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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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they will compete in tomorrows final. that's it for us tonight. have a good night. >> more palestinians are shot dead after attacks by forces after new security enforced by israel. hello, i'm darren jordan live in doha. thousands flee their homes as a strong typhoon hits the philippines. and an election with no opposition. and refugees coming through eastern europe are trying to find a different route to safety after a new border closure in hungary.
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new security measures and checkpoint closures are not stopping the violence across israel and the occupied territories. four palestinians were killed and a fifth injured after alleged stabbings saturday. a palestinian was shot dead after allegedly attacking israeli forces. the city of hebron with three attacks. and. >> one of the landmarks of occupation, the crossing point. it's here where the body of a palestinian man lay. security forces say he was shot dead after trying to stab a bomb squad member carrying out explosives. this is disputed by some eyewitnesses who say the man
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didn't even have a knife. earlier in hebron the figure here in white has just shot dead a palestinian teenager. he's a jewish settler, and no attempt has been made to disarm him. some say that the palestinian tried to stab someone. others say that he was no threat and a knife had been placed on his body. later another teenager was shot and injured when someone said that a soldier was attacked in the same street. and in another settlement, they are accused of killing a 16-year-old palestinian girl. >> a palestinian came to me and asked if i knew of a certain street. all of a sudden she pulled out a knife and tried to stab me in the neck area. i stepped away and fired at her until she was neutralized. we're trained for these events. and thankfully it ended the way
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it did, without anyone being harmed. >> it seems that the new security measures are aren't working. a palestinian from a village one of the most barricaded in the area was shot dead. he had walked into a nearby jewish settlement and allegedly posed a threat. it always--it all raises questions about the effectiveness. another 300 israeli troops are due to be deployed into jerusalem on sunday, and benjamin netanyahu's cabinet will be meeting in what is bound to be a charged atmosphere. andrew simmons, al jazeera, west jerusalem. >> israeli police say all of saturday's victims were stabbed after alleged stabbing attacks. we have been following that story from ramallah. >> the checkpoint linked ramallah to jerusalem. it is really a lifeline.
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thousands of palestinians go through that check point to work on the other side. it has two crossings. one the allege attack happened in the terminal. he was crossing back into ramallah. that's when he would have attempted to stab an israeli border guard. he was immediately shot, laying on the ground. bomb experts came to check him. that's when he would have pulled out a second knife and lightly wounded the explosive expert. at that point he was shot dead. but there is another part, the palestinian side according to witness who is were inside the terminal when this happened. they say that the young man was walking behind the soldier. the soldier might have panicked, might have suspected that this young man was going to carry out an attack and turned around at
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shot them. there are pictures circulating on social media. you see a man laying on the ground bleeding inen empty terminal. there is another picture of this man but there is no evidence of him carrying a knife on social media. >> iraqi forces say they've launched their biggest offensive in months after they continue to fight isil. government troops say they've recaptured parts, including this city's oil refinery. they have announced to be pressing north. the aim of cutting off isil's stronghold towns. an united emirates official was killed on friday by gunmen on a motorcycle. pro government officials say they suspect three extremists. the egyptians head to the polls
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later on sunday in the first parliamentary elections in the overthrow of president mohamed morsi in 2014. the process will take weeks to complete, here are our reports. >> campaign posers are back on the streets of egypt. although a variety of names and faces are running for parliament, there are no opponents of the country's leadership on the ballot paper, a stark contrast. following the 2011 up rising egypt witnessed it's first free and fair parliamentary election. the muslim brotherhood freedom and justice party were the victors of that vote. but just a few months later they used a court order to dissolve parliament. after the 2013 military cue the party was dissolved and the
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movement described as a terrorist organization. more than two years later that vote is finally being held. but the political climate remains far from free or democratic. tens of thousands of activists remain behind bars. and the media remains tightly censored. as a result the parties including the april 6th youth movement are boycotting sunda sunday's. for president sisi it's important that a new parliament is formed. they refuse to face criticism the new parliament will be presented as proof of a political process, but it will be deeply flawed with most of the political party having not contested the election. >> flights have been canceled, and thousands of people have
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been ordered to move to safer grounds in the philippines where the typhoon has made landfall. there is a red alert asking people to prepare for the worst. winds are expected up to 175 mph. let's get more, we're live from the capital of manila. all the experts said this was going to be a strong storm. how bad is it? >> indeed, it's the strongest storm of the year. on average there are 24 typhoons that strike every year. but it's not as strong as typhoon haiyan which crossed in 2013. now that one was the strongest storm on record and left more than 6,000 people dead. thousands missing and billions of dollars in damages. learning lessons from that, government officials are trying to do the best they can this time to be better prepared.
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>> and what sort of preparations have they been making, margo? >> with the, what they've done this time around is as early as friday the typhoon, as you said earlier, did begin to make landfall very early sunday morning as early as friday. they began to evacuate the towns that were in the typhoon's path. they put emergency workers in pre-positioned areas, any areas build weather images might be cut off were already cut off from people so people were not strand there had. the arethe area of luzon is a mountainous region and there will be more rainfall. the concern is landslides and flash floods. they're making sure that people are in easier-to-reach areas already close to emergency relief supplies. >> thank you.
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>> lots more still to come. anger in india. calls for the police to do more after the rapes of two young children. plus how technology companies are trying to get ahead in china. stay with us.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et >> welcome back. a quick recap of the top stories. four palestinians have been killed and a fifth injured as a wave of violence of israel an
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continues. egypt will vote in its first parliamentary election since president mohammed morsi was ousted after a coup in 2013. in the philippines typhoon koppu will top many trees and power lines across many provinces. there. is anger in india over the rapes of two children. a five-year-old and two and a half-year-old were attacked in the capital of new delhi. a series of sexual assaults that led to claims that the police and government are not doing enough. >> the police work on site. another grim crime scene but with a difference. a young child was said to have been raped here. at another location another child brutally abused. one of the children had been gang raped. the minister arrived at the
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hospital where one victim was being treated. >> together we need to create such an environment in new delhi with our mothers and our daughters can feel safe, which is not happening right now. that means there are some shortcomings in security. the new delhi government is doing everything in its power to prevent such situations but i feel the police plays the biggest role. they need to help women feel safe. we're also trying to help them. the prime minister should intervenel too. >> women groups swarm to make the capital safer for women and children of all ages express their horror and disgust. >> what is happening in delhi? i can't understand. i met the two and a half-year-old girl in hospital. she has bite and scratch marks all over her body. she was left bleeding in a park. what kind of animals are these? >> and on the outkits of new
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delhi a family mourns the death of her teenage daughter. she allegedly committed suicide after being stalked by a group of men. >> we first went to the police station to lodge a complaint. but the police did not take any action. we went to the police station once more but again the police did not do anything. >> the police say they are now investigating. the family say they kept reporting what was happening to police but nothing was done. >> preliminary investigations indicate that the girl had complained of harassments based on which her case is registered under section 354 of the indian penal code. a suicide note was recovered from the girl's bag where she has spoken of being harassed by the men. >> new anti-rape laws were introduced after the gang rape of a medical student on a new delhi bus in 2012. but since then the number of rape cases involving women has
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actually gone up, especially in the capital. the brutal sexual attacks against two joining children have shocked the millions of people who live in this city. many are asking what other hor other--horrors need to happen before there is action taken. >> refugees arrive in slovenia after a major room was closed off. hundreds of thousands of people have fled to europe mostly from syria and afghanistan. >> captured on camera and caught up in europe's political postu posturing over immigration, these refugees have been registered in slovenia, which has been the focus of thousands who wish to reach europe. >> they should be prepared as much as they can be. people come in.
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they're registered by police before taken to accommodation centers. so far so good. >> some experts say is that slovenia, population of 2 million, won't be able to handle the influx of people. th >> it is important that we provide army personnel with transport and surveillance in border areas. >> for now they're bussed straight to the border of austria, that puts them closer to the country they really want to reach. hungary closed it's border to croatia saying there is a failure of e.u. leaders. hungary shut its border with serbia. observers say more persecutions could happen now that the hungary-croatian border is shot. >> they're criminalizing people
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who are fleeing persecution. that's something that is not allowed under international law. you cannot penalize asylum seekers. >> 190,000 people have passed through croatia, and they're not stopping. on saturday the first train carrying 2,000 arrived in the croatian town bordering slovenia. no one knows how long this road, the route to a new life, will stay border. >> two refugees including four children and a baby, have drowned off the turkish coast as they try to reach the greek island of lesbos. the sea route from turkey to greece is one of the crossings of arriving in europe.
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>> henrietta was stabbed ahead of the cologne mayor elections. an aide to rico was also wounded. they tried to fight off the attacker. >> the perpetrator made a direct line for her and stabbed her with a 45-meter long knife. it was a horrible thing to see, really gruesome. i'm shaking as i talk about it. >> the police say the attack was targeted and deliberate and appears to be motivated by her support of refugees. >> mrs. reker is not only a candidate but she's responsible for the refugees in cologne. one focus of our investigations is on the possible political motives of the suspect. >> she's backed by other parties including the christian
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democrats led by chancellor angela merkel. merkel has been criticized over the large numbers of refugees allowed in the country. the german government expects 8,000 people to seek asylum this year. record numbers of refugees have led to anti-immigrant rallies. it's supporters want tighter controls over germany's borders and the end to mass migration. but many other germans have welcomed refugees. they said they were united against racism. >> we're standing together as democrats to send a signal against this abhorrent act to show that they're standing together, beyond patriot politics and we're defending democracy together. >> reker is in stable condition in hospital. they say that it will not define the response to the people escaping war and persecution.
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>> thousands of people fleeing violence are forced to find refugee in tanzania. but limited crowding leads people struggling to house them. >> this family are used to being called refugees. this is the second time they have sought refuge in tanzania. they were recently repatriated back to their homeland of burundi after living in a refugee camp for years. but fresh fighting in burundi has seen them on the move again. >> the situation in burundi is not good because there are killings going on. i was chased by the ruling party's youth group. i ran away. even when i came back home they came and invaded my house. >> one the worldest biggest and most overcrowded refugee camps is home to 160,000 people. it was originally set up in the
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1990s to cope with people fleeing the civil war. but with rainy season on the horizon and poor living conditions authorities have had to reopen the camp. >> it is not good that you see people, the refugees over the years, it is not good. it's a problem, actually. i don't think it's good. >> many of the new arrivals from burundi say that they face daily intimidation and violence especially if they did not support the ruling party the. >> refugees have reported there were members in the camp, and we also have some police and soldiers who have also arrived. >> for this family the new camp is a welcomed sight.
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>> it has become like our home. no one wants to go back to burundi. there is no peace. >> families will receive their only piece of land along with family shelters. the refuge is worth celebrating. >> guinea's president has won a second term in office after securing 58% of votes. his closest rival withdrew a saying the election was fraudulent. he secured a third of the votes has vowed to protest the results. in 2010 both candidates faced each other in the second round of the presidential election. now the face veil worn by muslim women has become an issue
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in canada's election. but in reports in ontario, it could backfire on prime minister stephen harper. >> she's 22, taking a degree in social work and religious studies. what she wears her niqab has emerged in an talking point in the election campaign. >> i didn't realize this was going to be an issue. things like that. then i became hurt and offended. these kinds of sentiments make me feel very unsafe in my own country. i was born and raised here. >> she wanted to take their canadianship vote while wearing the niqab. they tried to stop her but the courts ruled against them. it became an issue in the vote-rich french-speaking province of qu├ębec.
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>> others similar issues came up. stephen harper's government said it was stripping citizenship of several muslim men convicted much terrorism who had duel citizenship. >> the prime minister and his political party deny they're driving wedges between canadians to opponent the tactics are obvious. >> so basically. >> this liberal county candidate came from lebanon in the 1980s. his election signs were defaced. the police are investigating it not as vandalism but as a hate crime. he has no doubt why this happened. >> when you create a division of scary tactic, maybe you cannot--in the end it's not good
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for the future of this nation. >> both opposition leaders have strongly criticized the government for emphasizing these issues and promised to reverse some controversial measures including the tip line. but opinion poll shows support for somewhat what the conservatives are doing. will it mean votes on election day? >> we ask almost 1,000 people every day during the campaign what the most important issue for them during the election, and you know, most people are saying the economy. >> in the end voters will decide on monday whether what seems to be singling out muslims is a way to get elected in canada. if so, this is a very different country than it used to be. >> the polls of new delhi, for weeks trucks carrying essential supplies from india have stopped
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crossing into land lock nepal. that's because the indian government opposes the country's new constitution. apple is no longer the top smart phone make center china. two local companies now account for one-third of the sales in the country. china is new becoming the battleground for tech companies as they fight for a slice of the world's largest smart phone market. we have reports from hong kong. >> it's one of the largest electronic shows in the world. more than 4,000 companies from around 30 countries are showcasing their latest innovations. it's a market hungry for new technology. >> we have a huge number of trade buyers over the year, over 95,000 visitors from 150 countries and regions. >> china is a leader in technology consumption not just production.
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and the popularity of smart phones is creating a booming industry in related products. >> this is to monitor how much food withi consumed. >> two tech companies hold the lead in china accounting for nearly one-third of all smart phone sales. >> they have a lot of room to differentiate themselves. >> every company has a china strategy. given the number of people here and the demand for phones, success in this region could potentially secure you a spot in the top ten globally. it's with that in mind that producers are now creating phone designs for the consumer
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in china. >> china now accounts for the world's 1.3 billion smart phones. but the number of mobile phone users has fallen for the first time. that combined with the slowing economy has analysts warning of a slight downward trend. >> the condition in china, it does pose a lot of uncertainty. >> china's tech companies are now seeking to expand beyond the domestic market. >> there is a large growing market in indonesia, india, philippines, so we're partnering so we can ship nor intel base products. >> an average of 100 million phones is sold every quarter. emerging economies may be offering potential growth, but the world's most populous nation remains the tech company's
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target market. sara clark, al jazeera, hong kong. >> and a quick reminder you can keep up-to-date with all the news on our website. there it is on your screen. that's this week on talk to al jazeera musician and activist, moby. >> glamorous dating, going to the right parties, et cetera, these can be fun, but they're not. they won't sustain you. it's like junk food or cocaine. >> he went from being a relative unknown to one of the most important electronic dance music pioneers. moby has made more than a dozen albums. the singer-songwriter has another set to come out in 2016. >> quite electronic, very song oriented. i have no idea


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