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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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. >> israel's cabinet meets to discuss security measures after failing to stop a wave of violence in occupied territories. hello, i'm martine dennis live in doha, also to come in the programme - typhoon cove u makes landfall in the philippines an election with no opposition involving the first parliamentary poll. >> when we asked them for food
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and said we had no money left, they said we could exchange our shirts for a cup of tea. the situation is tense in the occupied palestinian territories where there has been stabbings. israel's cabinet is meeting to discuss the crisis as its shoot to kill policy failed to stop the unrest. live to hoda abdel-hamid, joining us from the occupied west bank. where you are is the scene of the latest violent incident that happened on saturday evening. >> yes, indeed. i'm in front of the pedestrian terminals, and someone - someone in there is where, according to
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an israeli military, a young palestinian first tried to stab an israeli border guard and didn't manage. he was shocked and there was a second wave as the other man laid on the ground. a bomb exploded, came to do a body search on him. and that is when the palestinian boy or young man, 23-year-old, would have pulled out a second knife and trashed that. he was shot dead. the palestinians will say that that story is true. several witnesses were in there at the time, saying the young man was walking behind the israeli soldiers, maybe they panicked and suspected and turned around and shot them. this has been happening. each time there's a bang, both sides come out with a story and don't match the stories.
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we have to say we have seen pictures of the young men on the ground. they were bleeding, and we didn't see a picture with him. >> and this is one of multiple flashpoints cross the west bank. is there indications that people are tiring of this confrontation that they are engaging in with the israeli armed forces almost on a dally basis. >> well, it's been a tense night, i would say, in hebron, for example. some jewish settlers late at night went and threw a petrol bomb at the house of a young palestinian who had been shot dead in the morning by a jewish settler. again, there are two sides of the story. the israeli army said he tried to knife the settler. palestinians said a knife has been dropped next to his body
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after he was kill. all of that obviously created tensions. as we understand it, there was a fights between the palestinians and the jewish settlers that conditioned for a while in the night. in nablus you had another flashpoint, a tense area. some jewish settlers tried to approach the tomb, a holy site for jews and christians, and the palestinians tried to forbid them to go there. all these little flashpoints are intensifying in the violence every day. it continues. a wave of stabbing that started the day before yesterday in nablus and continued throughout yesterday as we see in hebron, and here, in calandra, where all of this is creating a lot of worry among the palestinians. so far the stabbings have been going on on the other side of
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the wall in occupied east jerusalem, and israel itself. the fact that it's geographically spreading into this territory is concerning many people here. >> thank you are for that, the latest in the occupied west bank authorities in the philippines ordered more places to be evacuated as the typhoon crashes to the north-east of the country. 10,000 people moved to safer ground. no casualties have been reported and power and communication lines snapped. heavy rain caused flooding. they expected to bring winds of up to 175 k/hr to the north-east of the island for up to three days. margo has more. >> reporter: the philippines gets an average of about 24 typhoons a year. this is the strongest one to
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strike this year. it is not as strong, however, as the typhoon which devastated the country in 2013, that was the strongest typhoon ever on record to make landfall. weather officials were concerned that it would linger, longer, and drop rainfall that might be seen in a year in one 24 hour period. that is expected to cause massive flooding and land slides in the area of the country which the typhoon will pass over. it's a mountain that sees the largest river in the country. the people were evacuated friday. government officials say they are preparing the towns as prepared as they can be. emergency and relief workers have been pre-positioned as well
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as relief goods. they are aware na communication lines have been brought down and they have prepared satellite systems. power has been cut in certain areas, and officials say they are prepared to deal with any eventuality as best as they can 48 people from the same family have been killed by a russian air strike, a bomb shelter is said to have been hit by a rocket in homs. moscow has been launching air offensives in the area. the prime minister says the strikes are meant to fight i.s.i.l., not back president bashar al-assad. >> no, absolutely not true. it is up to the syrian people to decide who will be the head. it provides nationalities and religions, this is a choice the
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people make. we operate on the premise that bashar al-assad is the legitimate president the iraqi army said 12 soldiers have been killed. an improvised device went off near fallujah. it's not clear who was behind the ambush. fallujah was captured by i.s.i.l. in january, 2014. >> the angela merkel chancellor is headed to turkey for talks on the refugee crisis, and is backing a multi-million plan aimed at encouraging turkey to tighten border controls. they agreed to offer turkey 3.4 million to kerb refugees entering europe. the turkish government rejected it. >> slovenia is using the army to regain control. asylum seekers on the way to
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austria and germany are crossing through after hungry closed the border. >> as thousands make their way to europe, many are choosing homes closer to home. they are falling victim along the way. we have a report from the border of mozambique and south africa. >> reporter: eduardo said god called on him to do the work. he's done it for three years and doesn't want to reveal his identity. he says he rescues desperate refugees, a job that should be done by governments. >> i felt them. i know they are suffering. they are coming, running to other countries, and then they cannot stay here in mozambique, because even us here in mozambique, we still isn't a job. >> but refugees see eduardo and
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his job differently. in one of his safe houses in mozambique's capital, these three young men are waiting to cross into south africa. they say the network is profiting from their misery. >> translation: we have been travelling for two months, they have taken every penalty. for a $5 taxi fair, they charged each one $20. when we asked for food and said we had no money, they told us to change shirts for a cup of tea. they are not good people. there are foreigners here, waiting to cross illegally. >> many refugees and migrants, with foicial border crossing -- official border crossing. the last thing they want is to return to the countries they
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came from. they came out of safe houses. >> at night the refugees and migrant gather on the hill. the smugglers are not far behind. border police control the hill. the smugglers go through the border fence. police tracked down on foreigners. we've caught 280 illegal migrants since the start of the month. we repatriated them. we'll continue to catch and deport them. until there are no more illegal people in the country. he has successfully smuggled this person. eduardo says he'll continue to answer god's call.
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there is anger in the indian capital new delhi. the family of a 5-year-old says the girl was abused by three men in a neighbour's house. the two teenagers were arrested for raping a 2.5-year-old girl in a separate attack celebrating the results. people in guinea dance in the streets. opposition leaders want protests instead. that story coming up. china's mobile company. sales put down at home.
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hello again. let's look at the top stories here at al jazeera. the situation remained tense across israel, and the occupied palestinian territories, where there has been daily stabbings and killings. israel's cabinet is meeting to discuss the crisis as the shoot to kill policy is failing to stop the unrest. five were killed on saturday by israelis for alleged knife attacks. 10,000 people have been moved to safety after a typhoon hit north-eastern philippines. heavy rains caused flooding and damaging roads and pulling down powerlines. >> clegerman chancellor angela merkel is on her way to turkey for talks on the e.u. refugee
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crisis. they have offered money, but the turkish government says it's too low politicians attack on refugees is believed to be behind an any attacks. a leading mayoral candidate was stabbed in the neck whilst on the campaign trail. police arrested a man for the stabbing voting has begun in egypt since the overthrow. president mohamed mursi in 2013. the poll is the final step in a transition to democracy. a 2-stage process will take weeks to complete. campaign posters are back on the streets of egypt. a variety of names and faces are running for parliament, political differences are non-existent. there are no opponents of the
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leadership. a stark contrast the last time there was an election. following the uprising, egypt experienced a free and fair election in which a plethora of parties contested. a few months later military rulers used a court order to resolve parliament. sortly after the coup, the party was resolved and the movement described a terrorist organization. the army promised to hold parliamentary elections. more than two years later the vote is held. the political climate is far from free or democratic. tens of thousands of activates are behind bars, dozens remain in gaol, and the media is tightly dense soared. as a result, several parties, including the april 6th youth
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movement. that was pivotal are boycotting the poll. for president abdul fatah al-sisi, it's important that a new parliament is formed. they continue to face criticism over a lack of democracy in egypt. a new parliament presented as proof of a political process. they'd be deeply flawed with most of the major parties not having contested the election. the romanian foreign minister said mohammed's resolution had missiles designed to carry war heads. none of tehran's war heads have been designed for nuclear capability. iran announced it specified a new missile without specifying
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its range a nuclear agreement reached in july comes into effect on sunday. tehran will begin what is called the biggest nuclear dismantlement history. the compliance seeing sanctions lifted. there are still significant challenges ahead. >> it took years of complex negotiations between iran and a group of world powers known as p5+1. to put together a deal the obama administration says will be based on verification, not trust. >> the agreement means iran has to shop and curtail its programme, a move that will reduce its kaptibility of developing nuclear weapons, u.s. secretary of state john kerry said it was a deal worth fighting for. >> it is a step away from the spectre of conflict, and towards a possibility of peace. >> in iran, they must begin what
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is thought to be the biggest nuclear dismantlement history, involving the moth ball of centrifuges out of the country, all of which iranian authorities say will be done by the end of november. iran is keen that crippling sanctions are eased. iran has plenty of vocal critics. >> it does not make peace more likely. by fuelling aimpressions, it makes war more likely. >> in the next few weeks, it may be the most difficult. inspections by the international atomic energy agencies is key. >> it does not resooefl a wide reeng of issues. we will have to continue to put pressure on them through the international community.
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>> reporter: recent footage on iranian state television showing tunnels packed with missiles and launches haven't helpedees concerns. it came after a long-range missile was tested. >> for all the powers involved in the disagreement there's a great deal at stake. president obama's administration brokered a deal that few would have thought possible. and the next few weeks may change foreign policy. >> guinea's president won a second term, avoiding a run off. the electoral commission said he received 58% of the vote. his main opponent game in second with 31%. we have this report. >> reporter: with smiles from ear to ear, supporters of guinea's incumbent celebrated
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saturday night. the electoral commission said he beat them by a large margin. >> i'm happy with a result. i'm a guinean, i'm proud to beginian. >> not everyone is happy with the way things turned out. the runner-up threatened to boycott the election, changed his mind and called on them to vote. he says he cannot accept the results. >> i agree with the decision not to recognise the result of the election, i decided not to take this matter to the constitutional court. >> the constitutional court has to approve the result. candidates have several days to file complaints. >> there are candidates raising issues and they have to be settled before a winner is proclaimed on the basis of
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giving it up. >> calling for supporters to take to the streets, showing a disapproval of the process. the united nations representative is calling for restraint. the president's office says asking people to protest could drag guinea into instability, chaos and violence. >> i think the first result shows the ginnions were involved. >> i hope the position, will come together and accept the democratic process. >> the west african country, one of the poorest has a history of post electoral violence. at least three were killed. to me, the most important result was a participation rate. 67%. it shows the people believe in the process. >> the education ministry
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delayed the start, to ensure student safety. many are worried that street protests could lead to a period of unrest thousands escaping violence in burundi are forced to find refuge in neighbouring tanzania. overcrowding and limited resources means the government is struggling to house them. we have more. >> reporter: this man and his family are used to being called refugees. this is the second time they have sought refuge in neighbouring tanzania. they were repatriated after living in a refugee camp for years. fresh fighting in burundi saw them on the move again. >> the situation in burundi is not good. there are killings going on.
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i was chased by the ruling party's youth group. i ran away. when they came home i came in invaded my house. >> one of the biggest crowded refugee camps is home to 60,000 people. it was set up in the 1990s. to cope with people fleeing the war. with the rainy seen horizon authorities had to reopen the camp. >> it's not god, you see people moving up and down, seeing them over the years, it's not good. they would not go to school. it's a problem. i don't think it's good. men of the new arrives say they faced daily intimidation and violence, especially if they did not support the ruling party of the president. members of the security forces
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felt threatened. we had a few occasions where there were members in the camp. then we have some soldiers that have arrived. >> for the family, the new camp is a welcome site. >> it has become like our home. no one wants to go back. there's no peace. >> reporter: families will receive their own blocks of land the indian, japanese and u.s. navy's are taking part in exercises off india. the u.s. deploys the aircraft carrier, and a nuclear powered submarine for the week-long drip. japan is a permanent member of what is a three nation annual
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drill. china has been wary of the exercises between india and the u.s., and state-run newspapers questioned india against being drawn into an anti-china reliance. apple is no longer the top maker in china, two local countries act for the sales. china, a large smartphone market is a battle ground of tech companies. sarah clarke reports from hong kong. it's one of the largest shows in the world. more than 4,000 companies are show-casing the latest innovations, with a market hungry for technology. we attracted a huge number of trade buyers. over 95,000 trade visitors from over 15 countries and regions.
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china is a leader in technology consumption. the popularity of the smartphones is creating a booming industry in app-related products. >> this helps to monitor how much food has been consumed. >> in a market flooded, competition has never been so intense. once dominated by apple. they hoed the lead in china, accounting for a shared of smartphone sales. >> the local guys have a lot of rooms to innovate. it is like a totally different world. as the largest smartphone market, every country has a strategy, and given the number of people and demand for phones, success could secure you a spot in the top 10 globally, with that in mind the producers are
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tailoring phone design. >> china accounts for about a third of the world's 1.3 billion smartphones, but the number of mobile phone users has fallen for the first time. that, and the slowing economy has analysts warning of a downward trend. china's tech companies are seeking to expand the tech markets. >> we are making sure that we can shift more intel. more than a million are sold
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every quarter. emerging targetting a tech market you can keep up to date with all the stories on the al jazeera website. >> as israelis' decades old occupation of palestinian territory grinds on, commerce and economics are becoming new battle lines. an embargo is the latest weapon of resistance for gaza and the west bank, but how does an internationally supported boycott movement deal with local vested interests?


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