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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ a man dies after he is shot by israeli forces during an attack at a bus station. ♪ hello, i'm live in doha, also to come on the program, desperate scenes at the border as slovania limits the number entering from croatia. 14 people are dead, 60,000 are forced out of their homes as a typhoon hits the northeastern philippines. >> canadians will be votes in a
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crucial election that could change their government and i'm daniel lack and i can see if the original canadians can actually influence that okay. ♪ a man shot in israel after being mistaken for a gunman is in the hospital as israeli forces responded to a shooting in bus station and police say a security guard thought he was a second attacker after an arab man walked into the station and started firing. well the israeli government is responding to the escalating violence with increased security measures. it erected a temporary wall in east jerusalem dividing the jewish and palestinian parts of the neighborhood and passed a strict new law allowing security forces to search people and their belongings even if they are not suspected of being
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armed. well plo executive committee member has been holding a press conference in the occupied west bank and says israel has been deliberately provoking palestinians so young people are rising up against the occupation. >> they are saying that no matter how harsh the occupational or how long the palestinians will not accept it and that is why you are seeing young people who are willing to die to be free literally who are facing an israeli army that is armed to the ts and that uses violence with sections and even directives and legalization to use violence to shoot to kill and israeli public that is turned into vigilantes by the government telling them to arm themselves and to shoot. so these young people are sending a clear message, we will be free, we want to be free, the
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palestinians will not succumb and not subdued and not defeated and there is a spirit here that has to be acknowledged. >> we can go live to rene in the occupied west bank and a senior palestinian leader there correctly died with the problem by the sounds of it. what is the leadership's plan? >> well, definitely had plenty to say to the journalists at the press conference, one of the main points she was trying to make is make sure that everyone hears the palestinian side of the story as well and said don't adopt automatically the israeli lines we need, we need the truth to come out and it cannot be the dominant narrative and the problem is in a lot of areas where attempted attacks happen only israeli soldiers and police are at the scene and difficult for the palestinians whether they are palestinian journalists or members of the government to diagnose what has happened there and also mentioned that the
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government, the palestinian government is looking for help and waiting for the u.n. security council to convene to meet on this issue but she has basically made a plea that palestinians need international observers and an investigation to be carried out. one interesting thing that she said was that this movement we see across the occupied west bank is largely palestinian youth who are usually largely unarmed and that only a few of them maybe carrying out weapons and carrying out attacks and most of them are not and said israel needs to stop provoking the palestinians to the point where they are willing to die and clearly we have been seeing a lot of that over the course of the past 17 or 18 days or so and the past generation as they are called are fed up of occupation of life as a whole and don't have freedom of movement as they want. and they said palestinians have
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not had a single day to live a normal life so definitely some strong words there to everybody. >> rene talking to us live from ramallah and we go to jerusalem and mike hanna and going back to the incident, a very serious incident in a month long of violen violence. >> indeed, yes, dorene and illustrates the fault lines within israeli society as well-being exposed in this ongoing conflict. you have an attacker who is a veteran from a nearby village and you have the man who was killed who was an israeli soldier and then you have a bystander who was also gunned down in the course of events, the security of courses mistakenly identifying him as another of the attackers and he
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is an aratria and he was only in the central bus station because he traveled to the town to get an extension to his visa as all the would-be political refugees have to do so you have here a situation that is far removed from the conflict in the occupied territory. it is something happening within israel proper and it is something that illustrates that the occupation and the efforts being made to maintain it have an impact within israel as well as without. >> and the behavior of the crowd after the aratrea man had been shot or they attacked and kicked him, is it an indication of how brutalizeded of so many people within israel are becoming? >> well, we have seen a number
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of times where there has been an alleged knife attack and we have seen on social media time after time the crowds around the alleged attacker shouting at policemen or army to shoot him, shoot him and emotions are running very high and shows the degree of panic that is now within israeli society as a whole and shows as well once again that there is something far deeper than political differences, there is an emotional hatred being displayed at times as we saw in the beating of the aratrea national in the wake of that shooting. now the police say they are investigating this entire incident. they will be taking steps against those within the crowd who took the law into their own hands. this is the first time there has been an investigation announced so quickly after an event.
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we will see how that plays out and whether there are indeed any form of legal action taken against those who effectively became part of a lynch mob. >> mike hanna live in west jerusalem. u.s. secretary of state john carry is due to hold talks with israeli and palestinian leaders in germany later this week and says finding a resolution to the crisis is paramount. >> the united states remains deeply concerned about and engaged in efforts to help israel with respect to its security and we also share a global interest in seeing the region find a way forward to avoid this kind of confrontation and senseless loss of life. >> thousands of refugees have been arriving at the croatia border trying to get to slovania and changed to western europe
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after hungary filled its border over the weekend and we report. >> reporter: in the dark of night and the rain they walk west, their final destination unknown. most are from syria escaping war all trying to find refuge somewhere in europe. >> in ten days we would have 35 migrants in slovania which is unacceptable for us. >> in the no man's land between croatia and slovania police fire shots in the air. officers tell them to wait behi behind barbed wear fences and hungary and several communists states have already closed their borders. >> we are seeing that winter is here and the numbers have not gone down and more desperate people on the move the winter is going to add to their suffering. >> bundled up in plastic, tarps and blankets they brave the cold
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and they tackle one obstacle, one hurdle at a time. >> they take everybody, money, mobile, arrest and take everything. >> reporter: from serbia to croatia and they have gone to slovania and said they will accept a few thousand refugees a day. >> translator: croatia asked us to process 5,000 migrants a day and on the other hand they said they cannot possibly accept more than 1500. >> reporter: observers say that limit means people will get stuck in croatia and germany says it's expecting at least one million asylum seekers this year but making it to these countries does not guaranty these refugees will be able to start building their own lives, paul with al jazeera. rescue workers reaching remote areas affected by
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flooding after the typhoon swept through the northeast philippines, at least 14 killed in high water that saw more than 60,000 others to leave their homes. the winds are now weakening and classified as a tropical storm by the end of the day and we are in the northern philippines. >> we are in northern philippines and the typhoon struck central philippines early sunday morning. this has been inaccessible. this is the area we were trying to cross to get to auora province yesterday but were unable to because of the waters and now power is still out and there is still no electricity and no running water and at a stand still at the moment. and you can see farms turned into swamps and this is the rice capitol of the country and the impact of the typhoon is still
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unknown. so many areas like this one where there have been just basically cutoff from the rest of the world, we are trying to get to another area now further north called auora province and their communication has been difficult since it was struck and government resources are stretched at the moment and hard to quantify the damage because right now the biggest problem is infrastructure. kashmir called for a complete shut down of the kashmir valley and the shut down is to protest the death of a muslim truck worker on sunday. and petrol bombs and following rumors cows are slaughtered in the area and they are sacred to many hindus and right win bjp want a nationwide ban on cow slaughter and some muslims attacked on suspicion of either consuming beef or smothering cattle and we have a
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correspondent live in new deli. are we witnessing the rise of more intolerance in india today? >> and marteen that is the big question that many people across the country have been asking for some weeks now and not just hindus and not just muslims or christians but people across the entire population are perhaps wondering, this is not an isolated incident when it comes to this debate about the consumption of beef and the commercial trade of beef and this is just one incident, one case. we have also seen and heard of reports of an attack in a village last week and also the attack that really turned a lot of national attention to this issue in the northern state in india. that really sparked a debate about not just the consumption of beef and where people stand
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on the issue but also the social and cultural implications of this on various communities and what is going on in the political sphere when it comes to this debate, what is and what is not being said and that is really the crux of the issue at the moment. >> so what about prime minister modi leader of the bjp, what is he doing about it? >> well, prime minister modi last week had called for comm i communil harmony and other bjp leaders called for harmony and last week they were saying this issue of beef is filtering into other debates and questions about freedom of expression as authors across india have been talking about in resent weeks and said it's having a huge impact on india's reputation, however fundamentally when you look at the indian debate about this issue there are a number of
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people saying that the leaders of this country just have not gone far enough to condemn what is happening and to bring into check the fridge in the groups of people that are actually perpetrating these attacks and that is what people are looking for at the moment and looking for a definitive response and people say that has not been as forthcoming as yet. >> thank you, still to come here at al jazeera. >> i'm jennifer glasse in kabul, the fall of condoes to the taliban is hurting business in the capitol and around the country. and bitter sweet reunion korean families prepare to meet after a lifetime apart. ♪
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>> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target
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hello again, you are with al jazeera, let's have a look at the top stories, a man shot in israel after being mistaken for a gunman has died in hospital and happened as israeli forces responded to a shooting at a bus station and a security guard thought he was a second attacker after an arab man walked into the station and started firing. slovania set a limit of number of asylum seekers it will allow from croatia and using it as an attorney land region to northern europe after they shut the border with croatia friday night. rushing to the aid of thousands of people forced from their homes when typhoon swept through
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the philippines and at least 14 people are dead. canadians going to the polls in the coming hours, it's a contest between three parties the ruling conservatives under steven harper have been in power for almost ten years and it's a test of the right wing approached and deuponents say it has eroded their progressive values and the main rival is the party led by justin and ahead in the polls and he is the son and a left wing party led by tom and second to the conservatives in the last election but the polls indicate they could end up in third place. and canada's indigenous people being urged to vote in the election and represent 3% of the population but many of them don't want to take part and daniel lack explains why. >> election signs are typically not found on first nations as
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the communities are known here and the term explains why and indigenous people see themselves as a nation separate from canada and equal partners coexisting in north america and in past elections few voted or took part at all. >> i'm not a canadian and no one has proven to me if you are not a canadian you cannot vote and if someone comes from the united states can they come in and vote? >> this time first nations people are told to vote by the elected leaders because of the feeling in the community that the steven harper in the government has done little to address challenges, unemployment, crime, lack of clean water. >> i've decided to vote and i actually voted in an advanced poll the other day thinking that i need to be an example to our people, to let them know that i believe that exercising this option to vote is in our best interests at this time. >> reporter: two years ago the idle no more movement galvonized
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the groups and this is in the shadow of canada aes parliament and the protests faded and the anger behinds them try to get the people to exercise a democratic right they only got in 1960 a century after voting began in canada. >> 50 years ago they gave us a vote. we viewed that as a tackle error in the war of attrition and now we can use the vote as a weapon against them. it's a powerful form of resistance. >> reporter: in dozens of constituencies across the country they could swing a close result from conservatives to opponents and could mean a change in government and whether it means a change for the community in general is far from guaranteed. perhaps sensing a current canada's two main opposition party says they will work with the people on all outstanding issue and those promises come
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late in a long campaign that was originally about many other things. >> you can't trust them and what i'm telling people, don't just accept the politician coming to your door, and i appreciate this and has to be real live commitments you can hold them to. >> whether an audit in this election and statistically the youngest and fastest growing segment of the population may have their voices heard after centuries of waiting, daniel lack in northern ontario. there is a glimmer of hope that peace could return with all rival parties agreeing to attend talks in geneva at the end of the month, the last round of talks in june failed. meanwhile fighting continues on the ground and houthi rebels attacked a residential area in the city of thai and several were injured, among them women
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and children. syrian forces advanced in offensive to retake aleppo with hezbollah and iran fighters and a push to drive out rebels there has been successful and in homs the observatory said they were killed in air strikes and russia said it's only targeting i.s.i.s. strongholds. i.s.i.s. killed 120 iraqi soldiers in the last two days of fighting in ambar province and they died in a suicide attack near ramadi on sunday and 100 i.s.i.s. fighters were killed by security forces in the battle for control of the province. the german foreign minister says sanctions against iran are likely to remain in place until at least january and speaking in tehran frank has said the world powers that negotiated the
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nuclear deal with iran first need to see whether it will stick to its commitments and the agreement came into effect on sunday. president obama has also been talking about the deal. >> the iran nuclear deal solves a specific problem which is making sure that they don't posses a nuclear weapon and it's our best way to do that. it does not fully resolve the wide range of issues where we have a big difference and so we are going to have to continue to put pressure on them through the international community. right wing parties have made big gains in switzerland's parliamentary elections and the swiss people's party is emerging as the frontrunner and has been a major topic for voters who have expressed concern about the refugee crisis facing europe and last year they approved a referendum limiting the number of immigrants from the eu. farc rebels agreed to search for
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the remains of missile people and people who have been missing more than 50 years of fighting and recovery of bodies from unmarked graves is one of the last remaining issues to be resolved. >> translator: today an agr agreement was reached on measures that consists of search, location, identification and dignified hand over of people gone missing in the conflict and measures will be implemented immediately. afghan economy badly hit by the withdraw of most of the foreign troops and significant drop in international aid and the taliban's gains in kunduz has made the situation even worse, jennifer glasse reports. >> reporter: the streets of kunduz city are full of cars again but a long time before life gets back to normal. shop keepers are still working out their losses, many stores were destroyed in the fighting. >> translator: we've lost about
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20,000 in the shop without counting the cost of destruction of the building and want to guaranty this for their lives and investment so people can come back and invest and live their lives. but the people of kunduz don't have a lot of faith in the so called national unity government of president ashraf ghani and abdullah abdullah two rivals together. >> translator: the situation is good new but we don't trust these two presidents or the chief executive. we are afraid if we borrow money and invest we don't trust the fighting won't happen again. >> reporter: and that means some shops remain closed, many were looted in the fighting and struggling to open without supplies. >> translator: we could borrow up to 5,000 and now they won't get you 200 and that is all because of fighting. >> reporter: the city's biggest
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hotel said it has not had a reservation since the fighting stopped. outside women wait for handouts, a new ritual here, many simply don't have money for food. the economic effects of the fall of kunduz are felt in kabul as well. this is the cityist biggest appliance market and business is way down and this washing machine is worth $650 and on sale for $200 but there are for buyers. mohamed says his business has dropped by 80%. he says people who have money want to save it in case security gets worse, they are buying only what they need, no luxuries so he is not buying much either. >> translator: the fighting in kunduz sent a message to shop keepers do not invest in the shops because the fighting is in kunduz and tomorrow it could be in kabul. >> reporter: shop keepers say they are not making enough to cover rents and worried about crime and took a safe from one business containing a few thousand dollars and all their
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bookkeeping documents and amen says his business lost about $10,000 in the past seven months and if the economy doesn't get better he will consider leaving afghanistan altogether, jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. hundreds of north and south koreans separated in the 1950s korean war will be reunited on tuesday. the meeting is an effort to bring down territorial tensions and harry faucet is where a chosen few are preparing for the reunion. >> this is the hotel where family members have been contacted by the north korean side that their relatives have been seeking this reunion have been registering for that reunion and it's a roomful of incredible individual stories and personalized, changed forever by the huge in-person forces of history, among those stories i'll just share one of them with you, the story of 84-year-old who had been married
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seven months, she was three months pregnant when her husband went missing and he was part of south korean military and went off with what they thought was military training but in the confusion of the korean war he never came home and she assumed he died and paid tribute to him every year and she looked after his parents and raised the son who was still unborn at the time of his disappearance and now she said she kept with her the whole time a pair of his shoes and her whole life was contained in the shoes and the absence of that man and brought with her her now 64-year-old son. he is talking about being able to embrace both of his parents for the first time, the sense of pride he had finally finding out he had a father. so when you hear an old man talking in those sorts of terms of almost a young boy you get a sense of the emotional power that is around in place at the moment and gets underway in proper on tuesday when they travel to the north korean
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resort and they will meet their relatives six separate times over the space of two hours each and then that will be it. they will come back to south korea. and you can keep right up to date with all the day's moving stories as ever on the al jazeera website, al internet to those who want it and the laws that got in the way. plus, data crack down. the european ruling that could force american tech companies to make some changes. 19 years ago this month president bill clinton and vice president al gore announced a $100 million program to help create what they called the next generation internet. in their remarks, both men used a term that is unfortunately still a major cause or the