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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> israel's cabinet meets as security measures fail to stop a wave of violence in the occupied territories. you're watching al jazeera, live from our headquarters in doha. thousands evacuated - typhoon cop u slams into the philippines. egyptians vote since the coup. >> when we asked them for food and said we had no money left, they told us to exchange our
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shirts for a cup of tea. >> reporter: the plight of african refugees trying to escape misery in their countries. well, the situation is tense across israel and the opposition palestinian territories where there has been stabbing and killings. since october 1st, '43 palestinians and 7 israelis have been killed. crossing to mike hanna, joining us from west jerusalem to tell us what is being discussed in the cabinet meeting, and to talk about how much pressure binyamin netanyahu is feeling to stop the unrest. >> well, certainly there'll be internal domestic pressure against binyamin netanyahu, likely to be voiced in the cabinet meeting from within their own government, as some of
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the israeli right that composes the government argues that not enough is being done to curb the waves of attacks, and they'll be pressing for stringent security measures to be taken in the days ahead, despite the fact that a raft of security measures have been introduced over the past week. that will be one of the points of discussion within the cabinet, obviously, broad ranging discussions will be held about the current crisis, ways in which to deal with it, whether or not the situation can be eased on the ground. there'll be a great deal of discussion within that. >> overnight we understand the death toll on the palestinian side has risen. >> yes, indeed. ongoing clashes have the situations continuing, where the alleged attackers are being shot, most of them faintly. that has been a pattern that
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continued, along with the ongoing alleged knife attacks. also, sporadic clashes in the areas, various flashpoints in particular, the city of hebron, deep in the occupied west bank. there there have been ongoing clashes as there have been in the city of nab lass. this centring on an area, a site holy to jews. this has been a constant flashpoint before the crisis, and emerged as one with a group of students attempting to enter without coordinating with the palestinian authority, which is in control of that area, it designate area a under palestinian control. they were a group of students alleging that they were a.p.a.c.ed by groups of palestinians, they had approaches, but have been safely
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evacuated. the israeli army walls escorted in. we understand from the israeli army that a number are being interrogated as to why they entered illegally into an area controlled by the palestinian authority. so many flashpoints in so many areas of occupied territory. >> authorities in the philippines ordered evacuations as typhoon cop u crashes in the north-east of the country. 10,000 moved to safer ground. no casualties have been reported. flights have been cancelled. power and communication lines snapped in several places. heavy rain caused flooding which damaged roads. typhoons expected to bring winds of up to 170 k/hr. we have more from manila. >> the philippines gets an average of 24 typhoons a year.
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this is the strongest to strike this year. it's not as strong as typhoon haiyan which devastated the country in 2013. that was the strongest on record to make landfall. weather officials are concerned that this typhoon will linger longer, and trop rainfall which might be seen in a year. that is expected to cause flooding and land slides in the area of the country. it is a mountainous scene. the people in the areas were evacuated as early as friday. officials say they learnt their lessons, and are making sure that the towns are as prepared as they can be. >> emergency and relief workers have been prepositions, as well
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as relief goods. they are aware that communication lines have been brought down, and they were prepared that emergency satellite systems. power is to be cut in areas, and officials are prepared to deal with any potentialitiy as best they can. >> syrian activists say 48 people have been killed by russian air strikes, a bomb shelter they were hiding in is set to have a rocket in homs. russia is accused of helping government forces in the fight against rebels. the prime minister says the strikes are meant to fight i.s.i.l. >> no, absolutely not true. it was up to a syrian people, and they have to decide they'd be the head of syria. it is complicated. this is the choice the people should make themselves. at the moment we operate on the
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premise that bashar al-assad is the legitimate president. >> rocket forces have been launched, the biggest offensive. government troops say they have retaken part of the north city of baiji, including an oil refinery, they are pressing north, with the aim of cutting off i.s.i.l. strongholds iran's foreign minister rejected allegations that missile tests evaded the resolution. that only mentions missiles designed to carry nuclear war heads. none have been designed for nuclear capabilities, it successfully tested a new missile, without testifying the range the german chancellor headed to turkey for talks on the
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crisis, americao is backing a plan, aimed at tightening border controls. e.u. leaders agreed to offer turkey 3.4 billion, to curb the numbers entering europe. the government rejected it. >> slovenia's prime minister says it will use the army to retain control with thousands of refugees. asylum seekers entered slovenia, after hungry closed its border on friday. >> nadim baba has more. >> captured on camera, caught up in the posturing. these refugees are registered in sloughenia, finding the -- sloughenia, finding the focus. >> the people look healthy. they are tired. as you can see, slovenia is prepared as much as they could be. people are coming in, they are registered by the police. they are taken to the
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accommodation center. some expert centers. they won't be able to promote that. it is important that we reinforce the police with army personnel, who will provide logistical support with transport and surveillance in border areas. >> for now they are busked to the border with austria, the bit closer to the area where countries want to meet. >> hungary closed the border with croatia, calling it a reaction to e.u. leaders. they agreed a response. just a month ago, hungary shut its border with serbia. some entered the country in court. before being given expulsion orders. more prosecutions could happen. now the hungary-croatian border is shot. >> they are criminalizing people fleeing war and persecution. that is something not allowed
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under international law. you cannot penalize asylum seekers. >> in the last month almost 190,000 people passed through croatia. for now they are not stopping. the first train carrying nearly 2,000 arrived in town bordering slovenia. no one knows how long it will be open across in africa, thousands of refugees try to cos illegally into south africa. many fall victim to people traffickers. we have a report from the border between mozambique and south africa. >> eduardo said god called on him to do the work. he's done it for three years and doesn't want to reveal his identity. he rescues desperate refugees, a job he insists should be done by governments. >> i help them. i know they are suffering. they are coming, running to
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other countries, and then they cannot stay here in mozambique, because mozambique, even us in mozambique - we still haven't a job. >> but refugees see eduardo and his job differently. in one of the safe houses in the capital, these three young men are waiting to cross into south africa, saying the network is profiting from their misery. >> we have been travelling for more than two months, and they have taken every penny they have from us. they overcharge us for everything. from a taxi fair, they charge each one $20. they told us to exchange shirts for a cup of tea. they are not good people. >> this is a town near the border with south africa. there are foreigners here
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waiting to cross illegally. you hardly see them. >> many refugees and migrants at the official border crossing, they fear being detained. the last thing they want is to return to countries. as the sun sets they come from the safe houses, separating mozambique and south africa. >> at night, the refugees and migrants gather on the hill that separates the two countries. the smugglers are not far behind. border police patrol the hill. the refugees move in silence, in total darkness. the smugglers take them through the border fence. for men, the journey ends here. police on both sides crack down on foreigners. >> we have caught 280 illegal migrants since the start of this month. we repatrioted them. we'll continue catching and deporting them until there are no more illegal people in our
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country. business is brisk for eduardo. more continue to flee from conflicts and economic hardship. eduardo will continue to answer god's call. >> celebrating the results, people in guinea dance in the streets that opposition leaders protest instead. that is coming up. plus... ..mexico's most wanted man gives the authorities a slip for a second time in a couple of months. the stories of the day. >> this is a complicated situation. how significant is it? >> and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. >> the stories relevant to americans. >> they're sending their government a message.
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et
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top stories on al jazeera - the situation is tense across the occupied palestinian territories, were there have been daily stabages and killings. there is a meeting to discuss the crisis of shoot to kill, it's failing to stop the unrest. five palestinians were killed. at least 10,000 people have been moved to safety. heavy rain falls flooding, damaging roads and powerlines. german chancellor headed to brussels for talks on the crisis. to tighten the border control. the turkish government said the amounts on offer is too low a mayoral candidate has been stabbed by a man who was angry
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at the refugee policy. victoria gatenby has more. >> reporter: henrietta was stabbed at a campaign event ahead of mayoral elections on saturday. an aid was seriously wounded, and three others, including this woman were hurt, as they tried to fight off the attacker. >> the perpetrator made a direct line, stabbing her with a knife. it was horrible to see. i'm shaking. >> the attack was targeted and deliberate. >> translation: she is not only a mayoral candidate, but responsible for a refugee in cologne. one focus is on the political motives of the suspect. >> this is an independent candidate backed by other parties, including the christian
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democrats, led by angela merkel, who has been criticized by some in germany over the large numbers of refugees allowed into the country. the german government expect 800,000 to seek asylum. record numbers have led to anti-immigrant rallies organized by the far right groups. supporters want tighter controls under borders and the end to mass migration. many others welcomed refugees. >> people said they were united against racism. >> translation: we are standing together as democrats to send a signal, to show we are standing together, and that we are defending democracy together. >> rico is in a stable condition in hospital. violence and hate red will not define the response to the millions escaping war and
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persecution voting has begun in egypt in the first parliamentary election since 2013. authorities saying the poll is the final step in a transition to democracy. the two-stage process takes weeks to complete. let's take a closer look. people will vote for the 596 members of parliament. 120 represent a party, and 28 are presidential appointees. many candidates that ran in the 2011/2012 general elections cannot take part. and last time 47% of the votes went to the freedom and corruption party. now it's outlawed and leaders killed, exiled or gaoled. let's bring in a former editor.
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if you look at the online head line, president abdul fatah al-sisi calls on egyptians to participate in parliamentary elections. will people listen to that call? >> i don't believe so. i don't believe so. >> why not? >> there are many reasons. any elections has got certain prerequisites that should proceed the electoral process itself, the actual one. one of the processes says it is scheduled. the free speech. and so many other prerequisites. in our case here that we deal with, the egyptian case, the prerequisites are non-existent, and people know exactly what is going on in egypt in terms of free speech and free association.
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are you saying the elections are not held in a free and fairlight? >> let's look at the turn out in the expat election that took place yesterday and the day before yesterday. the turn out is 2%, which is an all-time low. this is telling about what is happening today, and tomorrow in the first phase of elections. let's face it, i mean when you don't have the actual number of voters casting the vote and the turn out. then you don't have a serious election. >> let's talk about the parliament for a second. when it's voted in, what kind of powers is it going to have? >> that's another thing that makes most of the people, most of the voters do not believe in the seriousness of this process. when the parliament - and it's -
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i think it's something unique when all candidates running for the election - their only programme is to give up powers assigned by the constitution, their own institution, the parliament in favour of the president. then most of the people have a right to believe this is not a serious process. >> the upcoming parliament, the upcoming parliament was to be granted more powers. scoring to the constitution amended in 2014, it's very clear from the talk of the president himself, and the candidates running for the parliamentary elections, that the president lost his power, at the expense of the constitutional powers given to the parliament. they express the risks that they
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are ready to give up their own powers assigned by the constitution in favour of the president. that's why they are saying most of the people do not believe in the seriousness of this process. >> thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. >> thank you. >> guinea's president won a second term, avoiding a run off with his main opponent. the electoral commission says he received 71% of the vote. his main opposition came in with 31%. with smiles from ear to ear, supporters of guinea's incumbent president celebrated. the electoral president said they beat the opponents by a large margin. >> i'm happy with the result. i'm a guinean. because my president wins, i'm happy. >> not everyone is happy with
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the way things turned out. the runner-up threatened to boycott the election. then changed his mind. now citing irregularities, said he cannot accept the result. >> i agree with the decision not to recognise the results of this election. however, i have decided not to take this matter to the constitutional court. >> reporter: the constitutional court has to approve the results. candidates have several days to file complaints. >> there are seven candidates raising issues. they have to be considered through the legal structures of the country, before a winner is finally found on the basis. >> calling for supporters to take to the streets peace flay, and show their disapproval of the voting process. the united nations special representative for west africa is calling for restraint. the president's office said
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asking people to protest could drag guinea into instability and violence. >> the first result shows that guineans were involved in the electoral process. i hope the opposition, although they want to boycott the results and take to the streets, will come together. >> the west african country, one of the poorest in the world, has a history of the post election violence. >> three were killed. >> to me the important result is the participation rate. which is 67-68%. showing the people in guinea believe in the democratic process. the education ministry delayed the start of the academic year to next month, to ensure safety. many are worried that protests could lead to a long period of unrest well, nepal's deputy prime
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minister is in new delhi. his country accused india of imposing. he'll meet with various ministers. for wheat, trucks, carrying supply have stopped crossing into landlocked nepal. nepalies say it's because the indian government opposes their constitution, india says it's because of protests against the constitution in nepal there's anger in new delhi over the rape of two children. the family of a 5-year-old said the girl was abused by three men. two teenager were arrested for allegedly raping a 2.5-year-old girl, in a separate attack. >> the indian japanese and the u.s. navy's are taking part. they deployed the carrier, and a
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nuclear powered submarine for the drills taking place there. a united arab emirates official is taking place in the shooting. the officer was killed on friday by gunmen on a motorcycle. pro-government officials say they expect sunni extremists, but no group claimed responsibility for the attack. at least 12 people drowned after the passenger votes claimed. the vessel has been carrying double the recommended weight. 23 are rescued and two are missing. the government requested an investigation. >> north korea rejected the idea for ending talks to the nuclear programme. it's demanding a peace treaty for the u.s. a day earlier the korean
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president said they were open to talks with the north. any discussions can only be done if they show it's serious about abandoning mexican's drug lord made a mistake. guds joaquin guzman, known as el chapo is thought to have suffered injuries during his close call with police. john holman has more. >> reporter: the world's most wanted drug lord has got away again. the mexican navy closed in on gus rsh, alias el chapo in the mountains of northern mexico, his birth place and hide out. after heavy helicopter fire, soldiers moved in. it was too late. once again, the leader of the sinaloa cartel slipped through
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the net. authorities say he was wounded in the head and leg. the missed opportunity came days before el chapo was leaped after an cape from the high security prison in july. >> the sound of tunnelling can be heard, and the voices of men. incredibly, the guards did not react to the barrage of noise until long after joaquin guzman vanished. it was the second team they escaped from a mexican gaol. time and again. el chapo embarrassed the government. it became a single of corruption and competence. and at least recapturing the drug lord compensates for that lack of credibility. despite a long list of crimes, including murder, money laundering and crime.
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joaquin guzman turned into an antihero. to the points where melissa chan turned into an a popular accessory. the man himself is wounded, hunted, but still at large. >> i'm russell beard in barbados meeting the islanders who are buiding a green ecomomy.


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