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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> please open the door. >> hundreds of refugees stranded in cold and rain as aid agencies struggle to help them move through european borders. turkey's prime minister said that his country will not host refugees indefinitely. hello there. welcome to the program. also coming up, canadians are set to choose a new leader in elections that polls say will go down to the wire.
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some of the best windsurfers in the world for their last chance to qualify for the olympics. >> first we begin with some breaking news out of lebanon where an explosion has killed at least eight people and injured 11 others along syria's border. the security officials say that the target seems to be syrian opposition fighters who were gathering in the area. trying to make sense of it, hashem ahelbarrament this is an area that has seen attacks before. the target seems to be syrian opposition fighters. what can you tell us about it. >> the initial reports say that it could be the target of syrian opposition groups. groups most likely the al nusra
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front, which is affiliated with al-qaeda. it's a very strategic area because it's stretches where they were trying to control the area to pave the way for reinforcement and weapons to get into the outskirts of the capital of damascus. this is why the syrian army has been over the last few years trying to intensify its military operation to push most of the syrian rebels out of the area. it's also security issue for the government. >> just to be clear this area is inside lebanon. so a huge security concern for the lebanese government. >> it is, for the lebanese
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government and also hezbollah, which has been fighting inside syria. the concern is presence of radical armed groups, may recruit fighters, send in weapons at the same time launch attacks in the southern suburb of the capital of beirut. the leader of a syrian group has been killed, he died during fighting in southern aleppo. hashem what do we know about that group and how important is the killing of that syrian commander.
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this is a group rapidly engaged in aleppo. particularly it plays a crucial role in capturing the western part in 2012. this is a group that has had the backing of the americans. it was included in assistance by the cia it is considered a moderate group. but it has been shifting alliance over the last few years. it was part of the syrian army. then it joined recently the qatar army, and they're trying to get a grip. the problem they're facing now with the russian airstrikes that are targeting the opposition, the syrian army has taken offense to that situation and mounding a massive ground operation in those areas.
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they would like to control the western part to push the rebels completely out of the city. this is why we have seen reali realignment. they are now trying to coordinate and push back the syrian army in that area. >> hashem, thank you for that. hashem ahelbarra. >> now saudi arare i can't foreign minister said its difficult to envision a role for iran if it tons fight on the ground. they're backing the syrian regime in their four-year civil war. >> the answer is simple. iran must pull out of syria, stop arming the syrian regime, and pull out. if so, it can be part of the solution. now it is combating occupying force, and it is difficult for
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iran to be part of the solution while it is killing and displacing innocent citizens. >> refugees trying to make it to northern europe arrive as winter approaches. 10,000 asylum seekers, many of them syrian, are currently stranded in syria. medical workers tending to those refugees describe their desperate conditions. >> this is the condition. i mean, look at it. this is beyond capability, the resources that are here already. the croatians have been very helpful, but we're working, we're helping medicines, doctors without borders. they ran out of medicine. we supply them. we're working together. there are two doctors here and there are 2500 people here. >> meanwhile, slovenia is trying
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to limit how many refugees it takes in from its border with croatia. it's consider adenoman's land. slovenia said it is giving the most vulnerable refugees it's highest priority. >> in the dark of night and in the rain they walk west. their final destination unknown. most are from syria escaping war. all trying to find refuge somewhere in europe. >> it may be ten days we would have 35,000 migrants in slovenia, which is unacceptable for us. >> in this know man's land between croatia and slovenia, the police fire shots in the air. officers tell them to wait behind barbed wire fences. >> just one day. open the door. please. please open the door.
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>> croatia said that more than 2,000 people have arrived from serbia in the last month. [ babies crying ] >> hungry and several other former communist states have already closed their borders. >> they are seeing that winter is here, and the numbers have not gone down. so more desperate people on the move, the winter is going to add to their suffering. >> bundled up in plastic, tarps, blankets, they brave the cold. on foot and in trains they continue tackling one hurdle at a time. >> no humanity. no giant from serbia to croatia, many have now arrived in slovenia. they will accept a few hundred refugee as day. >> croatia asks to process 500 migrants a day. and then austria said that they
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cannot accept 1500. >> observers says that limit means that people will be stuck in croatia. germany said it's expecting 1 million asylum seekers this year, but making it to these countries does not guarantee that these refugees will be able to start building their new lives. >> as europe speaks, turkey is dealing with record numbers of refugees. it says that they are not a concentration camp and they will not host asylum seekers permanently to appease the e.u. they spoke with angela merkel to does the refugee crisis. >> conditions for refuge refugees there, is healthcare, food, some schooling for children. there are 26 refugee camps for syrians in turkey.
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those camps have the capacity of 330,000. but there are only 274,000 syrian refugees who choose to stay in these camps. the rest perhaps as many as 2 million are living in the communities in turkey. they call most syrians want it put down roots somewhere. they didn't expect to be in turkey this long. they expect to go back to syria at some stage and the turks did not expect them to stay in turkey either. one issue is that they do not give them the right to work. that's why these syrians are heading to europe. but they have warned the europeans after his meeting with angela merkel, that he's not going to turn turkey into a concentration camp. he's not going to lock refugees in here. there has to be some solution, some deal between the europeans
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and the turks that allows settlement--managed settlements some how of syrian refugees or a portion of syrian refugees in the european union. >> polls just opened in canada's general election. it's a contest between canada's three biggest parties. this vote will be a test of ten years on the prime minister stephen harper and his right wing conservative party. it will be a while before we know for sure, but all suggestions seem to be that voters want to see a change in leadership. >> that is certainly the assumption. the opinion polls are not votes, but the opinion polls have been pointing to a major change in leadership. the last-minute polls point to the liberal party of justin trudeau, the son of the famous
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leader trudeau. we do have an indication that voters are enthusiastic. 71% higher turn out than in the previous election. it is a referendum on prime minister stephen harper. he does have a lot of loyal supporters, has he expanded that? that's the question for today. >> what is it that the voters want to see from their next government? what are their main priorities? >> basically mr. harper has--because he's in the conservative party he has been a conservative politician all his life. a very intelligent and capable politician on the conservative time. he has tried to remake canada as a less liberal country. highways brought in environmental relaxation. he has favored the oil industry and trying to make canada into a superpower. many are saying we should go back to canada that was a player in peacekeeping around the world. a country that takes in lots and lots of refugees.
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some of those things have changed under mr. harper's watch. and they're judging whether or not they like those changes. >> daniel, thank you for that. daniel lack reporting live from toronto there. >> still to come here on the program, an eretrean man dies after shot by israeli forces at a bus station. workers reach the stranded as the typhoon reaches the philippines. stay with us.
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>> arm police are helping to rescue stranded people after the typhoon dumped rains in the
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philippines. water has forced 60,000 others to leave their homes. the winds are now weakening. the typhoon will be classified as a tropical storm by the end of the day. we have this report. >> we are in the philippines. this has been inaccessible. this is the area we were trying to cross to get to the province yesterday, but you were unable to. now power is still out. there is still no electricity. there is still no running water. everything at a standstill at the moment. you can see right down to every turn into swamps. this is the capital of the country the impact of the typhoon is still unknown. so many areas that have been cut
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off from the rest of the world. we're trying to get to another area further north. their communication has been difficult since typhoon struck and resources are stretched. it's hard to quantify the damage because the biggest problem is infrastructure. >> the slowdown of china' china's economy is growing. >> the number of people would be quite surprised that the gdp growth only 6.9%. given what we've seen in the slowdown in terms of the heavy industry. in terms of what it means, i think what it is really show something that the economy is slowing but it's not slowing as dramatically as some people may be thinking. we have two-spade economy. in terms of the rest of the
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world, the fact that we see the real estate sectors slow and the mining industries slow, this is bad news for the rest of the world. these are very important sectors and the import demand has dropped significantly. in terms of the west of the world we're seeing this is a bad impact. >> a man shot by israeli security has died in hospital. the police say that the eretrean was mistaken for an attacker. the refugees are also beaten by the crowd as he layed on the floor. we have this update in west jerusalem. >> at the end of the incident. three dead bodies, one was an alleged attacker. a threaten israeli, he open
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fired attempted to stab a number of people. one soldier was killed. also killed, wounded in the attempts subsequently dying was an eritrean national, who is now part of a group in israel for ten years seeking political asylum. the only reason why he was there, he traveled to get his visa renewed. the israelis say they're investigating the beating and shooting of that aritrean international. many will be questioned in tonight's events. on the diplomatic front. they are going to be told that israel does not look for any form of international participation in the con forking
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of ththe monitoring of the al aqsa mosque. israel insists it will not allow any international presence in terms of what is happening there. this is in response to an u.n. security council resolution for such a force. >> executive committee member has been holding a press conference in the occupied west bank. she said that israel has been deliberating provoking palestinians so young people are rising up against the occupation. >> they're saying no matter how harsh or how long the palestinians will not accept it. that's why you're seeing young people who are willing to die to be free, literally. who are facing an israeli army that is armed to the teeth, huh, and uses violence.
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and even with directives and legislation to use violence to shoot to kill. an even any israeli public that has been turned into vigilantes by the government telling them to arm themselves and to shoot, huh? so these young people are sending a message. we will be free. we want to be free. the palestinians will not succumb and will not be subdued and will not be defeated. there is a spirit here that has to be acknowledged. >> u.s. secretary john kerry will be in germany this week. he said finding a solution is paramount. >> obviously the united states remains deeply concerned about and an gauged in efforts to help israel with respect to its security. but we also share a global interest in seeing the region find a wa forward to avoid this
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kind of confrontation and senseless loss of life. >> the u.n. unveh to yemen said that there is a hope. the last round of negotiations in june failed. meanwhile, fighting continues on the ground. >> yemeni government troops patrol areas. the central province was recently retaken but shia houthi fighters still control some areas on the outskirts. this is the city of maryb. they show the visitors what they say are signs of support nor the houthis. >> most of yemen's oil and electricity is produced here. this is why the government is
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sending reinforcements to secure the province. meanwhile, the fighting continues in the south. government troops are targeting houthi position in mountains surrounding the city of taiz. the saudi-led coalition has intensified its airstrikes, but the houthiesy backed by former president ali abdullah saleh still hold ground. the. >> the kingdom with the coalition countries have always redirected that the solution in yemen is diplomatic. >> the hope is that these talks will put an end to a war that has all but destroyed a country. al jazeera. >> isil has killed around 120 iraqi soldiers in the last two days of fighting in anbar province. 40 has died in suicide-bomb attack. there are also reports that 100
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isil fighters were killed for the battle for control in the province. >> a survey carried out in iraq suggests eight out of ten women have suffered some form of sexual harassment. and many are facing harassment in public spaces. >> this woman loves her job. she has been a television news reporter for the past six years. it takes her all over baghdad to interview people from all walks 6 life. while she's passionate about her work it is not always easy. passersby often make sexually suggestive comments to her. so do the people she tries to terror. >> as a journalist i face major challenges. when i'm out on the streets men will give me bad looks. i've had religious and secular men harass me when i'm reporting. i believe in what i do. it shouldn't matter if i wear a
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head scarf or not. >> a recent survey found 77% of those surveyed sured some form of sexual harassment often in public. the record levels of sexual harassment and intimidation iraqi women face has without a doubt seriously effected their ability to participate in public life. but this has not always been the case. >> historically iraqi women and girls have had more rights than women in other countries across the middle east. in the 1970s they were allowed to go to school, vote, run for political office and own property. that all began to change after the 1991 gulf war with the united states. women and girls were disproportionally affected by the conflict and the united nations' sanctions that followed limited their access to food, healthcare and education. the u.s.-led invasion in 2003
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worsened the situation dramatically. campaigning to change that. she runs a women's rights group called the iraqi association. she said decades of successive wars, economic sanctions, sectarian violence, isil are all tearing at the iraqi society. >> one thing that is an occupying me and other human rights activists is the damaging of the moral ethics inside the country and inside society. because there is no ethics now, moral ethics. >> despite the challenges, she's determined to keep doing they are job. no matter what anyone thinks or says. >> the world best windsurfers have a final chance to qualify for next year's olympics in rio this week.
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they're in oman for the world championships, a country rising in the sailing ranks. >> omani fishermen know their catch as well as the ebb and flow of the warm waters of the gulf. but along side traditional boats there is a more modern way to ride the waves. >> the competition is expected to be fierce because for many of these top competitors it is their last chance to qualify for olympics in rio. >> they are going high quickly, so i think it will be very great race this weekend. it will be intense for that, and intense physically on the water. >> it is not the first major sailing event held her as oman
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makes its name on the international sailing circuit. it hosted the world championships two years ago, and the capital is also one of eight stops on the prestigious around the world extreme sailing series. as well as providing the venue oman's sailors are proving to be world class, too. future olympians from this gulf country may not be too far behind. >> our over arching objective is to rekindle the oman maritime connecting youth to their history. and for us to fulfill that objective, we have to start at an early age, give them the right skill they need, put them in different levels of competition in a can help us achieve that objective. >> their ancestors earned a living from the gulf. but now a new generation is hoping to earn oman's first
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sailing gold medal. al jazeera. oman. >> you can keep up-to-date with all the day's news, sport, and all the breaking stories here on our website. the address, >> a call for calm, secretary of state john kerry urging israel and the palestinians to take steps to ease tensions after yet another violent weekend. thousands of migrants are deny entry at the croatian border. and licensed to fly, the federal government expected a crackdown on drones requiring owners to register their devices.


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