests a landslide victory.
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they have provisionally called just over 5%. opposition parties say that the poll was rigged. now morallies have been he held, calling to stamp out corruption. the protesters say that the multi billion dollars lost should be spent on an increase to minimum wage. >> workers in south africa's biggest trade union standing up to corruption. they were barred from taking part in the first anti-corruption march last month. the union's leader said it was sabotaged by allies of the south african congress. >> this is an onslaught of those who have failed us in the past two decades. they delivered mass poverty,
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mass unemployment, and mass inequality. they must wake up. >> corruption has cost south africas billions of dollars a year. some analyst analysts believe that they could test the support of the possible creation of a new political party. >> many of the forces joining these marchs are critical both of the government, the public sector and increasingly the private sector. and they can find an alternative. >> for many south africa africans, charges against zuma were dropped before he became president.
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recently a company linked to the anc accepted $5 million in what was described as improper payment from the japanese company hitachi. it was connected to a contract to build new power stations. pressure from the streets is being felt by the anc. since this movement started the anc has made a rash of promises including promises to workers, rotating police officers around the country to get them out of corrupt circles and strengthen their own anti-corruption bodies. >> they say that corruption is hurting their image and these people. party leaders have promised action, but few people believe that the party of nelson mandela is capable of beating corruption within its own ranks. al jazeera, johannesburg. >> australia has vowed to identify those responsible for shooting down mh 17 over ukraine and bringing them to justice.
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38 of the 298 passengers who died in the crash from australian. it was confirmed that the flight was hit by a russian-made missile. it did not specify who did it but several countries accuse pro-russian separatists. now the u.n. general secretary is preparing to vote. they could see russia and ukraine on the same team and it is likely to raise new issues regarding the war in syria. james bays explains. >> the war in syria after four and a half years a human catastrophe as 250,000 dead. it's also a major failure of global diplomacy. now the u.s. and it's allies firmly oppose president assad, and russia, one of his strongest supporters, both find themselves directly involved carrying out airstrikes in syria. this is not the only reason that the u.s.-russian relations are the worst they've been since the
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cold war. after annexing crimea from ukraine, russia is backing separatists in eastern ukraine. all this has soured things at the security council table with russia using their veto some seven times in the last five years. now the situation around this table is supposed to have the final say on international peace and security and it's about to get even more complicated. after an election under formalities, ukraine next year will join the council. one person who understands the mandates of the security council is rose marie di carlo. she was president of the council in july 2013. >> i don't think it's a cold war. i think it is a bumpily relationship that we have with russia now between the west and russia. it's a bit chilly i do think,
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however, that some of the issues are serious issues that we cannot resolve with the russians and have not been able to this point. ukraine, syria have certainly had intervention. this is spilling into other issues, that's what is unfortunate. >> two players in the conflict ukraine and russia, will be sitting around this top table of international diplomacy. another interesting factor is the arab seat on the council. the u.s.' strong ally jordan will soon finish its term. it's due to be replaced by egypt. yes, it's a u.s.ially but recently president sisi has been making overtures to moscow, too. things are likely to get even more complicated. james bays, al jazeera of the unite united nations. >> a mexican government has
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never provoke outrage after it appeared that the population should some complaining. the government has been suffering complains about corruption and ineptitude. >> this is the video the mexican government put online and then took down hours later after an outcry. the vignette was set in workers mexico. and complaining on what the pr department must have thought it was a killer line. enough of your complaining. that line has angered many mexicans. >> how are we not going to complain when there is so much wrong with the country? it's like they're mocking us because they know a lot of people will get annoyed. but a lot of people will say maybe the reforms are helping. >> if they're tired of the complaints then they should do
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their jobs, simple as that. if they solved their problems we wouldn't be complaining. >> they jumped on a long list of complaints they do have in a country where corruption and impunity dominate within hours the video was gone. it's the latest set back from president enrique pena nieto. it has proven much more difficult to tame. it's proved the launching pad, the protest against government corruption and ineptitude. nowhere more so than after the police abduction of 43 students a year ago. vast marchs were quickly organized online while the government was slow to react. subsequent attempts to turn social media in the president's favor like this light-hearted post to disproof a rumor that he ran a marathon in mismatched
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socks had bombed. enough already of your complaints. al jazeera, mexico city. >> there is more evidence that china's economy is throwing down. new data those that there was pressure on china to build its economy. >> it's the world's christmas show room. a vast one-stop emporium for traders from around the world. 60% of all christmas decorations are made in yiwu, an important manufacturing center and today an indicator of china's economy. >> this here is very bad. much worse compared to last year. my business has dropped by almost half. >> ye chengwu's factory makes
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artificial christmas trees. economic growth remains sluggish. it's currency the euro is much weaker than the yuen, all th the orders. >> the orders have decreased a lot, and orders have dropped well. labor costs are rising 30% higher than five years ago. >> the profit is less and less, and works playing gets higher and higher. also the severe sea market is not doing so well, and that's why i close. >> factories and the world's workshops are struggling to remain competitive all of the time when the. >> this is very much the face of
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made in china, but it is a chase that th it wants for green energy and robotics. >> the government has called for us to use more advanced technology, but certain things still have to be made by hand. the traditional way. >> the writing is on the wall in other ways here. this cluster of crudely made adverts for shops and apartments for sale and for rent. prices almost always negotiable. >> i don't know. there are so many apartments. many in this area. too many. >> it is not all bad news. in eight years christmas has
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become more popular. >> you can find out plenty more on our website. the israeli police tackling palestinians in jerusalem. plenty on the website. why not take a look. our headlines coming up in just a sec. >> after two widely watched republican debates, the democrats going at it. did you watch? 11 million tuning in to see the candidates in the democratic presidential view and talking about the issues, foreign, domestic and cosmic. what the exchange met for the