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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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sailing gold medal. al jazeera. oman. >> you can keep up-to-date with all the day's news, sport, and all the breaking stories here on our website. the address, >> a call for calm, secretary of state john kerry urging israel and the palestinians to take steps to ease tensions after yet another violent weekend. thousands of migrants are deny entry at the croatian border. and licensed to fly, the federal government expected a crackdown on drones requiring owners to register their devices.
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>> this is al jazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters. secretary of state john kerry calling on palestinians to end the violence that has been raging there for weeks. asking both sides to clarify their stance over the disputed holy site. also today the israeli police opening an investigation into the death of an eritrean asylum seek who are was mistakenly shot. the police thought he was involved in a shooting attack at a bus station. >> the israeli-palestinian man there in southern israel shortly after dark. he seized the rifle from an israeli soldier who was in the station and began to open fire. now in the ensuing mayhem the
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police say that nine people were injured, four police officers, the other civilians. and one israeli soldier was killed. at that point the attacker was shot dead, and there was another man who was a security guard suspected of being the second attacker this was a 26-year-old eritrean refugee. the security guard shot him and wounded him but then a crowd much civilians gathered around starting to kick him, beat him and take revenge on him believing he was the second attacker. hthat has led to an israeli police investigation. they want to catch the people who killed that eritrean refugee. it was only last week that i was talking with the jerusalem mayor, and he was urging israeli civilians to carry weapons. i said does that not open the way to revenge attacks? the environment is certainly very complicated in jerusalem this morning. there are more barricades.
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more concrete blocks going up around neighborhoods in occupied east jerusalem to try to stop palestinians coming across into other parts of the city. one of the women from that family, 65-year-old died overnight. the family say that she inhaled tear gas and then had a breathing attack. so the sons tried to take her to hospital, which is just a five-minute drive away, and say that they were not allowed through an israeli checkpoint. still trying to get the details of their version of the events from the israeli police. but from the family's reports the woman died at the checkpoint. >> when somebody sees their mother suffering, they want to take from the sky and give it to her. they couldn't. nothing. they couldn't do nothing. the soldiers would not let her go through.
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>> her last words to her sons were i can't breathe. what does that make them think of. the family saying this cannot be happy to go civilians. they cannot ring in and imprison civilians because of what is going on. >> also this morning the nuclear deal with iran. is in effect. iran pledging to begin to dismantling parts of its nuclear programs in the next coming days. among the things that iran has to do to get sanctions lifted, it has to remove thousands of centrifuges. it must slash uranium stock piles by 98%. and pour concrete in its
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plutonium reactor plant. right. >> i would say so far so good. the success over the duration of the term, but these days are very important. as you saw in the iranian review, their legislation was it was not a sure thing that the adoption phase would go forward. but the next step is september 15th when we see first reports from the iaea. what they're focusing here is the nuclear supply route. i suspect that they'll be able to monitor that fairly well. but there are other elements of a nuclear program. the so-called weaponnization, ballistic missiles. the things you need to do to build an explosive and, those types of things are going to be much more difficult. >> let's talk about that. how concerned should the obama
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administration be that just a few weeks ago that iran tested a long-range missile and in your opinion did not violate this deal? >> president rouhani gave an indication that he was going to ignore those elements that are in u.n. revolutions as opposed to this joint nuclear agreement with the p5+1. he said, he's going to ignore those other restraints. he's being true to his word in a sense that he's going to do strict compliance perhaps with the nuclear elements, but the other things, they can do what they want. >> does it mean that they're starting to whittle away at this deal? >> i think we're getting an early indication that they're going to be pretty careful on the edges. they're not going to be overly expansive in what they comply with. >> and that the iaea is hiring 100 new inspectors to work in
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iran. the we're get more information from hajj 200 pilgrims died more than double the official saudi death toll. the saudi government saying they're still investigating that stampede. the transportation department will announce a push to regulate drones, that is now a $4 billion industry. the devices have been involved in several dangerous incidents in recent months. >> a government task force is expected to start meeting within weeks to draw up rules requiring every new drone to be registered with the government. that is in response to a booming drone market and some dangerous encounters. two planes at new york's jfk airport came within 100 feet of a drone. earlier this year a drone similar to this model about two
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feet in environment went down on the grounds of the white house. >> it does serve as a very powerful reminder right on the white house door step that drones can be used in ways that can effect our national security as well. >> the devices are sophisticated with on board computers and gps technology, and they're becoming lie important in some industries. >> they're used by business, by agriculture. farmers use them to take care of the ranch. >> charles schumer proposed requiring every drone that can limit where the limit where the drones can fly. >> the gee joe fencing would not allow the drone to fly within two hundred feet of the airport, ove over the cia headquarters, that would solve the problem.
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>> a federal judge is temperature rarely blocked the governor from defunding planned parenthood. saying that they have i will leally canceled it's medicaid. the plan to welcome 10,000 refugees in the coming year, the state is home to a large middle eastern population. michigan has accepted dozens of syrian refugees. and crowds of those refugees are struggling to cross the border into croatia as police try to stop them from doing so. 6,000 people have reached the border over the weekend. they say its refugee camps are overcrowded and take in more people. campaign clashes over a presidential legacy donald trump said that he's not going to back down. why he's blaming 9/11 on former
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president george w. and it is election day in canada. we take a look at the three contenders there, and why some muslim women say they're key issue in that race.
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>> hillary clinton will make her way to capitol hill to face the house committee investigating the bengahzi attacks on the republican side of the aisle donald trump and jeb bush are
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fighting over history, trump taking aim at jeb's brother over the september 11th attacks, and jeb bush fighting back. paul beben has more. >> on thursday former secretary of state and democratic frontrunner hillary clinton testifies before the house committee on bengahzi. almost a year and a half after the committee came into existence in may of 2014. but as the committee calendar finally turns towards thursday's main event the republicans are playing defense against accusations that the investigation is nothing more than a political witch-hunt. >> she's an important witness, but she is one witness. by the time we're throw, john, we'll have interviewed 70 witnesses. she's one out of the 70. >> democrats including the committee's top democrat maryland's elijah cummings says that the real mission is not digging up the truth. it's really about damaging hillary clinton. >> we literally had a plan where
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we would have been interviewing all of these key people. he really threw that away and went straight after hillary clinton. >> clinton herself cited kevin mccarthy that it chipped away at her in the polls. >> i think it's clear they might have thought they were doing, they ended up becoming a partisan arm of the republican national committee with an overwhelming focus on trying to--and they admitted--drive down my poll numbers. >> the bengahzi inquiry is what led to revelations about clinton's private e-mail system. something even rival democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders says should be put to rest. sanders said he had no second thoughts about the comment. and quickly changed the subject. >> the american people want the discussion of the real issues.
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>> g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump defended his comments about president george w bush and 9/11 saying because he's tough on immigration 9/11 would not have happened on a president trump's watch. >> jeb said we were safe with my brother. well, the world trade center just fell down. i feel if i were running things, i doubt those people would have been in the country. >> for his part jeb bush could not resist firing back. >> it calls into question mr. trump's credibility as command center chief and architect of the next generation foreign policy. >> paul beben, new york. >> it's already election day in canada. all parliament seats are up for grabs. stephen harper is running for a fourth term as prime minister.
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>> one issue in that campaign, what women should wear. >> at the university of toronto called "looking past the niqab ." there was a panel discussion on the meaning of niqab, worn by muslim women around the world. many call anti-muslim rhetoric by conservatives campaigning in the parliamentary elections. >> we have the same happiness, as we are all the same. >> they're most concerned about conservative prime minister stephen harper's push that women who wear the niqab to uncover their face it is they want to be sworn in. >> contrary to our own values embrace a practice at that time that is not transparent, that is not open and rooted in a culture that is anti-women. >> muslim women say such rhetoric has led to three attacks on niqab-wearing women, meanwhile, according to the national council for canadian
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muslims the number of attacks nearly doubled in 2014, and there are even more already this year. i met up with this woman near her home, and she was willing to show her face privately to the judge before sharing her oath publicly with everyone else. she said wearing the niqab has never been an issue until now. >> a canadian community is very polite, but still i have noticed that they do look a little more strangely towards me. >> prime minister stephen harper calls the wearing of the niqab during the citizenship ceremony as uncanadian. what do you say to that? >> i feel it's not necessary for me to show my face. >> last month the canadian court ruled that the harper government policy is a violation of their right. >> that policy is not right. yet the minister purported to create a policies that trumped
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the law or effected to rule by decree. >> but sara daniel is not comfortable any more in her adapted home country. she arrived from scotland as a baby and said she has never been more afraid to wear in her case, a hijab. >> well, they're focusing on the niqab. well tomorrow it might be my hijab. one day maybe we'll all have to come in our birthday suits. >> the bump in the polls that harper got following the niqab comments have now dissipated, but canadians have called him ute on it. >> he has made it an issue against muslims or have failed to do so. canadians are not racist people. canadians know better. they have a greater expectation of their government. >> if harper win's the election, he's talking about banning the
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niqab for government employees, and there are those who are hoping that the conservatives will lose the election and they can carry on with their life as before. >> the police in minnesota investigating a shooting that cost an officer and a patient their lives. >> at some point there is a struggle between the suspect in the room and the deputy that was overseeing this individual early this morning. during that struggle the deputy was taken by the suspect in this incident, and the deputy was shot. >> the patient was under investigation for a domestic destitute. security officers tased the suspect, who also died. a program designed to stop gun violence in illinois could soon have to shut down. they're forcing major cuts as diane estherbrook shows us from
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chicago. >> this is the neighborhood on chicago's south side. it lost it's cease-fire program back in march. so far this year there have been about 130 shootings in this neighborhood. that's about a third more than last year. there is also been recently a string of armed ribs arm robberies. the director here believes there is a connection between the loss of cease-fire and the increase of violence here. >> we have evidence that when cease-fire is up and running in communities across the state of illinois, crimes and shootings in our communities unfortunately we're not in all of the communities, but the small numbers of communities that cease-fire is working in, we do an excellent job in bringing down the violence and shoots in the communities. >> tonight we'll show you how some cease-fire programs are surviving thanks to private donations. diane estherbrook, al jazeera,
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chicago. >> diane will look into the struggle to keep the cease-fire program going. that air right here on al jazeera america. a curfew is in effect in kashmir over a teen's death. there were rumors that he lauderred a crowd. several muslims have been killed over similar allegations. al jazeera explains on a growing controversy. >> the attack on truck driver in kashmir on the 9th of october, and his death on sunday is just one of the number of incidents that have perhaps marked this growing issue about the consumption and trade of beef in india. not just in indian-administered kashmir, but we've seen incidents and attacks in other states this is filtering into a
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bigger debate about secularism, communal harmony and something that many people across the country are waiting for a definitive response and reaction from the indian government. now party leaders have come out and condemned the violence, condemned the tension that is spread across various communities. but many people observe and analysts alike say they're still waiting for a big response from the indian government. they say that a clear response, a clear policy direction is what they're looking for, and that perhaps is the only way to keep fringe elements, particularly extreme hindu groups in check, and stop the further tension and trouble we're seeing at the moment. >> those are reports from new delhi. up next, honoring eddie murphy. he does something that he has not done in almost three
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>> oprah winfrey is getting into the weight loss business. she has publicly struggled with her own weight purchasing a 10% stake in the weight-watchers international. weight watchers is expanding beyond weight loss to emphasis
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healthier living. in florida there is an crisis to tell you about, lyon fish destroying the native fish population. that is threatening tens of thousands of jobs. sheila mcvicar reports. >> it's hard to believe a fish this beautiful, this fragile looking could be a menace. but the lyon fish is just that. >> they don't fear anything. >> he has made hundreds of drives over the florida coast. he has seen firsthand how lyon fish native to the indian and pacific association have overtaken local reefs. >> why are they a problem. >> they're such a problem, one, because we don't have a natural predator in our waters. secondly, they're rate of reproduction is ridiculous. one female over 2 million egg as year. the third thing is that they're
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gluttous eaters. they'll decimate our native fish population. >> the lyon fish is just the latest overloper to overwhelm florida, the state that has become the ellis island of invasive species. lyon fish are doing more than surviving. they're multiplying at a furious rate gobbling up marine life around them. this is a reef with a variety of fish. here's one where the lyon fish have taken over. the fight is not just to preserve the reef fish underwater colonies. lyon fish compete directly with recreational saltwater in florida. that's worth $7 billion a year to the state. how did it all begin? a handful of household pets kept in aquariums. >> the theory that is most accepted by everybody that is working or hunting these fish is
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that aquarium owners release their pets off the east coast of florida in the mid 80s. >> in something like 30 years you've now gone from a couple of fish off the east coast of floor to a range that goes from-- >> from north carolina to brazil, everything in between. >> that's a lot of lyon fish. >> it's loaded. and they're everywhere. >> with no natural predator in florida waters, the state is now counting on divers like allie to keep lyon fish in check. cleaning them out of reef by hunting them one fish at a time. there is no limit on the number of lyon fish divers can take. but knowing to hunt them. line fish can live at depths deeper than recreational divers can go, but divers can make a difference. sheila mcvicar, al jazeera. >> the nation's top honor for
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humor belongs to eddie murphy awarded the mark twain prize on sunday. murphy then had everyone laughing when he accepted the honor. >> it was also some confusion below it was an award or a prize. actually it's an award. even though they call it a prize it's an award. when there is a prize there is money involved. >> he also told a profane joke his first joke on stage in 28 years during the tribute some comedians told murphy he was the reason why they got into comedy. "saturday night live" actor became one of the most famous actor in history. you can strike us down 20 hours a day by going to our website where the
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news never stops. >> hello there, and welcome to the news hour. good to have you with us. we have the world top news stories. coming up in the next 60 minutes hundreds of refugees stuck in the cold and rain in serbia as th there are struggles with the influx of refugees. turkey said that it's country is not a concentration camp. mistaken identity.