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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 16, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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♪ ♪ there is absolute no justification for reprehensible acts of violence, including terrorist attacks against innocent civilians. >> calls for calm at the u.n. as violence continues in israel and the occupied territories. ♪ ♪ hello there. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up: the battle for aleppo. shanelle bombs rebel positions from the air while syrian troops move in to recapture the city. border lockdown. in hours, hungary will stop refugees flowing across from
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croatia. we will find out how afghans feel about u.s. troops staying in their curreountry for longern expected. hello there. warm welcome to the program. the u.s. secretary of state has phoned israeli's prime minister to discuss violence. 39 palestinians. seven israelis have been killed since the start of this month. the u.n. security council has had an emergency meeting earlier on. more but first, andrew simmons begins our coverage from occupied east jerusalem. >> reporter: after friday prayers in the wake of a week of violence and deep-set fear in gaza, more shooting from the israeli army and more killing of palestinians. the numbers are rising as proce protesters attempted to breach the border fencing in several
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places including the main crossing point into israel. these clashes came in bethlehem in the occupied west bank. there were similar scenes in hebron at a palestinian man described as a journalist with the word "press" em blaze oned on his t-shirt was shot dead after police say he stabbed a soldier who was moderately wounded. all over the occupied west bank, there was stand-offs, conflict and injuries n occupied east jerusalem, there have been tension but no major incidents as palestinians phased road blocks on numerous checkpoints and searches in order to make what used to be short journeys. they faced long detours. friday prayers at the mosque compound restricted to women and men over 40 was nothing new but the mood was different. the security is heavy, and so are the restrictions. the numbers are far fewer than thunderstormal. and that's because of a new security measures.
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>> as the violence continues unabated at the same time the u.n. security council in new york was talking about the situation, here, the question was still hanging in the air filled with tear gas. will the israeli prime min story's new security measures make any difference to the situation? >> live to andrew simmons standing buy in west jerusalem. hi, andrew. the u.s. secretary of state will, will meet been min netanyahu but how does it work if it doesn't include the palestinian leadership? >> reporter: well, there is not a meeting involving all of the parties. that's for sure. we heard first of all from the prime minister's office here in jerusalem that there would be this meeting likely to be wednesday or possibly thursday. the sidelines of a meeting that netanyahu is having with angela merkel in the -- in berlin. whether or not this will
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actually be an extended meeting, whether there will be a further meeting a further point, is unclear at this stage, but we are hearing also that john kerry will move on to have a meeting with the 358 stenian leadership. the venue for that meeting is unclear, and venues matter in this situation. we heard from a reliable palestinian source earlier that amman in jordan was preparing for a meeting, and that certainly would involve the palestinian leadership. some sources have thought netanyahu may go there as well. certainly, it's likely to include king abdullah who has an interest in this situation and, indeed, in amman, jordan, there have been very large protests on friday in support of palestinians here right the way through the city. jordan wants to have a part in any peace process, any process that might lead to less violence. i think it may be going too far
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to actually say peace process because the sides are so far apart. whether there is any optimism here is unclear. it's highly, highly problematic and john kerry has said so, that he is not hopeful of any breakthrough. that was a matter of a few days ago. so unclear as to whether or not there will be any real progress with what will be at least two meetings, possibly more, if there are some developments, julie. >> andrew, what about the mood on either side of this divide? i mean when watch the pictures, we can see obvious frustration and anger but i am wondering about the rest of the communities we are not seeing. what are they feeling about the current situation? >> reporter: well, there is obviously this mutual deep-set fear which is common to all ways of life, all faith did here in israel. but also, a deep-set hatred amongst the minority and the
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minority not just on one side. >> hatred is so hard to deal with when it's not in an organized fashion. and we have said this many times before, that the more we get in to this conflict, the more we are finding out that they are genuinely are so-called lone wolf factor to this. there may be some coordination but only perhaps limited to social media or some involvement from some quarters that actually coordinate some of it. but so much of it is response ta tainous and really, really deep-rooted. so, the mood really is one of virtual desperation. not only that. frustration. frustration in west jerusalem over the fear of where to go, how to use public transport if at all, and then a massive frustration in the occupied east jerusalem where there are big concrete blocks making roads
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impassable. pedestrians can't even move from some areas. and, also, a quite humiliating searches going on now with the solids standing back in case somebody might have a knife. people instructed to lift their shirts, lift up their truesers to show socks and in cases, a knife concealed there -- dmais in case there is a knife concealed there. we saw in the approach to friday prayers in the mosque compound this friday that the numbers were far fewer, and people went through sometimes four, five sets of checks before reaching the compound. so, it is really a fairly, fairly difficult position. whether or not these measures -- and they haven't been all rolled out yet. there are another 300 troops being deployed in jerusalem on sunday. there are further developments as well, involving all action a whole raft of different services such as the fraud squad joining
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the security forces meaning that fraud investigations are -- are virtually on hold apparently according to our sources and the criminal investigation department saying it's very difficult to actually get stuck in with inquiries right now in so many offices being deployed with security forces. even the prison service has officers, 400 prison officers joining the security forces. so this whole thing is getting bigger and bigger. whether or not this sort of snowball effect of more and more guns, more and more people on the streets, the army agreed. in cities, whether it's going to have any real effect other than causing more fear potentially is unclear. and so it may be encouraging that some form of tentative political development, but by know means is it in any way an indicator that this crisis may be coming to an end by no means. julie? >> andrew simmons live in west jerusalem.
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andrew, for that update, thank you. let's get more from the west bank now. hoda abdul hamid is in the ramallah. >> plow tests and the plow -- protests and on friday, the worst fighting was in bethlehem. tensions have risen there considerably over the past week simply because two protesters died on two different occasions, but one of them was a 13-year-old boy. now, there was also var fighting and unrest in other areas here in ramallah, in janeen in the north. violence that could indicate an escalation for the ong pied west bank. a man dressed as a journalist with a t-shirt identifying himself as "press" had walked towards a soldier and tried to slap him. the soldier was the slightly
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wounded. the man was shot dead on the spot. now, this is the first time it happened in the occupied west bank and certainly, it is rising fears among many on whether this isat something that signals the beginning of a way of stwave of stabbings is a so far has not happened in the west bank. >> now, to the u.n. where the security council has been holding an emergency session. the palestinian ambassador to the u.n. called for international help. >> we come to you today asking you to intervene to end this aggression against our defen defenseless palestinian people and against our shrines, which are subjected to violations by the israeli 34i89 occupation and with the israeli setters and by
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extremis extremists. >> the deputyisitioni ambassador accused the palestinian leadership of inciting the recent violence. >> we face an enemy who is willing to die in order to kill. these people who kill innocent civilians in cold blood abide by no rule and it is void of basic morality. israel is taking means top dpef fend it's citizen re and responding proportionately to these attacks. i have no doubt if on a daily basis your citizens were being stabbed in the streets with butcher knifes or shot on buses, your security forces would have reacted in the same way. >> lives now to kristin saloomey in new york. hi, there, kristin. we have see the return of the game game for the recent escalation. what are others at the -- the game gablame game.
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>> from secretary general tazer houn, he blamed both sides for exacerbating the tensions with quote reckless statements. he also welcomed on that front the comments from prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel saying that israel did not have any intention of changing the access to the mosque, that would remain constant. but he also criticized at the same timisitsi security as heavy-handed and their response to the crisis. those comments were echoed by a lot of the delegation approximates who spoke during the meeting, but the u.n. representative went a little bit farther, and he put the current situation in the context of fogoing desperation and frustration on the part of the palestinians. he talked about the dire economic situation, the lack of jobs for youth, the ongoing settlement construction, settler violence and said all of this is raising the tensions and the
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sense of desperation there and, also, making the prospects of a two-state solution increasingly remote. >> kristin, what when we talk about protection or rather when the palestinians talk about asking the u.n. for protection, what do they mean? >> yeah. we heard the palestinian ambassador call for protection from the international community. he's been talking to delegates hear about an international monitoring force. not soldiers but some form of monitors who could go into the area and kind of give an objective eye to the celebration. it's been done in other countries also in the palestinian areas in the past. but what he wants really is whattis is already promising, the status quo in terms of access to the mosque and the area there. no trust. the palestin-jones don't believe
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israel will carry out that promise. that's why they want these monitors. from what we have been hearing from the security council and other delegations, in particular the united states, of course, so powerful in the counsel is that they are happy with this comment of maintain, the status quo at the temple mound at al ac. a. >> kristin saloomey joining us live from the united nations new york. kristin, thank you. >> you are watching al jazeera. still to come, the latest from saudi arabia. a gunman is shot dead at a religious site. also, why germany's successful bid to hold the the 2.006 world cup has been marred by allegations of corruption.
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playing with fire. this fire is dangerous for both our people. >> stay with al jazeera for continuing coverage.
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and at 9:00, get a global perspective. weeknights, on al jazeera america. welcome back. a reminder of top stories hereby on al jazeera. five more deaths across cities in occupied territories as the israeli/palestinian unrest intensefies. since the start of october. >> ban kee moon has condemned what he calls the repprehensible attack on' holy site in west jerusalem. he has called for those responsible to be brought to justis. >> the u.s. secretary hasn't primaof state has phoned israeli's prime minister. >> syria hit more than 380 positions held by the islamic
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state of iraq in the leaf ant. since the air campaign began more than two weeks ago, other rebel groups fighting the government say they have been repeatedly hit as well. and neither have been starting in the size of aleppo. am ground offense tlif. zeina hodr reports. >> reporter: russia's aerialcame campaign is in its second phase. not just targeting command and control infrastructure. air power is being used to assist the syrian army and its alleys recapture territory. >> in the short-term, it's clear that putin wants to protect assad. it's clear that he wants to stick his finger in the eye of the west to position himself as a key global leader and to get the west to speak to him on the terms that he wants to deck tate. >> operations against the opposition are proving to be difficult. rebels are fighting back. russian airstrikes may have been effective in hitting vital targets, but so far, the syrian
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government and it's alleys appear to have made no significant gains on the ground. government forces are on the offensive in the countryside of the northern province of hamma and in the nearby province of idlib. the syrian government announced a major ground operation in the northern country side of homs on thursday. on friday, their forces moved in to rebel territory south of the divided city of aleppo. the area being targeted is close to a main road that would link aleppo to government controlled areas further south. the latest offensive comes as russia's campaign entered the third week. it suck sealed in containing the opposition. they no longer threaten the government and its stronghold of latakia. but vladimir putin, russia's president, has said, a political solution is his goal. rebel groups as well as the main political opposition in exile, the syrian national coalition, aring to be engaged in any piece professors. instead, they are calling on their supporters to help them
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counter what they call russian aggression. >> putin wants the pieces process to start but so far, there is a refusal from the follow syrian rebel fight to take part in the any peace talks. russia, i think, will accelerate the fire support. >> the counter offensive that is now expanded is about eliminating threats to the government and defeating what is called the moderate opposition. russia then hopes it can persuade the rest of the need to work with president bashar al-assad, not just to fight isil but to bring about a political settlement. zeina hodr, beirut. the turkish military said it shot down a drone for straying in to its airspace near the border with syria. usuallyingish media is reporting that the air roost is a non-military model plane. the u.s., russia, and syrias government are known to be operating drones in their various anti-isil campaigns.
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a shot dead at a region lunchesous site, a reports a man opened fire in the eastern city of saha. a recent told reuters the attacker arrived in a taxi but was stopped at a checkpoint. several people were injured during a gun battler battle with police grandfather the gunmen was killed. now, there has been a defendant mixed reaction to the news of u.s. soldiers staying on until at least 2.017. they were supposed to be out by the end of in year but the pentagon is keeping them there to fight add resurgent taliban. jennifer glase explains from k a abul. >> funeral prayers for a man wounded but killed in the u.s. airstrike on the doctors without borders hospital. his brother says the u.s. announcement to keep troops in afghanistan is unwelcome. >> we don't need americans to send their forces here to protect us. we demand that the u.s. and
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other foreign countries stop supporting the talibantable and others who fight us. >> reporter: at the funeral immediately, the sentiment is the same. these residents know afghan securi security. afghan sforingsz neu.s. air and ground support to battle them t. >> instead of leaving thousands of forces here, the americans should support and equip our own forces and they should be equipped with modern weapons. >> the united states is helping build an afghan air force. but it takes years to train pilots and technicians. on the battlefield, the gavenz still rely on u.s. air support. afghan president ashraf ghani welcomed the troops. the talibantable said it will be expenseniv terms of finances and casualties and called on fighters to step up attacks on more than targets.
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in this mosque in kabul, there is not much hope for the continued american presence. the deteriorating economy and security situation. >> people are fleeing the country and in the past 13 years that america was here, what have they done to help us? now, they keep more troops in afghanistan. i don't think it will help. it's for their own interest, not ours. >> the mullah of the mosque says the u.s. decision to stay is in part because the talibantable refused to come to the peace table and chose to fight instead. >> we should have work for the peace process and then, there would be no reason for the foreigners to stay in this country. >> u.s. forces will be staying at least until 20 mean four bases around the country. many afghans say they aren't convinced such a small number of u.s. soldiers can make a real difference in ending the violence here jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. >> football's beleaguerred governing body >> fifa says it will launch an
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investigation into allegations surrounding german's successful bid to host the 2006 world cup. a leading german unusual reported germ nay paid you bribes in 2000. der speigel says it was for the votes of fouration confedrations. the german football federation admits making al payment to fifa but says it was for a cultural program. the russian president, vladimir putin, says the former soviet states in central asia need to join forces to defend their region against armed groups. he is worried that instability about afghanganistan which borders turkmanistan and tazikast tazikastan believes it is to defend their borders. hungary will soon stop allowing refugees to cross its border with croatia. thousands of refugees have gone over in recent weeks trying to
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reach austria and germany. sonya yohago reports. >> reporter: a violent toned a brutal journey. an afghan man travel with 50 others shot by bull garian border police 30 kilometers from turkey. officials said the men had been resisting arrest when the shooting occurred and the victim was caught by the ricochet of a bullet fired only as a warning shot. he later died on the way to hospital. the rest of the men have sense been detained by police. it's a first incident of its kind since reffunees began cr s crossing through kit tree two years ago. the constants flow of refugees has strained europe's asylum system and many who find themselves here found little in the way of a welcome. anti-immigrant politicians such as hungary's prime minister have not helped either. it hasn't played well with germany, which has received most of the asylum seekers.
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>> the last revieweges because, we all arrive during the meeting, i think. >> now, hungary says it will close down its border with croatia by midnight on friday. it has already clamped down on its front here with serbia. as for those fleeing war and persecution, there was an urgency to get to europe before the winter sets in. rough seas will prevent many from taking a boat here but as has happened before, there will be those who are prepared to make that journey no matter the risk. sonya deigo, al jazeera. two people have fallen ill-with the ebola virus in guinea raising fears survivors can pass it on long after their initial diagnosis. it's just two weeks since the world health organization could be firmed there had been no new cases in guinea.
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one of the three west african nations that is were worst affected in last year's outbreak. new research found the deadly virus can remain in the body fluids of survivors for as long as nine months. a large area of the u.s. state of california at a standstill after ceph your weather forced harpz. heavy rein caused mud sleights that caught many motorists unaware. as paul reports, the worst of the weather could be yet to come. >> stranded motorists in california had to trudge through a sea of mud to get help. quentin cluckston and his wife, kim, were stuck for more than four hours on a mountain pass. the grapevine known to millions as a gateway between central and southern california had come to a standstill. >> all we saw was just a mountain of boulders and dirt and stuff coming right for us. and it pretty much lifted my car
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up and spun us around like it was nothing. >> dozens of rescuers were 70 out to help stranded and injured motorists. california is now preparing for what one nasa climbtologist is calling a godzilla el nino. expected to be the strongest since scientists began keeping records of it in 1950. >> the waters off of the coast of southern california are already four degrees warmer than they should be. all of the moisture eval rated from this warm water. whatever you just had, and we know what you just had, think of it lasting longer and falling more heavily. >> the last significant el nino to pound california with relentless rain happened 18 years ago. two dozen people were killed. more than 2000 houses were destroyed. thousands of people were forced to evacuate their homes. the 1997 to 1998 el nino cost half a billion dollars of
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damage. back then, state officials said only a quarter of the population took weather warnings seniorously and few bought disaster sdmrooiz in preparation. >> what's giant this particular he will nino year is we are starting out from a position of extreme drought. this is the most extreme drought in koovl's recorded history. what that means is that soils are really dry. it means we have seen a lot of tree death. we are having wildfires that are burning a lot of forests and all of those conditions on the surface make for greater potential of flooding and greater potential of problems with excess water. >> reporter: los angeles county wants people to be ready for more flooding, mud slietsdz, downed trees and blackouts. there is an expected benefit. scientists think el nino can help alleviate california's severe water shortage. california needs several consecutive years of heavy rain before the golden state's
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acrequest fer's radio replenished. al jazeera. >> you can find out much more on our website. the address for that is you can see our main story there. the situation in israel and the occupied territories. >> nairobi is my city, well perhaps not exactly. i was born here and so were my parents, but i spent most of my life living overseas.