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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. hello, there. this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes, more deaths and a fresh attack in the israeli palestine unrest after more than two weeks of violence. tackling the refugee crisis, the german chancellor offers turkey support to help stem the tide of people >> egyptians vote in the first parliamentary poll since the
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milita milita milita military c military takeover. >> and in sports, a sweep in the quarter finals in the rugby world cup. ireland beaten by argentina. at least one person killed after an attack at a bus station in southern israel. two attackers opened fire at the station which is close to the occupied west bank. let's get the latest from the story from al jazeera's andrew
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simmons. what more do we know? >> not a lot of information right now but we are sure that there are two people dead. one of the attackers and an israeli civilian. now, the police are describing this as a shooting and stabbing attack. it was a busy bus station when these two men lunged at people. we're not sure if it was a man or woman who was rushed to hospital in critical condition and now confirmation that he or she has died. there were some concerns reported about security here. this is a long distance away from jerusalem. it's not far from the west bang
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and would have been easy for them to cross over from the west bank. right now all we know is there's been a shooting and stabbing attack. and as far as the situation there is concerned right now, there are crowds there. there's a cordened off area by police but still concern about whether or not these men can get through into the bus station. it appears they certainly did. questions possibly about the security. of course, it's so hard to defend against this sort of attack in public places. and right now fear across israel right now about this.
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there had been something of a lull. >> andrew, thank you for that. this comes after israels cabinet said it is imposing new security measures to deal with ongoing violence in a move it hopes will calm recent fears. mike hannah has more. >>reporter: a regular sunday meeting of the israeli cabinet amongst political crisis. >> all israel alone is guaranteed the mosque. we didn't change anything. they orders of prayer, the fiftying rights have not changed
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for the last 15 years. >>reporter: but palestinians are add meant that increased control is the root cause of the conflict. >> we want jewish control over al-aqsa and they want to destroy it. >> a military ceremony in tel aviv, the guest of honor, general joseph doneford to talk about resuming talks with israel. it signals a warming in what's been a tense relationship. >> here in israel's newspaper,
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the headline, ready to draw. a picture of a government minister who is now wearing his gun all the time. the settler movement dominates government along with hard lined religious nationalists. this is in the a body likely to deviate from the most extreme response to mounting palestinian protests. chancellor angela merkel has been holding talks with the prime minister of turkey and the president. here's more now from istanbul. >>reporter: she's asking the turkish government to stem the flow of refugees coming to
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europe. >> i think we have used the crisis and it's very disorderly. specifically the eu wants turkey to increase coast guard patrols and give syrians work permits. in return, turkey is being offered more than $3 billion and a revival of eu membership talks. but both are difficult demands for turkey to fulfill. it has more than two and a half kilometers of cost line along the aegean. so far there's been no commitment on either issue from turkey. >> unfortunately, turkey was left alone by the international community in terms of burden sharing. the issue of sharing going
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forward is very important. >> he also said that if turks are given free access to the eu, turkey will take back failed asylum seekers from europe. >> only a resolution to the conflict in syria they agree will solve the crisis. turkey still wants a safe zone in northern syria but that seems more unlikely because of russias increased involvement in syrias civil war voting has begun in egypts elections. it's the first content since the overthrow of president mohammed morsi in 2013. results are expected to be known by december.
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>>reporter: the last time a poll took place, this was the scene. people queueing for hours waiting to cast their ballots. that was the first free and fair election in history. the victors were the muslim brotherhood. but now they're either killed, jailed, or exiled. other parties including the april 6th youth movement and others have boycotted the vote in what they say is continuing oppression under president sisi. >> no, i won't vote. we voted in the parliamentary elections, and the presidential election but the passion died down after mohammed morsi was
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removed. few young people voted in sisi's presidential election. >> the president and his supporters have said the country need ed to sacrifice freedoms for the sake of economic stability. but egypts economy remains in decline. >> we have not felt any improvement since 2013. we're still faced with economic crisis and we have high unemployment. >> although there are numerous candidates vying for seats in parliament, there's little between them in terms of political diversity.
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the turnouts remain low and many still question the future parliame parliament's credibility. >> 27 million egyptians are eligible to vote on sunday. people will vote for the 596 members of parliament. 448 will be elected as independents. 127 of those are representing a party and other se are appointed by the president. last time 47% of votes went to the freedom and justice party which is rooted in the muslim brother hood but now it's outlawed and its leaders killed, exiled, or jailed. turning from doha is our political analyst. thank you so much for joining us. let me put a point to you about
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the possible credibility of this parliament. obviously we don't know how the the elections are going go but what do you think the chances are that this new chamber will actually be able to at least provide a check on decisions in power of presidented sisi. >> it is. the parliament should have more power than the previous one and have some checks on the presidents power. however, what we can see from now and over the last couple of years, i think the new parliament would be no more than a rubber stamp for president sisi. there are talks about the possibility of amending the constitution after the elections in order to curb some of the powers of the parliament. so i don't think the new parliament would play any significant role in shaping any political future. >> there's been a lot of talk of
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turnout, of cynicism comparing these elections to the last one. one polling station, a junel said only about 10% of voters have bothered to turn out to vote. obviously the president wants this election to give his government some validity or more power, more of that. but when it comes to a turnout that could potentially be incredibly low, do you think there's any point they would not achieve what president sisi wants them to? >> i think the environment right now in egypt is less helpful in pushing people toward voting. i think many people believe their votes would make no difference.
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i think for him it's very important but for people, i don't think it's really important to vote in these elections. >> obviously supporters of president sisi would say he has a lot of challenges ahead. there's high poverty, an energy crisis, attacks by fighter groups, unemployment. certainly security and safety is the line that many western governments seem to be taking as well in an election. they obviously fall short of what they expect to be a democracy. >> well, this is absolutely true. if you look at the region, there are many states that have collapsed over the past few years but looking at it generally, i would say the situation of egypt would not be different. if president sisi remains to have such -- the political distance. so i think egypt might be stable now but in the future, i don't
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think this would last for long. >> but you do see the point of a lot of the western nations and he's already been to europe, for example. he's due to go again in a few weeks. and you can see them looking and saying they may not be what we would like to see in the middle east but we support him do you see this point? >> i see this point. if you're talking about the general stability and long lasting stability, it's untrue because you cannot build stability at the expense of people. it can lead to very undesirable outcomes. >> sir, thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera.
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thank you. >> still more to come on the program. thousands displaced as a powerful typhoon sweeps into the philippines. and in sports find out who is playing who as teams get a final chance to qualify for next years european futbol championships. iran's foreign minister says the resolution only mentions missiles designed to carry nuclear war heads. he added none of tehrans missiles are designed for nuclear capabilities.
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>> the nuclear agreement between iran and world powers comes into effect on sunday. it will begin the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. it will see economic sanctions lifted but there are still significant challenges ahead. >> it took years of complex and fitful negotiations between iran and a group of world powers known as p5+1 to put together this deal. the landmark nuclear agreement means iran has to sharply curtail its nuclear program. in july when the agreement was reached, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry said it was a deal worth fighting for. >> it is a step away from the
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spector of conflict. >> it involves the moth balling of centrifuges and shipping it out of the country. iran is keen that crippling economic sanctions will ease. but it still has critics. >> this deal doesn't make peace more likely by fuelling iran with billions of dollars in six relief, it makes war more likely. >> inspections by the international atomic energy agency will be quay but there's potential for cheating and disagreements. >> it does not resolve a wide range of issues where we have a big difference. we're going to have to continue to put pressure on them through
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the international community. >>reporter: recent footage on iranian state telephone that shows underground tunnels has not helped ease concerns. these were released days after iran tested a new long range missile and they may have breached a u.n. resolution. there's a lot more at stake but especially for president obama. his administration brokered a deal few thought possible. the syrian army has advanced in its offense i have to retake parts of aleppo we the backing of hezbollah and iranian fighters. it's one of several attempts to try to push rebels out of the area. meanwhile, the uk based syrian observatory for human rights says four civilians were killed in the western city of homs.
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the attacks are targeting the islamic state of iraq and the levant. >> not true. it's up to the syrian people to decide who will be the head of syria. it combines many nationalities. it is complicated and this is the choice the people should make themselves. at the moment, assad is the legitimate president. >> the pentagon says it's killed the leader of an al quaeda affiliate. he's been reported that previously there but it's also reported that the saudi national was killed in u.s. strikes on friday the pentagon says he was killed near the northern syrian town of dana. he helped channel money to syria.
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>> u.s. and afghan officials are still investigating an american air strike on a hospital run by doctors without borders which killed 22 patients and staff. the charity says it wants an independent investigation. something the sast resisting. jennifer glass has more from kabul. >>reporter: the attack came in the middle of the night on october 3rd and reduced the hospital to ruins. about 180 staff and patients were inside the hospital when a u.s. gun ship launched an assault that lasted for over an hour. >> the level of destruction is terrible. all parts of the hospital have been -- all the main parts of the hospital have been attacked and destroyed. the part we're in now caught fire. >> some patients were burned to death in their beds. staff and relatives of patients had to hide in the basement through the night. then work to treat the wounded. the u.s. military issued con
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fliblthing statements about the attack. first it said it was to protect u.s. forces under fire and the hospital was collateral damage. then it said afghan forces called for air support because there were fighters were nearby. before admitting the u.s. was responsible and it was a mistake. doctors without borders says it informed all parties several times of its exact location. >> the hospital was calm, the whole area was calm. there was no fighting in or around the hospital at that moment when the attack took place. we still have not got any explanation for this terrible breach. >> barack obama apologized and said the u.s. would pay compensation for the victims and offered to help build the hospital. the charity does not accept government money. >> doctors without borders wants and independent investigation.
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it needs the consent of the two states, afghanistan and the united states. u.s. officials say the three investigations will be sufficient. already there's tension over the investigation. the gate to the hospital was repaired after it was knocked down on thursday. >> we let them inspect the building to look at the damage that they were responsible for. but, however, we completely reject the fact that they did not inform us in advance and they just knocked the gate down. >> nato forces say they were unaware that there were doctors without borders personnel present and went to the compound to inspect. one building is intact. another empty. the hospital is closed and right now are no plans to rebuild. doctors without borders says it needs to find out how and why
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its hospital was attacked. iraqi students have embraced the return to school after their summer break was extended by a month because of threats to their safety. the school year began on sunday with students collecting supplies from teachers. a typhoon has hit the philippines leaving 16,000 villagers displaced and three dead. nine regions have been left out power and 25 bridges have listen blocked by mud slides and
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floods. >> government resources are stretched now the typhoon is affecting at least ten provinces. they're trying to send rescue teams in so many places. so many road as have been impassable because of the debris and the trees that have been falling at the moment. we were trying to make our way the province earlier but flood waters have started to re-cede reseed -- of this typhoon but it's very hard to quantity identify at the moment. ce
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cede. >> farc rebels have agreed to serenely for those who have gone missing over the 50 years of fighting. it's one of the last issues left in peace talks between the two groups. 52,000 people have disappeared during latin americas longest conflict. >> today an agreement was reached that consists of the search, location, identification, and handover of people gone missing in the context of the armed conflict. these measures will be implemented immediately. >> still lots more to compton program including how guatemalas rural voters could affect the upcoming presidential election.
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a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. two people killed and several wounded during an attack at a bus station in southern israel. the dead include one of the attackers and one israeli civilian >> the german chancellor angela merkel is offering a plan to offer aid for the country to stem the flow of refugees into europe. iran's foreign minister has rejected allegations that a re-kent missile test violated the u.n. sunday tehran begins the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. joining us now is our middle east expert. today is the day, sunday. what are we actually going to
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see over the next few months? because it's not actually the full implementation. >> the game day has started. the referee has blown the would you sayal and we have to see both sides carry out what they promised. we're also going to see what commitments, and at what level they're going to actually fulfill these commitments. first and foremost, the ball is in irans court. iran has to take actions to move ahead with lowering enrichment, stopping enrichment, and making sure the promises that were made, for example, dismantling the iraq facility, actually goes forward going to plan. on the other hand, iran is very anxious to get sanctions relief. his whole agenda was to get
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sanctions relief. we also have to see what washington and brussels and other european can capitals are willing to do. >> things have changed so much. we're now seeing direct russian involvement in syria. looking i guess at the world now as opposed to 40 days ago, do you think that complications are making this less likely? >> it is insisted the deal was being negotiated in a vacuum. they're not going to talk about irans involvement in syria or yemen or saudi arabia. but we know there were talks
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conducted during those talks. however, the aim of the obama administration, the objective of the obama administration, is to make sure that this nuclear deal goes ahead, is implemented and enforced as a very separate matter in relation to the syria affair or to crisis in yemen. iran has certainly stepped up its involvement in syria. we know there are no longer just advisors on the ground but there are actually combat forces sent by iran. we see that there has been a lot of movement, not just by iran but also russia who are part of the p5+1. that puts a lot of pressure on president obama and gives a platform to his deals back home where you made a deal with a regional giant that is now going
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get $150 billion in aid and now is sending up troops directly to syria. >> i guess it has a lot of detractors. we know israel is very unhappy about it and lots of other players in the region. ultimately, do you think this could be the game changer that the obama administration was thinking? >> the hope within the administration was this: hopefully, in the next and then 15 years while this deal is going to survive and be implemented, we can monitor iran, make sure iran doesn't go towards rapid enrichment. at the same time, let's hope for a regime change or a change in the nature of the regime. a less hostile regime that doesn't support terrorism and perhaps one that the u.s. can work with. however, as you know, that worries saudis and other countries in the persian gulf. >> are you optimistic?
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>> i'm very cautiously optimistic, but i am. >> all right. thank you so much for joining us. thank you. antirape protests have been taking place in new delhi following two attacks on young children in indias capital. activists from the opposition parties clashed with police in two separate incidents on friday night. a 5 year old and a two and a half year old were raped. the older child was gang raped and the younger one was left unconscious. in another incident, a teenage girl hanged herself after being allegedly harassed by three men. >> we are here to question the government who came to power with the promise of good days rule and that no one would tease any women. but instead two minors have been gang raped and the new delhi
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police and government are only blaming each other and not taking required action thousands of refugees are finding their way to slovenia after hungary closed their borders on friday. >> some have been waiting through the night to cross. hundreds of men, women, and children stuck on the serbian side of the border with croatia. eventually, they were allowed to pass. taking the next step in their journey across increasingly controlled borders in europe. >> what is very bad is the situation that they are very crowded. they have been waiting here for many hours. they're exhausted. they have not enough water and supply and also not enough information. >> those a few days ahead of them were were arriving in
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slovenia. late at night and monitored closely by police. slovenia is a country of just 2 million people and is struggling to cope with the high numbers of refugees arriving. many more are taking this route because of hungaries decision to seal its borders blaming the rest of the eu for failing to manage the refugee crisis. and as winter sets in, concerns are mounting about how people already with very little or nothing at all will be able to cope. >> winter is here and the numbers have not gone down. more desperate people on the move, the winter is going to add to their suffering. so what we need is to have a mechanism to help them from one border to another border. >> one of the the founding goals of the eu was to build a common future. so far though, the idea of a united strategy to deal with this ongoing crisis in europe seems a long way off.
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thousands of african refugees are trying to cross into south africa. every year many fall victim to people smugglers along the way. >>reporter: edward says god has called on minimum to do this work. he's been doing it for three years and doesn't want to reveal his identity. he says he rescues desperate refugees. a job he insists should be done by government. >> they're suffering in their countries so they're running to other countries and then they cannot stay here because. >> but refugees see his job
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differently. in one of his safe houses here, these three young men are waiting to cross into south africa. they say his network is simply profiting from their misery. >> we have been traveling for more than two months and they have taken every penny we had from us. they overcharge us for everything. for a $5 taxi fare, they charge us $20. when we asked for food and we said he had no money, they made us give them their shirts. they are not good people. >> there are many foreigners here waiting to cross illegally. many refugees and migrants -- the last thing they want is to return to the countries they came from. as the sun sets, they come out of safe houses and head for the
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fences that separate the countries. >> at night, the refugees gather on the hill that separates at the two countries. the smugglers are not far behind. border police parol the hills so they move in silence in total darkness. for many, the journey ends here. police on both sides have recently cracked down on undocumented foreigners. >> we've caught 280 illegal migrants they month. we repatrioted them to their country of origin. as more people continue to flee from conflicts and economic hardship, edward says he continues to answer god's call. guineas president has won a
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second term avoiding a runoff with his main opponent, the former prime minister. he came second but withdrew his candidacy claiming the vote was rigged. >>reporter: with smiles from ear to ear, supporters of the president celebrated saturday night. the electoral commission says he beat his challengers by a large margin. >> i'm happy with the results. i'm proud to be from guinea. >>reporter: not everyone is happy. the runner up had threatened to boycott the election. he then changed his mind and told his supporters to vote. now citing a long list of irregularities, he says he cannot accept the results. >> i complete agree with the decision not to recognize the result of this election,
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however, i've decided not to take this matter to the constitutional court. >>reporter: the court still has to approve the result. candidates have several days to file their complaints. >> there are seven candidates who are raising issues and i think they have to be considered through the legal structures of the country before a winner is finally proclaimed on the basis of the law in guinea. >>reporter: he is calling for his supporters to peacefully take to the streets and show disa-approval of the process. disapproval. asking people to protest could drag guinea into instability, chaos, and violence. >> i think the first result shows that guinea was involved in their welcome to recall
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the country has a history of election violence. at least three people were killed in the run up to the vote. >> i think it shows the people of guinea believe in the democratic process and want it to succeed. >> the education ministry has delayed the start of the academic year until next month to ensure safety. many worry possible street contests in the coming days could lead to a long period of unrest. canadas indigenous peoples have long shunned the national elections and regard them as a foreign vote taking place on their territory. but they're being urged to vote on monday to make a difference in their own lives. >> election signs are not typically found on fist nations as aboriginal communities are
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known here. the term explains why. indigenous people see themselves as a nation separate from canada, equal partners co-existing in north america. >> i'm not a canadian. nobody has told me if you're not a canada, you can vote. can someone from the united states vote? >> but this time they're being told to vote by their own elected leaders because they feel stephen harper has done little to address their challenges. >> i actually voted. i need to be an example to our people to let them know that i believe exercising this option to vote is in our best interest is at this time. >> two years ago the idle no
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more gal voir dire nuys the >> 50 years ago, they gave us the vote. we've view that as a tactical error. now we can use the vote as a weapon against them. it's a powerful form of resistance. >> dozens across the country, aboriginal voters could swing a close result to a change in government. but whether it means a change for the community in general, that's far from guaranteed. canadas two opposition parties say they'll work with aboriginal people but those promises come
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late in a campaign that was largely about many things. >> you can't trust them. don't just accept the politician who comes to your door who says i'm promising you better relationships. what is that? it has to be real live commitments that you can hold them to. >> whether or not it's in this election, aboriginal people, statistically the youngest, fastest growing segment of canadas population may yet have their voices heard after centuries of waiting. guatemala is battling it out one week before their election. rural areas need more attention. the election will take place next sunday. let's go to china now which is becoming the new battle ground for tech companies fighting for a slice of the worlds largest smart phone market. the big names are facing
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competition from a booming local industry. sarah clark has more now from hong kong. >> it's one of the largest electronics shows in the world. more than 40,000 companies are showcasing their latest innovations. >> we attract a huge number of people in the year. over 195 visitors. last year, 150 countries and regions. china is a leader in technology consumption and not just production and smart phones are creating a booming industry in app-related products. >> in a market flooded with smart phones, competition has never been so intense. once dominated by apple, now two
2:48 pm
chinese tech companies hold the lead in china accounting for nearly one-third of all smart phone sales. >> the local guys have a lot of room to innovate. it's a different world. >> as the world's largest smart phone market, everyone has a china strategy. success in this region could potentially secure your spot in the top ten globally. with that in mind, it produces phone designs to make what the consumer in china wants. >> china now accounts for about a third of the worlds 1.(300) 000-0000 smart phones. but the number of mobile phone users has fallen for the first time. that combined with a slowing
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economy has analysts warning of a slight downward trend. >> chinas tech companies are now seeking to expand beyond the domestic market. >> a lot of growing markets in indonesia, india, philippines. an average of 100 million phones are sold every quarter in china. emerging economies may be offering potential growth but the worlds most populace nation is still working. coming up, sports including argentina out run ireland at the rugby world cup. action and reaction from that quarter final.
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here's andy with sports now. >> thank you so much. scotland have suffered rugby world cup heartbreak beaten by a single point in their quarter final against australia. 35-34 the final score in an enthralling encounter. australia will now play
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argentina. the wallabies dominated first. scotland fought back with this effort from peter horn and at halftime, the scotts led by a point. it was a similar story after the break but australia were edging ahead. they are now eight points clear. in the seven minutes to go, an interception drive looked to have stole the game for the scotts. they were controversially denied the win when australia were awarded the last-minute penalty. breaking scottish hearts to
2:53 pm
steal the win. >> very upset in the dressing room as you can imagine. they're one cubing away from being in the semifinals of the world cup and arguably, we should have been. >> earlier an jury hit ireland who were quickly in trouble against argentina. they were 17-nil after just 13 minutes. ireland were still collecting injuries. his replacement started an irish fight back. luke fitzgerald giving the champions hope. and in the second half, ireland looked to be back in sight of the first ever world cup semifinals. ireland got within three points of the south americans but it proved a catalyst for argentina to once again step up their
2:54 pm
game. >> to be going out of the world cup at this stage, i think it was a fantastic argentine performance. >> argentina will play australia next sunday. so for the first time in the tournaments history, no northern hemisphere teams are in the last four. new zealand plays south africa on sunday with argentina versus australia the following day. djokovic has won his third shaning high masters final.
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>>ingsghai masters final. >>in >>ings -- the playoff draw for the european futbol chirps has thrown sweden and denmark together. they will have a place in the finals in france up for grabs. sweden says it's unimaginable they could take place without him being there. >> it's going to be tough going for us, of course. you see the results, last years versus denmark. we lost. so in my opinion, they're a small favorite but it's 50/50. >> have a look at that draw. there are three other ties.
2:56 pm
germany in the group stage, they play bosnia. >> it will not be easy. bosnia had their group against belgium and wales and made it through and had a very good win against cyprus and then last match to get into this competition. we have a great win against germany. >> the kansas city royals have gone two games up against the toronto blue jays. toronto silenced the kansas crowd early on. it's a three-run lead. they scored five runs in a rally to take the lead. and they added another in the eighth to clench the game 6-3 for best of seven series.
2:57 pm
>> you got to get a window to go a long way. it will take a little bit. that's where you got to win. it won't be easy. no doubt about that. they get one win out of the way and that can turn things around. >> and the new york mets beat the chicago cubs. murphy putting new york ahead with a solo home run there. matt harvey starts for the mets. that is how sports is looking for now. back to barbara. thank you very much. that is it for this news hour. you can get more on
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>> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> puerto rico's debt crisis. >> they're gonna demonstrate right outside where the governor lives. >> are hedge funds offering a fix? >> those investments will spark the economic recovery. >> or just fixing the odds? >> they're trying to force us into one course of action. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series.
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more deaths in israel as attackers target a bus station. hello, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. the agreement between iran and world powers comes into effect. egyptians turn out in low numbers to


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