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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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three palestinians killed as violent confrontations continue in the occupied palestinian territories. hello, welcome to the newshour live from doha. also to come - syrian activists say civilians have been killed after russian air tricks hit residential areas in whoms. indian police say a 2-year-old and 5-year-old have been raped in a separate attack in the capital.
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>> from niqab to civil rights be look at some of the debates in canada's election campaign to a story that is all too familiar in the occupied territory, young palestinians shot and killed. accused of random attacks. one that has been related three times on saturday, two happening in hebron. in this video you see a jewish settler brandishing a gun, shooting a palestinian teenager who apparently tried to stab him. israeli police say the man was killed before he could harm the settler. not long after, a womb yn was killed -- woman was killed for stabbing a police officer in a hand. >> reporter: during a morning shift a palestinian came to me to ask if i knew of a certain
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street. i said i didn't. she pulled out a knife and tried to stab me in the neck. i pushed her away. i fired at her. we are trained, briefed and prepared for the events and thankfully it ended the way it did without anyone harmed. in occupied east jerusalem, is 16-year-old was shot dead. the city has been at the heart of the clashes that began on october 1st. we'll talk to mike hanna, hour correspondent. >> we have seen the incidents take place in hebron and in other parts of the occupied territories. it seems as though the new security measures put in place are not working. >> well, certainly there are a number of questions about them, and in particular that alleged attack in occupied east jerusalem, there is the attackers, allegedly coming from
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one of the most blockaded neighbourhoods in occupied east jerusalem. he managed to walk out of the blockaded area into a heavy guarded settlement, where he was stopped by police patrolling the settlement. asked for identity and attempted to knife a police officer and was shot dead. the question asked is how effect is the closure if at 16-year-old is asked to walk out to a blockaded neighbourhood and into a heavily guarded settlement. >> there seems to be voices of concern raised about the fact that the israeli government is choosing to match knife attacks with guns. >> well, indeed, yes, since a series of stabbings has begun, the vast number of people carrying out the attacks have been shot, and many fatally
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shot. there has been questions asked already each occurrence whether it was necessary to carry out the shooting. police say when we asked them directly about this, that there is no set policies, because each and every event dictates procedures that are followed. for example, the united nations declaration on the use of firearms by law enforcement officers says that a firearm can only be used to shoot someone dead when there's immediate threat to life, or of serious harm. now, in each of the cases, it's not always clear that that, indeed, was the case. however the israeli police continue to insist that the officers are attempting to protect themselves and others that may be in the vicinity of the alleged attack. many questions raised to what procedures the israeli police, and, indeed, many armed israelis
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are adopting, and whether or not there is a shoot to kill policy in each and every case. >> mike hanna live in west jerusalem. thank you. >> a palestinian ambassador at large and official and says israelis are using this to protect themselves by any means possible. >> there's an attempt by a group in government. a separatist movement. who is in control of the israeli government. in the last few weeks they have took control of the entire israeli society and have a plan. the plan is to depopulate jerusalem, and the fast majority, to colonize it and to annex it. they don't burn people like in duma, because they know the faces and names of these people. they terrorize, all of us are united and we resist.
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our inhalation, we resist all efforts to turn us from the box of geography and history. and i assure you that every palestinian today is united and the palestinian leadership will take every possible action to protect our nation, as you saw what the u.n. ambassador did yesterday, i want you to point to the daily assassinations that happened this morning. in hebron and jerusalem. today we are living in a mad house inside israel and israeli controlled area. this turned into a horror house. people are killing with impunity. >> reporter: russia says it hit 49 islamic state targets in syria in the last 24 hours. activists say the russian air strikes targeted residential areas in homs, killing civilians. we have this report.
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>> a mourner recites the names of victims in this graveyard in homs. >> 36 names, 36 people. sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, all civilians, all killed during an air strike. russian helicopters are responsible. >> they were killed while waiting in line for bread. they are innocent people. they are not i.s.i.l. we only have god on our side. >> the syrian government launched an offensive on homs, in the last few days. it's not the first, but this time are it has russian air support. activists say 20,000 were killed. leaving behind a large crater. a prayer rug, drinks machine and a bomb crater. >> translation: the bombs landed here, this was a bakery. targetting this proves the narrative that they are only targetting terrorists. it not true.
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where are the terrorists here, this is a bakery owned by a family, and this is their property. >> reporter: syria says they are targetting terrorists, the provinces of idlib and hama. opponents say all russia is doing is helping the regime of president president bashar al-assad recapture rebel controlled areas. if the government recaptured homs, it would be able to control roads linking the capital to aleppo two girls aged 2 and 5 have been raped in separate attacks in the indian capital. three men have been questioned about the gang rape of an older girl in new delhi, the 2-year-old was attacked after playing outside her home. both girls were in a stable continue in hospital. the gang rape of hurter of a student lit to mass protests and
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tougher antirape laws. the number of cases was 37,413 last year. that is about 11% more than in 2013. the rise in delhi was way above the national average. the capital recorded 1,813 cases. 26% more than the previous year. the government attributes the increase in the numbers to victims increasing willingness to come forward. live to our correspondent in the indian capital new delhi. st unfortunate, isn't it, but india's name is closely associated with sexual violence against women - but now children? >> absolutely, a string of shocking cases this evening making headlines across india, and perhaps serving as a reminder of the work that needs to be done to make sure women
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and children are safe. you mentioned the number of cases reported, particularly since the gang rape in 2012 of young women on a bus. activists, observers and people across the country tell you that cases are under-reported given the shame, stick know what social challenges related to reporting these crimes. it's a huge issue, a big challenge and two cases suggestiving that it's not women and adolescent girls that are the target, but children at a younger age. that will raise questions across the country this evening. >> indeed, disgusting cases like this happen in communities around the world. the government has to be seen to be seriously tackling this. is the government taking it seriously, and what impact is the legislation having? >> well look, you rightly said that this is a global problem,
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not something that is unique to india, perhaps it is more of a talking point and the global reputation of a country. legislation has been bombed to deal with reporting and judgment or sentencing, how it is handled through the courts of india. this is in the just about legislation, about what the police do. it's about dealing with fundamental mind-set within the indian social fabric and it's not something politicians can deal with through legislation and messages that they put out. that's where people, activists tell you that wellness programs need to put in. the challenges making sure that men and boys are sensitized and girls and women are confident enough to talk about it. across the spectrum here you are
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dealing with many problems and changes that have not been dealt with or solved in three years since the gang rape making international headlines in new delhi. >> thank you, live from new delhi for us. now there has been protests in the turkish capital. two bomb blasts killed almost 100 people there. the attacks from the worst history. and prompted wide-spread anger against the government. three of 12 suspects appeared in court on friday. >> egyptians living abroad began to vote in the first election since the army eposed mohamed mursi in 2013. voters can cast ballots at 129 missions around the world. the election started on sunday and concludes in early december. egyptians living in libya, syria and yemen will not be able to vote because of security
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concerns still to come at al jazeera - tough times for nepal's earthquake survivors. food relief is not coming their way because of a crippling fuel shortage. and... >> i'm wayne hay report, from thailand where if you are guilty of corruption, your crimes could be mortalized in a bizarre new muz eem -- museum.
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hello again, you are with al jazeera. three palestinians have been shot dead in separate attacks in
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the occupied territories, in hebron, this shows a jewish settler holding a gun after he shot one of them. after israeli police killed a palestinian woman who stabbed an officer, and in east jerusalem, a 16-year-old was shot dead for allegedly threatening police with a knife. russian air strikes hit residential hearse in homs, civilians have been killed. moscow has the army regain territory. >> in the indian capital. two girls, two and five have been raped. three men are questioned about the gaj rape of the older girl. they are in a stable continue in hospital supplies of food for survivors in nepal's earthquake are stuck in warehouseless. trucks have not got fuel to distribute supplies because of a
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blockade on the border with india. winter is fast approaching and time is running out to deliver the essential supplies. >> reporter: this village in nepal is three hours away in a private vehicle. for people here, it's a day-long journey. when the quake shook in april, no one died here. most of the homes were destroyed. food was always difficult to find in the village. things became worse. generations have endured hardships here. the earthquake is an added one. the house cracked. i suppose that's how chipped. we were given some tarpaulin sheets after the quake. we kept maize there. some germinated. some germinated. c some were rotten. we passed a cracked house for storage. >> reporter: without a functioning market there's nowhere to earn money.
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a few weeks ago they were told they'd get food directly for doing some work for the village. these people are here to build a community road. for 40 days of work they were to receive rice and pulses to last for three months, until the next harvest. for today they will receive the first instalment. despite finishing their share of work, many are yet to get their share of food. the workers - the organization has not been able to deliver 260 metric tonnes of food. that is because of a fuel crisis in the country. >> the food is in this warehouse for the district. we were on track to distribute it before the festival that is starting now. because the transporters have not one drop of diesel left. we have distributed only 40%. >> nepal has 10% of fuel. after a restricted supply of fuel from india. for two months people from
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many areas have been protesting from the past constitution. india, unhappy with the charter says a deteriorating security situation at the border stopped indian truck drivers delivering food and other essentials. many of the mountainous areas will be cut off with snow blogging the -- blocking the trails. many victims in these areas were living, under tarpaulin sheets. to survive the winter they'd need more than extra food. >> what needs to happen is insulation has to be put in some of these places. some of the higher areas. we have to put in stoves, and deliver thermal blankets and appropriate clothing. to make people ready for the winter. >> reporter: fuel for helicopters is running low. as the country struggles with crisis after crisis, the plight of survivors of the quake is worse
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filipino authorities warn that the typhoon could linger for several days, flights have been cancelled and residents are preparing for a storm expected to bring torrential rain and floods. the typhoon could strike early on sunday, expected to affect 12.5 million. >> greek m.p.s ignored protesters to raise more. international creditors demanded more budget cuts in return for the platest installment of a $2 billion loan to avoid bankruptcy. the vote was seen as a test for the government after the snap election. now, busloads of refugees have begun to arriving in slovenia from croatia after hungary closed its border on
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friday. slovenian police say five buses reached a border checkpoint. >> candidates are chris-crossing canada in last-minute campaigning before the federal election. justin trudeau, the leader of the center left liberals is leading in the opinion polls, as daniel lak reports, the prime minister is fighting off allegations that his conservative party discriminates against canada's muslim community. >> reporter: this woman is 22, and is taking a degree in social work and religious studies. what she wears, her niqab, is a big talking point in canada's election. >> i didn't realise this would be an issue. things like that. it became very hurt and offended. these kind of sentiments make me feel very unsafe in my own country, and i was born and raised here here is why, pakistan born
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woman wanted to take her canadian citizenship oath while wearing her niqab. the government tried to stop her. the court ruled against it. it became an election issue in the vote-rich french-speaking province of quebec. other similar issues came up. stephen harper's government said it was stripping citizenship from several muslim men convicted of terror offenses, with duel nationality. there was an announcement of a tip line so people could report and candidates described as barbaric practices such as honour killings and female mute vasion. the party denies to raise out issues singling out mus policemen. to the opponents tactics are obviously. >> basically justin trudeau was in doing... >> this liberal party candidate came to canada from lebanon.
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his election signs were defaced. it was investigates not as vaned aldism, but a hate crime. he has no doubt why this happened. >> when you create divisions, or to win, you know what, you can - maybe you can gain a little in the poll. in the end, not good for the future of the nation. >> both opposition leaders criticized the government for emphasising the issues, and promised to reverse some controversial measures, including the tip line. opinion polls showed support for some of what are being done. >> we asked almost 1,000 people every day during the campaign, what the most important issue is for them in the election. most people say the economy. >> in the end voters decide on monday whether what seems to be singling out muslims is a way to get elected in canada. if so, it's a different country
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than it used to be mexico's top drug lord made another great escape three months after tunnelling his way oust of a maximum security prison. joaquin guzman, known as el chapo is throughout to have injured his face and a leg as he avoided recapture cyclone 7, as he's known as seized without shots fired in the border state. his group, the cyclonist is linked to the powerful golf drugs cartel and the factions controlling drugs and human trafficking along the border with texas in the u.s. and dry weather in mexico revealed a rare site. the ruins of a church emerged from a reservoir due to a lack of rain. this caused water levels in the
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river to drop by 25 meters. it's the second time the church appeared. in 2002 the visitors could walk inside it. doubts are raised about the building of a new engineering wonder of the world. leaders in nicaragua insist the $50 billion project will go ahead despite the stock market crash in china. daniel schweimler explains. >> there's a growing concern in nicaragua over the future of the project. after the main battle lost 85% of its fortune, the network slumped to 1 million. the worse thinks, he's causing concern among the people. he misled them. he's not brought property. maybe a few trucks. nothing else. opponents were questioning why the canal is needed.
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with a newly enlarged canal a few hundred kilometres to the south. and about the tens of thousands of people that will have to be displaced. >> the residents living on the route of the canal say they are fine as they are. it will only benefit rich investors much. >> this is a project that will change the geography, without knowing where the estimated $50 billion is coming from. the nicaraguan government will not begin until a full environmental assessment is carried out. they said appropriate finance will be in place. >> what is important here is that the investors, we are not talking about faith in one person, have confidence and certainty that the project is important. is necessary and will bring benefits to every country in the world, and to the world's
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consumers. >> the $50 billion canal linking atlantic and pacific oceans will be deeper, wider and longer than the panama canal, accommodating the largest cargo ships. backers say it will boost nicaraguan economy and trade with china and america. a tractors fear a disaster. claims that bribery helped germany win a bid to stage the 2006 world cup are being investigated. both the general jg football association and f.i.f.a. are checking into the claims. the german news magazine alleges germany's bidding committee established a $7 million slush fund to bribe f.i.f.a. executives. >> thailand's military government is planning to seize the assets of former prime minister yingluck shinawatra.
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forced to step down last year during a corruption scandal, and is now highlighted in an unusual museum. wayne hay explains from bangkok. >> reporter: corruption is an accepted part of many aspect of thai society. the anticorruption museum in bangkok was an unusual display of several high profile cases. the nongovernment organization aimed to educate people and send a message that it must stop. >> translation: we have a culture of compromising to everyone and everything. corrupt people used it has an opportunity to cheat and rob people and our country. >> it's estimated $8.5 billion is lost to corruption in thailand each year. the latest big case involves former prime minister yingluck shinawatra, who was impeached. and tried for dereliction of duty. her government introducing a rice subsidy scheme seeing farmers paid above market prices
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for their crops. according to critics, the programme was riddled with corruption. it is not yingluck shinawatra that was corrupt, but the local politicians and cabinet ministers using the scheme to their advantage, but buying cheap rice from thai farmers or neighbouring countries to pledge for profits. the rice scheme was given pride of place in the anticorruption museum, despite the fact that no one was found guilty. all the examples had links to politicians, there's one powerful force that is missing. the army, which is running the country has been involved in several high-profile cases protests, none more so than when it purchased hundreds of devices, to detect guns and explosives. they turned
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out to be useless. the price paid was about 25 million. the anticorruption commission is c investigating, but no one expect anything to come of it. the organizers deny they have political motives or they deliberately avoided highlighting military corruption of course, you can keep up to date on the website. this is a show about science... >> oh! >> oh my god! >> by scientists. >> techknow investigates katrina... ten years after the storm. >> during katrina, a large amount of water rushed in from the gulf.