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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 18, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> this is al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz in new york. here are tonight's top stories. formerly adopted, a nuclear deal is now in effect. what happens next and how soon could sanctions be lifted? >> stepping in. secretary of state john kerry will meet with israeli and palestinian leaders, who can help stop the violence. hillary clinton will be
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answering questions about benghazi. public demand. doctors without borders wants after that deadly attack in afghanistan. well, tonight marks another chapter in the iran nuclear deal. it is adoption-day. exactly 90 days since the landmark agreement was reached in vienna. u.s. and european union leaders will take steps once the deal is passed. yet to kill the agreement. the white house day says ensuring its nuclear program is exclusively peaceful going forward. al jazeera's andy gallagher
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looks at events that made today possible. >> it took years of complex and fitfufitful negotiations between and group of powers known as p-5 plus one. the deal will be based on, says ibmobama, verification not trus. a move experts will say will reduce it's ability to produce nuclear weapons. in july when the deal was made, u.s. secretary of state john kerry said it was a deal worth fighting for. >> it is a step away from conflict and towards the possibility of peace. >> iran negotiators will have to begin the biggest moth balancing ibalancing -- moth balling. the deal has plenty of vocal
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critics. >> fueling iran's aggressions, it makes war more likely. >> in the next few weeks as iran implements an agreement that is now deeply unpopular there may be more difficult. inspections by the international atomic energy agency. >> it does not resolve the areas where we have big difference so we are going to have to continue to put pressure on them through the international community. >> recent footage on iranian state television that appear to show underground stock piems o . >> that's especially true for
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president obama. his administration managed to broker a deal that few would have ever thought possible and the next few weeks may shape his foreign policy legacy more than anything else. andy gallagher, al jazeera, washington. >> 5 quoa guantanamo prisoners, potential security breach. now the justice department has submitted a report that says no one from that legal team will face criminal charges. in israel at least two are dead after an attack at a bus stop. it happened in the city of beershihab ah. beershihab abeersheba. andrew simmons has more from
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east jerusalem. >> there was a brazen attack. they changed their account of events to one attacker. they claim that he actually went into the bus station and opened fire with a gun and used a knife to stab people. now one soldier was killed and there were a number of civilians taken to hospital along with four police officers. eventually, two men were shot dead by the security forces and eventually the police said that one of them was an eritrean who it 0 was thought was shot in a case of mistaken identity. the other was an arab a palestinian and he was shot dead. the eritrean is critically ill in hospital. all is recorded on security cameras and there is a man seen crawling along on all fours. now, that could be the eritrean. he is shot twice by a police
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officer but is not clear conclusively that that was the eritrean. nevertheless lot of questions to be asked obviously about this attack and the way police handled it. >> and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is expected to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and palestinian leader mahmoud abbas. the stage is set as hillary clinton makes her way to kamal. thcapitol hill. critics have called the investigation partisan at a cost of almost $5 million. on the republican side presidential hoistles donald hod
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trump and jeb bush traded barbs to each other. >> john, a half dozen republican hopefuls were in texas wooing political conservatives. but donald trump wasn't one of them. he focused on his back and forthwith jeb bush. hillary clinton wasn't even live on the sunday talk shows, but she managed to dominate the conversations nevertheless. on thursday former secretary of state and democratic front ru runner hillary clinton testifies before the house select committee on benghazi almost a year and a half after the committee came in existence in may 2013. but as the committee calendar finally turns towards the republican's final event,
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investigation is nothing morning a political witch hunt. >> she is an important witness but she is one witness and by the time we're through john we will have interviewed 70 witnesses. so she's one out of the 70. >> democrats including the top democrat elijah cummings says the real mission isn't digging up the truth, it's about damaging hillary clinton. >> we literal a year ago had a plan that mr. gowdy presented to us. where we would be interviewing these key people. he threw that away and went strait for hillary clinton. >> clinton cite they'd the committee had chipped away in her standing in the polls. >> i think it's pretty clear that whatever they might have thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with an overwhelming focus on trying to as they admitted, drive down my poll
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numbers. >> reporter: the benghazi inquiry is what eventually led to revelations about clinton's private e-mail system, something that even rival bernie sanders said should be put to rest. he said he had no second thoughts about the comment and quickly changed the subject. >> the american people want george a discussion in this country of the real issues. >> reporter: meanwhile gop front runner donald trump defended his comments, saying because je he's tough on immigration a 911 wouldn't have happened on his watch. >> well, the world trade center just fell down. if it was on my watch i doubt those people would be in the country. >> it calls into question
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mr. trump's credibility as a commander in chief and an architect of next education foreign policy. >> on abc's this week ben carson stumbled over a question, calling for if the u.s. had declared war on independence, there wouldn't have been a war in afghanistan. >> i don't believe that invading iraq was an exist tension threat ttengs threatial threat tous. >> i was primarily talking about iraq i wasn't particularly interested in going into afghanistan. >> well, the most talked about noncandidate so far that's joe biden of course spent the weekend at home in delaware largely laying low. unlike fellow democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders,
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biden will not be in iowa this week wooing primary voters. he's going to be headlining a discussion on climate change. jonathan. >> thank you. leader of the korisan group. the treasury department designated him a global terrorist last year. the united states allegation hee provided funding an leadership for group. he is the fifth member of the group to be killed in the last four months. angela merkel wants turkey's help in handling the flow of immigrants. >> asking for the stem of refugees who are coming to europe. >> i think we have used the
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crisis we are experiencing through a very disorderly and uncontrolled movement of refugees to again achieve closer cooperation on many issues. both between the european union and turkey and between germany and turkey. >> reporter: specifically the eu wants turkey to increase coast guard paroles and give syrians work permits. in return. turkey is being offered more than $3 billion and the revival of talks. it has more than 2,000 kilometers of coastline along the aegean. no commitment from turkey on either of these issues. >> unfortunately, turkey was left alone by the international community in terms of burden-sharing. the issue of sharing going forward is very important. >> davatolo also said that if
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turks are given easier access to the eu then turkey will take back failed asylum seerkz from m europe. turkey still wants a safe zone from northern syria but that seems less likely than before with russia's involvement in the syrian civil war. country rejectcroatia's request to take in twice that number. now yesterday more than 6,000 refugees reached croatia but are now sealed in the country. hungary sealed its border on midnight friday and hundreds are still standing around, as you can see right now live pictures from slovenia. she say after their trial so far this part of the journey has
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been relatively easy. meanwhile, the italian navy has rescued more than 600 people this weekend. most from subsaharan countries. eight bodies have been found. the crossing over mediterranean is the most dangerous for refugees. 3100 have died trying to do it this year alone. and michigan has offered to take in more syrian refugees. so far this year michigan has accepted about 75 syrians but now state lawmakers are considering accepting more of the 10,000 refugees president obama has pledged in the u.s. over the next year. there are three investigations into the aattack on an afghan hospital, on a strike on a doctors without borders facility in kunduz. al jazeera's jennifer glasse has
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more. >> reporter: the attack came in the middle of the night on october 3rd and reduced the hospital to ruins. about 180 staff and patients were in the hospital, when a u.s. gun ship launched an assault that lasted more than an hour. >> the level of destruction is terrible. all the maven parts of the hospital have been attacked and destroyed. the part we are in now, caught fire. >> some patients were burned to death in their beds. staff and patients had to hide in the basement during the night and then work to treat the wounded. the u.s. military issued conflicting statements about the attack. at first it was to protect u.s. forces under fire and the hospital was collateral damage. then it said afghans called for support because there were force he nearby. all parties several times of its
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exact location. >> in the hours before the attack, the hospital was calm, the whole area was calm. there was no fighting in and around the hospital at that moment when the attack took place. so we have still got no explanation for this breach of humanitarian law. >> u.s. president barack obama apologized for the incident and said the u.s. would pay compensation to the victims and offered to rebuild the hospital. the charity does not accept government money. doctors without borders wants an independent investigation and the international humanitarian fact finding commission is involved. but it needs the consents of the two states. afghanistan and the united states. and the u.s. officials say the three investigations by u.s., nato and afghan officials will be sufficient. already there is tension over the state of the investigation.
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>> we let them inspect the building to look at the damage that actually they were responsible for. but however, we completely reject the fact that they didn't inform us in advance and they just knocked the gate down and came in. >> reporter: nato forces said they were unaware that there were doctors without borders personnel present. structural assessment, one remains intact but unoccupied. doctors without borders needs to find out how and why its hospital was attacked and be guaranteed it won't happen again. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. >> still ahead, college protests. some students are voting to whether to ban the state flag from the college campus. zombies running for their lives, now a hunt is on for the
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shooter. decades in the making and separateby politics. one korean man hoping to reconnect with his family in the north.
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> the university of mississippi will vote this week on whether to remove the state flag from campus. the mississippi flag has a confederate symbol on it and hundreds rallied on friday to call on administers to tak admit
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down. at least three other state universities do not fly that flag. police are looking at surveillance video, behind a shooting at zombie-con. a 20-year-old football player from a junior college was killed. at least four other people were hurt. the suspect disappeared into the crowd shortly after opening fire. a high school football player from east texas has died after collapsing on the sidelines after a game. he just got through returning a kickoff. he collapsed. matthews was eventually air lifted to a hospital but later died. more rain today in southern california has slowed the cleanup from last week's
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mudslides. crews are trying to clear out cars and trucks stuck in the mud, at least 30 vehicles are still buried. officials do hope to have the highway cleared later in the week. and in other news, typhoon kopu is weakening. but heavy rain and flooding will continue for days. al jazeera's jamilla alendoggan has more. >> against central and northern luzon, trying to send rescue teams in so many places so many roads are now impassible because of the debris that has been falling at the moment. we were trying to make our way, but floodwaters have started to recede so we had to turn back. there are communities still cut
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off from the rest of the world since the typhoon fell, the president warned about the impending damage of this typhoon. even the death toll they cannot say exactly how many have died since early sunday mortgage. night brings a lot of danger and we can only find out what the aftermath and the damage will be i guess monday morning here in central luzon. >> tensions between pyongyang and seoul, family members, since 1985, thousands have been reconnected with their loved ones and on tuesday nearly 200 families will be reunited briefly. al jazeera's harry fawcett has the story of one man who has waited decades to meet his relatives. >> he has taken up a hobby in what is now south korea, he says it helps stave off loneliness.
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he traveled south during a major retreat and never saw them again. eight years ago, he signed up for family reunion process. his chance has now come but the news has brought he says a mixture of happiness and disappointment. >> there were seven of us brothers and sisters. my youngest sister is the only one that remains alive. i'm told others passed away. so it's disappointing. all those i remember clearly have died. i barely remember my sister's face so it will probably be a bit awkward. >> he is one 66,000 on the waiting list in south korea. they are nearly all in the age he is, in his 80s. thousands have died while waiting for a reunion. the last was held in february of last year.
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at a rawness of the emotions on display, despite because of the many years they have lasted. upcoming reunions is a result of the agreements between south and north korea which ended the most serious cross-border relations in years. a chance for a few moments of reunion is the reflection that so many elderly men and women will have to rely on the unpredictable north south relations. harry fawcett, al jazeera, seoul. >> trying to end the violence in the middle east, the challenges before secretary of state john kerry as he prepares to meet with israeli and palestinian leaders. >> look at the issues facing
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canada's prime minister steven harper. as he faces reelection. a
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>> welcome back to al jazeera america. i'm jonathan betz. well, it is sunday night and time to look at global issues in our week ahead segment. there are growing fears that in the coming days there will be more bloodshed between israelis and palestinians. at least 53 people have been killed since the start of the month. 43 palestinians and eight israelis. later he will then meet with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. it is unclear what the secretary
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of state can actually do to end the violence. >> mayhem caught on camera, moments later gunmen opened fire in a bus station in southern israel. in the town of beersheba short after dark. one soldier died and several others including civilian and security force members were wounded. the attack came as u.s. secretary of state john kerry prepares to meet with officials to restore calm. >> later in the week i will meet with prime minister netanyahu because he will be in germany and i'm coming through at that moment. we will meet there. >> reporter: kerry also plans to speak with mahmoud abbas. >> if you want a solution can you not talk about the two parties as though there is a
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false symmetry. you have to really engage to bring israel into compliance with international humanitarian law and with the requirements of peace. but to do business as usual once again can be extremely dangerous and counterproductive. >> israeli officials disagree. they say the u.s. has a vested interest in helping to avoid another mid east flash point. >> obviously the state department and the mous white house would like to see this area much more stable and i think together, israel and the u.s. can stabilize this area so yes, the answer is yes, i do think the u.s. has a lot to put into this situation now, in order to lower the flames and calm things down. >> violence has escalated since mid september. palestinians fear the israeli government wants to grant jews greater rights to visit and even pray at the al-aqsa mosque compound. it's one of the holiest sites
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for both religions. so while access to that location over there, it's as much a symbolic trigger, once again fueling older fears and stoking distrust between israelis and palestinians that's been going on for so many generations it's almost genetic. benjamin netanyahu reiterated he was not trying to change the access of what the jews call the temple mount. >> the only thing that has changed is islamist hood alumnus were entering the mosque and trying to put explosives there and from there, aattack jews and christians.
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>> karl penhall, al jazeera. >> now with the project on middle east address and also joining us from the proadvocacy group stand with us. thank you both for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> so nazar, let me start with you. secretary kerry, how do you think he will be greeted when he arrives? do you think that a lot of palestinians around israelis appreciate he's involved here? >> i don't think they will appreciate much. they have bigger problems and very skeptical about the role of american envoy. i don't think there's going to be any special interest in his visit, besides maybe expecting him, maybe from the palestinian leadership expecting that kerry would have ideas or thoughts about how he can help ameliorate the situation.
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>> why the keptism. skepticism, why are the expectations so low? >> he helped bring palestinians and israelis together along the peace process. he didn't get much traction. in his defense, maybe i treed as much as he could, but his problem might have been more with the israeli side, which he cannot be to blamed. faith in its capacity to move things forward is very low given the experience. >> so shahar do you think the expectations are low? >> i think at this point we need to do everything we can to deescalate the situation and if secretary kerry's presence will help he is absolutely welcome. only actor, then we hope that secretary kerry will be able to
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convince abbas to bring down the flame. >> do you think that's part of the problem there that the united states is one of the only actors in the process that more power should get involved? >> in this context, if the u.s. wants to get involved in a more practical way, in the passion and incitement on the palestinian side, anyone who will be willing to come and monitor and finally bring down those levels, i do hope the visit of kerry will not be a repetition of past visits but engage in a new way on an issue that has been completely swept under the rug, which is happening on the public social media, the palestinian authority where the hatred of jews is the slogan of the day. i want to tell you one thing jonathan if i may.
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today started with israelis rescuing syrian and iraqi refugees, it ended with siefs style radicalized -- with i.s.i.s. style razz callized ideology, killing israelis. that has to stop. it has to stop. >> what is sparking this outrage among so many palestinians? >> i disagree. the difference of course even if it's true there is a problem of incitement or change of curricula -- >> i'm sorry is there a problem of incitement? >> israeli provocations, that's the instigator, that's where the violence started.
11:36 pm
what changed the organization. your premise of your israel colleague is absolutely flawed. >> a lot of this is because of the crack down the conditions of many palestinians who live in west bank and gaza. >> a palestinian who attacks a 76 year old with a knife, this jonathan is the ideology. when you hear this every friday at the mosque and the school, this is what brings about the killing and the butchering. as prime minister netanyahu stated, the status quo on temple mount has not changed. >> this is more about the temple mount, it's about the condition that palestinian palestinians fa daily basis. >> it's got nothing to do with the palestinian peace process,
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it's got everything to do with hating jews. meaning that jews cannot pray on their holiest site and this decision was made by israel in 67 in order to take out this component. we still see this kind of violence. while palestinians use the same holy site to hoard stones and launch them towards israelis. >> let's get a response, you are throwing out a lot there, nazar, you understand the complaints and concerns here, that this would all be sofd if the palestiniansolved ifpalestiniank israelis. >> it's hard to explain to somebody who doesn't understand
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cause and effect. if the palestinians are reacting, they are reacting to what's happening on the ground. that education has been therefore a long time. the preaching on the nownt has beemount hasbeen there a long t. what this is in fact the loss of hope. while we have loon attacks of people with knives, they are feeling that the palestinian leaders are not able to get results so these loon attacks by loon palestinian is they are doing something on their own behalf and of course we are very sad that that's happening, we wish that the politics was working in the right direction but trying to vilify the whole palestinian population and saying the problem is with the palestinian population as ohole is a nonsensical argument to be
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made. there needs to be a political solution. >> by all means, there should be a political decision made here. are we on a the cusp nazar, of a third intifada? do you think we're approaching that? >> i don't think so because for inlt fda you need some form of organization. the palestinian authority has specificallily and explicitly said it's against the use of violence, and it will yu nonviolent means to put pressure on are israel. for an uprising you need a modicum of organization, which i don't see in this case. it is a manifestation by average citizens, and the fact that the majority of the israelis had
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elected a right wing government that specifically said it was again two state solution then there's no hope trying to engage politically, and they have resorted to violence. i think these are individual acts and i don't see how this is going to get organized. >> organized attack being brought about by top top leaders. obviously secretary kerry's visit coming up this week, do you worry about the strains hatching further especially as we see more and more violence here? >> between u.s. and israel? absolutely not. we've's been this education of incitement and it's fine, the same tiger that the palestinian leernl is riding at the moment, may end up turning on the back and demolishing the same i think
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it would be very wise for palestinian leadership remove the blind from hair eyes and start taking care of this porn issue of. >> explain to me what you want mahmoud abbas to do? >> i want the two to sit together an resume negotiations. president obama said let us resume gloakses. i wish, main e-maybe they'll open that door to those are peace talks. s thank you for your time as well, to both of you men. still ahead tonight, voting in
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egypt is low and what it mean by president yabts. abdel fatah al-sisi.
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>> several countries around the world are holding major elections in the coming days and voters are weighing serious cultural and economic issuance. in canada, hotly debated issue especially among muslim women. al jazeera's john terret explains from toronto. >> a gathering in the university
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of toronto, looking beyond the nicab. the meeting's a response to what many consider antimuslim rhetoric against those campaigning for the parliament. >> we have the same feelings, we are all the same. >> stephen harper's direction to uncover their face if they want to be canadian citizens. >> why would they practice something that is not transparent, not open and frankly a coilt tha anti-women d society. >> i met up with afia begg near
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her home. she's lived in toronto for 20 years, was willing to show her face privately to the judge. she says wearing a nicab is not a problem up until now. >> they do look a little more strangely towards me. >> prime minister harper says the wearing of the na drrvetionab uncanadian. what do you say to that? >> i have been wearing it a long time, although i have not always worn it. >> harper government's policy on wearing a n icab is a violation of their right. >> that policy is not law yet the minister purported to create a policy that trumped the law or in effect attempted to rulely by decree.
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>> sarah daniel arrived from glaglazglaglasgow scotland. >> bump in the polls harper initially got have now dissipated but newspaper inches suggest otherwise. >> i think our prime minister despite his best efforts to make it a wedge issue against muslims or nicabis has failed to do so because canadians are not racist people. canadians know better. canadians have a greater expectation of their government. >> talking about banning nicabs for employees, hoping that the conservatives will use the election and she can carry on
11:48 pm
with her life as before. john terret, al jazeera, toronto. >> for years canada's indigenous people are considering themselves separate from the government. but now, aboriginals would bring more light to issues they thought should be ignored. >> the term explains why indigenous people see themselves as a nation separate from canada, equal partners, coexisting in past elections. >> because i'm not a canadian and nobody has proven to me that if you are not a canadian, you can vote. if someone comes into the united states can you vote? >> this time, people are being told not to vote because their feeling in the community that
11:49 pm
the steven harper government has done little to address their challenges. unemployment, clean water water. >> to let them know that i believe that exercising this option to vote is in our best interests at this time. >> reporter: two years ago, the idle no more movement galvanized the nation. there was woo long speech business teresa spence, but the anger behind them now fails efforts to get aboriginal people to exercise a right they got only at 50 years ago. >> 50 years ago, they gave us the vote, we viewed it as a tactical error, but now we can
11:50 pm
use the vote against them, a powerful form of resistance. >> aboriginal voters could swing a difference, whether it means a change for the community in general is far from guaranteed. >> programs sensing an opportunity, canada's candidates promise they will help. but there was largely about many other things. >> you can't trust them. and that's what i've been tolling people. don't accept the politician that comes to your door and says, i promise you relationships. what's that? >> whether or not it's in this electric, ash ridge nal, may yet have their voices after treas of waiting.
11:51 pm
daniel lak, a. >> most of them support the president. al jazeera jamal el shael reports. >> not unlike the first elections, turnout on sunday according to local media was extremely low. the last time a parliamentary poll took place, waiting for hours to cost their ballot. this was the first free and fair election in history. now as a result of the 2013 coup the breert hood's liters are either killed jade o exiled.
11:52 pm
other movements have boycotted the votes at protest of what they sai is the continued oppression of phablets. abdel fatah al-sisi. >> we voted in the parliamentary election and the presidential election after meu barack's election, but the passion died down before he was removed from his presidency. few voters did vote but were upset business the support of it. >> circh needed to sacrifice freedoms for the sakes of his economic development and stability. but more than two years since the coup's egypt's economy has
11:53 pm
not risen. >> since 2013 we are still faced with high unemployment. >> sunday's leaders didn't include any of sisi's supporters. but if the turnout turns full we question this corrects. >> including iceberg evidence a newly discovered photolirchld trlt titanic, how many are it is word. the what a main family did in
11:54 pm
order to become nuns.
11:55 pm
>> i've been asked to keep my voice down
11:56 pm
>> a. >> a grainy black and white photo of an iceberg is expected to be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. the same one that sank the titanic in 1912.
11:57 pm
the photo includes a note saying that red paint was visible on the iceberg, allegedly paint that had scraped off the titanic during that collision. texas high school student suspended for bringing a home made clock to school. officials mistoo many ahmed mohammed's clock for a bomb. he will take place in the first ever atron my night. rob mcbride reports from beijing. >> it's the place people know where to go or the their cheap toys. the toys have become more sophisticated over the years but
11:58 pm
sold the same way. stacked high and going cheap. >> i come here often, and the prices are good. i never thought it would close down. >> translator: i have been coming here since i was a teenager. almost grew up here. >> on this stall, things are going even cheaper with closure just a few days away. >> if everything doesn't sell off, i think i'll put it in the warehouse and open in a new space. >> he is philosophical about the closure. the rapid development of beijing means constant change, from the places they live and work to how they travel between the two. now it seems how they can shop is undergoing a trixtion. transformation. the authorities want the sleek
11:59 pm
malls to match. ironically for these stall-holders, the last day of the business and the death of their market will come on halloween. rob mcbride, al jazeera, beijing. >> and finally tonight, the catholic church has added four two names to its roster of saints. among them is the first husband and wife to to be canonized in modern times. pope francis led the services in time. saints were the parents of a 19th century saint that the pontiff lapse to favor. francis credited the couple of creating an environment of faith and love in which their daughter thrived. that does it. thanks for spending some time with us. i'm jonathan betz. stay right here, the news from doha continues right now. have a good night.
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two dead and an innocent bystander shot after a suspected palestinian gun attack at a bus station. hello, also ahead on the program, hundreds of refugees are stranded at sloe convene i can't boarder. >>


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