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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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more deaths in israel as attackers target a bus station. hello, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up, the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history. the agreement between iran and world powers comes into effect. egyptians turn out in low numbers to vote in elections.
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two people have been killed and several wounded during an attack at a bus station in southern israel. it the dead include one attacker and an israeli civilian. andrew joins us live from west jerusalem. you have more information i understand? >>reporter: yes. some more information. and some conflicting information as well. this has been quite a confusing situation in terms of information coming from the scene and from the police as
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well. the sixth person was said originally to have been a civilian but now it has been confirmed that it was in fact an israeli soldier who was actually hit. either hit by gunshot or stabbed. he has died we're told and that is now confirmed. and as far as the two people .
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one is dead of arabic appearance and another is of arafraem appearance. there's no evidence these two men are the suspects, so it's really quite confusing. was there a mistake made about the police opening fire or not? not clear. >> right. as you say, andrew, we have to be -- it's a little bit of a confusing picture. we have to be very careful about drawing conclusions at this point about exactly what transpired and who might have been behind the attacks. this comes of course as israel is implementing security measures across the occupied territories and of course in jerusalem itself. there must be a great deal of concern of the violence still
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mounting. >> however, this was handled and however the facts end up shaping up, it is quite a serious development. it's an area in southern israel. it's not normally in the area of attacks and of the sort of tension we've experienced here in jerusalem and in the occupied west bank. it is within reasonable distance of the west bank itself and it would not be hard for someone to travel from that area and there has been speculation in the media that whoever is responsible for this, for these injuries did actually go through security. now, was the gun taken through security? was the knife? all kinds of questions. there are questions all over regarding this attack. but we do have two people dead.
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one a soldier and one a man police describe as of arabic appearance. >> thank you very much, andrew. let's look a little bit further now at the new security measures imposed by the israeli government because the government is expanding their stop and frisk powers of security forces and is banning arab laborers from schools in four cities including in tel aviv. the u.s. secretary of state will meet prime minister netanyahu in germany this week before sitting down with palestinian leaders and jordan. mike hannah now reports. >>reporter: a regular sunday meeting of the israeli cabinet under extraordinary political crisis. the prime minister once again denied the allegation that his
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government is trying to change arrangements to access to the al-aqsa mosque. >> israel is guaranteed the site. the reason it's been violated is not because we changed it. we did not change anything, the orders of prayer, the visiting rites have not changed over 15 years. >> they want jewish control over al-aqsa. that's why the people of jerusalem have started revolution. >>reporter: amid the extreme tension, a military ceremony in tel aviv. guest of honor, the new chairman of the u.s. joint chiefs of staff. joseph doneford here to resume talks about defense aid which
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israel defended earlier this year in protest against the iran nuclear deal. it signals a warming in recent times of the u.s. israeli relationship. here in israel's biggest newspaper, the headline, ready to draw. this is a picture of a government minister who has recently taken his gun out of the safe and is now wearing it all the time. >> mike hannah, al jazeera, west jerusalem. now the nuclear agreement
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between iran and world powers is coming into effect. tehran will begin what's being called the biggest nuclear dismantlement in history in return cripple body economic sanctions will be lifted. there are still significant challenges ahead. >> it took years of complex and fitful negotiations between iran and the world powers known as p5+1. the landmark nuclear agreement will mean that iran has to sharply curtail its nuclear program and significantly reduce its capability of developing nuclear weapons. in july when the agreement was reached, john kerry said it was a deal worth fighting for. >> it is a step away from conflict and towards the possibility of peace. >> in iran, engineers must now begin what's thought to be the
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largest dismantling of nuclear sites in history. authorities say it will all be done by the end of november. iran is keen that crippling sanctions are eased. >> this deal doesn't make peace more likely by fuelling irairan aggressions with sanction relief, it makes war more likely. >> in the next few weeks, it may be the most difficult. intrucive inspections by the international atomic energy agency will be key because of the potential for cheating and disagreements. >> it does not resolve the wide range of issues where we have a big difference. so we're going to have to continue to put pressure on them through the international community. >> recent footage on state television that appears to show
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underground tunnels packed with missiles and launchers has not helped ease concerns. this just days after iran launched a missile. >> for all the powers involved, there's a great deal at stake but that's especially true for president obama. the next few weeks may shape his foreign policy legacy more than anything else. meanwhile, iran's foreign minister has rejected -- the says lucian only mentions missiles only meant to carry nuclear war heads. iran announced last sunday it successfully tested a new missile without specifying its exact range. germany has offered turkey
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support to speed up its bid to join the european union if they help deal with the refugee crisis. the german chancellor has been holding talks with the prime minister and president of germany. >>reporter: she's asking the turkish government to stem the flow of refugees coming to europe. >> i think we have used the crisis -- missouri of refugees. to achieve closer cooperation on many issues. >> specifically, the eu wants turkey to increase coast guard control as and give syrian work permits. in return, they're being offered revival of eu membership talks.
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but those are difficult commands for turkey to fulfill. it has two and a half thousand kilometers of coast line. >> unfortunately, turkey was left alone by the international community in terms of burden sharing. there's a better approach now. the issue of sharing going forward is very important. >> he also said that if turks are given free access to the eu, turkey will take back failed asylum seekers from europe. >> leaders did agree that only a resolution to the conflict in syria would resolve the refugee crisis. turkey still wants a safe zone in northern syria bought that seems more unlikely than ever before.
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thousands of displaced as a powerful typhoon sweeps into the philippines. plus, how chinese brands are taking on apple and samsung.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target welcome back. your top stories now. two people have been killed in several wounded during an attack at a bus station in the southern israeli city. the dead include one of the attackers and one israeli civilian. the nuclear agreement reached between iran and the six
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world powers back in june is coming into effect. u.s. president barack obama says the day marks a significant milestone towards preventing iran from gaining a nuclear weapon. >> and angela merkel is in turkey to stem the flow of refugees coming into europe. many refugees are forced to take a new route after hungary closed its borders with hungary on friday. >>reporter: some have been waiting through the night to cross. hundreds of men, women, and children stuck on the serbian side of the border with croatia. eventually, they were allowed to pass. taking the next step in their journey across increasingly controlled borders in europe. >> what is very bad is the situation that they're very crowded and they have been
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waiting here for many hours and they're exhausted. they have not enough water and supply and also not enough information. >> those a few days ahead of them on their journey were arriving in slovenia. late at night and monitored closely fwi police. slovenia is struggling to cope with the high numbers of refugees arriving. many, many more are taking this route because of hungaries decision to seal its borders blaming the rest of the eu for failing to manage the refugee crisis. and as winter sets in, concerns are mounting about how people already with very little or nothing at all will be able to cope. >> winter is here and the numbers have not gone down. so more desperate people on the move, the winter is going to add to their suffering. so what we need is to -- a
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mechanism where we're able to help them from one border to another border. >> one of the founding goals of the eu was to build a common future. so far though, the idea of a united strategy to deal with this ongoing crisis in europe. voting has started in egypts long-awaited parliamentary elections. they're the first since president mohammed morsi was overthrown in 2013. results should be known in december. >>reporter: this is the second time egyptians are voting for parliament since the 2011 protests that removed the president. but unlike the first elections, turn outs on sunday was extremely low. the last time a parliamentary poll took place, this was the scene. people queueing for hours to cast their ballots. that's the first free and fair
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election in egypts victory. it's not only the brother hood. they say there's continued oppression under president sisi. it's a view echoed by many >> no, i won't vote. young people once were passionate about voting. we voted in the parliamentary elections and the presidential election after the resignation but the passion died down after morsi was moved from his position. few young people voted in sisis presidential election. >> president sisi and his supporters have frequently
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justified the crackdown in political opponents by saying -- stability. but more than two years since the coup, egypts economy is in decline. >> we have not felt any improvement in life since 2013. we're still faced with economic crisis and we have high unemployment. >> although there are numerous candidates vying for seats in parliament, there's little between them in terms of political diversity. there were no opponents of president sisi or egypts military leaders on the ballot. sisi hoped that a parliament would appease those who continue to criticize him for lack of freedom. syrias army is push ago head
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to recapture parts of aleppo with help from hezbollah and iranian fighters. >> no, absolutely not true. it's up to the syrian people to decide who will be the head of syria. by the way, it combines many nationalities and religions. at the moment we're operating on the premise that assad is the legitimate president doctors without borders says it's still waiting for answers after a u.s. air strike hits a hospital in the northern city of
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kunduz in iraq. >>reporter: the attack came in the middle of the night on october 3rd and reduced the hospital to ruins. about 180 staff and patients were inside the hospital when a u.s. gun ship launched an overhead assault that lasted for more than an hour. >> the level of destruction is terrible. all parts of the hospital, the main parts of the hospital have been attacked and destroyed. the part we're in now caught fire. >> some patients were burned to death in their beds. staff and relatives of patients had to hide in the basement through the night and then work to treat the wounded. >> the u.s. military issued conflicting statements about the attack. at first it said it was to protect u.s. forces under fire and then it said afghan forces called for air support because of fighters nearby before admitting that u.s. forces were responsible and it was a
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mistake. >> in the hours before the attack, the hospital was calm, the whole area was calm. there was no fighting in or around the hospital at that moment when the attack took place. we still have not got any explanation to this terrible breach of international humanitarian law. >> u.s. president barack obama apologized for the incident and said the u.s. would pay compensation to the victims and offered to help rebuild the hospital. the charity does not accept government money. >> doctors without borders wants an independent investigation and the international humanitarian fact-finding commission involved. but it needs the permission of afghanistan and the united states. officials say the three ongoing investigations will be sufficient. >> the gate of the hospital had to be repaired after nato troops
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knocked it down on thursday. >> they expected the building, looked at the damage that they were responsible for. but we completely reject the fact that they did not inform us in advance and just knocked the gate down and came in. >> nato forces say they were unaware that there were doctors without borders personnel present and went to do a structural assessment of the buildings. one remains intact but empty. the hospital is closed. right now there are no plans to rebuild. doctors without borders says it needs to find out how and why its hospital was attacked and be guaranteed it won't happen again. at least 40 isil fighters have been killed in air strikes on saturday. the syrian observatory for human
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rights said the attack happened in the hama province in western syria. they were in a convoy hit by air strikes. we'll track that story for you as the information comes to us let's move on now to protests in new delhi after attacks on two young children. activist phrase the opposition parties youth wing clashed with police. they are furious about incidents in which two girls, aged 2 and 5 were raped. and another incidents, a teenage girl hanged herself after allegedly being harassed by three men. >> they came to power with the promise of good days rule and no one would tease women but instead we see that two minors have been gang raped and the new delhi police and government are
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only blaming each other and not taking required action >> a typhoon has hit the philippines. army and police are rescuing those hit in the hardest-hit regions. >> government resources are stretched now. the typhoon is affecting at least ten province's. they're trying to send rescue teams in so many places. so many roads have been impassable because of the debris. we were trying to make our way to this province earlier but flood waters have started to recrer recede so we have to turn back. they've been cut off from the world for 24 hours now. the president spoke the other night and warned about impending
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damage of this typhoon but it's very hard to quantify at the moment. they cannot even say how many have died since early sunday morning. night brings a lot of danger and we can only find out what the aftermath and damage will be monday morning here. china is the new battle ground for tech companies fighting for a slice of the worlds largest smart phone market. apple and samsung are facing tough competition. here's sarah clark now. >>reporter: it's one of the largest electronics shows in the world. more than 4,000 companies from around 30 countries are show casing their latest innovations to a market hungry for technology. >> we attract a huge number of buyers around the world every year. over 95,000 trade visitors last
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year from over 150 countries and regions. china is a leader in technology consumption and not just production. the popularity of part phones -- >> monitor how much food consumed. >>reporter: in a market flooded with smart phones, competition has never been so intense. once dominated by apple, now two chinese tech companies hold the lead in china accounting for nearly one-third of all smart phone sales. >> the local guys have a lot of room to innovate and differentiate themselves. it's a totally different world. >>reporter: every company has a china strategy and given the number of people here and the demand for phones, success in this region could potentially secure your spot in the top ten
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globally. with that in mind -- >> china now accounts for about a third of the worlds 1.(300) 000-0000 smart phones. but the number of mobile phone users has fallen for the first time. that combined with the slowing economy has analysts warning of a slight downward trend. >> the there is a lot of uncertainty for vendors. >>reporter: china's tech companies are now looking to expand. >> there's a lot of growing markets in indonesia, india, philippines. an average of 100 million phones in china are sold every quarter.
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emerging economies may be offering potential growth but the worlds largest nation remains the target market. here's where you need to go for everything we're covering, ali velshi. "on target" tonight digital divide. the battle to bring high speed internet to those who want it and the laws that got in the way. plus, data crack down. the european ruling that could force american tech companies to make some changes. 19 years ago this month president bill clinton and vice president al gore announced a $100 million program to help create what they called the next generation internet. in their remarks, both men used a term that is unfortunately still a major cause or the co


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