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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> another palestinscan shot dead following a knife attack in the occupied west bank. >> hello irwatchingays live from london. also coming up: anger, outrage and shock in india after two little girls are raped in separate attacks: zimbabwe's government tries to tackle soaring unemployment. critics say its approach is all wrong. he staged one of the most grave prison brakes of the year.
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now, elchapo has slipped away from police again. did he israeli authorities say another palestinian has been shot dead in an attempted stabbing incident. it's the latest attack as ve lens continues in israel and the occupied palestinian territories. let's go straight to hoda live from ramallah in the west bank. hoda, this stabbing took place at the coluheck point between jerusalem and the west bank. >> reporter: yes, absolutely, it's the main crossing for anyone in the northwest side trying to reach jerusalem and the palestinian neighborhoods of occupied jerusalem. now, what we know is they is a 23-year-old palestinian. we don't know exactly from where he comes from.
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we have conflicting reports on that, but he was crossing from -- he was crossing back in to ramallah, and from what we understand, it was -- he actually tried to carry out two stabbings in the sense that he first tried to stab an israeli border guard. he was shot at the first time, then as he was laying on the ground, an israeli explosive expert came to search him to make sure if he didn't have anything else on him, and that's when the young man pulled a second knife and actually managed to slightly nvrnling the israeli expert of explosives. at that point, he was shot dead. this is the first time actually we have such an attack in the ramallah area. we do know now that the crossing is shut down. we don't know for how long that will be. sometimes, it is for a few
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hours. sometimes, it's a bit longer. to give you an idea, the cross something important. thousands go through it every day either to go to their jobs or to go to relatives who live in the occupied part of -- in the occupied east jerusalem. it is a life hine line for this part of the west bank. >> right. so we know that that particular checkpoint has been closed but we don't know how long that's going to be for. and what about the response of israeli security forces elsewhere, hoda as the violence continues? >> the response of the israeli security forces we have seen earlier that there has been several -- there have been five attacks or alleged attacks over the last 48 hours in the occupied west bank. before that, all of them were happening on the other side. now, the first one happened in nabalas. three earlier today in hebron
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and then this latest one here in ramallah. palestinians will tell you, israelis are using excessive force. each time any of these attacks happen, they are questioned whether the person, the palestinian, was really about to carry out an attack or not. there was circulating about the first attack of the day in hebron. you do see on that video a jewish settler holding a gun. you see a palestinian on the floor, and you see some israeli soldiers who move in, don't take the gun or disarmed the jewish settler as they are dealing with the palestinians laying on the ground. there have been .2 sides of the story. the israelis say the palestinian young man was trying to have -- had a knife in his hand. on the palestinian side, they say the israelis are the ones who put the knife next to his body as he was lying on the ground.
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now, whatever the details at the end of the day, it all of these continuous attacks and certainly from a palestinian side is viewed as an excessive use of force. they keep on saying there are less soldiers than are wounded than palestinians that are killed. in today's four attacks, only report according to israeli army in their statements, only one female border guard was slightly injured, and later on today, the second explosive expert. so you do have this up r or over an excessive use of force. israel on this side said it is doing it in self defense and has to neutralize these young palestinians before they actually carry out the attack. >> thank you very much, hoda abdel hamyd in the west bank. it's not just the attack that took place at the colu check po between west bank and jerusalem. also, another attack in hebron in the southern west bank, an
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alleged attacker who is palestinian was shot by israeli forces. he has been taken to hospital for treatment. in all, 41 palestinians and seven israelis have been killed since violence escalated two weeks ago. mike hannah has more now on the developments from occupied east jerusalem. >> one of the palestinian dead came from this neighborhood. and was shot and killed in the adjoining israeli settlement of east topiat. one of the most heavily blockaded parts of occupied east jerusalem. and the fact that a 16-year-old from there gained easy access to the settlement raises immediate questions about the effectiveness of israel's closure policy. questions, too, about the killing in hebron in the occupied west bank. this video taken shortly afterwards shows the jewish settler in white clothes still waving his gun. no attempt is made by the solids to disarm him and several residents allege a knife was
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placed on the body of the palestinian the settler has just shot. the deep divide betweenisi and palestinian is reflected in an urgent meeting of the u.n. security counsel where the representatives of each side exchanged blame for the crisis. the israeli prime minister is due to meet u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, in germany on wednesday and will prenticis's view of events. but in palestinian eyes, the root cause of the conflict lies in israel's control of the old city and, in particular, the control of exercise of access to the mosque compound. the international court calls for leaders to reto calm dealing with sequences rather than the cause and palestinian leaders insist the februarius of dproemas should be the core issue. what exactly does israel mean when it says it intoendz preserving the status quo of what it calls the temple mount? the arrangement by which access
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is given to the al axa mosque come pound. in occupied east jerusalem. it a 5-year-old and a two and a half-year-old girl have been raped in separate incidents in the indian capital. one of the children was gang raped. in another incidents, a routine age girl has hanged herself after allegedly being harassed by three men. reports from new delhi viewers might find distressing. >> a police forensic team works on site. another grim crime scene but with a difference: a young child was said to have been raped here at another location, another child brutally abused. one of the children had been gang raped. delhi's chief minister arrived at the hospital where one victim was being treated.
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>> together, we need to create such an environment in new delhi in which our mothers, our daughters can feel safe was which is not happening right now. >> means there are some shortcomings in security and a new delhi government is doing everything in its power to prevent such situations, but i feel the police played the biggest role. they need to help women feel safe. we are also trying to help them. the prime minister should personally have seen in the matter, too. women's groups form to make the capitol safer for women and children of all ages expressed their disgust. >> what is happening in delhi? i cannot understand. i met the two and a ha half-year-old girl in hospital. she has scratch and bite marks. she was left bleed nag park. what kind of delhi is this? what kind of animals are these? on the out of new delh, had the,
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their teenage g daughter allegedly committed suicide after being stalk by men. >> we went to the police station at night to lodge a xlaivent, but the police knot take any action. we went to the police station once more, but again, the police did not do anything. >> police say they are now investigating. the families say they kept reporting what was happening to police but nothing was done. >> preliminary investigations indicate that the girl had complained of harassment based upon which her case was registered under section 354 of the indian penal code. a suicide note has been recovered from the girl's bag in which she had spoken about being harassed by the men. >> new anti-rape laws were introduced after the gang rape of a medical student on a new delhi bus in 2012. but since then, the number of rape cases involving women has actually gone up. he specially in the capitol. the brutal sexual attacks against two young children have
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shocked millions of people who live in this city. many are asking what other horrors need to happen before real action is taken to combat sexual violence against women and young girls. al jazeera, new delhi iraqi forces have launched their biggest offense in months as they begin top he fight isil. including cities, oil refinery complex. they are pressing in order toward nineveh with the aim of cutting off isil stronghold towns there. russia said it has hit 49 isil targets in syria in the last 24 hours. but syrian activists say the russian airstrikes have also targeted residential nares homs province, killing civilians. a report. >> reporter: the plaintiffs the mourner recites the names of victims in this graveyard in
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homs. the 36 names, 36 people he calls martyrs, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, all civilians, the rebels say, all killed during airstrikes. they say russian helicopters are responsible. they were killed while waiting in line for bread. they are innocent people. they are not isil. we only have goda. >> the syrian government launched a new offensive on homs in the last few days. it's not the first on the rebel controlled province but this time, it has russian air support. in the time of derma ali, activists say another 20 civilians were killed leaving behind a blood-soaked prayer rug and a large bomb crater. the bombs landed here this was a bakery. targeting this proves the russian government narrative that they are only targetioning
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terrorists, this was a bakery and this is the family's property. >> they say they are targeting terrorists, part of a wider offensive and the proof incidents of idlib and hama. opponents say all russia is doing is helping the regime of pet bashar al-assad recharactap relished controlled areas. if the syrian government recap tours homs, it would be able to regain control. dergion, al jazeera. much more still to come for you on al jazeera. we will be looking at the refugees forced to find a new way into western europe after hungary locked down borders. plus: >> i am andrew thomas in a graveyard in sydney, why some security experts are worried that the next big cyber crime could be virtual murder.
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arch. well, back to al jazeera. the top stories now: israeli authorities say another palestinian has been shot dead in an attempted stabbing incidents. in all, 42 palestinians and seven israelis have been killed during the start of the month. two girls aged two and five have been raped in separate attacks in new delhi. russia says its air force has carried out another 36 airstrikes in syria hitting isil targets. the war in syria has driven thousands of refugees to neighboring jordan. almost a quarter of a million
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are facing food shortages after the worlds food program withdrew existence. some with chronic illnesses have lost free medical care. this report. >> reporter: not syrian refugees who have chronic diseases are battling against the odds to get treatment. they have been left on their own after the jordanian government suspended all free medical care for refugees last year because of a lack of funding. charities have stepped in as they can t the qatari is covering cost of dye dialysis treatment in idlib but the patients still have to pay for essential medications. ne says he has lost everything he owns 20 pay $150 a month for medication. you aid agencies used to give us assistance. then they cut us off.
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i swear we are going to explode. what's the solution for our tragedy? why don't they just give us poison so we can take our lives. i anyoning about suicide because i don't know what to do. >> the continuing war in syria raises concerns about whether there will be any assistance for years to come. >> we are worried about funding. charity or hospitals may provide it on humanitarian kids gukidney failure is chronic and requires permanent funding. >> syrian refugees aren't legally allowed to work in jordan. refugees have been forced to make difficult choices like spending close food in order to pay for a naerm's trooelt. if that's not enough, raft month, about a third of syrian refugees lost their food assistance. many syrians living in jordan say they have nothing left here
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4-year-old rafia has like i can't. the agency paid for her chemotherapy for a few months before medical care was suspended. her parents are struggling to pay for her weekly treatment. >> sometimes we borrow money. sometimes my husband finds work and uses all of the money he makes for her treatment. we don't buy things for ourselves and cannot afford expensive food. >> the family last month lost the food assistance it had been getting from the world food program. doctors say she has an 85% healing if she gets proper treatment. her parents say they run out of money, all they can do is pray for her. al jazeera, idlib. >> refugees have started arriving in slovenia after being rerouted when hungary closed it's door. what hungary's action means from eye sigh lum seekers. >> these refugees have been
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registered in slovenia which suddenly finds itself the focus of the flow of thousands trying to reach northern europe. >> the people look healthy. they are tired. as you can see, slovenia is prepared as much as they could be. people are coming in. they are registered by the police. they are being taken further to accomodation centers. so so far, so good. >> some experts say slovenia, population just 2 million won't be able to cope with the influx of people. the prime minister said his country is having to act quickly. >> it is important that we reinforce the police with army personnel who will be providing logistical support with transport and surveillance in border areas. but for now, they are mostly being bussed straight to the border with austria. >> is near tory germany and the country many really want to reach. on friday night, hungary closed its border with croatia n hipping every called it a reaction to the failure of the eu leaders to agree.
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a lot month ago, hungary shut its border with serbia. some have entered the country and have appeared in court before being given he can once orders. now, the hungary croatian border is shot. >> they are criminalizing people flee from war and persecution. >> that's not allowed under international law. under international law, you cannot penalize asylum seekers. >> almost 190,000 people have passed through croatia. for now, they are not stopping. the first train carrying nearly 2000 arrived in a croatian town. nobel knows how long this particular routed to a new life will stay open. nadin barber, al jazeera. >> egyptians living abroad have begun voting in the first parliamentarieelex since mohammed morsi was ousted in 2013. the baltots at 139 diplomatic
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conventions around the world. it will conclude in early december. now, mexico's top drug lord has made another great escape three months after he tunnelled his way out of prison. would be e-mail guzman is thought to have injured his face and leg as he narrowly avoided recapture. the government believes he is somewhere in rugged northwestern mexico, a region believed to be his home turf. to zimbabwe now where soaring unemployment has been described as a ticking time bomb. the government is trying to make it harder for companies to lay people off. employers say they have no choice. a report. >> a supreme court ruling recently gave companies in zimbabwe permission to fire workers. he was given no severance package and told to leave. >> the master can actually do whatever he wants to do to his
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employees. >> should there be any n case, you find you are going to be fired. >> reporter: the government intervened, amended the labor law, making it difficult to fire workers and assisting those who lost jobs get severance pay. most businesses are operating at less than half their capacity. employees say they have to lay off workers and they insist the only way they can survive is by cutting jobs. >> independent economists say the unemployment rate is more than 80%. a lot of people selling items on the street are graduates. >> the economy is in very bad shape. i am afraid we are anticipating a serious drought which might affect electricity production through next year as well as crop production. we don't have the money to pay for the food we now need to import. >> millions are struggling because of the rising unemployment. >> 2008 was an example. we had an election that was influenced by the economy and
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the governmentn proved it's difficult to sur vie in that e lessen. if we have more people losing jobs, is it will cause more suffering. >> being able to deal with that situation. >> civil several ants wages make up more than 80% of the government's expenditures. the finance minister admits that's not sustainable. economists warn that means even more zimbabweans could soon be out of work. >> hara mutasa, al jazeera. >> candidates making a last minute appeal for votes in canada ahead of national elections on monday. initially the economy dominated campaigning but attention has been drawn to allegations of discrimination. daniel lak reports from the canadian city of london. >> mosa is 22. she is taking a degree in social work and religious studies. what she wears, her nikab, has emerged as a big talking point in canada's long election campaign? >> i didn't realize this was
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ever going to be an issue. things like that and then it kind of became very hurt and offended. these kind of sentiments make me feel very unsafe in my own country, andists born and raised here. >> here is why: pakistan born hasock wanted to take her canadian citizenship oath wearing the nikab. it became an election issue nrt in the vote rich area of question o'clock where attacks equated her with oil leaks from a pipeline. >> a canadian individual. >> other similar issues came up. stephen harper's government said it was stripping citizenship from several muss let me men convicted of terrorist offense who had dual nationality. tlavens anonymous tip line to report feel female mutilation.
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they deny they are driving wedges between can aidsians by raising issues that seem to single out muss let me see. to opponents, the tactics are obvious. so basically, this liberal party candidate came to dprand lebanon in the 1980s. hisly signs were recently defaced and police are investigating it not as vandalism but a hate crime. he has no doubt why this happened. >> when you create divisions, it's a scary tactic. when you create a division in order to win, maybe you can but in the end, not good for the future for this nation. >> both opposition lead versus strongly criticized the government for emphasizing these issues and promise today reverse some controversial measures including the tip line. opinion polls show support for at least some of what the conservatives are doing. will it mean votes on election day? perhaps not, say analysts. >> we ask lam thousand people every day during campaign what the most important issue is for
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them in the election, and, you know, most people are saying the economy. >> in the end, voters will decide on monday whether what seems to be singling out muslims is a way to get elected in canada. if so, this is a very different country than it used to be. daniel lak, al jazeera, london, ontario. more of us are falling victim to cyber criminals. australia and new zealand, more than a million peel have had their identity stolen every year. as an drew thomas reports from sydney, even the dead aren't spared. >> a text message from her bank warned rhonda tuhill to check her account. when she did, she found it had been emptied. probably by stealing post from her mailbox, someone had gathered enough information to pretend they were her on the phone and carry out transactions. the bank refunded the stolen money, but a second attempt was
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made. >> where is this going to stop? what's going to happen next? i think my identity will be used. those details are out there. i can't stop that. >> identity theft is a growing problem worldwide in australia and new zee lands, more than a million people have their identity compromised each year and a new help line has been established for the most traumatic cases. it's had more than 14,000 calls in ten months. >> wurling one and 5 rish help. to have your identity stolen, there is always something over your head. you don't -- you don't get your identity back. in. >> some cases, the identity stolen are from you see the dead. criminals saw an opportunity. >> within three days of that plane going down, mobile phones, credit cards and social media were being used in victims' names, within three days. >> id theft could be getting
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worse. most of t minnesota those buriednids sydney graveyard came about before cyber crime came about. one expert says the next frontier in id theft is death. often now, the administration tu is handled digitally doctors and funeral directors fill in electronic forms and death certificates are processed online. with enough personal information, hackers can i am personate professionals to get people declared dead. you might leak troncally kill yourself for a life insurance payout or you might want to kill off someone you have a grudge against because being officially dead can be a barrier to everyday life you could be dead and not know it. i could be dead and not know it and you won't know until you give up the license renewal that will it has been caused against you. virtual benefits are possible creating virtual people in whose
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name to take out loans which are never paid back. the world's fastest growing crime following the circle of life. andrew thomas, al jazeera. sydney. >> remember finds much more on everything we are covering right here. the address for that is: new york new york 8.4 million people call the city home. >> it's snowing hard in central park and 20 in midtown and snowfall one to two feet and saying we could have snow hour. >> the coldest winter in 81 years and coincides with a grim reality. more people in new york city are


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