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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> israel's cabinet meets as increased security measures fail to stop a spate of violence in the occupied territories. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead, a typhoon slams into the phil peens. philippines. china's mobile companies, pushes sales down at home.
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well, the situation remains tense across israel and the occupied palestinian territories where there have been daily stabbings and killings. since october the 1st, 43 palestinians and eight israelis have been killed. shoot to kill policy has failed to stop the unrest. now moving on, flights this been cancelled and at least 10,000 people move to higher ground as a typhoon slammed into the philippines. heavy rain damaged roads bridges and power lines. the government advised people in elf coastal area tcoastal areas.
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marga ortigas has more. >> this is strongest one to strike this year. it is not as strong however as typhoon hyan, the strongest typhoon ever to hit landfall. however, concerns are that this will drop rainfall more in one 24 hour period that will cause landslides that the typhoon is going to pass over, a mountainous region that also sees the longest and largest river in the country. the people in these areas were evacuated on friday, they learned their lessons from the typhoon in 2013.
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and they are as prepared as they can be. emergency workers have already been prepositioned, as well as relief goods. they say they have prepared emergency satellite systems. power is also expected to be cut in certain areas and they will prepare with any eventuall eents they can. >> new death toll that has been reported in the occupied area and a new cabinet meeting called by benjamin netanyahu. >> once again, the clashes
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continued overnight. also within occupied east jerusalem. so tension continuing to mount on the ground. a number of stabbing attacks in the recent day once again giving concern to the israeli government about the effectiveness of its massive security clamp down. one of the powder kegs has been hebron, knife attacks yesterday, clear clashes between palestinians and indeed settlers who are in that particular area along with army who are protecting the settlers. adding to this is another ingredient which in a way makes it a perfect storm of discontent. it is olive season, a time of year that palestinians go out to pick their olives. settlers attack the palestinians picking the olives.
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here you have another ingredient thrown into a truly combustible situation. >> what do you think, will come from a meeting that is scheduled? >> this is a regular sunday weekly meeting. whether there are some in netanyahu's government that believe not enough is being done, a greater intensity of security is needed, although it is difficult to see what could be done, but ongoing governance, there are matters that haven't been addressed for a number of weeks that have to do with governance acknowledge civilian affairs, a series of fraud cases going on, and the impact ever what's been going on for weeks. the fraud squad is pulled to
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patrol the street of israel. there is no fraud investigation going on, this is impacted directly on the governance of the country on the way in which it runs and on the way it upholds civil law and order. all sorts of factors coming together here that will be discussed at the cabinet meeting, and also to be discussed is netanyahu's upcoming talks with u.s. secretary of state john kerry. viewed in israel as very, very important. israel wanting to press its case that it is doing what it can to retain law and order, that it is israel's responsibility as an occupying force to introduce measures that will help restore calm. >> thank you mike for update. targeting the islamic state of iraq and the levant, prime minister dimitri me medvedev.
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>> no, absolutely not true. up to the syrian people to decide who will be the head of syria. by the way, it combines many nationalities and regions. we have to operate on the assumption that assad is the lejts malegitimate mat presiden. >> german chancellor angela merkel,. >> angry over the country's refugee policies, victoria gatenby reports.
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>> stabbed at a campaign event ahead of cologne's events on sunday. tried to fight off the attacker. >> the perpetrator made a direct line and stabbed her with a knife. it was horrible to see, really gruesome and i'm shaking as i talk about it. >> police say the attack was targeted and deliberate. >> mrs. rica is not only a mayoral candidate she is also responsible for accommodation of refugees in clone. cologne. >> rica is an independent candidate but backed by other candidates, led by german chancellor angela merkel.
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the german government says it expects 800,000 people to seek asylum this year. record numbers of refugees have led to anti-immigrant rallies, led to groups like pegida. many other germans have welcomed refugees. an individual in cologne said they were united against racism. >> we are standing together as democrats to send a signal against this abhorrent act to say we are standing together, beyond party politics and we are defending democracy together. >> supporters say violence and hatred will not define germany's response to the millions of people escaping war and persecution. victoria gatenby, al jazeera.
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>> iran's recent nuclear test, mohammed zarif added that none of tehran's missiles have been designed for mooucialg capabilitienuclearcapabilities. tehran will begin what's being called the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. its compliance with the deal will see economic lifted. >> landmark nuclear agreement
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will mean that iran has to sharply curtail its nuclear program. a move experts say will significantly reduce its capability of nuclear weapons. in july when the agreement was reached, u.s. secretary of state john kerry said it was worth fighting for. >> it is a step away from the specter of coul conflict and tos the possibility of peace. >> the biggest nuclear dismantlement of history, vofs the mothballing of nuclear facilities, done by the end of november. iran is keen that crippling economic sanctions are eased. that the deal has plenty of vocal critics. >> this deal doesn't make peace more likely. by fueling iran's aggression it makes war more likely. >> the next few weeks as iran
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implements an agreement that is deeply unpopular may now be more difficult. the sanctions for the nuclear agency will be key. >> it does not fully resolve the wide range of issues where we've got a big difference so we are going to have to continue to put pressure on them through the international community. >> recent footage on iranian state television that appear to show missile launchers, released days after iran tested a long range missile, which may have breached a u.n. resolution. >> brokering a deal that few thought was possible, andy gallagher, al jazeera,
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washington. >> here's what's coming up on a the program. >> when we asked them for food and told them the we had no mony left, they said we should exchange our shirts in exchange for a cup of tea.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. o. >> top stories on dges l. al jazeera. shoot to kill policy is failing
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to stop the unrest. five palestinians were killed by israelis for alleged knife attacks. typhoon hitting northeast philippines. german chancellor angela merkel is headed to turkey for talks. turkish government says an offer is too low. voting's begun in egypt, in the first election since 2014. polling stations there, the parliamentary poll is the final step in a transition to democracy. the two-stage process, jamal el
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shael has more. >> although a variety of names and faces are running for parliament, political differences are virtually nonexistent. stark contrast to the last time egyptians leaked a deposit. the muslim brotherhood freedom and just party were the victors of that vote, but a few months later, the country's political leaders used a way to dissolve that vote. the army heldly sisi promised to hold elections months later, the public utility climate in egypt remains far from free or
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democratic. tens of thousands of activists are behind bars, dozens of journalists remain in jail and the media is tightly sense oord. thtightlytightly censored.for ps important that a new parliament is formed. he continues to face criticism internationally over the lack of democracy in egypt as well as his crack down on opponents. the new parliament will be presented as proof of a political process, that it will be deepl deeply flawed with manf the major parties not having contested the election. jamal el shael acknowledge al jazeera.
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>> eduardo is a human trafficker. he says god has called on him to do this work. he has been doing it for three years and doesn't want to reveal his identity. he says this job should be done by governments. >> i help them because i know they are suffering in their countries. they are coming, running to other countries. and then, they cannot stay here in moaz sadda mozambique. we still haven't a job here. >> reporter: but refugees see eduardo and his job differently. one of his safe houses in the capital moputu, these three are waiting to cross into south africa. they say hiss network is simply profiting from their misery. >> they have taken every penny we have from us.
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they overcharge on everything. for a $5 taxi trip they charge us $20. they tell us to exchange our shirts for a cup of tea. they are not good people. >> this is a town near border with south africa. there are many foreigners here waiting to cross illegally. >> migrants without documents avoid the official border crossing. as the sunsets they come out of safe houses and head for the wire fence that separates mozambique and south africa. at night, the refugees and migrants gather on the hill that separates the two countries. the smugglers are not far behind. border police patrol the hill. the smugglers take them through the border fence. for many the journey ends here.
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police on both sides have recently cracked down on undocumented foreigners. there wforeigners. >> we have caught 380 illegal foreigners in recent months. >> he has successfully smugged pass the safe house. eduardo says he will continue to answer god's call. hamsa mohammed, al jazeera. >> police in india's capital new delhi, have captured those sexual attacks, liddy dutt reports. >> a police forensics team works on site. another grim crime scene with a
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difference. a a young child was said to have been raped here. in another location, child brutally abused. one of the children had been gang-raped. at the hospital one victim was being treated. >> together we need to create such an environment in deli in which our motors our daughters can feel safe which is not happening now, that means there is some short term issue in governmental. they need to help women feel safe we are trying to help them. the prime minister should personally intervene in that matter too. >> reporter: women's groups gather, express their horror and disgudisgust. >> what is happening in delhi?
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she was left bleeding in a park. what kind of delhi is this, what kinds of animals are these? >> reporter: and on the outskirts of new delhi, a family mourns the death of their daughter. she allegedly was being stalked. >> the police did not take any action. they want more but again the police did not do anything. >> reporter: police say they are now investigating. the families say they kept reporting what was happening to police, but nothing was done. >> preliminary investigations indicate that the girl had complained on harassment based on which her case was registered under section 3 54 of the indian penal code.
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>> reporter: new antirape measures were introduced after 2012, but since then the number of rape cases involving women have actually gone up especially in the capital. many are asking what other horrors need to happen before real action is taken to combat sexual violence against women and young girls. liddy dutt, al jazeera, new delhi. nepal's deputy prime minister is in new delhi for blockades he accuses india from enacting.about india says it's because of security concerns due to protests against the constitution in nepal.
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mexico's fugitive drug lord has made yet another escape just three months after he tunld hisd his way out of a mexican jail. >> got away again. el chapo's birth play place and regular hideout. after heavy fire soldiers moved in but it was too late. once again, the leader of the powerful sin lowe ah cartel escaped. but authorities say he was wounded in the head and leg while making his get away. greatest escape from a high security prison this july. the sound of tunneling can be
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clearly heard in the recording as are the voices of the men who came to whisk the drug lord out of his prison cell. the guards had not reacted to the barrage of noise until long after he vanished. joaquin el chapo guzma chapo gus become a capitol and recapturing that inmate could help them to the point that the el chapo masks have turned into popular accessory for the halloween costumes this year.
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the man is wounded hunted but still at large. john holman, al jazeera, mexico city. >> apple is now the only smartphone maker, china the world's largest smartphone market is becoming the battle ground for technology companies. sarah clark reports from hong kong. >> it is one of the largest electronic shows in the world. 4,000 companies from 30 countries are showcasing their latest innovation. >> we attract a human nudge of trade buyers all over the world, over 95,000 trade visitors last year from over 150 countries and regions. >> reporter: china is a leader in technology consumption not just production. and the popularity of smartphones is creating a
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booming industry. in a market flooded with smartphones, competition has never been so intense. now two chinese tech companies shao mei and wawei. >> they have a lot of areas to try odifferentiate themselves. still like a totally different world. >> reporter: as the world's largest smartphone market, every company has a strategy. given the demand for phones, success in this region could potentially secure you a spot in the world market. meeting what the consumer in china wants. >> we have multiple colors, about eight colors you can
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choose. >> china accounts for the world's 1.3 billion smartphones, but the number of users has fallen for the first time. that combined with the slowing economy has analysts warning of a slight downward trend. >> as terms of the economy, it does pose a lot of uncertainty for vendors. >> china's tech companies are looking to expand beyond the domestic market. >> a lot of markets beyond indonesia, india, philippines, make sure we can ship more internet based phones and tablets. >> an average of 100 million phones are sold every quarter. emerging markets may be offering potential growth, but the
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assumed market remains. anniversary clark al jazeera. >> you'll find the day's other top stories, egypt where caints arcandidates are running in parliamentary markets. more at this week on talk to al jazeera musician and activist, moby. >> glamorous dating, going to the right parties, et cetera, these can be fun, but they're not. they won't sustain you. it's like junk food or cocaine. >> he went from being a relative unknown to one of the most important electronic dance music pioneers. moby has made more than a dozen albums. the singer-songwriter has another set to come out in 2016. >> quite electronic, very song oriented. i have no idea


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