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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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[ shots ] >> calls for an international protection informs at the al-aqsa mosque on another day of confrontation between palestinians and israelis. hello i'm darren jordan live in doha. also on the program: hungary closes its border with croatia to stop the flow of refugees from austria and germany. environmentalists claim a victory and football's world governing body fifa is under
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fire again. claims that money went to germany because of bribes. israel has rejecta palestinian plea to the united nations for an international force to police the al-aqsa mosque compound. access to the site has been a fiscal list of two weeks of violence. 39 palestinians and 7 israelis have been killed in the past two weeks. president obama says to make sure that no others die. andrew simmons reports on friday's events from occupied east jerusalem. >> after friday prayers after a week of violence and deep set fear from gaza more shooting from the israeli army and more killing of palestinians. the numbers of casualties rising, as protesters attempted to preach the border fencing in
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several places, including the main crossing point into israel. and these clashes came in bethlehem in the occupied west bank. there were similar scenes in hebron as a palestinian man disguised as a journalist, with press emblaze oned on his tee shirt was shot dead. all over the occupied west bank there was conflict, but no major incidents as palestinians faced roadblocks and numerous checkpoints and searches in order to make short journeys. they faced long detours. friday prayers at the al-aqsa mosque compound restricted to women and men over 40 was nothing new but the mood was different. the security is heavy and so are the restrictions. the numbers are far fewer than
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normal and that's because of the new securities mursd. ameasures. >> the violence continues unabated. as the security council is talking about the situation in new york, will the israeli prime minister's new security measures make any difference in this situation? andrew simmons, al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. >> meanwhile, u.s. president barack obama has condemned outbreak of violence. >> over time, the only way that israel is going to be truly secure and the only way the palestinians are going to meet the aspirations of their people are the two living side by side. we stand ready to assist if they can make a more constructive relationship. but in the meantime, right now everybody needs to focus on
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making sure that innocent people aren't being killed. >> the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet the israeli prime minister in berlin next wednesday and the u.n. has held an emergency meeting of its own, kristin saloomey has been following that in new york. >> assistant secretary blamed both sides in the conflict of making reckless statements. he said he welcomed statements from prime minister tbhament there wilbenjaminnetanyahu, thao change in access to the al-aqsa mosque. the palestinian ambassador said that his people had little trust that israel would live up to that promise to maintain the status quo. >> if there is an international presence around al-aqsa mosque in order to guarantee that the status quo to be maintained, i think that is what is in the
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mind of the members of the security council, that is in our mind. >> the facts speak for themselves. for dates israel has maintained the status quo and will continue to do so. let me be crysta crystal clear. draiisrael will not agree to any chain in presence in the temple mount. such presence will be a change in the status quo. judge implementing the kind of monitoring force that the palestinians have been talking about. >> i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for the attacken a shia nosk saudi arabia. state television reported that a man opened fire inside the mosque in the eastern city. five have died, nine injured, gunman later killed by security forces. russia says it's hit more than
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380 i.s.i.l. targets since laimping air strikelaunching aie weeks ago. now hit again in the south of aleppo as government forces a ground offensive there. zeina khodr reports from beirut in neighboring lebanon. >> russia's campaign is now in its second phase. not just striking weapons storage and air command and control. air power is being used to assist the syrian army. >> it's clear that peuntd wants to protect assad and stick his finger in the eye of the west, and get the leaders to speak to him on areas he wants to dictate. >> rebels are fighting back. russian air strikes may have been effective in hitting vital targets but so far the syrian
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government and its allies have appeared to make no significant gains on the ground. government is on the offensive, main ground operation in the northern country side of homs on thursday. on friday, forces moved into the territory south of the divided city of aleppo, close to a pain road that would link aleppo to government controlled areas further south. the latest offensive comes as russia's air strikes enter their third week. they no longer threaten the government stronghold of lath la but the russian president says a political solution is his goal. rebel groups, as well as the government in exile, the syrian national coalition, are calling on their supporters to help them
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against what they call russian aggression. >> the peaceful process to start, so far there is a refusal from the syrian rebel side to take part in any peace talks. russia i think will accelerate the fire support. >> the counteroffensive that has now expanded is about eliminating threats to the government and defeating what is called the moderate syrian opposition, persuade be the west ting the westto join. zeina khodr, al jazeera. >> russia says all its planes have safely returned to base and its drones are operating as normal. earlier this month two russian jets violated turkish air space. dozens of people have been
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killed and several injured in a spate of suicide attacks in northeastern nigeria. police stopped them entering maiduguri. boko haram is suspected of carrying out the attacks. greece's parliament has approved a new round of austerity. cuts to pension, increase in retirement age and harsher penalties for tax evaders. hungary has closed its border with croatia to droll flow of thousands of refugees across europe. aid groups are warning that could leave many of them stranded in croatia. victoria gatenby reports.
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>> this is the village on the croatia hungary border. in recent weeks as many as 8,000 have crossed from croatia to hungary, from here. but authorities sealed off the crossing point with razor wire. they now face traveling through slovenia, or stranded in croatia where temperatures are starting to fall. >> bottled up in croatia not knowing which direction to take. i was in croatia a couple of weeks ago and the situation, sort of humanitarian situation on the ground absolutely disastrous. the last getting through friday before the crossing point was closed. hungary's right wing government has built a razor wire fence, it says it was forced to seal off
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its final crossing point after an eu meeting in brussels failed to conclude with an agreement. >> this is not the best, only the second best solution but the solution did not come about yesterday at the european meeting. >> the sheer number of refugees who have arrived has strained the system. standing by a tough immigration policy and that hasn't played well with germany which has received most of the asylum seekers. the hungarian government has now closed a second border, it sealed off its frontier with serbia last month, escaping war and persecution is clear, go somewhere else. victoria gatenby, al jazeera.
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>> time for a break. when we come back, cash strapped greece hikes its entrance fees to the most famous monuments. plus. >> i'm wayne hawaii. if you arhay.if you are found gu might find your crimes displayed in a strange museum.
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>> welcome back. a quick recap of the top stories here. israel has rejected a palestinian plea to the united nations for an international force to police the al-aqsa mosque compound. access to the site has led to
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two weeks of violence, leading to the death of 27 palestinians and seven israelis. assad forces launch an attempt to take back area of syria. rebels say they too have been regularly targeted. hungary has closed its border with croatia to control the flow of thousands of refugees across europe, aid groups warned it could leave thousands of asylum seerkseekers stranded. rebels returning home from syria, russian president vladimir putin made the statement in kazakhstan. the instability in afghanistan and security in the middle east dominated the talks. >> translator: terrorists of all kinds are becoming more
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powerful and do not fight their plans for further expansion. one of their goals is to push into the central asian region. it's important that we are prepared to react to this scenario together. >> afghanistan has vowed to respond to a resurge ent taliban days after u.s. said troops would stay there until 2017. al jazeera an jeefng reports from thjennifer glassereports f. >> the u.s. announcement to keep troops in afghanistan, this man says, is unwelcome. >> we demand that the united states and other foreign countries should stop supporting the taliban and others who fight us. >> at the funeral meal the
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sentiment is the same. these residents of kunduz know afghanistan policy well, afghan forces needed air and ground support to battle them. >> translator: instead of leaving thousands of forces here the americans should support and equip our own forces and they should be equipped with modern weapons. >> reporter: the united states is helping build an afghan air force but it takes years to train pilots and technicians. and on the ground, the afghans still rely on u.s. air support. afghan president shag welcomes i welcomes the u.s. decision and calls to step up attack on american targets. in this mosque in kabul there is not much hope that the continuing american presence, the desert 88thing economy and
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security situation. >> translator: people are fleeing the country and in the past 13 years that america was here what have they done to help us. and now they keep more troops in afghanistan. i don't think it will help. it is for their own interest, not ours. >> the mullah of the mosque says the u.s. decision to stay is in part because the taliban refused to come to the peace table and decided to fight instead. >> we should work for peace process and then there would be no reason for the foreigners to stay in this cub. >> u.s. forces will be staying until at least 2017 in fours bases around the country. afghans feel it can make no real difference in ending the violence here. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. the u.s. has blocked the leases for oil drilling in the
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act. it will make difficult for companies to search for oil in one of the world's largest wildernesses. >> it's great news for shareholders of any company that was thinking about drilling in the arctic because the risks are simply too great and it will be a waste of money on a potentially catastrophic exercise. i think shell was seen as a canary in the mine for the other companies. the fact that these lease sales have been cancelled would indicate the other companies, far too great, that's why they didn't want to bid and the u.s. government decided there's no point in trying to sell these blocks now. i think the u.s. government has decided it can no longer deny the problems around climate change or ignore it or hope it will get away.
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whether they're part of a solution these are the same companies that have blockedfully action on climate changes, the same companies that business plan will assume the changes, the fact that they have a problem is hard to take seriously. >> guinea's election commission has delayed results from the election. but it seems alpha conde is headed for a reelection. al jazeera's mohammed jamjoom now reports. >> vote counting in guinea is slow and frustration is rising fast. >> translator: the population needs the truth about the results, the opposition asked to postpone the results but they refused. we are waiting for the results. if we don't get the proper
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response then we will burn the city. we're not going to listen to the lies of the results. >> while preliminary results indicate the incumbent, a growing number of voices are alleging widespread fraud even before the results are in. and guinea's electorate is demanding a recount. tension has been growing in the past week even before voting at least two people were killed in fighting between supporters of the ruling party and the opposition. now there are worries violence could spread through capital and beyond. the european union is among several bodies calling on aggrieved parties to take their cases to the courts and not in the street. now working for times to prepare
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to consequences of political instability. >> actually we have waited for the elections, we are sure that at the end of the day they will have a lot of injured people. that's why we put in place this additional system, and coming in support to the hospital. >> another fear, that ethnic divisions will deepen as electionon results trickle in. mohammed jamjoom, al jazeera. >> thailand's military government is planning to seize the assets of the former prime minister following a corruption scandal. while no one's been found guilty over the rice subsidy scheme the the case is already been highlighted at a new 18th corruption museum. wayne hay reports of this rather bizarre museum. >> corruption has become an
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aspect of thai society. this 18th corruption museum, nongovernment organization behind it aimed to educate people and send a message that the stealing must stop. >> we have a culture of compromising to everyone and everything. corrupted people tend to use that as an opportunity to cheat and rob from our people and our country. >> it's estimated at least $8.5 billion is left to corruption every year. yingluck shin shinawatra. it was the local politicians and cabinet ministers who used the
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scheme to their advantage by buying cheap rice from thai farmers or neighboring countries to pledge for profits. >> the rice scheme was given pride of place in the anticorruption museum despite the fact that no one has been found guilty yet. all of the examples here have links to politicians. but there's one very powerful political force that's missing. the army, which is now running the country, has been involved in several high profile cases. none more so than when it purchased hundreds of devices that could apparently detect drugs and explosives. they turned out to be useless. but the price paid was around $25 million. the anticorruption commission is investigating but no one expects anything to come of it. that they deliberate avoided highlighting military corruption. wayne hay, al jazeera, bangkok.
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>> both the german faa and world governing bodies are looking into, payment worth more than $7 million, by germany's world cup organizing committee to fifa. fifa says the allegations will be reviewed as part of its ongoing investigation into corruption. the german ffa says it was are pledged to a program that was later cancelled. he says germany's involvement in these allegation he is significant. >> what have we been hearing? we have been hearing the establishment of western europe soccer, at putin, at qatar, and
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saying that how can we possibly let these countries that operate in a different manner host the world's biggest athletic event. if these allegation are proven to be true, we see germany, the very establishment of the game apparently operating in very much the same manner. what we are seeing is what a lot of the critics of the game have been saying all along. it's not an east west cultural clash, the entire game is rotten from within and in need of a change. >> meanwhile, suspended fifa president sepp blatter told the agency that the two had a gentleman's agreement.
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boaboth have been banned from f. both he and blatter claiming it was payment for work he did with fifa ten years earlier. now tourists travel to greece every year to see its ancient sites and museums. ticket prices are on the increase as the government looks for ways for help to pay off its enormous death. john siropolous reports from athens. >> when the parthenon was built, 25 centuries later is the cost of visiting it. the cost of tickets to see it is going to rise from just under $14 to just under $23. some dismiss the rise saying it's negligible.
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>> it's history, you'll never see this again, i won't have a chance to see this in my lifetime, i'll pay. >> if you want tourists to come you keep its football, you won't make it that way. >> the coliseum in rome cost $14, and the eiffel tower in paris cost $20.figures set to rise by more than 10% and the government hopes to bring revenue close to the $100 million mark in 2016. many people could end up priced out of their own heritage. the culture minister has made a
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jurvetion. >> prices are subsidized for those below the poverty line, and prices remain free for several groups including schoolchildren and pensioners. >> to see that culture plays its role, greece now has 23% consumer tax on eating out and transport. there is a danger of the entire cost of coming here would deter tourists. but greece has little choice. it is already taxing companies and individuals heavily. the government is simply exhausting its options. the splendor of the rebuilt parthenon was meant to symbolize the power of the atheena thooni.
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>> this year's drought has caused water levels in the gahalba river to drop by 25 meters. it is only the second time the church has appeared above the water line. in 2002, visitors were able to walk inside it. >> the filipinos who live here are known by many derogatory names, skeletons, zombies, the cemetery people, but the cemetery is the only place they can afford to live. >> an insider's


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