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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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fleeing the refugee crisis. the german chancellor offers turkey support to help stem the tide of people. hello there. you are watchingays live from london. coming up on the program, new security measures from israel as it tries to deal with more than two weeks of violence. an election with no opposition. he job descriptions vote in the first parliamentary poll since the military coup. thousands displaced as a powerful tie off and on sweeps into the philippines.
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♪ german chancellor angela merkel was in turkey to push a plan that offers aid to ankara in exchange for stemming the flow of refugees into europe. hopes to the prime minister and both sides agree there can be no lasting solution to the refugee crisis would you want resuolvin the conflict in syria. turkish officials say nothing has yet to be agreed. >> turkey and germany and europe as a whole will need to tackle the refugee crisis. they have considered these matters and it is our agreement to work together to prevent mattus getting worse in syria to prevent the further influx of
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refugees from that location. >> i have said this in the german parliament: german is ready to open chapter 17 regarding participation in european assembly. turkey is participating actively in discussions as a european candidate. we will strengthen cooperation with turkey on this. >> al jazeera's bernard smith sent us this update from istanbul. >> reporter: angela merkel, who incidentally has been one of the most vociferous opponents of turkish membership of the european union. she said she will help speed up the -- speed up the acsession talks of the european union. she also said she would help with turkey's wish for visa-free access to the european union, shangan zone countries the turkey is saying if we get this visa-flee access by next summer, we will also agree to take back failed asylum seekers from the
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european union. at the moment, that doesn't happen. turkey says it will do that. no promise from angela merkel. no specifics on dates at all. just sort of a general agreement or a general offer to help improve turkey's accesion talks in the european union. for the past few moments, we have been speaking to lots of syrian refugees who have been sailing on these dingies from turkey to greece. the reason they leave turkey is because they don't see a future for themselves here turkey doesn't give syrian refugees work perrimits and they are difficult to get places schools. that's why a lot are leaving. the european wants turkey to give work permits to syrian refugees. it wants to increase access to schooling. the problem is that there is no real desire amongst the turkish population to give those work permits to syrians, the economy is slowing down here a bit. it's hard enough for turks to finds jobs as it is. there are national elections in
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turkey a couple of weeks from now. so politically, it's not something that the turkish government is going to be offering certainly in the short-term. so that's going to be particularly difficult, and then practically, how does turkey stop -- how does turkey patrol thousands of miles of coastline along the aegean? how does it patrol all of that and stop these my grants sa sailing, these refugees sailing over to the greek islands? it's a difficult task for turkey. lies let's bring you breaking news coming out of israel. we are hearing at least five people have been wounded in a shooting attack in the southern israeli city of ber sheba according to an ambulance official and police soshsz, security forces, also, confirming that they go through the breaking news again at least five people wounded in a shooting attack in the southern israeli city of ber sheba. we are trying to get our correspondent in the area to get more details on that attack as
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soon as we can hear on al jazeera. >> first, let's go to syria where the army has advanced in its offensive to retake parts of aleppo with the backing of hezbollah and iranian fighters. state t.v. is reporting that a friday offensive around the northern city has been successful. it's one of several attempts to try to push rebels out of the area. meanwhile, the u.k.-based syrian observatory for human rights says four civilians were killed in russian strikes in the western city of homs. the russian prime minister says the attacks are targeting the islamic state of iraq in the levant. >> reporter: no. absolutely not true. it is up to the syrian people to decide who will be the head of syria. by the way, it combines many nationalities, many religions. it is complicated. this is the choice the people should make, themselves. at the moment, we operate on the premise that assad is the legitimate president. >> the pentagon says its killed
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the leader of an al-qaeda affiliate in airstrikes in syria. the head of the corosan group. he has been reported there previously. the u. the u.s. based human rights organization says he was killed in u.s. strikes on friday. the pentagon says he was killed near the northern syrian town of dana. he helped channel money to al-qaeda and arrange routes for new recruits to travel through turkey to syria. >> in the past few minutes, we have been getting breaking news. we have been hearing reports that there are at least five people who have been injured in a shooting attack in the southernisitsi city of ber sheba. that's since israel's cabinet has been addressing security measures to deal with more than
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two weeks of violence. >> reporter: a regular sunday meeting of the israeli cabinet against extraordinary political cries. the prime minister once again denies the accusation that his government is attempting to change the arrangements regarding access to what he calls the temple mount, the al oxa mosque compound. >> only israel, israel alone is the guarantor on the holy site of the temple mount. the reason the status quo has been violated is not because we changed it. the orders of prayer, the visiting rights have not changed for the last 15 years. >> palestinians are adamant israeli attempts to increase control over the al oxa mosque compound is the root cause of the current conflict. >> muslim nations are sleeping. that's why the people of jerusalem have started it. >> extreme tension, a military
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ceremony in tel aviv. the guest of honor, the new chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff, general joseph dunford, here to discuss resemption of talks about defense aid which israel suspended earlier this year in protest against the iran nuclear deal. it signals a warming in what has been a defendant fractious relationship in recent times, and it's evidence that the u.s. will continue to conduct business as usual with even the most right-wing of israeli governments. here in israel's biggest mass circulation newspaper, the headline, "ready to draw," this is a picture of a government minister who has recently taken his gun out of the safe and is now wearing it all the time. natali bennett settler movement dominates government along with hardline religious nationalists. this is not a body likely to deviate from the most extreme response to mounting palestinian protests. mike hannah, al jazeera, west
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germ use let me. >> voting has begun in egypt's long awaited parliamentary elections. it's the first contest since the overthrow of the mohammed more situate in 2013si in 2013. results should be known by december as jamal now explains. >> reporter: this is the second time egyptians are voting for a parliament since the 2011 protests that removed president hos any mubarak. unlike the first elections, turnouts on sunday, according to local media, was extremely low. the last time a parliamentary poll took place, this was the scene. people queueing for hours waiting to cast ballots. that was the first free and fair election in egypt's history. the victors now, as a result of the 2013 coup, the brotherhood's leaders are either killed, jailed, or exiled, and the movement outlawed. it's not only the brotherhood
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that's absent from these elections. several other parties, including the april 6th youth movement and others have boycotted the vote in protest of what they say is the continued oppression under president abdel sisi. it's a view echoed by many. >> no. i won't vote. young people once were passionate about voting. we voted in the parliamentary elections and the presidential election after mubarak's resignation. but the passion died down after mohamed morsi was removed from his presidency. few young people voted in abdul fatah's election and even they resented doing it. >> president sisi and his supporters justified the crackdown on political opponents by saying the country needed to sacrifice freedoms for the sake of comic development and stability. more than two years, egypt's economy remains in decline.
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we egyptians have not had any improvement in people's livelihoods since 2013. we are still faced with economic crisis and we have high unemployment. although there are numerous candidates vying for a seat in parliament, there is little between them in terms of political diversity. sunday's ballot papers didn't include any opponents of the sisi or egypt's military leaders. sisi had hoped that the parliament would appease those who continued to criticize him for the lack of freedom in egypt. but if the turnout remains low, many may still question the future parliament's credibility. ays. okay. let's get more now on our breaking news this hour. reports of a shooting attack in the southern israeli city of ber sheba. andrew simmons is in west jerusalem. he joins us. andrew, what more do we know about this attack? >> reporter: details are rather
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short in supply at the moment, but we understand the first report suggests there were two attackers and they had guns. at least one gun any more, that was shooing. this was at ber sheba, a city in southern israel. it was at the bus station a number of casualties, a number of israelis were hit. it is the numbers put anything between .five and eight at this stage. two attackers, both were shot, and one is said to be dead. the other was seriously wounded. that's from the police. so, no official confirmation yet, but this is an ongoing situation. this is an area where there hasn't been a lot, as much tension, as jerusalem and the occupied west bank, and it appears that the two attackers,
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as i say, also had at least one knife. so it was a knife and gun attack according to witnesses at the scene. an ambulance official has said that .5 israelis have been taken to hospital, but there could be more, we understand, more, more people injured than that. barbara? >> andrew, i know you will be monitoring development on that story for us for the moment. andrew simmons in west jerusalem. thank you. still, more to come here on al jazeera, including the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. the nuclear agreement between iran and the world powers comes in to effect. and bringing the changes, how home grown chinese brands are taking on apple and samsung.
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a reminder the top stories on al jazeera. at least five israelis have been taken to hospital after an attack at a bus station in the southern israeli city of be 'er sheva. one of the attackers has been shot dead. this comes assis says it wants to implement new security measures to calm fears after stabbing attacks. >> angela merkel is in turkey to push a european plan that offers aid to the country in exchange for stemming the flow of refugees into europe. syrian state t.v. claims the country's army has advanced in its offensive to retake parts of
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aleppo with the backing of hezbollah and iranian fighters. >> let's get more now on the refugee story. thousands of refugees have been arriving in sloughe slovenia. many are forced to take a new route. here is emma hayward. >> reporter: some said they had been waiting through the night to cross. hundreds of men, women and children stuck on the serbian side of the border with croatia. they were allowed to pass. taking their next step in the journey across increasingly controlled borders in europe. >> what is very bad is the situation that they are very crowded and they have been waiting here for many hours, and they are exhausted. they have not enough water and supply and, also, not enough information. >> those a few days ahead of them on their journey were arriving in slovenia. late at night and being
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monitored closely by the police. slovenia, a country of just two million people is, is struggling to cope with the high numbers of refugees arriving. many, many more are taking this route because of hungary's decision to seal its boarders blaming the rest of the e.u. for failing to manage the refugee crisis. as winter sets in, concerns are mounting about how people already with very little or nothing at all will be able to cope. >> winter is here, and the numbers haven't gone down. so more desperate people on the move, the winter is going to add to their suffering. so what we need is to -- a mechanism that we are able to help them from one border to another boarder. >> one of the founding goals of the e.u. was to build a common future. so far, though, the idea of a united strategy to deal with this ongoing crisis in europe
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seems a long way off. emma hayward, al jazeera. >> of course, migration isn't just a european issue. thousands of african refugees are trying to cross into south africa every year but many fall victim to people smugglers along the way. mohammed reports now on the border between mozambique and south africa. >> eduardo says god has called on him to do this work. he has been doing it for three years and doesn't want to reveal his identity. he says he rescues desperate refugees, a job he insists should be done by government. >> i help them because i know that they are suffering in their countries. so they are coming running to other countries, and then, they cannot stay here in mozambique because mozambique, we still haven't a job. >> reporter: but refugees see eduardo and his job differently.
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until one of his safe houses here in the capitol, these three young men are waiting to cross into south africa. they sad ward 0's network is simply profiting from their misery. >> we have been traveling for more than two months. and they have taken every penny we had from us. they overcharge us for everything. for a $5 taxi fare, they charge each of us $20. when we ask them for food and told them we had no money left, they told us to exchange our shirts for a cup of tea. they are not good people. >> reporter: this is garcia near the border with south africa. there are many foreigners here waiting to cross illegally but you hardly see them. >> many refugees and migrants avoid the official border crossing for fear of being detained. the last thing they want is to return to the countries they came from and as the sunsets, they come out of safe houses and head for the area that
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separations mozambique and south africa. >> at night, the refugees and migrants gather on the hill that separates the two countries. the smugglers are not far behind. board ever police patrol the hill. the refugees move in silence on top of darkness. the smugglers take them through the border fence. for many, the journey ends here. police have cracked down on undocumented foreigners. >>reporter: we've caught 280 illegal migrants since the start of this month. we repattreeiated them to countries of their origin. we will continue catching and deporting them until there are month no no more illegal people in our country. for now, business for eduardo, he has successful smuggled many from the safe house as more continues to flee from economics and hardship. eduardo says he will continue to answer god's call. al jazeera. persono garcia.
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iran's foreign minister has rejected u.s. allegations that it's recent missile tests violated a u.n. execute council resolution. mohammed jarif said the resolution only mentions missiles designed to carry nuclear warheads. he added none of tehran's xhilsz have been designed for nuclear capabilities. he said they tested a new missile without specifying the exact range. the nuclear agreement between iran and world powers comes into effect on sunday. tehran will begin what's being called the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. iran's compliance with the deal will see kimming economic sanctions lifted. as andy gallacher reports, there are still significant challenges ahead. >> it took years of complex and fitful negotiations between iran and a group of world powers known as p5 plus 1 to put together a deal the obama administration says will be
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based on verification, not trust. it will mean iran has to sharply curtail a nuclear program, a move experts say will significantly reduce capability of developmenting nuclear weapons. in july, when the agreement was reached, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry said it was a deal worth fighting for. >> it is a step away from the specter of conflict and towards the possibility of peace. >> in iran, engineers must now begin what's thought to be the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. it involves the moth bawling. all of which iranians say will be done by the end of november. iran is keen crimming economic sanctions are eased. a deal still has plenty of vocal critics. >> this doesn't make peace more likely. by fueling iran's aggressions with billions of dollars in sanctions relief it makes war more likely. >> the next few weeks as iran implements an agreement that is
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deeply unpopular there, it may now be the most difficult. intrusive inspections by the international atomic energy agency will be key. critics warn of the potential for cheating and disagreements. >> it does not fully resolve the wide range of issues where we have a big difference. so we are going to have to continue to put pressure on them through the international community. >> recent footage on iranian state television that appears to show underground tunnels packed with missiles and launchers haven't helped ease concerns. they were released days after iran tested a new long-range missile the u.s. say may have breached a u.n. security council resoluti resolution. >> reporter: for all of the powers, there is a great deal at atta stake. that's true for president obama. his administration managed to broker a deal few would have ever thought possible. in the next few weeks, it may shape his foreign policy legacy more than anything else. andy gallacher, al jazeera,
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washington. a typhoon has hit the philippines leaving three dead and 16,000 villagers displaced. the army and police have been rescuing villagers trapped in the hardest-hit regions of your or 0 and nueva sizia. regions have been left without power and 25 roads and bridges have been blocked by landslides and floods. this update from the northeast philippines. >> government resources are stretched now the typhoon is affecting 10 prove incidents across cents tral and northern lizon. trying to send rescue teams in so many places. so many roads have been i ampassible because of the debris and streams falling at the mome moment. we were trying to make our way to bell air but flood waters have started to recede. we have had to turn back. community now still cut off from the rest of the world since almost 24 hours now since it
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made landfall. the president spoke the other night and warned about the impending damage of this typhoon but it's very hard to quantify at the moment. even the death toll they cannot exactly say how many have died since early sunday morning. night brings a lot of danger and we can only find out what the aftermath and damage will be, i guess, monday morning here in central luzon. >> the catholic pope has canonized four new saints at a special ceremony in rome. among them, the first married couple to be canonized together. during the 19th secentury, they helped the sick and dying, beggars and insured hospital care was available to the ill- u.s. vice president joe biden is set to be strongly considering running for president. the move would see him pitted against the former secretary of state, hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. biden's political team broke its
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months-long silence with a letter circulated by one of biden's closest friends. it said biden would run a campaign from the heart. let's go to china now which is becoming the new battleground for tech companies fighting for a slice of the world's largest smartphone market. big names like apple and samsung are facing competition from a booming local industry. sarah clark has more now from hong kong. it's one of the largest electronic shows in the world. more than 4,000 companies from around 30 countries are showcasing their latest innovations. the market, hungry for new technology. >> we straka a huge number of trade buyers all over the world every year. over 95,000 trade visitors last year from over 150 countries and regions. >> china is a leader in technology consumption, not just production.
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and the popularity of smartphones is creating a booming industry in app-related products. >> to monitor how much food is consumed. in a market flooded with smartphones, competition has never been so intense. once dominated by apple, two chinese tech companies hold the lead in china accounting for nearly one-third of all smart phone sales. >> the local guys, they have a lot of room to innovate, to try to differentiate themselves. so china is still like a totally different world. >> as the world's largest smartphone market, every company has a china strategy. given the number of people here and the demand for phones, success in this region could potentially secure you a spot in the top 10 globally. with that in mind, the producers are now tailoring phone designs to meet what the consumer in china wants.
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>> they have multiple colors. you can see. you can choose. >> china now accounts for about a third of the world's 1 (300) 000-0000 smartphones, but the number of mobile phone users has fallen for the first time. >> combined with the slowing economy has an lifts warning of a slight downward trend. >> in terms of the economy condition in china, it does pose a lot of uncertainty for vendo vendors. >> reporter: china's tech companies are seeking to expands beyond the domestic market. >> there is also a lot of growing markets in indonesia, india, philippines. also partnering with a lot of orients to make sure we can ship more. >> despite a softening in business in china, an avenue of 1 million phones are sold every quarter. merging economies may be offering potential growth with the world's most populous nation
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remains a tech company's target market. sarah clark, al jazeera, hong kong. much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering on the program on our website. the address on your screen right now, hello, i'm basha sara and you're at "the listening post". here are some of the stories we are ki


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