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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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two dead and an innocent bystander shot after a suspected palestinian gun attack at a bus station. hello, also ahead on the program, hundreds of refugees are stranded at sloe convene i can't boarder. >>
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an attack on a bus station in israel has left two dead and 11 injured. it's one of the most serious incidents in the most recent outbreak of violence in the southern israeli city. the attacker walked into the building with a gun and knife. a man who police mistook for the attacker was also shot. andrew simmons has this update. >>reporter: it was complete chaos with police trying to identify the alleged attacker. now, they shot two people. one of them described by the police as an arab in appearance
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and also a man who they established is arifrean. that second person it appears was nothing to do with the attack and police say it was a mistaken identity. the situation was recorded on security cameras. obviously a lot of questions to be asked and how the police handled it. >> the the intoxilyzerly government is increasing security measures.
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once again denies the accusation that his government is trying to change the arrangement. >> israel alone is the guarantor of the holy site of the templeal mount. the reason it's violated is not because we changed it. we didn't change anything. orders of prayer have not changed for the last 15 years. >>reporter: but palestinians are adamant that it's the root cause of the current conflict. >> you want jewish control over al-aqsa while muslim nations are slaving. a military ceremony in tel aviv. the guest of honor, the new chairman of the u.s. joint chief
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of staffs here to discuss resuming talks about defense aid which israels is spendsed earlier this year in profest against the iran nuclear deal signalling a warming in a tense relationship in recent times. it's evidence that the u.s. will continue to conduct business as usual. >> here in israel's biggest newspaper, the headline, ready to draw. this is a picture of a government minister who has recreptly taken his gun on the of the tav anticipate is utesing it all the time. this is not a body likely to deviate from the most extreme response. mike hannah, west jerusalem:
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there's been little sign offal effort to end the violence. >> because the peace process was ended, because the current israeli cabinet is so radical, there's a sense that there's no hope or peace process and no gauche yeggss. anticipate there is no conversation right now between them. that must change, and there must be an opening that is worth while for both sides to pursue in times of nonviolence and progress in the relationship but especially addressing the concerns of residents that there's an increasing encroachment regards to the al-aqsa mosque. we have to be careful on radical
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elements on both sides. >> hundreds are stranded at croat croat croatia's border with slovenia. >>reporter: some said they'd been waiting through the night to cross. hundreds of men, women, and children stuck on the serbian side of the border with crow yay that. eventually, they were allowed to pass taking the next step in their journey across increasingly controlled borders in europe. >> what is very bad is the situation that they are very crowded and they've been waiting here for many hour's and are
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exhausted. so slovenia is realery struggling. more desperate people are on the move and the winter is going to add to their suffering. we need a mechanism where we're able to help them from one border to another. >> one of the founding goals of
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the eu was to build a common future. but it seems a long way off. germany's leader is in turkey trying to stop the flow of refugees to the european union. in return she's offering help in its bid to join the eu. >> germany's chancellor is in istanbul asking for help to stem the flow of refugees who are coming to europe >> i think we've used this crisis to again achieve closer cooperation on many issues both between the european union and turkey and between germany and turkey. >> specifically, the eu wants to increase coast guard patrols and give syrian's work permits.
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both are difficult demands for turkey to fulfill. so 235r there's no commitment from turkey on either issue >> unfortunately they were left alone by the international community in terms of burden sharing. the issue of sharing going forward is very important. >> he also said that if turks are given visa free access to the eu, turkey will take back failed asylum seekers from europe. path leaders freewayed that only a resolution in syria would solve the crisis. turkey still wants a safe zone in northern syria but that seems more than impossible with
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russias involvement now >> a typhoon has hit the philippines leaving at least three people dead. the army and police have been rescuing people trapped in the hardest hit regions. >> the typhoon has brought down power lines and cut after traffic. authorities are most worried about flooding. heavy rains are falling on the same areas hour after hour. she and her children have taken shelter in this emergency center. >> we were so afraid. all my children evacuated here. especially since we have a baby. we were so scared because we live in a low lying area.
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>> the tropical storm made land fall on sunday in the northeastern province of aerror a. it's too ux aurorait's too ux p. the government is bound to react quicker and better to large storms and they could very well test those promises. and we are live in central -- what's the latest where you are? >> okay. the situation here is sill very difficult. there's still so many
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communities remaining cut off in about ten provinces. i am in one of those communities. we were trying to access this area but could not chest deep flawing. water has receded but still there's no power. resources are stretched at the moment. in proveses further up north in the philippines, there's still no definitive death toll from the government because they're really struggling to get information on the ground. there seems to be a cultural shift already and an awareness in 2013. there's a lot of awareness and preparation. but this is different. the magnitude, there's a lot of rain. it's temptly difficult for millions of filipinos here.
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we have yet to see the impact on the typhoon and we're only going to find out about that tuesday or wednesday morning. >> thank you. lots more still to come here including al those i remember clearly have died. i barely remember my sister's face. a rare reunion for hundreds of north and south koreans after decades of separation. don't try this at home.
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welcome back. top stories here. two dead after an attack on a bus station in a southern israeli city. a man mistaken as an attacker is in critical condition after being shot. a typhoon has hit the philippines leaving at least three people dead. 20,000 forced to leave their homes. and refugees are stranded at croatia's worder with slovenia. in syria, the army has advanced. state television is reporting a
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push to drive rebels out of some of the northern city on friday has been successful. four civilians were killed in homs. security forces and a battle for control of the province. summer break was extended because of safety concerns overon going conflict between isil and the economy. they're also needing more time to enroll children from displaced families. an increasing number of
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professional passerbies often make sexually inappropriate comments to her. it should not matter if a wear a head scarf or not. >> a recent survey by a leading womens right group gave -- >> the record levels of sexual harassment and intimidation
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iraqi women face has without a doubt seriously affected their ability to participate in public life. but this has not always been the case. historically, iraqi women and girls have had more rights than women across the middle east. the u.s.-led invasion in 2003 worsened the situation dramatically. decades of successive wars, the
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rise of isil, and the growing influence of tribal culture are all tearing at the fabric of iraqi security. the damaging of the morals inside the country and the society. because there's no moral ethics now >> despite the challenges, she's determined to continue her job no matter what. >> thousands of demonstrators have marched in monfe negro demanding their leadership step down. they're equalling for early elections and for the resignation of the prime minister.
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french police have carried out an operation seizing 7,000 kilos of cannabis in paris. it's thought to be worth in excess of $22 million. >> early indications show the intis peoples party has won parliamentary elections. amid rising concerns of refugees traveling through europe. >> guatemalas candidates battling it off with just a week to go before an urban vote. rural gat pal lands say they're the most need in help. >>reporter: outside her home, she prepares for work. her grandchildren help her make
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ice treats to sell bringing in a few dollars a day. she doesn't know how she'll protect her family from a spring bubbling up under their house. >> the children get sick because of the humidity and the cold at night. i hope before i die the government will help me make a better house for the children. >> just two blocks away, he walks the streets selling cocoa nuts. most day he makes $5. cocoa nut. >> stories leek these are nut. >> stories leek these are
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common. >> two candidates face off in the second round of guatemalas presidential elections on sunday but many voters here question whether either caned date can bring the change so desperately needed in communities like this. >> teachers at the local public school say they don't receive any support and had to turn away children due to lack of sways. >> whenever a new administration takes power, they promise the children are the future but they fail to carry through especially in rural areas. >> some community leaders believe voting can make a difference and are meeting with residents to talk politics and politicians. >> our vote counts and i think in rural areas it's very important to vote so we can get
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someone into office. we have the greatest need yet many have abandoned us. david mercer, al jazeera. search for the remains of people missing over 50 years of fighting. the recoveries of bodies is one of the last issues to be resolved in peace talks. 52,000 people have disapeered during latin america's longest rovening conflict. >> today an agreement was reached on a number of immediate confidence building measures that consist of the search, location, identification, and hand overof people who have gone missing
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>> north a rare reunion for families sprawleded from the korean war will meet on tuesday. >>reporter: at the age of 89, he's taken up a hobby from his childhood. he says it helps stave off loneliness. he was living in a factory in 1950. he traveled south during a major retreat and never saw them again. eight years ago he signed up for the family reunion process. his chance has come but the news has brought a mixture of happiness and disappointment. >> there were seven of us. my younger sister is the only one still alive. i'm told other ease all passed away. it's disappointing. i barry remember my sisters face
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so it will be a bit awkward. >> he's one of 66,000 memo on the waiting list in south korea. more than half of them are in their 08 anesthesia -- 80 easy anesthesia or 's anesthesia -- y anesthesia or older. 80s or older. >> with this event last approaching, a handful of people who have suffered for decades the pain of separation will get the chance for at least a few moments of reunion.
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growth in china fell to 6.9% recently in china. that's the lowest in the past six years. lack of growth will affect the rest of the world. >> the number of people would be quite surprised that they grow only 6.9%. the mining and heavy industry secretary fors are flowing.
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these are very important sectors and the fact that we're seeing this adjustment means the import demand is signed significantly. so in terms of the impact on the rest of the world we're saying this is a bad exact. >> the economy may be slowing down but that's not stopped the demand for development in china. one of beijing's best known toy markets is about to close. >>reporter: everyone here knows to go there to get cheap tones. the toys have been mechanic sophisticatedover the years but sold the tame way, stacked high and going cheap >> i come here often and the prices are good. i never thought it would close down. >> i have been coming here sense i was a teenager. >> the closure is just days
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away. >> like many traders here, he is philosophical about the closure. >> some places are greater, more professional. the rapid development means constant change for those living here to have a travel between the two. now it seems how they can shop is undergoing a transfor maciol. >> for a smart and modern capital city, the authorities want the sleek malls to match. for these store holders their last day of business and the death of their market will come on halloween. >> no teams from the northern hemisphere have made it to the semifinals of the rugby world
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cup. australia beat scotland in a thrilling game. it was a surprise victory for the scotts. a controversial penalty decision gave australia the chance to kick the decisive penalty point. be unbreakable. ask a palestinian or israeli if it accomplished much when it comes to peace. my final thought on what israel and palestine needs to end the crisis - new leaders. and should schoolchildren be trained to fight against gunman, i'm very weali velshi and this is "third rail". the united states was the first nation to recognise the state of israel, a relationship


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