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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ hello and welcome to the news hour, i'm in doha with the world's top news story and coming up, in the next 60 minutes mistaken identity a man dies after he is shot at of israeli forces during an attack at a bus station. desperate scenes at a border as they limit the number of refugees entering from croatia. rescue workers reach the stranded after the typhoon leaves a trail of destruction in
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the northeast of the philippines. turn out expected after the longest campaign in modern canadian history. hello an aratrain man shot in israel after being mistaken for a gunman died in hospital. comes in a wave of violence that some fear could escalate in a full scale palestinian uprising. the refugee died after a shooting at a bus station in barsheba police saying that an arab man walked into the station and started firing and aratrea was mistaken for an attacker and a soldier killed there and 11 others wounded before that gunman was shot dead. israeli government is responding with increased security measures. it set up extra checkpoints and this temporary wall you can see right there in an occupied of
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east jerusalem with palestinian parts of the neighborhood, 43 palestinians and nine israelis died since the beginning of october. the violence was sparked by palestinian concerns over access to the compound housing and a mosque. we have our reporters, we have extensive coverage on the story and andrew simmons is in the occupied west bank and mike hanna in east jerusalem and we will talk about the incident and certainly it's not the first case we have heard of in resent weeks of mistaken identity. >> indeed, no. there have been a number of occasions in which somebody, usually from the office with a complexion was mistaken by a palestinian by israelis and a number of such incident and this is serious and at the end of it there were three dead bodies and the attacker who was a
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palestinian israeli from a nearby village, a soldier who was killed, a number of injured and of course the bystander, the aratrea national who died after being shot been also sharply, heavily beaten by the crowd in the particular bus station. now, he was a part of a group who have been in israel for close to a decade seeking political asylum and the only reason he was at that bus station was he had gone to basheba to renew his visa as he needed to do. israeli police have come out with unusually strong statement saying this incident is going to be fully investigated, that people will not be allowed to take the law into their own hands and it is likely that arrests will be made in connection with what happened to that aratrea national in the course of that attack. >> mike, since i have you with us let me ask you what is happening on the diplomatic front after israel refused that french proposal to send
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international observers to a mosque compound, so where to next diplomatically? >> well, diplomatically very difficult to say, not only did israel refuse the proposal and it summoned the french ambassador through the course of the morning with what could be described as a wrap on the knuckles and israel reacting strongly to a suggestion of international involvement over the old city and in particularly the mosque compound. where we stand at present benjamin netanyahu is on his way to germany for a scheduled visit to angela merkel the german chancellor but on the sidelines of that the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will be meeting him and talking about things in germany and following that john kerry will travel to the region as it is broadly stated and what it also states is an appropriate time. so no real diplomatic initiative it would appear at present.
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everything hinging around what would appear to be a series of unilateral meetings that are being set up by the u.s. state department by john kerry himself rather than any attempt to get the parties together to talk face-to-face about this current crisis. >> mike, thank you very much for that update. plo committee member has been holding a press conference in the occupied west bank and says israel has been deliberately provoking palestinians so young people are rising up against the occupation. >> they are saying that no matter how harsh the occupation or how long the palestinians will not accept it. and that is why you are seeing young people who are willing to die to be free literally who are facing an israeli army that is armed to the ts and that uses violence with inceptions and with directives and legislation
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to use violence to shoot to kill and even an israeli public that is being turned into vigilante by the government by telling them to arm themselves and to shoot so but these young people are sending a clear message we are clear and want to be free and the palestinians will not succumb and not subdued and not defeated and there is a spirit here that has to be acknowledged. >> we are in the occupied west bank to see what else she had to say, andrew? >> well, she really rounded on israel saying that the israeli occupation needs to stand accountable and palestinian lives need to be protected. again, we come around to this issue of international involvement and as mike hanna was reporting there israel already indicated it's not interesting in suggestions from the french for example of international observers at the mosque compound, not at all. and that applies also to the
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issue of allegations that there was a shoot to kill policy which we've seen many times, video of police acting in haste, shooting right away without any questions being asked or any possible alternative measures being taken and in the instance of this we saw somebody totally uninvolved in the situation getting some and that is on video as well. so not surprising that there is going to be an investigation. but coming back to the point, palestinian leadership is putting out a very strong message that there has to be that protection, there has to be that proper international investigations into many of these situations and also the u.n. reppitoir for summary executions is being involved in this as well but the plo, plo is sending reports to him. but beyond that there is another
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point to all of this. and that is the israelis are accusing the palestinians of provocation, the palestinians are accusing the israelis of provocation but regardless of that there is a social media swing continual snowball going on with video being distributed and video going viral of incidents which in itself fuels the whole situation on either side and we now have a position undoubtedly where young people are taking their lives and the law into their own hands and they don't care about the palestinian leadership, they don't care about the politics any more because they got to a stage under occupation where they feel desperate and they can do nothing else other than to try to act on their own. now, this does seem to come across to the youths you speak to, to the people you speak to on the streets right away across the occupied west bank and
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occupied west jerusalem and gaza is a different case because that is very, very hamas controlled and very much fueled by hamas but there are so many youngsters know who don't want to know about hamas and fata and don't want to know about this, they want their lives back and that is what you are seeing playing out in so many areas of the occupied territories. >> we will leave it there and thank you very much for that update. well, as we mentioned the tension was sparked over fears israel will change access to the housing in the mosque, the area is holy to both muslims and jews and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is due to hold talks with palestinian leaders in germany later this week and says finding a resolution to the crisis is paramount. >> israel has made it clear to me that they do not intend to and have not changed the status quo and i think it's important for me to meet with the prime minister and talk about the road
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ahead. we have a longstanding extremely close, very important relationship with respect to israel's security and security will be front and center in our discussion. and obviously the united states remains deeply concerned about and engaged in efforts to help israel with respect to its security. but we also share a global interest in seeing the region find a way forward to avoid this kind of confrontation and senseless loss of life. asylum seekers trying to make it to northern europe face being stranded in transit countries in poor conditions as winter approaches and the u.n. refugee agency warned more than 10,000 asylum seekers are currently stranded in serbia and medical workers attending to refugees have described their desperate conditions. >> this is the condition. i mean, there is, you know, look
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at it. this is beyond capability, the resources that there are here already and the croatia people have been helpful and volunteers from both countries but we are working with helping medicine and doctors without borders, they ran out of medicine. we supply them and working together and doing a great job but he is one doctor, i'm one doctor, there are two doctors here and there is about 2500 people here. >> reporter: let's speak and joined on the phone from belgrade and listening to the gentleman describe how desperate the situation seems to be for the syrian refugees. >> well, it is, comparing to just two days ago the situation deteriorated rapidly as a result of something like a chain reaction which started by a decision of the government not to receive too many migrants and refugees from the direction of
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slovania and it's a chain reaction by decisions for slovania and croatia government and also limit numbers of people coming in the countries and we have a huge backlog or bottlenecks here in serbia with thousands of people entering from macedonia and entering from bulgaria as well and in this direction and just staying and being stranded in serbia and if you are looking at a satellite image right now you will see that the weather is appalling in this region in croatia, in serbia, it's raining and it's not going to be any better in the days to come. and these people are desperate and stranded in a refugee camp with appalling facilities, with no facilities at all. and they just don't know where to go and what will happen to them after. according to local media sources something like 50 buses are currently stranded at the border
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with croatia from the serbia side of course for refugees and migrants and these people don't know what just happened to them. >> what are the authorities saying? what is their position on this right now? >> it is interesting that currently in serbia we don't have any kind of official response by the serbia authority about that, even this morning serbia prime minister had a meeting with u.n. agency representative in this country but besides a relatively information coming from that meeting, nothing from results or official reaction about what is currently happening or what is going to happen in the days to come, what will be reaction of the serbia government is literally closing the border between serbia and croatia. on the other side croatia government is afraid this situation of what is currently happening at the border with serbia will soon start to happen at the border with bosnia because they say the migrants
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and refugees now will start using a different route from serbia through bosnia into croatia. >> thank you for that update. meanwhile slovania trying to limit the refugees it takes in with border with croatia and thousands are waiting in no man's land after they shut the border on friday night and giving the most vulnerable refugees its highest priority and paul reports. >> reporter: in the dark of night, in the rain they walk west. their final destination unknown. most are from syria escaping war. all trying to find refuge somewhere in europe. >> translator: in maybe ten-days we would have 35,000 migrants in slovenia which is unacceptable for us. >> reporter: in this no man's land police fire shots in the air. >> i understand you. >> reporter: officers tell them to wait behind barbed wire
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fences and croatia says more than 200,000 people arrived from serbia in the last month. hungary and several other communist states have already closed their borders. >> we are seeing that winter is here and the numbers have not gone down so more desperate people on the move, the winter is going to add to their suffering. >> reporter: bundled up in plastic tarps, blankets, they brave the cold on foot and in trains they continue tackling one obstacle, one hurdle at a time. >> this is really racist and take everybody, money, mobile, everything, arrest and take everything. >> reporter: from serbia to croatia thousands have now arrived in slovenia and the government says it will accept a few thousand refugees a day. >> translator: croatia asked us to process 5,000 migrants per day and of course on the other hand we have a request from austria with capacity and says
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they cannot possibly accept more than 1500. >> reporter: observers say that limit means people will get stuck in croatia. germany says it is expecting at least one million asylum seekers this year but making it to these countries does not guaranty these refugees will be able to start building their new lives. paul with al jazeera. rebuilding of damaged roads, bridges and power lines after the typhoon swept through the northeast philippines has now started and help rescue workers who have been trying to reach areas most effected by flooding, at least 14 people have been killed and high water has forced more than 60,000 others to leave their homes. the winds are now weakening and classified as a tropical storm by the end of the day and we sent this update. >> we are in the providence northern philippines and the typhoon struck the central philippines early sunday
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morning. this has been inaccessible and the area we were trying to cross to get to auora providence yesterday and unable to because of chest-deep waters. now power is still out here. there is still no electricity and no running water, everything at a stand still at the moment. you can see farms that have been turned into swamps, this is the rice capitol of the country. the impact of this typhoon is still unknown. so many areas like this one where there have been just basically cutoff from the rest of the world, we are trying to get to another area now further north called auora province, their communication has been difficult since the typhoon was struck and it's very hard to quantify the damage because right now the biggest problem is infrastructu infrastructure. richard is here with an update on the typhoon and looks like the west could be yet to come.
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>> definitely and look at the pictures and it didn't look that bad as the reporter was trying to get further north but yes you are right the winds have blown out and we will be fine but it will go on for a long time so it's going to get a lot worse before it gets better and looking at the bigger picture in the pacific we have two major storms and the most record in the northern hemisphere is concern but look at the typhoon and in the next few hours it will be downgrade and doesn't look all that threatening looking at the satellite images because the clouds have been blown out and 450 millimeters of rain since saturday. let's just have a look at rainfall totals around the globe. major cities with rainfall totals through the whole year between 600-1500 millimeters of rain. it's possible from the system that in the city in particular could be one of those areas which receives more than 1,000 millimeters and perhaps very
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close by we could see close to 1300 millimeters of rain and it's rainfall you cannot really get your head around and this is what we see in terms of the wind and any time there is a trouble storm sustained winds and it's barely walking pace as it drifts eventually to taiwan and that is a long way off and going through it it goes around and rounds and westerly winds with vast amounts of rain to the west of the side and the situation is going to be almost catastrophic. more to come on the news hour including. >> i'm in baghdad where a recent survey found 77% of iraqi women had experienced some form of sexual harassment. coming up, we will hear from those who are trying to change that. plus india and kashmir under lock down because of religious tensions and live in the capitol new deli and the referee
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decision costed the place at the semi finals rugby world cup. ♪ but first canadians going to the polls in the coming hours, this is a test of ten years under steven harper and his right wing conservative party. canada is feeling the pinch of the global downturn in the price of oil, most canadians saying the economy is their number one issue. as is the environment. both issues come together in the exploitation of canada's oil sands, something harper has pushed for and has tough antiterror laws have divided voters as has his restrictive and some say mean-spirited approach to limit canada's refugee policy and harper has made the use of the club, the full faced veil a major election issue and supporters say he is standing up for canadian values, critics saying it encourages suspicious of muslims and
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distracts voters from the real issues in the country and we report from toronto on how opponent's are hoping to capitalize on this public discontent. >> we will be able to remove him. >> reporter: not only has it been a long campaign and seen the most spending ever on political ads, most of them were paid for by the conservative government of steven harper, attacking opponents, in particular the current frontrunner 44-year-old justin, a son of one of the former prime ministers. >> justin is just not ready. >> steven harper, we've had a lot of complaints. >> reporter: harper's other main opponent the democrats did some attacking of their own criticizing mr. harper's record by way of a staged job interview. >> it's time to let him go. >> in my plan. >> reporter: the liberals also attacked and emphasizing change putting their leader mr. trudo front and center in debates and speeches he played up his father's record in bringing him canada's first ever charter of
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rights and freedoms. turnout was huge in advance polls two weekends ago 75% higher than previous years and could be good news for competition. >> undecided voters of course but a lot of people made up their mind and when people makeup their mind in a change focus election generally speaking that would probably favor the changed party. >> reporter: and we will know that result tonight when the votes are counted but opinion polls throughout the campaign have shown his liberals surging from third place in august to a narrow lead today, the other opposition party ndp were in first back then and dropped into a distant third and mr. harper and conservatives his party is in a solid second with a vote of third of support of those polled. none of these polls suggest a clear victory for any party in this british style westminster democracy after 4 1/2 years of a harper majority canadians may have to brace themselves for a minority administration. they have been here before.
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>> that has been quite common in candy to have hung parliaments and as long as you have a fairly stable minority government it can work for a long time. ♪ who is the king of secrecy ♪ harper man a son put together by a civil servant who was promptly suspended but it's on social media and called harper man and calls for a change in government among two thirds of canadians and whether that means actual change in a first past the voting system is the big question, the answer won't be known until late monday night in canada, daniel lack in toronto. advanced in offensive to retake parts of aleppo with the backing of hezbollah fighters and pushing them out of areas there has been successful and in homs the uk observatory has four civilians killed in russian air strikes and russia says it is
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only targeting i.s.i.l. strongholds and i.s.i.l. killed about 120 iraqi fighting in and bar providence and 40 died near the regular capitol on sunday. there are also reports that 100 i.s.i.l. fighters were killed by forces in battle of control of the province. survey carried out in iraq suggests 8 out of 10 women have suffered some form of sexual harassment and increasing professional women have sexual harassment in public places and we have more. >> reporter: she loves her job and has been a television news reporter for the past six years and is all over baghdad to interview people from all walks of life and she is passionate about her work but not always easy and make sexually suggestive comments to her and so does some of the people she tries to interview. >> translator: as a female journalist working in a
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masculine society with conservative places i have problems and men give me bad looks and have religious and other men harass me and i believe in what i do and shouldn't matter if i wear a head scarf or not. >> reporter: commonplace across iraq and a survey by a women's group said 77% surveyed suffered sexual harassment and often in public. the levels of sexual harassment and intimidation iraqi women face has without a doubt seriously effected their ability to participate in public life but this has not always been the case. historically iraqi women and girls have had more rights than women in other countries across the middle east. women were formally granted equal rights in iraq's constitution in the 1970s allowing them to go to school, vote, run for political office and own property. that all began to change after
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the 1991 gulf war with the united states. women and girls were disproportionately affected by the conflict and u.n. economic sanctions that followed limited their access to food, healthcare and education. the u.s. led invasion in 2003 worsened the situation dramatically. hanna is campaigning to change that. she runs a women's rights group called the iraqi association and says decades of successive wars and economic sanctions and violence and rise of i.s.i.l. and the growing influence of tribal culture are all tearing at the public of iraqi society. >> one of the things which is really how is it preoccupying me and other, you know, human rights activists is the damaging of the moral ethics inside the country and inside the society. because there is no how we say ethics now, moral ethics. >> reporter: despite the
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challenges she is determined to keep doing her job no matter what anyone thinks or says. al jazeera, baghdad. people have been protesting on the streets of india's capitol new deli after two young children were raped. students and opposition activists confronted police barricades and the protest started after a two-year-old was raped and a five-year-old was gang raped in separate incidents. five people have been arrested in connection with the attacks. separatists in india kashmir called for complete shut down in the kashmir valley and in protest against the death of a muslim trucker on sunday. bombs were lobbied at his vehicle after rumors cows had been slaughtered in the area, the cow was sacred to many hindus and many members of the ruling right win bjp want a nationwide ban on beef and attacked for suspicion of eating beef and we are talking about
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the resent attack and one of several attacks in the issue of cow slaughter, libby. >> it is and that is the unfortunate thing, one of several and this has been an issue of national debate perhaps on consumption and trade of beef that has been going weeks if not months. update since the last time we came to you about this story, the assembly in kashmir has kept a two-minute silence to mark the death of the truck driver that we have been speaking about and the chief minister of the state has also called for immediate investigation into the attack. this has been a very serious issue across ionia -- india for weeks now in the sensitive areas like india states and the underlying debate, the under lying questions here of communal
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harmony and not just about the consumption or trade of beef, it's about secular values as well that india prides itself on and what people have been talking about in relation to this. >> what about some of the comments that have been made by the right wing ruling party, some describing them as provocative, what does this mean going forward for the government? >> absolutely. in fact, the prime minister modi this morning reports suggesting he has been unhappy with some of the statements from key party members across the country and, in fact, a senior party leaders reportedly have been brought in to perhaps check on what is being said and what is being towed as the party line on the issue, senior figures in resent weeks have come out and said any discussion not just on beef but communal harmony and attacks and incidents damaging the international reputation but more so they strike at the heart of a debate that has been going for many, many years in india
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and that is about the freedom of expression and choice and not just food but what you read and eat and otherwise what you do in your personal life. these are the bigger questions that are coming through and the question that many are asking is will the government produce a definitive response that will keep those fridge elements particularly the extreme hindu groups in check to stop infri e infringing of people who do not subscribe to their points of views or values. >> thank you for the update from new deli. here is what is coming up, in this news hour bitter sweet reunion and koreans will meet after a lifetime apart. and moles on your right arm could be an indicator for cancer and in sport the new york mets are halfway to the world series and we will tell you what
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happened in game two against the chicago cubs. ♪
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hello again and top stories on the al jazeera news hour an eritrea man shot in israel after being mistaken for a gunman died in hospital as israeli forces responded to a shooting in barasheba and a security guard thought he was a second attacker after an arab man walks into the station and started firing. the u.n.'s refugee agency has warned that more than 10,000
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refugees mostly syrians are stranded in serbia. meanwhile slovania forced to impose a limit only number of people it can let through after thousands arrived in the 24-hour period. roads and bridges are being fixed after typhoon swept through the northeast philippines, damaged infrastructure, hampered rescue operation for more than 60,000 stranded people. 14 people died in the storm. let's return to the top story and telling you about the escalating violence in israel and the occupied territories and we are joined by a senior columnist for a website and thank you very much for being with us. are you with us? there you are. thanks very much for being with us. let's first start out with what happened in barsheeba where an eritrean man was mistaken for being a gunman and shot and behavior of the crowd after he
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was shot, they attacked him, people were kicking him, throwing a bench at him and pinning him to the ground, what do you make of this? what does it tell us about this degree of panic within israeli society seemingly? >> there is a hysteria and i remember the days of the suicide bombing on buses and shopping malls because people are not sure if the guy who is just crossing the street next to them is not hiding a knife. you cannot just stay at home, although i know that people are even hesitating going out to restaurants or to the movies, they would rather stay at home. there is kind of a hysteria because it's unpredicted, because it can be anyone. you know, there was a case that -- >> that is exactly what i wanted to talk to you about, these cases seem to be reoccurring
6:35 am
more often now than usual, why is that? >> i think part of it is because of the social media. actually i expected this to happen after the arab spring started that the palestinians will use the social media and it seems that the government doesn't have an answer to this. there is lack of intelligence because you cannot follow every blogger or anyone or everyone who is surfing on the web on facebook. the police are making great effort. the message also coming from the government is helplessness. they don't have an answer. and the answers there they are offering look quite pathetic. for instance to legislate, researching into women to see if
6:36 am
they are not hiding a weapon or a gun without a court warrant, so the people who are watching the news and reading the newspaper, they feel that there is nobody at home, that there is nobody even in washington and -- >> but let me ask you this, what you are saying is you don't agree with human rights who has just put out the statement, in fact, in response to the death of that eritrean people human rights saying the death of asylum seeker at the hands of security guards and an angry mob is a tragic but foreseeable out growth of a climate which some israeli competitions encourage citizens to take the law into their own hands. >> first of all, happily so we don't have such a law that you can kill people if you think that they are arabs. this is not the law. you know -- >> there has been a shoot to kill policy especially going on
6:37 am
now over the past couple of weeks where the government has been encouraging a shoot to kill policy. >> actually it's not only the government, this is the other problem that there is no opposition, actually the opposition is bypassing sometimes the government from the right. and the head of your position is promising that we will never withdraw from east jerusalem and we have to be tough and the government is doing the right thing. so there is no other option, there is no other option because even kerry says he will meet on a bus only to find maybe a solution to the conflict on the temporal mount but he is not going to back to deal with the core of the issue which is the occupation. and the lack of hope in both societies that we are going to see an end to the conflict and to this tragedy. so of course people feel that
6:38 am
there is lack of control, that there is no responsible adult in jerusalem and in ramallah as well to offer some hope or some light at the end of the tunnel. >> thank you for joining us. turkey has confirmed the identity of one of the two suicide bombers in last week's attack in the capitol, president says investigations are ongoing to find out the identity of the second attacker. nearly 100 people died in the blast outside the main train station in ankora and says there is a glimmer of hope peace could return with rival parties agreeing to attend talks in geneva later this months, talks in june failed. and fighting continues on the ground as we report. >> yemeni government troops backed by the saudi-led coalition patrol areas here.
6:39 am
the central province was recently retaken by shia houthi fighters still control some areas on the outskirts. this is the city of marib. government troops are on alert here. and shows his visitors what he says are signs of iranian support for the houthis. >> translator: the communication commitment we confiscated was sent by iran for the houthis and intercepted two shipments on their way to the rebels. >> reporter: most of yemen's oil and electricity is produced here and why the government is sending reenforcements to secure the province. but the fighting continues in the south. government troops are targeting houthi positions in mountains surrounding the city of thai and the saudi-led coalition have
6:40 am
intensified air strikes but the houthis are backed by former president saleh still hold ground but despite all the fighting the factions have agreed to meet in geneva to give diplomacy a chance, al jazeera. hundreds of north and south koreans separated during the 1950 korean war will be reunited on tuesday and 65,000 other south koreans are still on a waiting list to meet their loved ones in the north. harry faucet is in sochi where a few are preparing for a rare reunion. >> the hotel lobby where 400 south korean family members who had bend contacted by the north korean side that their relatives had been seeking this reunion have been registering for that reunion. it has been a roomful of incredible stories and personalized changed forever by the huge impersonal forces of history, among the stories, i
6:41 am
will share one of them with you, the story of 84-year-old qu and she had been married for just seven months and she was three months pregnant when her husband went missing and he was part of the south korean military and went off on what they thought would be training but in the confusion of the war he simply never came home and she assumed he died and she paid tribute to him every year since she looked after his parents and she raised the son who was still unborn at the time of his disappearance and now she says she has kept with her all that time a pair of his old shoes saying that essentially her whole life was contained in those shoes, the absence of that man, she has brought with her her now 64-year-old son. he is talking about being able to embrace both of his parents for the first time, the sense of pride that he had finally finding out that he had a father, so when you hear an old man talking in those sorts of terms of almost a young boy you get a sense of emotional power that is around this place at the
6:42 am
moment and goes on tuesday when they travel to the north korean resort and meet their relatives six separate times over the space of two hours each and that will be it, they will come back to south korea. it's long been known the more moles you have on your skin the more likely you are to develop life threatening skin cancer called melanoma but a team of researchers in the uk has come up with a simple way of working out whether you are at greater risk and performed a mole count on over 3 1/2 thousand people, they looked for them in 17 areas on the body to see if anyone area would accurately predict how many moles they had on the entire body and they found that the right arm did just this, if you have more than 11 moles on your right arm you are likely to have over 100 on your whole body and then that means you are more likely to develop melanoma. doesn't mean you will, just that you have a higher risk. and that means you should monitor your skin and any
6:43 am
changes more closely. to get more on this we can speak to the dr. rabaro a lead author of that report and a research fellow from the king's college from london and joining us via skype from italy and a lot of people saying this is a very simplified way of addressing quite a problem when it comes to cancer. what do you say to that? >> very simplified way to count moles and so to establish in the proper region of each patient of developing melanoma. >> so what is the impact that you think your research is actually going to have on primary care? >> they could be matched more and could you have a very increased work to this paper has in this way they can predict properly the number of moles on
6:44 am
their patient and without wasting so much time they with screen the patient more at risk compared to patient less at risk. >> people saying perhaps this method is one of self diagnosis. >> it isn't because this method could help in screening the patient but of course is not just a way that we can look at all the mole of the body and screen for melanoma. >> is it just the melanoma that this screening helps or could it be for other types of cancers as well? >> the number of moles strongly predicted of the risk of developing a melanoma because it's an acidic activation with melanoma and a tumor that arrives from the melanoma cells.
6:45 am
>> doctor, thank you for joining us from italy. >> thank you. still ahead on the news hour how china's rapidly changing economy is changing the way consumers shop plus. hosting some of the best wind surfers in the world championship in the last chance to qualify for the olympics and why the competition is important for the gulf country. ♪
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♪ gradual slow down of china economy is continuing and growth fell slightly to 6.9%, the
6:47 am
lowest level in six years. and we have a senior asia economist at oxford and says the chinese slump will affect the rest of the world >> the number of people would be quite surprised that gdp growth only 6.9% given what we see in the slow down in the really real estate sector in terms of heavy industry, in terms of what it means i think what it's really showing is that the economy is slowing but it's not slowing as dramatically as what some people may be thinking. we have sort of if you like a two speed economy going so in terms of the rest of the world the fact we see the real estate sector slow and mining, and more of the heavy industry slow significantly this is actually bad news for the rest of the world. these are important sectors a the fact we are seeing this adjustment and weakening activity means import demand is actually slowing significantly so, yes, in terms of the impact on the rest of the world we are seeing that this is a bad impact. >> well the gradual slow down of china's economy is continuing growth did fall slightly in the
6:48 am
last three months to 6.9%, the lowest level in six years and the economy may be slowing down but it has not stopped demand for development in china's capitol. one of beijing's best known toy markets is about to close before the bulldozers move in and rob mcbride reports. >> reporter: it's the place where everyone in beijing knows to go to for cheap toys the chandler market, the toys have become more sophisticated over the years but sold the same way, stacked high and going cheap. >> translator: i come here often and the prices are good. i never thought it would close down. >> translator: i have been coming here since i was a teenager and almost grew up here. >> reporter: it's cheaper with the closer just days away. >> translator: put them in the warehouse and go there again.
6:49 am
>> reporter: like many traders here he is philosophical about the closer. >> some places are more professional. >> reporter: the rapid development of beijing means constant change for people living here from the places they live and work and travel between the two and now it seems how they can shop is under going a transformation. for an increasingly smart and modern capitol city it appears the authorities want the sleek malls to match. ironically for the store holders their last day of business and the death of their market will come on halloween. rob mcbride, al jazeera, beijing. time for all the sports news. thank you so much. scotland suffered rub bee world cup heart break beaten by a single point in quarter final against australia and 35-34 the final and australia will play argentina in the last four after the south americans went through with a win over ireland and we
6:50 am
report. >> reporter: emotions were running high at london's stadium with scotland taking on australia in the last world cup quarter final. the scotts were the northern hemispheres last surviving teams and dominated early on, taking the lead with a tri from ashley cooper and it was flowing in both directions and scotland fought back with peter horn and at half time the scotts led by a point. it was a similar story after the break but australia were edging ahead, this converted tri putting them eight points clear. and with seven minutes to go and interception try for mark bennett to have stolen the game for the scotts and conversely denied the win when australia were awarded the last-minute
6:51 am
penalty. and folie breaking the scottics hearts for the 35-34 win. >> firstly i'm obviously thrilled we won the game, it has given us an opportunity to play in the semi finals so i thought scotland played really well. they are really true and thought their attack was crews and carries very strong and momentum there so it was a really tough test match and it went down to the wire and what happens in the games. >> it's hard to take it. it's up setting as you can imagine. i think we made big trades to be honest and we are not just saying that. one kick away from being in the semi finals of the world cup and arguably probably should have been. >> reporter: injury hit ireland and quickly in trouble against argentina, argentina 17-0 after 13 minutes. ireland were still collecting injuries, tommy with their
6:52 am
latest victim. but his replacement started an irish fight back, luke fitzgerald given the six nations champions hope. and in the second half ireland looked to be back in sight of the first ever world cup semi finals and murphy punching down as ireland got within three points of the south americans but it proved catalyst for argentina to once again step up their game and just after to scoring in the corner. and then juan wrap up a 43 points to 20 win. argentina will play australia at the stadium next sunday, al jazeera. talks for staging a cricket series between rivals india and pakistan have been disrupted by right wing protesters. [chanting]
6:53 am
activists from the hindu nationalist party stormed the indian cricket board office in mumbai, discussions will reportedly continue on new deli on tuesday, the teams have not played each other in a test series since 2007 and currently play their home match in uae and ear marked to host india in december. >> i think this kind of demonstration is completely unqualified and should not have been done and the law with pakistan would continue even on worst days and populations were very bad and it's distorted. >> reporter: new york mets beat the chicago cubs to take a two game lead and daniel murphy a two run homer to cap the first inning for the mets and fur murphy's post season and fifth over all and that is the cubs 4-1 and the best of 7 series
6:54 am
will be in chicago on tuesday. >> we have got big hits. i mean, we are not -- again, because of the pitching we are facing we are not crushing the ball but getting big hits. i mean we are getting guys on base and seems like somebody will come up with a big hit or play or a stolen base when you need it. >> reporter: nasty crash at the nascar 400 race in kansas on sunday and in front of his hometown fans clint bower hit the wall hard on turn two but amazingly escaped without injury and lagano went on to win the race. grilo won the pga tour opening event in california and steel looked good for victory after leading the first three rounds but despite an eagle on the fifth hole he bogied and down to 17 and won a playoff against
6:55 am
kevin after they were 15 under and the first pg tour victory and now qualifies for the masters. [cheers and applause] missed the chance to go top of syria on sunday with leaders losing three points with the first and played out to a goalless against uvantis and could have done a win themselves and struggling down in 14th. the world's best wind surfers have a final chance to qualify for rio for the championships and the country that is rising in the sailing ranks and we report. >> reporter: the fishermen know their catch as well as they know the ebb and flow of the warm waters of the gulf. but alongside traditional things this is the modern way to ride the waves.
6:56 am
this week they are hosting the rsx world wind surfing championships and competition fierce because for many it's the last chance to qualify for the olympics in rio. >> it's great and the water is very warm like 30 degrees, very incredible, with the hot weather and it's going very high quickly so i think it's going to be a very great race this weekend. it will be intense for that and intense physically on the water, yeah. >> reporter: not the first major sailing event held here. as amman makes its name on the international sailing circuit. it hosted the laser world championships two years ago and the capitol is also one of eight stops on the prestigious around the world extreme sailing series. as well as providing the venue, amman sailors are proving to be world class too. and future olympians from this gulf country may not be too far
6:57 am
behind. our over arching objective is to rekindle the heritage, connect the youth to their history. with that we also have a goal of taking a man to the olympic in saling in the future and for us to fulfill that objective we have to start at an early age and give them the right skill they need, put them in different level of competition that can help us achieve that objective. >> reporter: their ancestors earned a living from the gulf but now a new generation is hoping to earn the first sailing gold metal, al jazeera. and that is all your sport for now but i'll be back with more a bit later, back to you. >> see you later on thank you for much for the time being and that is it for the news hour on al jazeera and we are back in just a moment and we have another full bulletin of news, of the day's top stories and everything you need to know and we are back in a minute.
6:58 am
see you then. ♪ >> puerto rico's debt crisis. >> they're gonna demonstrate right outside where the governor lives. >> are hedge funds offering a fix? >> those investments will spark the economic recovery. >> or just fixing the odds? >> they're trying to force us into one course of action. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series.
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>> as violence intensifies. >> the growing israeli perception is that no place is safe. >> get the latest news in-depth. >> we should stand up for what we believe and defend ourselves. >> mr. netanyahu is playing with fire. this fire is dangerous for both our people. >> stay with al jazeera for continuing coverage.
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♪ an arab israeli man is dead this morning after being shot and killed by israeli forces with an attack at a bus station, the continued violence in the middle east has secretary john carry calling for calm. >> we also share a global interest in seeing the region find a way forward. >> reporter: clamping down on drones after a string of dangerous incidents, the federal government considers new rules to try to reign in rogue users. getting an early taste of winter this morning as temperatures drop and snowfalls from the midwest to the northeast. ♪