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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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[ ♪ ] anger and outrage after a series of violent incidents in the occupied palestinian territories you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead on the programme, powerful typhoon koppu smashes into the philippines forcing thousands from their homes. >> and an election with no opposition. egyptians vote in the first parliamentary polls since the military coup. plus... . >> i remember clearly all those died. i barely remembered my sister's
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face. >> hundreds of north and south koreans are to be reunited with their families after decades of separation. the situation is tense across israel in the occupied palestinian territories, where there was several stabbings and shootings, since october 1st, '44 palestinians have been killed and seven israeli cabinet have been meeting to discuss the crisis as the shoot to kill policy has not stopped the unrest. let's look at the figures of palestinians killed. sa jewish settler shot dead a person tore trying to tab him. the palestinian police say the he was killed before he could do parm. harm. an israeli police woman shot
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dead a 16-year-old after suffering a hand wound. she attempted to stab her after asking directions. a third palestinian youngster was killed in hebron. that was on saturday. israeli forces shot dead a 16-year-old, this time in east jerusalem, again for allegedly attempting to stab a soldiers. under the same circumstances, a 23-year-old was shot dead at a checkpoint in ramada. we have extensive coverage. mike hanna joins us from west jerusalem. we also go to the occupied west bank. hoda abdel-hamid, the latest incident took place where the palestinian boy was shot. >> yes, indeed, it took place in this part of the checkpoint. which is the pedestrian terminal. they have to go flow several gates. he was on his way into ramallah,
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and then overnight was tense. you this jewish settlers attack the house of the young men that were shot dead in the morning. there are two sides of the stories, and you have for example between the settlers and the palestinians. and under the security responsibility of the palestinian authority - that tension is continuing today. we do know about some confrontations going on now, that is after some students called for a demonstration of those we have seen over the past nearly three weeks. each time there's a demonstration it turns into devastation. there are clashes in the north, and now the worry for palestinians is that with the amount of settlement that exists
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both in the occupied west bang and east jerusalem, with the amount of expansions announced, the outposts that exist. the continued friction between the palestinians and the settlers, it will cause a lot of unrest. the palestinians believe they are unprotected. many of the times, attacks happen, they go from vandals. for example at the moment. you will hear a lot of farmers complain that they wake up in the morning to find they are confirmed. and we have bodily harm, attacks on houses like what happened in hebron. palestinians say they go unprotected and all of the crowds are unprotected. palestinians are suspected of maybe wanting to carry out an attack. at the moment there's a heightened sense of security. he is immediately shot dead. all of that is increasing on a
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daily base, and what palestinians are worried about is a friction all day long in different parts of the australianed west bank. >> on the points you -- of the occupied west bank. >> we'll cross to mike hanna, the government approved a law to allow police to search a person and their belongings if they are not is that corrected of carrying -- not suspected of carrying belongings, what can you tell us about the law, and whether there's a feeling that it will in flame tensions. >> well, the law that will go through cabinet is a restatement of what happened on the ground. that form of policy is in force. we see day after day, week after week, months after months, palestinians stopped on the street lifting shirts, taking
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off their shoes. the legislation has been introduced and approved by the cabinet, this is not something new. the reality on the ground is something that has been practised. of more important note is binyamin netanyahu's statement into the status of what he calls temple mount. he made clear that there can be no international involvement in resolving the dispute over the area, rejecting out of hand a french diplomatic initiative to get the motion past in the al-aqsa mosque compound. israel is not the problem, but with regard to what he calls the temple mount, israel is the solution. this is something rejected by palestinian leaders pointing to the dispute over the al-aqsa mosque compound and the intentions as the core of the crisis that the area is
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experiencing at the moment, arguing if there's going to be a diplomatic solution, the debate of the compound. what israelis call the temple mount must be at the center of the operation. >> what do we make of the timing of a visit by joe doesn't field, chief of staff. what is the message behind his visit? >> this is a very important side bar to the current round of conflict. the head of the joint chiefs of staff is here, effectively to kick start discussions about defense aid that binyamin netanyahu suspended in the year in protest over nuclear support. the head of the joint chiefs of staff is reopening discussions about the grant. and is expected to total $4 billion at the end of those talks.
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significantly, it reflects an easing in the fractious relationship. and between president obama and binyamin netanyahu, and the easing of relations could play out in terms of releasing or relieving u.s. pressure on israel in terms of the steps it's taking. >> thank you for that updapt. >> voting has begun in egypt's election. since the overthrow of mohamed mursi. the poll is a final step in transmission to democracy. the 2-stage process will take weeks to complete. we have more. campaign posters are back on the streets of egypt. a variety of names and faces are running for parliament, political differences are
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non-existent. there are no opponents of the leadership on the ballot paper. a stark contrast the last time there was an election. following the 2011 uprising, egypt witnessed its first free and fair election in which a plethora of parties contested. the muslim brotherhood freedom and justice party were the victors of the vote. a few months later military rulers used a court order to dissolve parliament. shortly after the 2013 coup, the muslim brotherhood party was dissolved and the movement described a terrorist organization. the army led by sisi promised to hold parliamentary elections. more than two years later the vote is held. the political climate is far from free or democratic. tens of thousands of activists are behind bars, dozens of journalists are in jail and the media is tightly censored. as a result, several parties, including the april 6th youth
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movement pivotal in toppling mubarak, boycotted the poll. that was pivotal are boycotting the poll. for president abdul fatah al-sisi, it's important that a new parliament is formed. they continue to face criticism over a lack of democracy in egypt. as well as a crackdown on opponents. a new parliament presented as proof of a political process. it will be deeply flawed with most of the major parties not having contested the election. let's take a closer look at this election. 27 million egyptians are eligible to vote in sunday's phase. people will vote for the 596 members of parliament. 448 will be elected as independents. 120 representing a party. 28 are presidential appointees. any candidates that ran and won in the 2011, 2012 general elections cannot take part. last time 47% of votes went to
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the freedom and justice party, rooted in the muslim brotherhood, but now it's outlawed. leaders killed or gaoled. a former editor of a newspaper in egypt said voters are disillusioned with the protest. >> let's look at the turn out in the expat election that took place yesterday and the day before yesterday. the turn out is almost 2%, which is an all-time low. this is telling about what is happening today and tomorrow in the first phase of elections domestically. let's face it, i mean, when you don't have a relation between the actual number of voters casting the votes and the turn out, you don't have serious elections. most of the people, most of the voters do not believe in the seriousness of this process. it's something unique when all
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candidates, almost all candidates running for the parliamentary elections, their only programme is to give up the powers assigned by the constitution to its own institution, the parliament in favour of the president, then most of the people have the right to believe this is not serious. . >> two people have been killed by typhoon koppu. 10,000 have moved to safer ground. flights have been cancelled and power and communication lines snapped in several places. the typhoon is expected to bring winds up to 79km an hour. we sent this update.
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>> right now we are in a province known to be the biggest rice producer. the center for rice production in the philippines. it has all been turned into swamp. we were heading to an area where the typhoon made landfall. we were met with flash floods. we have to turn back. now we are trying to find a safer ground where we can stay for the night. the situation is different for communities that are trapped at the moment. in some. provinces. rescuers are not able enter the areas. the death toll is at two at the moment. there's a lot of concern about safety and security for those that have been trapped by water. the water is up to the chest level at the moment, and there's worry that flash floods will go down. there's worry about security and safety. still ahead - activists in india express horror and disgust
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india express horror and disgust the top stories on al jazeera, people in occupied east jerusalem and gaza, demonstrating against israeli forces. the israeli government responded to a wave of stabbings by passing a new law, allowing
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forces to search people and their belongings even if they are not suspected of being armed. the philippines government ordered more to move out of the path of koppu. two people have been killed so far. the death toll is expected to rise. voting begins in egypt in the first parliamentary election since the overthrow of mohamed mursi in 2013. authorities say the poll is the final step in a transition to democra democracy. >> 48 people from the same family have been killed by a russian air strike. a bomb shelter they were hiding this has been hit in homs. moscow launched air offensives, and russia was accused of helping government forces. the prime minister said the strikes are meant to fight i.s.i.l., not back bashar al-assad. >> no, absolutely not true.
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it is up to the syrian people to decide who will be the head of syria. it combines many nationalities and religions, it is complicated. this is the choice the people should make. we operate on the premise that bashar al-assad is the legitimate president. >> thousands of refugees arriving from croatia - the asylum seekers fleeing from war and poverty, the middle east, africa and asia are on their way to austria and germany, having to reroute through slovenia after hungary closed its border. german chancellor angela merkel is heading to turkey. they are backing a plan aimed at tightening controls. turkey was offered up to $3.4 billion to curb the number of refugees entering europe. the turkish government rejected
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it thousands of african refugees try to cross. many are victims to smugglers. we have a report from the border of mozambique and south africa. >> reporter: this man said god has called on him to do this work. he has been doing it for three years. >> he says he rescues refugees. >> they are suffering in their countries. they are coming, running to other countries, and then they cannot stay here in mozambique, because even us here in mozambique, we still haven't a job. >> but refugees see eduardo and his job differently. in one of his safe houses in mozambique's capital, these three young men are waiting to cross into south africa.
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they say the network is profiting from their misery. >> translation: we have been travelling for more than two months, they have taken every penny they had from us. they over charge us for everything. for a $5 taxi fair, they charged each one $20. when we asked for food and said we had no money, they told us to change shirts for a cup of tea. they are not good people. >> reporter: this is a town near the border with south africa. there are foreigners here, waiting to cross illegally. you hardly see them. >> many refugees and migrants, without documents avoid the official border crossing. the last thing they want is to return to the countries they came from. as the sun sets, they came out of safe houses. and they head for the wire fence that separates mozambique and south africa. >> at night the refugees and migrants gather on the hill.
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it separates the two countries. the smugglers are not far behind. border police patrol the hill. the refugees move in silence through total darkness. the smugglers go through the border fence. for many, the journey ends here. police on both sides clamped council on foreigners. we've caught 280 illegal migrants since the start of the month. we repatriated them. we'll continue to catch and deport them. until there are no more illegal people in the country. business is brisk for eduardo, smuggling from the safe house. they continued to flee from conflict. they said he would continue to answer god's call. . >> police in india's capital new dehli arrested five suspected of raping two challenge in separate attacks. a 5-year-old and a 2.5-year-old
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were raped raising new concerns about the authority's ability to stop sexual attacks. a police forensic team works on site. another grim crime scene but with a difference. the young child was said to be raped. at another location a child abused. one of the children had been gang raped. delhi's chief minister arrived at a hospital where one was treated. >> translation: together we need to create an environment in delhi in which our mothers and daughters can feel safe, which is not happening now. it means there are short comings in security. the delhi government is doing all it can to prevent the situation. i feel the police play the biggest role. they need to help women feel safe. we are trying to help them. the prime minister should intervene in that matter too. >> women's group forms to make the capital safer.
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safer for women and children of all ages, and expressed their horror and disgust. what is happening in delhi, i cannot understand. i met a 2.5-year-old girl in hospital. they have scratch and bite marks over their body. she was left bleeding in a park. what kind of deli is this, what kind of animals are these. on the outskirts, a family mourns the death of a teenage daughter. she allegedly committed suicide after being stalked by a group of men. >> translation: we first went to the police station at night to lodge a complaint. the police did not take action. we went to the police station more, but again the police did not do anything. >> police say they are now investigating. the family say they kept reporting what was happening to police, but nothing was done. >> preliminary investigations indicate that the girl complained of harassment. basted on which a case was
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registered under section 354 of the indian penal code. >> a suicide note has been recovered from the girl's bag, which she spoke about being harassed by the men. >> reporter: new antirape laws were introduced after the gang rape of a medical student on a new delhi bus in 2012. the number of rape cases involving women have gone up, since then, especially in the capital. the brutal sexual attacks against two young children shocked millions who live in the city. many ask what other horrors need to happen before action is taken against violence to women and young girls. nepal's deputy prime minister is holding talks with india's foreign minister about a blockade his country accuses india of imposing. he is on a 3-day visit to new delhi. for weeks trucks carrying essential supplies stopped crossing into landlocked nepal.
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nepalese say the indian government opposes their new constitution. >> hundreds of north and south koreans are preparing for a defining moment. a rare reunion event for families separated by the korean war is due to take place in a north korean mountain resort. this report from seoul. >> at the age of 89 this man took up a hobby from his childhood. he said it staves off lonliness. when the korean -- i have when the korean war began, he was in a factory and travelled south. he never saw them again. eight years ago he signed up for a family reunion process. the chance came, but the news bought happiness and disappointment. >> translation: there were seven of us - brothers and sisters. my youngest sister is the only
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one still alive. i'm told others passed away. it's disappointing. all those i remember clearly have died. i barely remember my sister's face. it will probably be a bit awkward. >> he is one of 66,000 on a waiting list in south korea. more than half of them are like him, in their 80s, or older. each time a rare event comes around the red cross holds a lottery of names. 66 people died. the last event held in february. as ever, the rawness of emotions serve as a reminder of hoy -- how strongly felt they are. this upcoming round is a result of an agreement in august between north and south korea ending a serious bout of cross-border tension in recent years. >> with the event approaching a
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comparative handful of people that suffered for decades, the pain of separation will get a chance for a few moments of reunion. >> it's the perception of a sharp divide that many more will have to rely on the unpredictable nature of north-south relations and a lottery for a chance of their own in the future apple, no longer the top smartphone maker in china, two local manufacturers account for a third. china, from the largest smartphone market is the battle ground for new technologies. sarah clarke reports from hong kong. >> reporter: it's one of the largest technology shows in the world. companies are showcasing innovations, in a market hungry for technology. >> we attract trade buyers all
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over the world. traders from over 150 countries and regions. >> china is a leader in technology consumption, not just production. and the popularity of smartphones is creating an industry in app-related products. >> this monitors how much food someone consumes. >> in a market flooded with smartphones, competition has never been intense. once dominated by apple two tech countries hold the lead in china, accounting for one-third of all smartphone sales. >> the local guys have a room to innovate. to differentiate themselves. so china is like a totally different world. >> as the world's market. every company has a strategy. given the number of people and demnd for phones, success in the region, they secure you a spot in the top 10.
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with that in mind they are tailoring phone design to meet with the consumers. >> you can choose. >> china accounts for a third of the worlds 1.3 billion smartphones. the number has fallen for the first time. that combined with the economy has analysts warning of a downward trend. >> in terms of the economy, it proposes uncertainty. china's tech companies are seeking to expand behind the domestic market. >> there's a lot of growing market in indonesia, india, philippines. we are partnering with them to make sure we can ship more. more intel-based phones. >> despite a softening business in china, an average of 100 million sold in every
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quarter. emerging economies may be offering growth, buts the world the most populous nation is the tech company's market. just a reminder, you can keep up to date with the news on the website.


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