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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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hello there. this is the news hour live from london. coming up, renewed calls for calm over the israeli palestinian violence. 41 palestinians and seven israelis are killed in just over two weeks. russia said it has hit 50 isil targets in syria but they
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are accused of targeting residential areas. outrage in india as two girls are gang raped in new delhi. on the run, mexicos top drug lord narrowly avoids recapture after escaping from a maximum security prison. and in sports, south africa are the first team to reach the semifinals of the rugby world cup. a late try proving decisive in a narrow win over wales. in the last hour, there have been reports of two more stabbings as violence continues in israel and the occupied palestinian territories. despite new calls for calm, 41 palestinians and seven israelis
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have been killed in the past two weeks. three palestinians were shot dead in what israelis say were knife attacks. in occupied east jerusalem, a 16 year old palestinian was shot dead. the city is at the heart of the renewed fight and there are g w growing -- palestinians earlier on saturday. mike hannah reports now from occupied east jerusalem. >>reporter: one of the dead came from this neighborhood and was shot and killed in an adjoining a settlement. the fact that a 16 year old gained easy access to the settlement raises immediate questions about the effectiveness of the closure policy. questions about the killing in
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hebron. this video taken afterwards shows a jewish settler still waving his gun. no attempt is made to disarm him and several residents allege a knife was placed on the body of the palestinian the settler had just shot. the deep divide between israeli and palestinian is reflected in an urgent meeting of the u.n. security council where the representatives of each side exchanged blame for the crisis. >> the israeli prime minister is due to meet u.s. secretary of state john kerry in germany on wednesday. and will present israels view of events. but in palestinian eyes, the cause lies in israels control of the old city and the control it exercises over the al-aqsa mosque compound. the calls to restore calm is essentially dealing with the consequences rather than the cause and leaders insist
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diplomacy is the core issue. what does israel mean when it said it intends to -- the arraignment by which access is given to the al-aqsa mosque compound. now as we mentioned earlier, we have breaking news out of ramallah. in just the past hour, i believe you've got news for us of another stabbing incident? >> yes, indeed. from what we know so far, a young palestinian tried to stab an israeli border guard at a check point, the main one between the north of the west bank and re-jerusalem and certainly here in ramallah is a
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very point checkpoint. it has two sides to it. one for vehicles and one for pedestrians. we understand that happened in the pedestrian terminal. now, we don't have much information about the perpetrator of the attack. the police so far say that the man was neutralize. it doesn't give us an indication of whether he was killed. or if he was shot and still alive or still simply overpowered. this is the first attack in ramallah at this checkpoint which has been really a focal point of demonstrations and confrontations here in ramallah ever since this crisis started. quite regularly you have daily confrontations between the young palestinians who live in the refugee camp not too far from there and israeli border guards
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and the israeli army. that certainly raises tensions here in ramallah. there is another focal point also in the city where there have been daily confrontations. we're hearing at the moment unconfirmed reports that the checkpoint has closed down for now. we just have to wait and see what it will be something that is a temporary closure but certainly it is a life line for the city and for indeed the north part of the west bank. >> okay. we leave it there because that's not the only incident to have happened in the last hour. andrew is waiting for us in west jerusalem with news i believe of another stabbing, this time of a soldier. andrew. >> that's right. that's in hebron, also in the occupied west bank. the scene earlier of what you saw a jewish settler in white
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clothing otouting a gun after shooting dead a palestinian youth who had allegedly stabbed a -- or at least tried to stab i should i should say a civilian. that was hotly contested. but we're now hearing in that same location, another palestinian has attacked a soldier and we understand from the army that soldier has been injured and has been treated in hospital. now, this was another teenager. he was lying on the ground. we've seen photographs of him alive on the ground with a spent bullet casing near him. he's been taken to hospital. we don't know the extent of his injuries. we don't know whether they're life threatening. the army schismly saying he survived. also there was a scene there of many jewish settlers surrounding
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the ambulance as he was being treated. this is a situation in hebron that's really tense and there's a lot of trouble going on. there was a third attack in hebron not in the same district, in another jewish settlement where a 16-year-old girl ran up to a security force checkpoint to a border point, border police point, and she actually then stabbed according to the police a border guard, tried to stab her in the neck. she didn't complete the stabbing but the border guard who has spoke on the the media said that she resisted this girl. she was resisting her. she pulled her gun. and then opened fire at point blank range, quote, unquote, neutralizing the 16 year old, killing her. all of these attackers are described as having one thing in
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common and that's they're teenagers. this is just one of so many attacks in this past week of very, very critical situation, particularly in the occupied west bank. >> okay. ongoing events. andrew, thank you very much for that. let's bring in our seen yahr political analyst who is sta standing by for us in our washington studio. it just goes on and on. a grim day and interest the night. israel trying, failing evidently, to contain this violence with heavy security presence checkpoints, closures. none of it seems to be working. israelis seem to be more and more armed willing to use lethal force. and, yet, the violence goes on. >> that's right. one could now add to it in some kind of an ironic twist that
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this is really a clear case of david versus goliath. although palestinians are continuing their rhetoric of the victimhood rhetoric, who is the greater victim of the two. but when you watch teenaged boys and girls going to their deaths, really after 60 years of occupation and 22, 23 years of so-called peace process, this oslow generation, this peace process generation clearly has not benefitted at all from the so-called peace process. clearly it's a very angry and frustrated generation with lots of pent up violence. so in a way the occupation as an engine of violence will continue to produce the kind of frustrations that you see today.
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i mean, is there an argument along those lines every day that this goes on since the beginning of october the question arises is there an argument that perhaps this is even worse because there's no leadership, because there's no organized up rising. who do you talk to when you've got 16 year olds at the front lines willing to die? >> there's absolutely no argument. certainly no doubt in my mind that israeli leaders have missed every opportunity to make peace. there's no doubt in my mind that the palestinian leadership has failed both in ramallah and in gaza. they have failed to deliver to their people liberty, security, independence, sovereignty. they're not even capable of bringing to their people, producing the kind of national reconciliation that they need together to live and to be able
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to work together with israel or against israel if you will. so certainly the failure of leadership on the part of palestinian israelis, the failure of washington being the sponsor of the so-called peace process for the last 23 years, all of this is leading to the kind of improvised, if you will, attacks coming from the kind of frustration that's been going on for years. that's on the palestinian side. on the israeli side and i'll be brief, i think what we see here, we have not seen before in the first or second, is the kind of settler violence. settl settl settlers in the west bank, they're about 500,000 of them. they're armed and part of the israeli parliament and the israeli government. and they're certainly a huge part of the israeli military. so it's the same units that serve in the west bank that also
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have been living in the west bank as illegal settlers. so all of that certainly augmenting the violence there. >> so traditionally international powers would have come to the rescue of a situation like this. they're not. they don't seem able to. what happens next? >> clearly the so-called peace process as we know it, americas aid, support for israel and its sponsorship of the peace process has failed. what we have today, is a naked situation of foreign military occupation of another state. because as we've seen last two days, palestinian flag was just raised in the u.n. for palestine as a member state. so you have a situation where
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the international community needs to take matters into its own hands otherwise they will and hence we're going to see more and more of the escalation we've seen today. unless the international community interferes as it did in kuwait, liberate liberating kuwait from iraq. this is a civil war between palestinians and israelis in the west bank and in israel will continue to, you know, go to the worst as confrontations between people to people with fault lines impossible to police. the maximum distance for any palestinian and any israeli is six miles today. the separation is becoming impossible. so either you lose your last chance to deoccupy palestine or they're going to go through a
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very, very rough way forward towards some sort of a civil war leading perhaps to a south african solution. >> okay. thanks for your insight. >> thank you. still to come on this news hour, the refugees forced to find a new way into western europe after hungary closes its border with croatia. plus. >> in a grave yard and why some security experts are worried that the next big cyber crime could be virtual murder. iraqi forces have launched their biggest offensive in month as as they continue to confront
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the islamic state of iraq and the levant. they are now pressing north towards another province with the aim of cutting off isil stronghold towns. russia says it's hit 49 isil targets in syria in the last 24 hours but activists say they've also targeted residential areas killing civilians in homs province. >>reporter: a mourner recites the names of victims in this grave yard in homs. 36 names, 36 people, he calls mar tire call killed during aty
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strikes. they are innocent people. the syrian government launched a new offensive on homs in the last few days. it's not its first but this time it has russian air support. activists say another 20 civilians were killed leaving mind a prayer rug and a bomb crater. the bombs landed here. this was a bakery. targeting this proves that the russian government narrative that they're only targeting terrorists is not true. where are the terrorists here? this was a bakery and this is their property. >> syrian army commanders say they're targeting terrorists. part of a wider offensive that includes the provinces of idlib and hama.
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the war in syria has driven thousands of refugees to jordan. some with chronic illnesses have lost free medical care. >> most syrian refugees in jordan with chronic diseases are battling against the odds to get treatment. this after all free medical care was suspended last year for refugees because of no medical funding. the patients still have to pay for essential medications. this man sold everything he knows including his wives gold
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jewelry to pay $150 a month for medication. >> aid agencies used to give us azestance. then they cut us off. my children and i cry at night. what's the solution for our tragedy? why don't they just give us poison so we can take our lives? is i swear i think about suicide because i don't know what to do. >> the continuing war in syria raises concerns about whether there will be any assistance for the years to come. >> we're worried about funding. this patient relies on dialysis. a hospital may provide a few sessions but continuity is not dparn teed and kidney failure is chronic and requires permanent funding.
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refugees have been forced to make difficult choices, choosing between food or medication. many say they have nothing left here. she has leukemia. her chemotherapy chemotherapy was paid for, for a couple of months but now her family struggles to pay for her treatments. >> we don't buy things for ourselves and cannot afford expensive food. >>reporter: last month, the family also lost the little food assistance it had been getting from the world food program. doctors say she has an 85% chance of healing with proper treatments. her parents say if they run out of money, all they can do is pray for her. a 5 year old and a two and a half year old girl have been raped in separate incidents in
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the indian capital. one of the children was gang raped. >>reporter: a police forensics team works on site. another grim crime scene but with a difference. a young child was said to have been raped here. at another location, another child brutally abused. one of the children had been gang raped. delhi's chief minister arrived at the hospital where one of the children is being treated >> we need an environment in which our mothers can feel safe which is not happening right now. that means there are shortcomings in security. the new delhi government is doing everything in its power to prevent such a situation but i feel the police play a bigger role. they need to make women feel
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safe. we need to intervene in the matter too. >> womens groups form to make the capital safer for women and children of all ages express their horror and disgust. >> what is happening in delhi? i cannot understand. i met the girl in hospital. she has scratch and bite marks all over her body. she was left bleeding in a park. what kind of delhi is this? what kind of animals are these? >> and on the outskirts, a family mourns the death of their daughter. she allegedly committed suicide after being stalked by a group of men. >> we first went to the police at night to lodge a complaint but the police took no action. then we went once more but again the police did not do anything. >> police say they are now investigating. the families say they kept reporting what was happening to police but nothing was done.
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>> preliminary investigations indicate the girl had complained of harassment. a suicide note has been recovered from the girl's bag in which she has spoken about being harassed by the men. >> new antirape laws were introduced after the gang rape of a medical student on a new delhi bus in 2012 but since then, the number of rape cases involving women has gone up. especially in the capital. the brutal sexual attacks against two children have shocked the millions of people who live in this city. many are asking what other horrors need to happen before real action is taken to combat sexual violence against women and young girls. egyptians living abroad have begun voting in the first parliamentary election since the former president was ousted in
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2013. voters can cast ballots at 139 diplomatic missions across the world. the election in egypt itself starts sunday and concludes in early did you say 12 people have drowned off the coast of curky as they attempted to reach the greek island of lesbos. four children and a baby were among those killed. refugees have started arriving in slovenia after hungary closed its border with croatia on friday. thousands are continuing to make the journey. >>reporter: captured on camera and caught up in europes political posturing over immigration, these refugees have been registered in slovenia which is suddenly the focus of thousands streaming into eastern
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europe. >> you can see slovenia is prepared as much as they could be. people are coming in. they are registered by the police before they are being taken further to accomodation centers. so far so good. >>reporter: some experts say slovenia, population just 2 million won't be able to deal with such an influx of people >> it's important that we reinforce the police with army personnel to transport and surveillance in border areas. right now they're being bussed to austria. on friday night, hungary closed its border with croatia. hungaries government called it a reaction to the failure of eu leaders to agree on a united response. just a month ago, hungary shut its border with serbia.
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observers say more prosecutions could happen now that the hungary border is closed to croatia. >> they're criminalizing people fleeing from war and persecution. that's not allowed under international law. you can't penalize asylum seekers. in the last month, almost 190,000 people have passed through croatia and for now they're not stopping. on saturday the first train carrying 2,000 arrived in croatia but nobody knows just how long this particular route to a new life will stay open. much more still ahead on the al jazeera news hour including nepals earthquake survivors struggle as food relief arrives in short supply. >> these sentiments make me feel very unsafe in my own country and i was born and raised here. >> canadians divided among a talking point in the election
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a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. in the last hour, there have been reports of two more stabbings as violence continues in israel and the occupied palestinian territories. two girls, aged 2 and 5 have been raped in if separate attacks in new delhi. russia says its air force has carried out another 36 air strikes in syria hitting isil targets. supplies of food for survivors of nepals earthquake are stuck in warehouses. delivery trucks haven't the fuel to distribute the supplies because of the continuing blockade along with border with
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india. winter is fast approaching and time is running out to deliver essential supplies. >>reporter: this village is just three hours away from kathmandu in a private vehicle. but for people here, it's a day-long journey. when the quake shook nepal in april, nobody died here. but most of the homes were destroyed. food was always difficult to find in the village but things became worse. generations have endured hardship here. the earthquake is just an added one. >> our house cracked. i suppose that's hardship. we were given some tarp sheets after the quake so we kept it there. we patched our cracked house. >>reporter: without a functioning market, there's nowhere they can earn money. but a few weeks ago, they were
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told that they would get food strictly for doing some work for the village. >> this is a community road. they're supposed to get rice and pasta to last three months until the next harvest. by today they were supposed to have received the first installment but despite having finished their share of work, many are yet to get their share of food. the work is under the u.n.s world food program. the organization has not been able to deliver 260 tons of food just in this district and that's because of a fuel crisis in the country. >> the food is in this warehouse for them. we're completely on track to distribute it but then our transporters have no diesel left and so we have distributed only 40%. nepal has only 10% of the fuel it needs.
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for over two months, people from many areas of the country have been protesting against nepals new constitution. india also unhappy with the charter says a deteriorating security situation at the border has stopped indian truck drivers from delivering food and other essentials. many of the mountainous areas soon will be cut off with snow blocking the trails. many quake victims in these areas are living under tarp sheets. to survive they need more than just extra food. >> what needs to happen is insulation has to be put in. we need stoves in some place and deliver thermal blankets, appropriate clothing. >>reporter: but fuel for helicopters are also running low and as the country struggles the plight of survivors of the quake
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has become worse. mexicos top drug lord has made another great escape three months after he tunnelled his way out of a maximum security prison. joaquin guzman, el chapo, is thought to have injured his face and legs after he avoided recapture. he tunnelled out of his maximum security prison three months ago. >>reporter: the worlds most wanted drug lord has slipped through the grasp of the mexican authorities once again. the navy were closing in on him in the mountains of northeast of mexico. first of all by helicopters in which they fired on communities around the area in which they believed he was. and then by sending in the navy infantry that they hoped would capture him. but he had already it seems gotten away by that point but not completely unscathed.
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he was injured on the face and the leg. it's finished off really for what mexican authorities has not been the greatest week. earlier this week audio was leaked from his escape from mexican high security prison earlier this year in which he tunnelled out. in that recording, you can actually hear the loud sounds of tunnelling and even his rescuing team calling up to hum as he casually goes down into that hole that was dug underneithered his shower. once again, he has escaped from the clutches of the mexican authorities. he's injured but is still a free man. well, we are joined live from mexico city. welcome to the program. thank you for joining us. you wrote a book called el
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narco. it says you were always fascinated by thighs ghost like figures who made 30 billion a year and escaped the army and dea. i imagine this man el chapo only compounds that riddle for you >> he does. i've been here for 15 years. aye seen he has rise to incredible heights. he's now really become one of the most infamous gangster war lords in recent history. i think he's on a level now with al capone and pablo escobar. >> and with apparently anyway extraordinary levels of complicity and huge amounts of support. we heard about this audio of him
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tunnelling out of his prison cell but everybody could hear but nobody came running. how do you catch a man like this who appears to be surrounded by so many layers of support? >> he's been one of the key -- the key to his success has been controlling authorities whether they be mayors or policemen on a beat to generals to state governors. because he makes so much money trafficking marijuana, heroin, cryst cryst cryst cryst crystal, and cocaine to americans, he's got so much money and also a powerful force of intimidation. a prison guard, they can go to his families house and say if you don't work with him we're going to kill you. however, these drug traffickers do get caught. he was caught twice even though he escaped twice.
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many of these traffickers, pablo escobar eventually you had the pentagon, cia, dea, all targeting him until they killed him. >> okay. thank you so much for your insight there. speaking to us from mexico city. >> it's election time in argentina next week with more than 40 years for the death of the former president, his ideas are continuing to inspire some voters. here's this report on the influence that peron continues to have today. >>reporter: it's not only a political party. it's a movement. some say a religion. 70 years ago, peronism was born when then vice president and labor secretary juan peron was
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imprisoned. millions took on the streets to demand his freedom. peron was then elected of argentina and created the most successful political movement in this country's history. >> he remembers those days well. he says he's a peronist at heart. >> peronism transformed the country. we came from a decade of fraud but the important labor laws came with him. he gave the workers dignity. we were not right or left. we were against the exploitation of human beings. >>reporter: since then, argentina has been divided between supporters and detractors of the peronist movement. it continues to define argentine politics up to today. of the three candidates of chances of winning the
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presidency, two of them call themselves peronists. today, the movement is divided between center left allies of the current president and the disdent faction of the right. >> there's a feeling for peron that goes beyond his own contradictions. >>reporter: a few weeks before the elections, a candidate to the presidency who is not a peronist ininaugurated a statue of juan peron. >> it shows that peronism is the
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center of power in argentina, that without it you cannot govern. to think like that is to abandon democracy because if only one party can rule, democracy is over. >>reporter: but millions here say that peronism gives them more than what it takes away. in one week, argentines will head to the polls again and chances are, that peronism will be in power yet again. to zimbabwe now where the number of workers has fallen to the lowest level in 50 years. the collapsing economy has caused many companies to close or make many people redundant. from the capital, here's this report. >>reporter: a supreme court ruling recently gave companies in the zimbabwe permission to fire workers. he was given no severance package and told to leave. >> the master can do whatever he wants to do to his employees.
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should there be any silly story or silly case, you find that you are going to be fired. >>reporter: the government intervened, amended a labor law making it difficult to fire workers and assisting those who lost jobs get severance pay. >> most businesses are operating at less than half capacity. employers say the only way they can survive is by cutting jobs. independent economists say the unemployment rate is 80%. >> we're anticipating a serious drought which will affect electricity production through next year as well as crop production. we don't have the money to pay for the food we now need to import. >>reporter: millions are struggling because of the rising unemployment. >> 2008, for example, we had an
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election that was influenced by the economy and the government. it's very difficult to survive in that election. so if we have more people losing their jobs, it will of course cause more suffering and i don't see the government being able to deal with that situation. >>reporter: civil servants wages make up more than 80% of the governments expenditure. that means more could soon be out of work. the internet has transformed the way we live and it's also changed the world of crime. incidents of cyber crime are rising around the world. in australia and new zealand, more than a million people have their identities stolen every year and as andrew thomas reports, even the dead are not spared. >>reporter: a text message in her bank warned rhonda to check her account. when she did, she found it had been emptied. probably by stealing posts from
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her mailbox, someone had gathered enough information to pretend they were her on the phone and carry out transactions. the bank refunded the stolen money but a second attempt was made. >> when is this going to stop? what's going to happen next? my identity will probably be used over and over again and i can't stop it. >>reporter: it's a growing problem worldwide. in australia and new zealand, more than a million people have their identity compromised every year. a new help line has been established. >> one in five people require professional mental health support. to have your identity stolen, there's always something over your head. you don't get your identity back. >>reporter: in some cases, the identity stolen is from the dbed. when malaysia airlines flight 17 was shot down last year,
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criminals saw an sglunt within three days of that plane going down, mobile phones, credit cards, and social media were being used in victims' names. >> it could be getting worse. most of those buried in this grave yard died long before cyber crime came about. but one expert says the next frontier in id theft is death. often the administration on the phone death is handled digitally. in many countries, doctors and funeral directeders fill in electronic forms and detect certificates are processed online. with enough personal information, hackers can impersonate those professionals to get people to declared dead. you might electronically kill yourself for a life insurance payout. or you might want to kill off someone you have a grudge against. because being officially dead can be a barrier to everyday life.
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>> you could be dead and not know it or even me. and you won't know it until you get a license renewal. but then you have to unsolve the mess caused against you. >>reporter: virtual births are possible too creating virtual people in whose names to take out loans which are never paid back. kafrjtsd dates in canada are crossing the country in last minute campaigning before mondays federal election. justin trudeau is leading the opinion polls. prime minister stephen harper is fighting off allegations his party discriminates against canadas muslim community. >>reporter: she's 22. she is taking a degree in social work and religious studies. what she wears has emerged as a big talking point in canada's long election campaign >> i didn't even realize this
2:47 pm
was ever going to be an issue. things like that and then i kind of became very hurt and offended. these kind of sentiments make me feel very unsafe in my own country and i was born and raised here. >>reporter: pakistan-born -- wanted to take her canadian citizenship vote. the government tried to stop her but the courts ruled against them. it quickly became an election issue especially in quebec where attack ads equated it with oil leaks from a pipeline. >> a canadian is a canadian -- >> other similar issues came up. stephen harpers government said it was stripping citizenship of several men convicted of terrorist offenses who had dual nationality.
2:48 pm
the prime minister and his party deny they're raising issues that single out muslims. but for opponents, the tactics are obvious. >> this liberal party candidate came to canada from will be #in the 80s. when you create division, it's a scary tactic. when you create divisions, you know what, you cannot -- not good for the citizens of this nation. >>reporter: both opposition leaders have criticized the government for emphasizing these issues and promised to reverse some controversial measures including the tip line. but polls show some support. will it mean votes on election day? perhaps not. >> we asked almost a thousand people a day about the most important issue for them in the
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election and most people say the economy. >> in the end, voters will decide on monday whether what seems to be singling out muslims is a way to get elected in canada. if so, this is a very different country than it used to be. still to come on al jazeera, all the sport including how defending champions new zealand are aiming to reverse world cup history.
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south africa have become the first team to make it through to the semifinals of the rugby world cup. a late try from the captain proving decisive as the spring box beat wales by 23-19. mark graham reports. >>reporter: despite their team having lost up to and during the tournament, wales fans were in full voice. they had every reason to be the way their team started. wales dominated early with a clear game plan to run. but it was the kicking game of south africa that gave the spring box the early lead. accuracy was an early warning to wales. not to concede a penalty in their own half or else. but trailing 9-3 after 18 minutes, wales struck back.
2:52 pm
just on halftime it was a one-point lead for wales. in the second half, south africa saw them dominated territory and position but wales' defeat didn't break them and they were forced to look for an alternative way to get points slotting a dropped goal of his own. while the spring box couldn't cross wales' line, they were eventually kicked into the lead. with only five minutes left, south africa finally broke through. and the spring box held on for a nail biting 23-19 win.
2:53 pm
>> a lot of emotions. it's a tight game. until that moment, it could have -- it could have gone any -- either way. >> gave it everything. that's all we could ask from them. unfortunately we could not hold on. >> next up, south africa face either france or new zealand. in just a few minutes, france will be taking on defending champions, new zealand in the second to last a game in the world cup. it's a repeat of the 2007 quarter final which was also played at that stadium. on that occasion, new zealand suffered a shock defeat. >> certainly disappointing day that was but it perhaps shaped what's been eight years since. those days you listen to and
2:54 pm
have good times. just grateful we get another opportunity be in a quarter final of the world cup cristiano ronaldo has become madrids all-time leading scorer with 324 goals in 310 games putting him past the previous record holder, raul. he got his goals in nearly double that number of games. live pool tenth in the table for now with nine games of the season played. >> my first match as in the
2:55 pm
premier league and coming to liverpool, not the worst place in the world. we enjoyed it of course but we're not here to enjoy. >> hat trick for sterling helped lead manchester city to a 5-1 win over arsenal. man united have a 3-nil win over everton. and chelsea won during a struggling season. >> it was not a brilliant performance, but it was a solid performance. i think in futbol you are brilliant when the confidence levels are very high and the players are able to bring to the pitch all the qualities. englands cricketers won a match against pakistan.
2:56 pm
a match that seemed unlikely. pakistan all out for 173 in the second inning. england required just 99 for victory. they gave it a go but the match ended in a draw. i'm just proud of the way the guys hung in there for five days when you concede 520 and then in the last -- right at the end of the game you're on the other side. you need 20 to win. >> sri lanka have beaten the west indes.
2:57 pm
they won by huge amounts. tennis world champion, yokovich in the final of the shanghai masters. his 13th consecutive tour final. the ninth title of the season. that is how sports is looking right now. i'll hand you back to jonah in london an unlikely weather story now. dry weather in mexico has revealed a rare sight, the ruins of a 16th century church have emerged from a reservoir due to a lack of rain. this years drought has caused water levels to drop by 25 meters. it's only the second time the church has appeared above the water line. in 2002, visitors could walk inside it. stay with us. more on the days news coming up
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in just a minute.
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>> gang life... this was our foundation. it's what we all knew. when i met daisy, it was the best day of my life. i told my co-workers, i'm gonna marry her... when my past caught up with me and made us all pay the price. >> it was very confusing... they were just, "where is it? where did he put it"? the social worker said, "i'm gonna have to take the baby". you're gonna have to kill me to take my child. they took my family. he's like, "they're using your child as leverage". the day i think i'm getting sarah back, my public defender tells me they're gonna take me to trial. i don't know how i'm gonna do it but... i need another lawyer. >> that judge is not known for his compassion. >> if at any point i'm not fighting for my family, i don't know what that would do to me. >> families don't survive this.
3:00 pm
>> another palestinscan shot dead following a knife attack in the occupied west bank. >> hello irwatchingays live from london. also coming up: anger, outrage and shock in india after two little girls are raped in separate attacks: zimbabwe's government tries to tackle soaring unemployment. critics say its approach is all wrong. he staged one of the most grave


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