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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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the foreseeable future. but the italian oil firm announced its plans to drill for oil in norwegian arctic waters by the end of 2015. >> you can find out more about that story and the rest of the day's news as ever on the al jazeera website. ♪ ♪ >> tensions sore in israel and palestinian territories where protesters are once again filling the streets of bethlehem. parts of southern california under a flash flood watch as crews struggle to clean up this muddy mess off of the highway. and one of hillary clinton's top aids testifying behind closed doors about benghazi and
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the former secretary of state's emails. ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm dell. escalating violence in israel and the palestinian territories once again today. israeli soldier shooting and killing a palestinian plan allegedly involved in a knife attack in hebron. and protests also underway in the occupied west bank and along the border with gaza. as you can see the tensions there palpable. hamas is calling for palestinian to join in a day of rage. rising tensions can be felt in jerusalem where israel is tightening security once again. andrew simil andrew -- simmons is live for us in jerusalem.
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>> reporter: with increasing fear and anger amongst demonstrators who are still putting the heat on the security forces in hebron, a man disguised as a journalist with a press sign emblazoned on his t-shirt, attacked a soldier, and stabbing him. that soldier is moderately wounded as the police describe it. he's in hospital. the attacker was shot dead on the scene. there's also been another death in gaza near the crossing. there's also 30 people injured, three of them in a critical condition as described by the health ministry. the dead palestinian was shot by israeli forces. there have been breeches of the buffer zone according to the israelis, and that is still ongoing. furthermore in a number of other
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places, there are demonstrations with clashes with the police and the army. that's -- the images you saw on those live shots were from bethlehem where that is the third straight day of serious clashes going on there. del? >> an d-- andrew it is easy to forget that people have to live in these areas. how is this effects the people that are trying to make a living there or just exist? >> reporter: well, there's a mutual fear on both sides of the divide, but in occupied east jerusalem life has become much, much more difficult. in some districts where the concrete bunkers are used effectively, big blocks right across roads. it adds something like two,
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maybe three hours into the journey or into the city to prayer. the numbers of the friday prayers were drastically reduced at the al aqsa mosque, not only because of the restrictions, which means only males over 40 years of age can pray at the mosque, but also because of all of the checks that are made. unknown numbers of checks giving with people having to lift up their trousers to prove they don't have knives in their socks, lifting up their t-shirts. the israeli soldiers stand back because they are not sure if they have a knife. this is not only effecting the economy. it is affecting many, many side bar issues, such as criminal investigations. many of the police have had to join the growing ranks of security forces.
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the fraud squad depleted in numbers, even the prison service has 400 officers joining the security campaign. >> andrew simmons for us live in jerusalem as andrew pointed out now, they are imitating members of the press. thank you very much. a freelance journalist joins us by phone right now. describe for us right now what you have been seeing throughout the day from where you are standing. >> reporter: yeah, there has been about 500 protesters out in the streets since about 2:00 this morning. [ inaudible ] three protesters [ inaudible ] so far today and evaluating the young man right now -- actually the man that was [ inaudible ] tear gas [ inaudible ].
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>> from where you are, does it appear as if things are ebbing and flowing, or does it appear continuous? >> reporter: the protests in bethlehem have been going on for about 15 consecutive days without stopping. some days are less intense than others [ inaudible ] right now [ inaudible ] running, you can see that chaotic scene in the background [ inaudible ] and that's the tear gas. i'm going november here. >> we apologize for the audio problems, but as you can tell, she is moving right now, and the situation there is tense. she is a freelance journalist covering that unrest in bethlehem for us. the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting on the escalating israeli palestinian conflict. we talked to a spokesman for the u.n. agency that works with
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palestinian refugees about the international response so far. he is urging world leaders to do more to stem the violence. >> at this distance it's very hard for me to second-guess the diplomats sitting around that horseshoe table so many thousands of miles away. all i can do is send up a heart-felt plea from jerusalem and saying civilians on both sides, israelis, and palestinians have suffered enough. it is time for robust democratic and political action. benjamin netenyahu told john kerry on thursday that he is willing to meet abbas face-to-face. kerry is heading to jerusalem soon to try to facilitate those talks. crews in california have been working to clean the mud off of interstate 5 near
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bakersfield. several cars have yet to be pulled out and some roads were buried under as much as five feet of mud. >> all we saw was just a mountain of boulders and -- and dirt and stuff coming right for us, and it pretty much lifted my car up, and spun us around like it was nothing. >> reporter: rescuers saying most emergency calls coming from those trapped drivers. there have been no reports of deaths or injuries so far. also a state of disaster in central texas. wildfires sweeping that area on thursday. they destroyed at least 25 homes. 154 homes are still threatened. the texas governor dispatched the military and helicopters to help control the fire. four years ago a fire nearby destroyed more than 1700 homes. there is a developing story today near the turkey board we
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are syria. the turkey military saying it shot down a drone of unknown origin. the aircraft was shot down after issuing three warnings in line with turkey's rules of engagement. in syria government forceings unleashing fresh ground attacks in the city of aleppo. moscow saying its air war specific target isil but rebels and their international backers say their strikes are targeting non-isil sites. >> reporter: the syrian government and its allies have expanded their county of offensive. they have opened a new front south of the northern city of aleppo. we understand from activists on the grown as well as syrian military sources that they are hoping to recapture a route, a very strategic route, the
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highway that links the northern province of aleppo to government-controlled territories further south. aleppo is not the only front. the government just yesterday launched a ground offensive, against the opposition in the northern countryside of homs, and a few days earlier they opened another front in the northern countryside of hama. it seems that there is a strategy here. they are trying to re -- retake control of -- of the main supply route, so that the government can send forces to the north. now the russian aerial campaign is going to enter its third week. a lot of questions are being asked, what has been achieved on the ground? we know that the air strikes have placed the opposition on the defensive. the government is now managing to protect its main strong hold. but so far, the -- the government has not made significant gains on the ground, and here is where the danger lies, because russia could get
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involved in what could be a prolonged and costly battle. we know russia's goal, and vladimir putin said this military operation aims at finding a political solution, but right now the main political opposition they are now interested in engaging in any peace talks. so -- to russia is hoping that -- you know, the stepped up military pressure will bring about some sort of political settlement, or at least convince the west to deal with president assad to try not just to fight isil but to find a solution to the conflict. the syrian observatory for human rights saying russian war planes also striking positions in latakia, president assads home village. boko haram suspected of another attack. we'll tell you what the president tells al jazeera about possible negotiations with that group. i'm jake ward in los angeles
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where a new city ordinance is attempting to protect buildings like these from earthquakes.
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>> as violence intensifies. >> the growing israeli perception is that no place is safe. >> get the latest news in-depth. >> we should stand up for what we believe and defend ourselves. >> mr. netanyahu is playing with fire. this fire is dangerous for both our people. >> stay with al jazeera for continuing coverage. south korea's president will be arriving at the white house within the next hour meeting with president obama. south korea saying that the u.s. remains their most important ally.
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they are expected to adopt a joint statement on ending north korea's nuclear programs. >> on the one hand, china has enormous economic ties with the south koreans. and of course we realize that china's leverage of the long term growth could grow, but it is critical for south korea to understand that our biggest leverage comes from our ties with the americans. one of the big sticks points between the two nations has been an anti missile system that it wants on south korea's base. one of hillary clinton's top aids appearing before the house committee investigating the benghazi attacks. she is there to answer questions about the attacks that killed four americans. she will also likely be asked about hillary clinton's private email server. on thursday a once-unknown email
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address used by the woman was also discovered. despite the scrutiny, clinton's numbers are up. the recent debate helped her. more than half of registered voters on the democratic side she won. that has given clinton a bump in the polls. 45% of those democrats say they are now likely to vote for her in the primaries. cnbc says that the next republican debate will be no longer than two hours, but it has not said whether it will honor their request about a faceoff including opening and closing statements. carson and trump have threatened to sit down the debate if their demands are not met. donald trump's hair is the star of a new play running in mexico. a group of comedians decided to offer their own response to trump's comments about
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undocumented immigrants. john holman has more from mexico city. >> reporter: the man that mexicans are thoroughly enjoying hating now has his own show. he is the main character in the sons of trump, a mexican play in which he hands out the famous hair to akco lights, and encourages them to kill, and cheat. >> translator: donald trump he is a clown and obviously all mexicans are very annoyed with him. so we are here to have a laugh at his expense. >> reporter: the creators say they are playing trump at his own rabble rousing game. >> translator: of course he is
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very smart, but so are we, and we're capitalizing on this. >> reporter: this is the latest in a stream of anti-trump sentiment here in mexico. just a couple of blocks from the theater, you can pick up your donald trump pinata, a must have who feel words are not enough to punish the mogul. computer games developers have also seen an opportunity in the vibrant anti-trump market. while the mexican broadcaster run an ad before the recent soccer match with arch rival we u.s. using trump's now infamous to fire up supporters. whether the laughter will continue if trump wins the u.s.
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presidency is another matter, but for now he is this country's favorite boo gigiboogieman. a hacker from kosovo is facing charges accused of stealing the personal information of more than 1300 military personnel and federal employees. the justice department says the list was shared on social networks, and was intended as a hit list for isil sympathizers in america. two suicide bombers have killed at least 30 people in nigeria. not yet clear who was behind the attacks, but it bares the hallmarks of boko haram. nigeria says it welcomes a decision by the u.s. to send troops to cameroon to help fight boko haram. it says it is the fulfillment of
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a pledge to eradicate radical groups in the country. >> we wanted to rescue the schoolgirls alive. there are boko haram leadership that wanted us to discuss, but we have to prove they are bonafied. we want to make sure they have to prove to us -- to us that they are alive, they are well, and then we can promise them and negotiate with them. >> reporter: those schoolgirls, 276 in all, taken from their school 18 months ago. you are watch more of al jazeera's interview with the nigeria's president. los angeles is hoping a new earthquake safety life will give people a few extra minutes to escape. part of that includes retrofitting 15,000 buildings to
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avoid collapse. >> reporter: los angeles like so many major cities has a long history of simply ignoring the threat of earthquakes. but now everything has changed. when a big earthquake hits, it's a feeling that nobody can ever really be prepared for. but los angeles is about to try. the 1994 north ridge earthquake did $40 billion of damage. the city brought in scientists to figure out a new plan, and as of october it's the law. >> we focused on these three areas of living through it, responding, and being able to recover, and within that, among the many recommendations, one big area is dealing with the billings that we know are going to kill people. >> reporter: there is a particular kind of building type that regulators and scientists are worried about. it's this kind.
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it's very good at resisting the downward force of gravity, but when it comes to the lateral shaking that you get, that's where you get into trouble, and it's these pillars that are the source of that trouble. they can basically snap in that kind of shaking. you are talking about 13,500 of these buildings at least here in los angeles, and the goal is not to make this thing earthquake proof, it is to certain people the seconds they would need to get out of the building alive. the other reason to protect these buildings is they are rent controlled. >> if people are displaced, they are going to have to find other housing, and at that point, they, you know, would probably move into buildings where they would have to pay more than they were paying before. >> reporter: the city is deciding whether to bend rent control rules so landlords can pass the costs to their tenants
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for some those costs could exceed a hundred thousand dollars per structure. early owns a 21-unit building, decided to beat the rush and just finished his retrofit. >> it is the larger expenditure i have had to make. >> reporter: he said if an earthquake wiped out his property he would have no reason to put the same type of building up again. considering everything that l.a. stands to lose, a big quake could change the city for years, maybe for a generation. >> the largest growth decade in the history of los angeles is the decade after the 1906 earthquake as people abandoned san francisco and came south. we look at los angeles and say we gained that time. what is going to happen when it's our turn. >> jake ward, al jazeera, los
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angeles. we'll tell you why some servers are happy about no more tips.
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one of the americans who stopped that train attack in france is recovering at home this morning a week after being stabbed outside of a california nightclub. he was stabbed in the chest last week in california, police say he was out with friends when he tried to break up a fight. it was back in august when he was injured when he and several others stopped a gunman on a
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train bound for paris. there is a growing trend, getting rid of tips. in ines ferre reports. >> reporter: when the check rives here, what you see is what you pay. no tipping required. christian's restaurant adds 15% to menu prices to pay his servers higher wages. a model he has been yujing since they opened doors a year ago. >> we thought what if we can provide, you know, a staff more of a career, more of like a salary, instead of the up and downs of tipping, maybe then we'll attract the right kind of person that wants to stay. >> reporter: under federal law, employers only have to pay tipped workers $2.15 an hour.
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he says his servers earn $10 an hour. how has it worked out for you? >> so far so good. everyone working here today has been here since the beginning, and that is crazy to me. >> reporter: it's the same model about to be rolled out in new york. owners say if a big name restaurateur can do it successfully, it can pave the way for others to do the same. >> will it translate that. you are seeing 20% or higher menu prices will that impact their dining habits? will that spending less? will they not frequent a restaurant as much? these are all things that come into consideration. >> reporter: prices that ranged from $8 for soup to $19 for a
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burger. >> they have been here. they know all of the operations. they know all of the food. >> reporter: still he says not everyone has a palate for no tipping. >> of course there is a group that we are too expensive for. but there is a whole other group that this is exactly what they wanted. >> reporter: what is important is that they keep coming back. finally this hour, this weekend marking the end of the line for u.s. airways, the $17 billion merger with american announced two years ago going into effect. american will become the largest airline in the world. we want to thank each and every one of you for watching. i'm del walters in new york. the news continues live from doha next. and a reminder we will be covering the visit by south korea's president to the white house, and the growing unrest in israel. stay with us.
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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, and welcome to the al jazeera news hour. i'm martine dennis in doha. four palestinians die as more violence results after freye prayers in the occupied territories. the battle for aleppo, russian air strikes bomb rebel positions as syrian government troops advance to recapture the president.