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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> calls for an international protection force at the al-aqsa mosque amid more violent confrontations between palestinians and israeli forces. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up, i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility on attack on shia mosque in saudi arabia. fighting further lives, we see syrian refugees who sold
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everything they own to pay medical bills. you can see your crimes memorialized in a bizarre new museum. >> hello, israel has rejected a palestinian plea to the united nations for an international force to police al-aqsa mosque compound. this comes after a violent and bloody friday across several cities in the israeli occupied territories. at least 40 palestinians and seven israelis have been killed since the violence began in october. kristin saloomey has the story. >> the security council got a briefing, from assistant prime minister, he welcomed comments from prime minister benjamin netanyahu that there would be no
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changes of access to the al-aqsa mosque. but he criticized what he described as heavy handed response of the israeli police officers,. >> there is an international presence around al-aqsa mosque in order to guarantee that the status quo to be maintained, i think that that is what is in the mind of members of the security council. thathat is in our mind. >> the facts people for themselves. for decades israeli will maintain the status quo and will keep on doing so. let me be crystal clear. israel will not agree to any international presence on the temple mount. such a presence will be a change in the status quo. >> now there were many calls from council members to end the violence and end provocative acts. but right now there seems to be
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little appetite for implementing the kind of force that palestinians have been talking about.about. u.s. president barack obama has raised his concern over the situation. >> we condemn in the strongest possible terms violence directed against innocent people. and believe that israel has a right to maintain basic law and order and protect its citizens from knife attacks and violence on the streets. we also believe that it's important for both prime minister netanyahu and israeli elected officials and president abbas and other people in position he of power to try to tamp down rhetoric that may feed violence.
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>> let's bring in mike hanna, he is joining us by telephone from occupied east jerusalem. statements show how far apart the two sides really are but how much pressure are they feeling from the international community? >> well yes indeed, it shows very clearly the absolute chasm, between the palestine and israeli leaders. president obama answer comments, first since the crisis has erupted, it is not a situation where two sides being equally objecteondoour at. obdurate. ring the situation in terms of tamping down the situation on the ground, lies with israel.
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the palestinian leadership controls 14% of the occupied west bank, it says it's not in its hands to be ail to completely control the whole of occupied territory. so very much from the palestinian side responsibility lies with the israeli leaders to assume some kind of a leadership role in terms of relieving the situation on the ground which is what the u.s. president is asking for. >> and friday was a day of rage mike across the occupied territories. what is the situation there this morning and in occupied east jerusalem? >> well once again because of the intensified israeli security measures there were several protests in various parts of the occupied west bank. there has been protest in occupied east jerusalem indeed but in the course of the morning there had been once again two yeuntinuniting attacks, one in t
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bank city of hebron, statemented to knife a settler, he was shot and killed. and then within the past hour or two, another attack in an israeli neighborhood both in occupied east jerusalem regard he by all there an attempted knifing according to police. the attacker was discharged, it was not sure whether or not he succumbed to the person he attacked. according to police. you are seeing ongoing sporadic attacks happening but they all are happening within a context, we're not sure of the exact circumstances of each attack. and largely in the absence there is viable eyewitness accounts. we do go with what the israeli army and what the israeli police tell us. but very difficult to cancer whakarenascertain.whether theret
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to kill issue or not, and so it's in a very difficult to ascertain, exactly what's happening the circumstances of each case. but what we do see in these two attacks. one in the west bank, one in east jerusalem, the situation on the ground not easing at this particular point. >> okay thank you mike, mike hanna there. israei.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for an attack on a shia mosque in saudi arabia. in the eastern city of sahiat. the gun pawn was lateman was lay security forces.
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activists say russian air strikes are hitting residences and civilians are being killed. for three days moscow has been helping the syrian governmental by launching air strikes. there's been strikes at the idlib prorve province and alepp. after the world food program had to withdraw assistance some have chronic diseases and they're desperate for treatment after losing free medical care. nizreen shamalia has the reports. >> left on their own after the jordanian government withdrew all help, because of a lack of funding. charities have stepped in whenever they can.
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the qatari red cross is covering treatment payments, but the patients still has to pay for essential medication. this man sold everything he could, including his wife's gold jewelry to pay $150 a month for medication. >> aid agencies, used to give us assistance, but now they cut us off. what is the solution? why don't they give us poison so we can just take our lives? i swear i think about this because i don't know what else to do. >> we're worried about funding. this patient relies on dialysis. a charity or hospital may provide a few dialysis sessions on humanitarian grounds but continuity isn't guaranteed and kidney failure is possible an
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requires okay goin ongoing fund. >> reporter: in order to pay for a family member's treatment, about a third of syrian refugees lost their food assistance. many syrians living if jordan say they have nothing left here. four-year-old u.n. refugee agency paid for her chemotherapy for a few months before medical care was suspended. already parents are struggling to pay for her weekly treatment. >> sometimes my husband uses all the money he makes for her care, that's how we get by. >> doctors say she has an 85% chance of healing if she gets proper treatment.
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her parents say if they run out of money all they can do is pray for her. nizreen shamya, al jazeera. victoria gatenby reports what this means for asylum seekers. >> reporter: as many as 8,000 refugees have crossed from croatia to hungary, each day. refugees desperate to get to austria or germany now face travel through slovenia or being stranded in croatia. >> you will have thousands of people in croatia, you'll end up with a bottleneck in croatia.
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the humanitarian situation on the ground, absolutely disastrous. >> these are the last refugees to get over the border on friday before the crossing gate was closed. hungary has built a razor wire fence, it was forced it said to seal off its last crossing poirnt aftecrossing pointafter l meeting. >> there is no agreement on the protection of the external borders of greece. >> the sheer number of refugees who have arrived has strained europe, asylum system. that hasn't played well with germany which has received most of the asylum-seekers. the hungarian government has so
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far ignored all criticism for how it's handled the refugee crisis. it sealed off its border with serbia last month. it's clear go somewhere else. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> here's what's coming up in the program. rising unemployment in zimbabwe, are thousands risk losing their jobs. >> cash strapped greece hikes the price of its monuments, details coming up.
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>> the top stories on al jazeera, israel has rejected a palestinian plea to the united nations for international force to police an al-aqsa mosque compound following friday's unrest. two more people have died in the last few hours, raising the death toll to 41 palestinians dead and six israelis since the issue began. eastern city of saihat, state television reported that a man opened fire at a mosque and killed five and injured nine more. for three days moscow has been helping the syrian army try oregain territory it's lost to opposition fighters. food supplies for survivors of nepal's earthquake are locked
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up in a warehouse, despite being available for distribution. fuel supplies are not reaching victims because othe area. >> for people there it's a day-long journey. when the quake shook nepal in april, nobody died here but food was always difficult to find in this village. but things became worse. he says that generations convenient doourd hardship here. the earthquakhaveendured fest h. the earthquake made it worse.
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>> cracked house pushed over. >> without a functioning market there's nowhere they could earn money. these people are here to build a community road. for 40 days of work they are supposed to get rice and pulses to last them until the next harvest. by today, they were supposed to receive the first installment. despite doing their share of work, many have not gotten their share of food. >> because of a fuel crisis in the country. >> the food is in this warehouse for district. we are complete on track to distribute it before the major national festival that is starting now. but because our transporters have not win single drop of diesel left we have
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distributeonly 40%. >> reporter: nepal has only 10% of the fuel it needs. for over two months people from many areas of the current's south have been protesting against nepal's new constitution. to survive the winter they would need more than just extra food. >> what needs to happen is insulation has to be put in some of these areas some of the higher areas, we have to put in stoves and thermal blankets and proapt clothing to make people ready for winter.
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>> but fuel is also running low and as the country struggles with crisis after crisis, the plight of the survivors has become worse. subina shrestha, al jazeera. >> president benino aquino has asked residents to prepare for the flood, typhoon could strike early sunday and is expected to affect 7.5 million people. well, the number of people with a job in zimbabwe, government is trying to make it harder for employers to lay off workers but economists are warning things are likely to get worse. haru mutasa reports. >> permission to fire workers,
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he was given no sench package and told to leave. >> the master can do whatever he wants to do for his employees. should there be any silly story or silly case, you find that you are going to be fired. >> reporter: the government intervened, amended the labor law, making it difficult to fire workers and insisting those who get jobs get severance pay. employers say they have to lay off workers and they insist the only way they can get jobs. >> a lot of people selling things on the streets are graduates. >> we anticipate a serious drought which affects electricity production in the past year as well as cop production. we don't have the money we need
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to import. >> reporter: millions are struggling because of the situation. >> the government is very difficult to survive in that election. so if we have more people losing their jobs it will of course cause more suffering and i don't think they can deal with that situation. >> civil service economists warns even more inta zimbabwe. gs. >> cyclones has been locked in a
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situation, fugitive drug lord joaquin guzman known as el cha chapo, authorities saying the fugitive drug lord has injuries to his leg and face. now, the german football association around fifa are looking into claims the 2006 world cup was secured through bribes. a news report in der spiegel magazine set the comeant established committeeestablishef $7 million. explaining why germany's involvement in these latest allegations is significant. >> what have we been hearing for
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now, we have been seeing them point a finger at russia and putin in particular, how can we let these countries that operate in a different manner host the biggest athletic event. the establishment of the game apparently operating in very much the same manner. so what weers seeing, a lot of critical people of the game have pen saying all along. it's not an east-west cultural class, the game itself is rotten from within and in need of an entire cultural claims. >> hundred of greeks protested ahead of this vote, it is been
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seen as a support of the cirrus party. now, tourists travel to greece every year to see its ancient sitesites. john siropolous reports. >> making the front page 25 centuries later is the cost of dealing with it. ticket prices are supposed to rise. coming into effect across greece next year. some visitors dismiss the ride. wunts you get here.
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once you get here. >> i won't have another chance,. >> you wand me a reason to stay here, you can't get me that way. >> eiffel tower in pairs is $21. generating $62 ill mil or the those e-the state, with more than 10% this year pap near the $100 million mark in 2016. many people could end up priced out of their own heritage. the culture minister says he's thought of that. >> in the winter months prices will be cut bring half so greeks
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will have the opportunity to vicinity. prices are subsidized for those who are blow the market line. >> he want to culture grease more carefully so greece has 23% on eating out and transport, the grease has little choing. it is already taxing companies and individuals hets heavily. the splendor of the rebuilt parthenon could now become a symbol of greek indebtedness. john von lust pj al jazeera. >> foiling a corruption scarnld, while no one has file many
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18th corruption museum. wane lace has more. >> corruption has become a september part of many aspects of thai society. this so-called anticorruption museum in bangkok was, felon are governmental-o behind it sent a message that it has to stop, corrupted people tend to use that as an opportunity to cheat and to rob for people and for country. >> it's estimated at least $8.5 billion is lost to corruption in thailand each year. former prime minister yin luk shinawatryoung lukyingluckshina.
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it's not yingluck her self that was corrupt, but was brought in. >> no one has been found guilty yet. all of the examples here have links to politicians but there is one very powerful political force that is missing. the army which is now running the country has been involved in several high profile cases. none other when it produced purd hundreds of devices that were supposed to be able to detect drugs. they were useless.
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the organizers of the situation denied they had nil military corruption. wayne hay, al jazeera, bangkok. >> you'll find the latest at china's one child policy has quoted controversy, from accusations of the state confiscating children, to forced abortions. today it is being blamed for a declining fertility rate and a major gender imbalance, with more than 30 million men,


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