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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 17, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ hello. this is the newshour live from london. coming up in the next sixty minutes: another palestinian shot dead following a knife attack on israeli forces in the occupied west bank. anger, out remaining and shock in india where two little girls have been raped in separate attacks. they've survived the war tearing their country apart. now, these syrian refugees are battle to go get lifesaving medical treatment. zimbabwe's government tries to tackle soaring unemployment, but
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critics say its approach is all wrong. he staged one of the most brazen prison brakes of the year. mexican drug lord el chappo slipped away from police again. >> in sport, new zealand set up a rugby world cup semifinal with south africa. the all blacks big win against france for a late try for the captain who is decisive in a narrow win over wailz. >> hello. israeli authorities say another palestinian has been shot dead in an attempted stabbing united states dents. it's the latest attack as the violence continues in israel and the occupied palestinian territories. the palestinian allegedly attackeditsisi forces at the columbian check point in ramallah in the occupied west bank. he hebron has been the scene of
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violence with a palestinian taken to hospital after an alleged knife attack there. there were two incidents a bit earlier on. mean while, in occupied east jerusalem, a 16-year-old palestinian was shot dead. the old city has been at the heart of the renewed fighting. let's give coverage with hoda live for us now in ramallah in the west bank. what do we know about this latest attack at the columbia check point in the west bank? >> well, like is often the case, there are two stories going around. now, according to the israeli authorities, a 23-year-old palestinian staementd to stab annan israeli border soldier whole in the pedestrian terminal of that checkpoi checkpoint. the statement goes on by saying that he was first shot and
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laying wounded on the ground. that's when a bomb expert came to check the young man laying on the ground. at that point, the young man pulled out another man and tried to attack. at that point, he was shot dead. there were people crossing in to ramallah and witnessed those people say that actually, this young man was walking behind an israeli soldier. maybe the israelti soldier panicked or wanted to stab the shoulder and turned around and shot him. there are pictures circulate okay social media at the moment still. they show a young man bleeding on the ground. but there is no knife next to him. so this is what we know at the moment. you know, lately, it's been the case where every kind of stabbing or alleged stabbing,
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there are two sides of the story. each side will believe its own story, and this only raises really the general atmosphere, of tension and fear that exists on both sides of the divide. >> live for us in ramal a, well, in all, 42 palestinians and seven israelis have been killed since violence escalated two weeks ago. mike hanna has more now about saturday's developments from occupied east jerusalem. >> one of the palestinian dead came from this neighborhood and was shot and killed in the adjoining israeli settlement. one. most heavily blockaded parts of occupied east jerusalem. a 16-year-old there gained easy access to the settlements and that raises the effectiveness offis's closure policy. questions about hebron. this video taken shortly
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afterwards shows a jewish settler in white clothes still waving his gun. no attempt is made by the soldiers to disarm him and several residents allege a knife was placed on the positibody. palestinian the settler has just shot. the deep divide between israeli and palestinian is reflected in an urgent meeting of the u.n. security council where the representatives of each side exchanged blame for the crisis. the israeli prime minister is set to meet the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry on wednesday and will prentice's view of events. in palestinian eyes, the root cause lies in israel's control of the old city and n particular, the control it exercises over access to the on mosque compound. the international calls court calls for leaders to restore calm dealing with the consequences rather than the cause and palestinian leaders insist the focus of diplomacy
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should be the core issue. what exactly does israel mean when it says it intends preserving the status quote of the temple mount. the arrangements by which access is given to themos mosque compound. mike hannah in occupied east jerusalem. >> let's bring in al jazeera's senior political analyst who is in our washingtons d.c. bureau. events today suggest there hasn't been any slow down in the violence. what's your view? could the unrest get worse still before it gets better? it could get worse or worser as they would say in washington simply because it doesn't seem like there is a political solution in the horizon. the united states does not show any real intention or will to put the sufficient pressure otisisis to really go back to a
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negotiation process that involves the lil settlement in order to pave the way for a two-state solution where palestinians can leave in freedom from occupation. that's certainly not on the agenda. the only thing the americans are saying here in washington is some vague wording about calming the situation over there. so certainly, that's nots going to contribute to the kind of stibltty one looks for. i am sure palestinians will, you know, sooner or later run out of young people ready to die in order to harman israeli or go to the streets and face an israeli army guat the end of the day, the root causes of this thing, which is occupation, settlement and the disposition that continues. what about the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu? how much pref pressure is he under to bring this violence to
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an end? paradoxically, he is not under real pressure, certainly not from the united states. on the other hand, he is under some serious pressure from the settler community in the west bank and east jerusalem. and that's something our viewers around the world don't know enough about. today a good number of the ministers in his government, a good number of his party and a good number of civilians in the kinnesset in theisitsi parliament as well as part of his military units are settlers. perhaps up to 20%, and that is a very high number. so these people, these illegal it cowboys in the occupied territory are taking things into their hands and now, they have a huge wait and are able to influence prime minister netanyahu. he is already a radical politician coming from a zinist perspective but already there are these new israelis, new
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cowboys, new malitias in the west bank their taking things into their hands and they have huge anything else weight in west jerusalem and 'til tel aviv and hence, i think we will see more and more of that. that's why prime minister netanyahu is taking that kind of even more hawkish thaing than hawkish approach to the situation. >> does it follow then that what we are seeing now, is it likely to trump at a time israeli government to go beyond conflict management, or does it then just reinforce exactly what these protesters are struggling against? >> so we have these two levels of the conversation in israel. number 1 is you have the lieshingsz for example, of the mayor of jerusalem, you know, so-called may offer jerusalem who is telling israelis, take out your arms and go on to the streets as if it is the new wild west. he is actually, you know, asking israelis to take things into
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their own hands and we know that a lot offisis, if not most israelis are armed. certainly the settlers are which means that this could lead to a bloodbath in the country. and then there is the other ones who, of course, need to maintain the kind of diplomat dpromatic relationship with western europe and the u.s. because that's where they are getting the help and trade and investment and so on and so forth. they are trying to show as if they are the victims of the pal stipians, which is kind of patel etic to be honest with you. i say path t pathetic for an ocg country. a nuclear power, the most formidable power, military power in the middle east, to be, you know, to be shouting or crying victim to a young, you know, bunch of young palestinians, and yet prime minister netanyahu is now asking the king of jordan and the president of egypt, so-called president of egypt to interfere with the palestinian
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authority in order to stop the escalation. unfortunately, a lot of that is not working. as we have seen, as i have said and i have seen before, already we have seen that happening already since 1988, miriam, in the first intafata. where he asked them to break the bones of young palestinians. 30 years later, they are asking them to shoot at young palestinians. it seems neither is helping. will anyone conclude more of the same is not helping and hence, it's just crazy? it's just crazy to continue to repeat the same thing expecting different results? >> all right, thank you very much, avshlingsz senior political analyst from washington, d.c. marwan bashara. to other top stories, a 5-year-old girl and a two and a half-year-old been raped in separate incidents in the indian capital. one of the children was gang raped and in another incident, a routine age girl has hanged herself after allegedly being
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harassed by three men. a report from new delhi contain some scenes viewers might find distressing. >> a police forensic team worked on site. another grill grim crime scene but with a difference. a young child was said to have been raped here at another location, another child brutally abused. one of the children had been gang raped. delhi's chief minister arrived at hospital where one victim was being treated. >> together, we need to create such an environment in new delhi in which our mothers, our daughters can feel safe which is not happening right now. >> means there were some sho shortcomings in security. the new delhi government is doing everything in its power to prevent such situations but i feel the police play the biggest roll. they need to help women feel safe. we are also trying to help them. the prime minister should eternally intervene in the
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matter, too. >> wisdom groups form to make the capitol safer for women and children of all ages express their horror and disgust. >> what is happening in delhi? i cannot understand. i met the two and a half-year-old girl in hospital. she has scratch and bite marks all over her body. she was left bleeding in a park what time kind of delhi is this? what kind of animals are these? >> on the outskirts of new delhi, a family mourns the death of their teenage daughter. she allegedly it committed suicide after being talked by a group of men. >> would first went to the police station at night to lodge a complaint. the police station. the police did not do anything. >> police say they are now investigating. the families say they kept reporting what was happening to police but nothing was done. >> preliminary investigations
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indicate that the girl had complained of harassment based upon which her case was registered under section 354 of the indian penal code. a suicide note has been recovered from the girl's bag in which she has spoken about being harassed by the men. >> new haent rape laws were tip put in place since 2012. since then, the number of rape cases involving women has actually gone up especially in the capitol. the brutal sexual attacks against two young children have shocked the millions of people who live in this city. plane asking what other human resources need to happen before real action is taken to combat sexual violence against women and young girls. al jazeera, new delly. >> much more ahead for you on the al jazeera news hour from london. we will be telling you about the refuge ceased forced to find a new way into rest earn europe after hungary locked down borders.
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the refugee crisis in africa as well as thousands there need from burundi and into tanzania. sports news coming up, too, cricketers in an unlikely test match win. iraqi forces have launched their biggest offensive in months as they continues to confronts theis lammic state of iraq in the levant. government troops have captured parts of baji including an oil refinery con flex with the aim of cutting off isil strongholds towns there. meanwhile, russia is saying it's hit 49 isil targets in syria in the last two 9 hours. syrian activists say the russian airstrikes targeted residential areas in homs killing civil yajz. paul sarajian reports.
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>> reporter: a mourninger recites the names of victims in this gamee graveyard in homs. 36 names, 36 people he calls martyrs, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, all civilians, the rebels say, all killed during the airstrike. they say shanelle helicopters are responsible. >> they were killed while waiting in line for bread. they are in the people. we only have god on our side. >> the syrian government launched in a new offensive on homs in the last few days. it's not the first on the rebel-controlled province but this time, it has russian air support. in the town of dermaali, civilians were killed, leaving behind a blood-soaked prayer rug a drinks machine and a large bomb crater. you bot bombs landed here it proves the shanelle government
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narrative that they are only targeting terrorists is not true. where are the terrorists here? this was a bakery owned by the family and this is their proper property. . >> reporter: syrian army commanders say they are targeting terrorists part of a wider offensive that includes the second city of aleppo and hama. zlz say all russia is doing is helping the regemergency of assad recapture areas. if the syrian golf recap tours homs, it would be able to regauge control of roads. syria's war has drain thousands of refugees to neighboring jordan. almost a quarter of a million are facing food shortages after the world food program withdrew assistance. some with chronic illnesses have lost free medical care. from there, this report. >> reporter: most syrian refugees in jordan who have
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chronic diseases are battling against the odds to get treatment. they have been left their own after the jordan crane government suspended all medical care for refugees last year because of a lack of funding. charities have stepped in where thing. the qatari red cress he want is covering dialysis treatment for 34 patients in irib. patients have you to pay for e semicial medication. ally includedk you sold everything he owned to for medication. >> aid agencies used to give us assistance. then they cut us off. i swear we are going to explode. i swear my children and i cry at night. what's the solution for our tragedy? why don't they give us poison so we can take our lives. i think ballparking suicide because i don't know what to do. >> you the continuing war in syria raises concerns about whether there will be any assistance for years to come.
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>> we are worried about funding. this patient relies on dedialysis. a charity may provide a few sessions on humanitarian grounds but continuity isn't guaranteed and kidney sfairl chronic and requires permanent fundtion. >> reporter: on top of that, syrian refugees aren't legally allowed to work in jordan. syrian refugees have been forced to make difficult choices like spending less on food in order to pay for a family member's treatment. if that's not enough, last month, about a third of syrian refugees lost their food assistance. many syrians living in jordan say they have nothing left here. >> this 4-year-old has lueukeml. the refugee agency paid for her treatment for a few months. her parents are struggle to go pay for her weekly treatment. >> sometimes we borrow money. sometimes my husband finds work and uses all of the money he
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makes for her treatment. we don't by a think for ourself and cannot afford expensive food. >> the family lost the little food assistance it had been getting from the world food program. doctors say she has an 85 chance of heal if anything she gets proper treatment. her papers say if they run out of money, all they can do is pray for her. irb id. >> syrians are thought to be among 12 people who have drowned off the coast of turkey as they attempted to reach lesbos. four children and a baby were among those killed. most of the rest of those on board are understood to be afghans. mean while, refugees have started arriving in slovenia after being rerouted in on friday. thousands of people are continuing to make the journey. nadine has more on what hungary's action means for asylum seekers. >> captured on camera and caught up in political posturing, these refugees are being registered in
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slo investment inia. the people look healthy. they are a bit tired. as you can see, slovenia is prepared as much as they could be. people are coming in registered before they are being taken to accomodation serptdz. 106, so good. >> some say slovenia won't be able to cope with the huge influx of people. the prime minister admits his country is having to move quickly. >> it is important that we reinforce with transport and surveillance in border areas. >> for now, they are mostly being bussed straight to the border with austria. >> nearer to germany, the country many of the refugees wants to reach o friday night, hungary closed its border with croatia. a reaction to the failure of eu leaders to agree to a united response of this week's brussels
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summit. hungary shut its border. some have appeared in court before being given expulsion orders. police say more prosecutions could happen now that the hungary/croatian border is shut. >> they are criminalizing people flee from war and prosecution. under international law, you cannot penalize asylum seekers. >> almost 190,000 people in the last month have passed through croatia. for now, they are not stop can. on saturday, the first train carrying nearly 2000 arrived in a croatian town bordering slovenia. but nobody knows just how long this particular route to a new life will stay open. nadine barber, al jazeera. tans an e a is reopening more camps along burundia to shelter thousands of burundian camp. the settlement that were used during the last burundi crisis.
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>> reporter: fagua and her family are used to being called reguees. this is the second time they have sought refuge in neighboring tanzania. they were repat treeiated after having lived in a refugee camp for years but froesh fighting in burundi has seen them on the move again. ut the situation is not good t i was chased by the ruling party's youth group. i ran away and even when i came back home >> they came and invaded my house. >> nabaruso, one of the most overcrowded ref uming e camps is home to 160,000 people. it was originally set up in the 1990s to cope with people fleeing civil war but with the ra rainy season on the hor ides on and generally poor living
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conditions, authorities have had to reopen the camp. it's not good you see people every day moving up and down. they would not go to school. it's it's a problem. i don't think it's good many say they face detail i intimdation if they did not support the ruling party. members of the security forces have felt threatened. >> we have a few cases where the refugees have reported and we have some police and solids that have also arrived. >> for kagoma and his family, the new camp is a wedged site. >> tans an e a has become like our home. no one wants to go back to burundi. there is no peace.
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>> families receive their own land along with individual family shelters. a refuge worth celebrating. al jazeera. >> guinea has won another term after results slowed he received under 58% of sunday's vote. his main rival was opposition leader who withdrew after ballots were cast saying thely was fraudulent. he will still secured about a third of the votes. to juzimbabwe where soaring unemployment is being described as a ticking time bomb. the government is trying to make it harder to lay people off but employers say they have no choice. a report. >> reporter: a supreme court ruling recently gave companies zimbabwe permission to fire workers. he was given no severance package and told to leave. >> the master can actually do whatever he wants to do to his
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employees. t should there be any foam story, you are going to be fired. >> the government internal vened, amended the labor law making it difficult to fire workers and assisting those who lost jobs get severance pay. >> most businesses are operating at less than half their capacity. employers say they have to lay off workers and they insist the only way they can survive is by cutting jobs. >> independent economists say the unemployment rate is more than 80%. a lot of people selling items on the street are graduates. >> the economy is in very bad shape, i afraid. we are anticipating droughts which might affect electricity production as well as crop production. we don't have the money to pay for the food we now need to import. >> millions of zimbabwens are struggling because of the rising unemployment. >> 2008, for example, we had an
5:27 pm
election that was influenced by the economy it's difficult to survive in thatly. if we have more people losing their jobs, it will cause more suffering. i don't see the government being apparently deal with that situation. >> civil servant's wages make up more than 80% of the government's expenditures. the finance minister admits that's not sustainable. economists think more zim zimea of whichs could be out of work. >> much more still ahead for you this hour. nepal's earthquake survivors are struggling as food relief supplies are short. these kind of sentiment did make me feel very unsafe in my country andists born and raised here. >> canadians are divided over an issue that has emerged as a talking point in thely campaign. a bit later on your sport, find out what liverpool's new manager had to say after his first game in charge of an english club.
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journalling. 42 palestinians and sevenitsisis have been killed during the start of this month. two girls, age 2 and 5, have been raped in separate attacks in new delhi. russia says its air force carried out further air strooikdz in syria hitting 49 isil targets. next co's fufb drug lord has made yet another escape just three months after he 2u7b8ed his way out. menti maximum security prison but e el chappo is thought to have suffered injuries during his close call with police as john hu hallman reports. >> the world's most wanted drug lord got away again. the next company navy closed in
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on him in the movemeuntains of northern mexico, his birthplace and regular hideout. after heavy helicopter fire, soldiers moved in. it was too late. once again, the leader of the powerful sineloa cartel. although not unscathed. authorities say he was wounded in the head and leg while making his get away. the missed opportunity came days before awed he yes was leaked of his greatest evening ape this july. the tunnelling it sound can be heard as can the voices of the men who came to whisk the drug lord through the hole underneath his bathroom and out of the prison walls. the guards didn't react to the barrage of noise until long after he vein issued. it was the second time he had escaped from a mexican jail. >> i has deeply embarrassed the mexican government. his latest escape from prinlz
5:33 pm
became a symbol of the corruption and incompetence that plagues authorities here at least recapturing the drug lord would in some way compensate for that loss of credibility. >> despite his long list of crimes including murder, money lau laundering and organized crime, he is turning into something of an anti-hero, the next cans fed up with their under performing government. the fact that el chappo maveningz has turned into a popular f mask for hal loween here john hullman, al jazeera, mexico city. joining us now via skype from la cruz in the u.s. state of new mexico, a visiting professor at the new mexico state university and an expert in drug cartels. thanks very much for speaking to us. it would seem that the myth surrounding el chappo only seems to grow ever stronger. will he ever be caught, do you
5:34 pm
think? >> i think we have seen a story developing that's strange earn fiction. i think it's very difficult to believe under the circumstances of the drug war and the kind of priority it has in mexican national policy and in the policy of the u.s. that this, these evening ape did can continue to happen. what this suggests is that there are some gaps and flaws in the official narrative, that the story that mexico is trying to market abroad about el chappo may be at least incomplete and doesn't reflect the extent to which the government, itself, is complicit and symbol for the kinds of crimes that are characterize -- have characterized mexico over the last few years that are usually attributed to the drug war but go much deeper. >> in other words, they don't really want to capture him? >> i think what's been suggested is that there is a very
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different policy that the government pursues as to the cartel and the interests that el chappo represents and other interests of competing cartels and that the government's policy in effect seems to be leaning to one side and has been very weak as far as el chappo is concerned. i think it's also interesting that the stories, these reports about him getting away one more time, i mean however much they may be substantiated, emerge immediately after just a few days ago other stories emerged about how sophisticated his escape was and that it not only included the tunnel that was alluded to, but, also, apparently at plane that was waiting for him as he emerged from the tunnel. so again, this is really cinematic in scope. >> you alluded to it there in
5:36 pm
what you were telling us. obviously he escaped from prison a couple of months ago. not the first time he slipped through the fingers of the authorities. when you look at the network of intimidation that he wields and that he has at and in the corruption within the government, itself, is there something that the authorities in mexico will ever be able to really get a handle on? >> this is a question about really the next government and getting a handle on its self. i think if there is anything that's clear and you can see this, for example, in the human rights reports of the united nations reflected in the recent visit of the u.n. high commissioner for refugees. in the most recent reports of the u.n. committee to torture, et cetera, what you can see is a very deeply engrained pattern of corruption, as you have alluded to, that cuts across every level
5:37 pm
and every dimension of the mexican state. this includes the military, the police and, of course, the ci l civilian authorities. that's what's reflected that complicity and ultimate responsibility of the state is what poftz tours as to these issues. these are the finger prints we need to keep our focus on. this is what koeblings the government. not just issues related to the drug war but to deeper human rights violations as well. over 150,000 killed since 2007, over 26,000 disappeared in what we might describe as the syria of the western hemisphere and very serious crimes like the 43 missing students. it's the government that is complicit or responsible. >> lots of interconnected issues surrounding the cartels that affects the people there >> many people there.
5:38 pm
thank you very much for giving united states your analysis. appreciate it. camille 0 busti willauo. >> thank you very much. >> supplies for foods of survivors of nepal's earthquake are stuck in warehouses. delivery trucks can't deliver because of the blockade on india. winter is fast approaching and time is running out to deliver food, medicine and shelter. >> jessica in the district of nepal is three hours away from kathmandu in a private vehicle. people here, it's a day long engineer. when the quake shook nepal, nobody died here most of the homes were sdroidestroyed. food was always difficult to find in this village. things became worse. generations have endured hardship here the earthquake is
5:39 pm
just added one. >> our house cracked. i suppose that's hardship. we were given some tarpolian sheets. some seeds germnated. we patched our cracked house. >> without a functioning market, there is no where that can earn money. a few weeks away, they were told they would get food directly for doing some work for the village. >> these people are here to build a community road. for 40 days of work, they are supposed to get frust rice to last them three months until the next harvest. by today, they were supposed to have received the first installment. but despite having finished their share of work, many are yet to get the share of food. >> workers under the work for food program, the organization has not been apparently deliver 260 metric tons of food just in this district and that's because of a fuel crisis in the country.
5:40 pm
>> the food is in this warehouse for the district. we are to dribbles but it before the festival starting now because this trans porters have not one sing drop of diesel left, we have distributed 40%. >> nepal has 10 percent of the fuel it needs after a restricted supply from india. for over two months, people from many areas of the country have been protesting against nepal's new con stifttution. unhappy with the charter says the deteriorating situation has stopped indian truck drivers from delivering food and other essentials. many of the mountainous areas about 2000 meters will soon be cut off with snow blocking the trails. many quake haven'tims in these areas are living under tarpolian sheets. they would need more than just extra food.
5:41 pm
>> what nights to happen, some of the higher areas and thermal blankets to make people ready for the wichitaer. >> fuel is running low. as the country struggles with crisis after crisis, the plight of survivors from the quake hasto become worse. in the philippines, typhoon approaches. strong winds up to 175 kilometers an hour expected to reach the northeast of luzon island on sunday. the national disaster agency is warning a storage surge up to two meters. wounded in a knife attack while on the campaign trail. henrietta was stabbed in the neck but her injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. police say the attack it was
5:42 pm
predicted and believe it may have been regarding the refugees brought to germany t voting in the first parliament election since morsi was ousted in 2013. voters can can't ballots at 139 come in attic missions across the world election in egypt, itself, starts on sunday and will conclude in early december. he job descriptions living in libya, syria and yemen will not be apparently vote because of security concerns. meanwhile in dubai, ex-patriots cast votes at the egyptian consulate there. voters said they were hopeful this election will lead to greater stability in their homeland. candidates are making a last minute appeal for votes in canada ahead of national elections there on monday. long-serving prime minister stephen harper is fight to go stay in power. initially, the economy dominated campaigning. attention has been drawn to
5:43 pm
allegations of discrimination? daniel lack from the canadian city of london. >> mosa is 22. she is taking a degree in social work and religious studies. what she wears, her nikab, has emerged as a big talking point in canada's long election campaign. >> i didn't even realize this was ever going to be an issue. things like that and then it kind of became very hurt and offended. these kind of sentiments make me feel very unsafe in my home country, and i was born and raised here. >> here is why: pakistan bornl nazira wanted to take her oath by waying a nikab. the courts ruled against them. it became anally issue: especially in the vote-rich, french-speaking province of quebec where attack ads equated it with oil leaks from a pipeline. >> a canadian individual.
5:44 pm
>> other similar issues coame u. stephen harper's government said it was stripping citizenship from several men who had dual nationality. there was an announcement of a police tip line so people could report what conservative candidates call barbaric cultural practices, female mute last pagelation. >> they deny they are driving wedges. to opponents, the tactics are obvious. >> basically. >> this candidate came from lebanon in the 19 yates. hisly signs were defaced and police are investigating it not as vandalism but a hate crime. he has no doubt why this happened. >> when you create division, it's a scary tactic. when you create the division in order to win, you know what? maybe you can gain a little bit in the poll but in the end, not good for the future for this
5:45 pm
nation. >> reporter: both opposition leaders strongly crit asized the government for empa siting these issues and promised to reverse some controversial measures, including the tip line. opinion polls show support for at least some of what the conservatives are doc. will it mean votes only day? perhaps not, say analysts. >> we asked almost a thousand people every day during tcampain what the most important issue is for them in the election and, you know, most people are saying the economy. >> in the end, voters will decide on monday whether what seems to be singling out muslims is a way to get elected in canada. if so, this is a very different country than it used to be. daniel lak, al jazeera, london, ontario. it's election time in argentine i can't where the influence hangs heavily over the country's politics. 41 years after his death. he was elected three times as president serving from 1946 until 1955 when he was
5:46 pm
overthrown a report from buenos aires about the movement. >> it's not only a political party. it's a movement and some say a religi religion. cent years ago, peronism was born, when labor secretary juan peron was imprisoned. he had passed labor laws considered revolutionary for argentina at the time. millions took on to the streets to demand his freedom. peron was then elected president of argentina and created the most successful political movement in this country's history. rodriguez remembers those days well. he says he is a peronist at heart. >> peronism transformed the country. we came from a decade of fraud but the important labor laws came with peron. he gave workers dignity. we were not from the left or the
5:47 pm
right. we were against the an exploitation of human beings. >> since then, argentina has been divided between supporters and detractors. peronist movement. >> the movement he created with his wife, eva continues to define argentina's politics. the fight for social justice in argentina. of the three candidates with chances of winning the presidency, two of them call themselves peronists. >> reporter: today, the movement is divided between center left allics of christina kirshner and the diffident faxes made up of center right figures. divisions aside, they all defend the same history and the same struggle. >> form peron with a structure of feeling. there is a feeling for peron. peron included millions of people that were marginalized
5:48 pm
and had no interest in the state. >> reporter: a few weeks before thely a candidate to the presidency who is not a peronist inaugurated statute of juan peron. he said peronism is to blame for the instability argentina has seen throughout its history. >> it shows the political obsession that peronism is the center of pour in argentina, that without it, you can't govern, that any other government will be over thrown. to think like that is to abandoned democracy f only one party can, democracy is over. >> millions here say that peronism gives them more than what it takes away. in one week, arrangentines will head to the polls again, and chances are, that peronism will be in power yet again. al jazeera, buenos aires in just a few moments, new zealand make
5:49 pm
it look easy in their world cup quarterfinal against france.
5:50 pm
welcome back. computer with andy. >> new zealand set up a world cup semifinal with south africa after running in nine tries to beat france 62-13. it was a lot suffered for the springboks suffered. wales pushing south africa all the way as mark graham reports. >> despite their team having
5:51 pm
lost to and during the tournament. wales fans were in full voice. they had every reason to be with the first try by collecting his kick and offloading to derek davis. is that it gave wales a 1-point lead. in the second howe half, a power game saw them dominate territory and position but wales' defeat didn't crack. springboks couldn't pass the line. they kicked them into the lead 19-18 with 15 minutes remaining. with only 5 minutes left, south
5:52 pm
africa broke through, at the end of a brilliant offload. springboks held on. >> a lot of emotions. until that moment, it could have gone any ways. either way. >> bodies on the line. gave it everything. emptied the tank. that's all they could ask for the team. unfortunately, we weren't good enough to hold on for eighty minutes. >> in south africa will face new zee land in the semifinals. the all blacks spread the ball from the outset against france with wing sabia scoring a hat truck. new zealand's 62-13 win not only avenged their loss to france at the same ground, at the same stage of the tournament in 2007
5:53 pm
the 9 try was by far the performance of the 2015 world cup mark gram, al jazeera. >> cristiano ronaldo has become the all-time leading scorer, a 3 lives nil win. he has 324 goals in three 10 games and over takes raoul. he got his goals in more than double that number of games. top of the table. only goal difference separates them from barcelona. barca without the injured messi. and in their absence, namu scored 4 in a 5-2 run. luis suaro in that game. first game in charge of liverpool finished in a nil-nil draw at tottenham. the 48-year-old german who has won the bundesliga title was
5:54 pm
pretty sure it's on striking options this game with others with injuries. 10th in table with nine games played. >> my first match in the premier league and coming with liverpool. the worst place in the world. at this cool. we enjoyed it, of course, but we are not here to enjoy. >> a hat trick for sterling helped lead the manchester city 2 a big win there overman united and arsenal two points behind after winning their games. reigning champions got only their second home win lead of the season. >> it was not a brilliant performance but it was a solid performance. i think in football, tur playing when the confidence levels are
5:55 pm
high and they are apparently put on the pitch their qualities. >> i have had no indication that tell the clock is stiticking as football manager, you need to win football matches. if you don't, invariably you lose your job somewhere down the line. >> england's cricketers came close to an unlikelihood win against pakistan, a positive result looked unlikely in abu space dabi. 5 quick wickets. 173. england required 1919 for victory. the match, a win and a draw. stopping play withining land 25 runs short of that target. light meters, second test about three match series gets under fwhafrnlths due by on thursday. you can see 520 and the last
5:56 pm
right at the end of the game, 20 runs to win. and we have got it done quietlied a number of things over the last three and a half days. >> sri spafings lanka dismissing president windies for 251 in their second. rana got 4 wickets, 10 in the match. host winning by an inning. six runs tennis world unusual 1 djokovic will face sun. the top seed easily beating andy murray in straight sets in the semifinal. the surf reaching what is his 13th cock sec you've been for a final. his 9th title. f knocking out nadal in their last match. the 16th seed winning in three
5:57 pm
sets. strongest over neddal. neddal hasn't won a hard court title in almost two years. mark mark cisms had clenched his 8th pole of the season ahead of the australian grand prix fastest at the phillip island circuit. >> that's how supports are looking. i will hand you back to mariam. >> thank you very much. before we go, dry weather in southern mexico has revealed a rare sight. the ruins of a 16th century colonial church. this year's drought caused water levels to drop by 25 meters. it's only the second time this church has appeared above the water line. in 2002, visitors were able to walk inside it. that's it for me. more news at the top of the hour for you.
5:58 pm
>> as violence intensifies. >> the growing israeli perception is that no place is safe. >> get the latest news in-depth. >> we decided we should stand up for what we believe and defend ourselves. >> mr. netanyahu is playing with fire. this fire is dangerous for both our people. >> stay with al jazeera america for continuing coverage. >> saturdays on al jazeera america. technology... it's a vital part of who we are - >>they had some dynamic fire behavior... >> and what we do... >> don't try this at home! >> techknow, where technology meets humanity... saturday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development...
5:59 pm
>> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> puerto rico's debt crisis. >> they're gonna demonstrate right outside where the governor lives. >> are hedge funds offering a fix? >> those investments will spark the economic recovery. >> or just fixing the odds? >> they're trying to force us into one course of action. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series.
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this week on talk to al jazeera musician and activist, moby. >> glamorous dating, going to the right parties, et cetera, these can be fun, but they're not. they won't sustain you. it's like junk food or cocaine. >> he went from being a relative unknown to one of the most important electronic dance music pioneers. moby has made more than a dozen albums. the singer-songwriter has another set to come out in 2016. >> quite electronic,


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