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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> more palestinians are shot dead after allege attacks on israeli forces and settlers despite security measures impo imposed by israel. >> hello, i'm darren jordan live in doha. also ahead, thousands of people flee their homes as a strong typhoon hits the philippines. refugees coming through eastern europe come to find a different route to safety after a border closure in hungary. and how technology companies are trying to get ahead in china where a third of the world's
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smart phones are sold. knew security measures are no --a columbia checkpoint in the occupied bes west bank. the city of hebron was also the scene of renewed violence with there separate attacks. and occupied east jerusalem a 16-year-old is shot dead. they threaten police with a knife. andrew simmons reports. >> one of the landmarks of occupation colombia crossing point. it's here where a palestinian man lay, security forces say he was shot dead after trying to stab a bomb squad member. this version of events was disputed by some eyewitnesses
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who say the man didn't even have a knife. earlier in hebron, a figure in white has shot dead the palestinian. they did not disarm him. later another teenager was shot and injured after the army saturday a soldier was attacked in the same street. in another jewish settlement. border crossing describes the killing of a palestinian girl. >> a palestinian girl came to me and asked if i knew about a certain street. she pulled out a knife and tried to stab me in the neck area. i pushed her away. as i was doing that i fired at her until she was neutralized. we're trained and briefed and prepared for these events. thankfully it ended the way it
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did without anybody getting harmed. >> a palestinian from a village one of the most barricaded in the area was shot dead. it had walked in a nearby jewish settlement. it all questions the effectiveness of giving of give the security. benjamin netanyahu's cabinet will be meeting in what is pound to be a charged atmosphere. andrew simmons. al jazeera, west jerusalem. >> israeli police said all of saturday's victims were shot after attempted stabbing attacks. the palestinians have raised questions about the isn't i security. >> it is really a lifeline.
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thousands of palestinians go through the checkpoint to work on the other side. it has two crossings. one morphines and one more pediatricians. the alleged attack happened in the pedestrian terminal. the young man, 22 years old was going back to ramallah when he attempted attack a border guard. they tried to check him when he pulled out a second knife and slightly wounded th them. they say that the young man was walking behind the soldier. the soldier might have suspected that this young man are going to carry out the attack and shot
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him. there are pictures circulating on social media. you see the young man laying oned ground bleeding in an empty terminal. you see the pictures of soldie of soldiers. >> in all, 42 palestinians and 7 israelis have died. they say that the situation shows no signs of improving any time soon. >> it was worse, more worse. worser, as spelled say in washington. simply because it doesn't seem like there is a political solution. the united states did not show any united state any intention or will to put the pressure on the israelis to go back on the negotiation process involving the illegal settlement in order
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to waive the way for a true two-state solution that is not in the agenda. the only thing that the americans are saying here in washington is that some vague wording about the calming of the situation over there. that is not going to contribute to the stability that everyone looks for. now i'm sure palestinians will sooner or later run out of young people ready to die in order to harm an israeli or go to the streets and face an israeli army. but at the end of the day, the root causes of this settlement and dispossession, that's continues. >> flights have been canceled. and in the philippines a major typhoon has made landfall.
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the typhoon is expected to bring up to 175 kilometers an hour. we have more from manila. >> the philippines gets an average of 24 typhoons a year. but this is the strongest one to strike this year. it is not as strong, however, as typhoon haiyan which devastated the country in 2013. that was the strongest typhoon ever on record to make landfall. however, weather officials are concerned that this typhoon will linger over the country longer and drop rainfall which might be seen in a year in one 24-hour period. that is expected to cause massive flooding and potential landslides in the area that also has the longest, fastest river
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in the country. they say they have learned their lessons from haiyan in 2013, and they will make sure that the towns are as prepared as they can be. emergency relief workers have already been pre-possessioned as well as relief goods. they're also aware that the communication lines are brought down and they have prepared satellite systems. power is expected to be cut in certain areas, and officials say that they're prepared to deal with any eventuallity the best as they can. . >> winning a second term in office. the closest rival opposition leader withdrew after ballots were cast saying the election was fraudulent. they have vowed to protest the results. in 2010 both candidates face each other in a second round presidential election which
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violence has left 70 people dead. iraqi forces say they've launched their biggest offensive in months. they have recaptured parts of the northern city of beiji. looking this oil refinery complex. an united emirates official has been killed in a shooting in yemen's suppor southern port in aden. pro government officials suspect sunni extremists but no group has taken responsibility for the attack. a five-year-old and a two and a half-year-old were attacked in new delhi. there are climbs that the police and government are not doing enough.
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>> another grim crime scene but with a difference. a young child was said to have been rated here. one of the children had been gang raped. delhi's chief minister arrived at the hospital where one victim was being treated. >> together we need to create such an environment in delhi in which our mothers and does can feel safe, which is not happening right now. that means there is so much shortcomings and security. the delhi government is doing all in its flower. the police play the biggest role. the women need to feel safe. we're trying to help them. >> women's groups form to make the capital safer for girls of all ages. >> i met the two and a half-year-old girl in hospital. she has scratch and bite marks
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all over her body. she was left bleeding in a park. what kind of animals are these. >> and on the outskirts of new delhi, the family mourns the death of their teenage daughter. they allegedly committed suicide after being stalked by a group of young men. >> we went to the police to lodge a complaint. then we went to the police station once more, but again the police did not do anything. >> the police say they are now investigating. the family say they kept reporting what was happening to police, but nothing was done. >> preliminary investigations indicate that the girls had claimed of harassment in which the case was registered under section 354. a suicide note had been recovers from the girl's bag in which she has spoken about being harassed
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by the men. >> new laws were created after the gang rape of a medical student in 201237 but the number of rapes have gone up. the brutal sexual attacks have shocked the million of people who live in this city. many are asking what other horrors need to happy before re-electio real action is taken to combat crime against girls. >> when we come back, an election with no opposition. egyptians vot vote for the first time since the military coupe. and stay with us. .
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>> welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. four palestinians have been killed and a fifth centered as the wave of violence across israel in the supplied territories continue. 42 palestinians and 7 israelis have died since the start of october. typhoons have landed causing thousands to flee their homes. a toddler and a five-year-old chid child has been raped in new delhi. the two are recovering in hospital.
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>> polls are due to open in egypt soon in the first parliamentary election wins the overthrow of president mohammed morsec morsi. >> campaign posters are back on the streets of egypt. although a variety of names and faces are running for parliame parliament, political differences are virtually non non-existent. >> following the 2011 up rising egypt witnessed it's first free party election. the muslim brotherhood freedom and justice party were the victors of that vote. a few months later the court
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rulers use use ruled against the party. it was called a terrorist organization. they promised to hold parliamentary elections two years later. now that vote is finally being held. but the political climate remains far from free. >> as a result. several parties including the april fifth youth movement pivotal in toppling hosni mubarak are boycotting sunday's poll. they continue to face criticism internationally over the lack of democracy in egypt as well as the crackdown on opponents. the new parliament will be presented as prove of the political process.
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al jazeera. >> egyptians abroad have been voting with embassies in 139 countries open for election. we heard from one critic who thinks many people won't bother taking party. >> just like what happened today, it will be rigged for three days. they couldn't find enough people to vote for him, so they'll declare at the end of three days it was 97% in his name. and some iron clad system that is where the system is. they wilwhen you speak up in
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prison you're killed or put in prison. and your family suffers just as well. there is no freedom of speech that is going to speak the truth in egypt at this time. >> refugees have begun to arrive in slovenia. hungary shot its border. hundreds of thousands of people have fled to europe, mostly from syria and afghanistan. >> captured on camera and these refugee have been registered in slovenia which have found themselves the focus of thousands trying to reach northern europe. >> as you can see slovenia is prepared. as much as they can be. people are coming in. they're registered by the police before they're taken to
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accommodation centers. >> some say that slovenia won't be able to cope with the influx of people. >> it is important that we reinforce the police are army personnel who will be providing the logistical support with transport and surveillance in border areas. >> for now they are bussed straight to the border of austria on their way to germany, the country that many want to reach. hungary's government called the for the closing of its borders. observers say more persecutions could happen now that the hungary croatian border is shot.
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>> this could cause persecution. that's against the international law. >> thousands have passed through croatia, and for now they're not stopping. nobody knows just how long this particular route for a new life will stay open. >> politician stabbed who stood for refugees to be welcomed is believed to be the reason why she was stabbed. the injuries are non-life threatening. four people including children and a baby drowned off the coast on their way to
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lesbos. >> the landmark nuclear deal reached between iran and u.s. and five other world powers is about to come in to force. tehran's compliance with the deal will see sanctions lifted, but there are still significant challenges ahead. >> it took years of complex and negotiations between iran and a group of world powers known as p5+1. the landmark nuclear agreement will mean that iran has to shop it's nuclear program and a move that experts say will reduce its capability of creating nuclear
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weapons. >> it is a step away from the conflict and towards the possibility of peace. >> shipping tons of enriched fuel out of the country. all of which the iranian authorities say will be done by the end of november. iran is keen that crippling sanctions are eased, but the deal still has plenty of vocal critics. >> this deal does not make peace more likely by fueling iran's agreement in sanctions relief. it makes war more likely. >> the next few weeks is deeply unpopular. >> it does not fully resolve the wide range of issues where they
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have a big difference. they'll have to put pressure on them through the international community. >> it appears to show underground tunnel it's packed with missiles has not eased concerns. >> for all the powers involved in this agreement a lot of powers are at stake, the same is true with president barack oba obama. al jazeera, washington. >> mexico's fugitive drug lord has made yet another escape just three months after he tunneled his way out of a maximum security prison.
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>> the world's most wanted drug lord has got away again. the mexican navy had closed in on joaquin goose man, alias el chapo. after heavy helicopter fire soldiers moved in. it was too late. the leader of the cartel slipped through the net. but not unscathed. he was wounded in the leg and head. this opportunity came days before of his greatest escape. the sound of tunneling can clearly be heard in the recording as for the voices of the men who came to rescue the drug lord out from the prison walls. >> for the second time he
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escaped from a mexican jail. >> el chapo has deeply embarrassed the government. it became the symbol of the corruption that plagues authorities here and recapturing the drug lord can some how compensate for that loss of possibility. the crimes including murder and money laundering he has become is something of an anti-hero. the man himself is wounded, hunted, but still at large. john hole ma holman. >> for weeks trugs carrying essential supplies to india has
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stopped crossing into nepal. they say it's because the indian government opposes their new constitution. now apple is no longer the top smart phone make center china. two local companies now account for a third of sales in the country. china is becoming the new battleground as they fight for a slice of the smart phone market. >> it's one of the largest electronic shows in the world. more than 4,000 companies from around 30 countries are showcasing their latest innovation with the market hungary for new technology. >> we have a huge number of trade buyers over the world. over 95,000 visitors. last year from over 150 countries and regions. >> china is the leader in technology consumption not just production. and the popularity of smart
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phones is creating a bombing industry in apple-related products. >> this is going to monitor how much food is consumed. >> competition has never been so intense. once dominated by apple, two chinese tech companies hold the lead in china accounting for nearly one-third of all smart phone sales. >> the local guys, they have a lot of room to innovate and try to differentiate themselves. >> as the world largest smart phone market every company has a china strategy. they could secure their spot in the top ten globally. with that in mind the producers will make designs that consumers
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in china want. >> china now accounts for a third of the 1.3 billion smart phones. the number of mobile phone youers has fallen for the first time. that combined with the slowing economy has analysts warning of a slight downward trend. >> the condition in china does bring uncertainty. >> the tech companies announce they're seeking to expand beyond the domestic market. >> markets in indonesia, india, philippines and make sure that we can ship more. >> themerging economies may be offering potential growth but the world's most populous nation
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remains the tech company's target market. al jazeera, hong kong. >> and a quick reminder you can keep up-to-date all the news on our website. all the latest on that big storm battl battering the philippines. that's at that's the arctic circle. an environment that is at the same time hostile and fragile. warming temperatures are warming ice at historic rates... adding to its distress, man's unquenchable desire for fossil fuel. the quest to retrieve arctic oil is underway, but how prepared is the world to handle a catastrophic spill. are oil and ice a recipe r


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