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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> chaos in croatia as the border is reopened. thousands remain trapped across eastern europe as winter closes in. >> you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in the next 30 minutes. the death of an migrant shot in the case of mistaken identity. people killed in an attack near the lebanese border with syria. and we are on the ground in the
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northwestern philippines where thousands of people have lost their homes because of typhoon. trying to make it to northern europe have been stranded in countries in poor conditions. croatia has now ordered on its border with serbia be reopened. and we understand that it has been reopened. 2500 people were stuck there. 5,000 people so far have reached slovenia. the u.n. refugee agency has "s" warning more than 10,000, many are syrian are currently
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stranded in serbia. and despite the weather having changed there has not been a dent in the number of people arriving, hoping to make their way to germany. >> against the driving rain and the cold, they waited and waited with little or no protection against the elements. some had been here all night hoping to cross the border between serbia and croatia. >> they just come and come. we don't have a chance to street. we don't have the actual mid to be given out. children ten days hold suffer from hyperthermia. the images speak for themselves. >> the balkan country have now found themselves at the center of europe's refugee crisis.
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hungary's decision to seal its borders left countries quarreling how many people they can cope with passing through their borders every day. the no man's land between croatia and slovenia struggling to understand why they're not allowed to move forward. >> one moment they want to cross. >> time ply croatia did open its border with serbia allowing people to pass. but many people here know that europe's borders are coming down every day. making the journey from war and poverty harder to escape. emma hayward. al jazeera. >> we're going to show you more pictures of that border area between serbia and croatia
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because of the vast numbers of people that had appeared to be trapped there. pending in many cases as you can see. wherein in fact, we have now we've been told reopened the border thousands upon thousands dressed up for there is very little food, hardly any shelter. they're being ignored. they say by many. it is slovenia that they say are take to go many. they go to where they've seen. in croatia very close to that
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bordered area. we're having difficulties establishing contact. okay, we'll go back to evan as soon as we can following that news that croatia has opened its border. streams of people being escorted there. you can see by the authorities . >> okay, just a few technical difficulties getting to our correspondence. we'll get you reports just as
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soon as we can. in the meantime, the israeli police have ordered a full investigation into the killing of an eritrean man who was fatally shot before being mistaken by a gunman. he responded to a shooting in a bus station. new security measures have been introduced in palestinian neighbor. we have reports from occupied east jerusalem. >> occupied east jerusalem further divided in addition to concrete barricades in the streets, miniature versions of the barrier are being erected around certain neighborhoods having increased their presence in these palestinian areas the israeli police now about these barriers to protect themselves. >> the we have behind us are to protect our police officers from bombs being thrown at them or shots being fired from inside the neighborhood. that's for their own personal security. >> many say that israel should
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be spending money on improving the lives of palestinians not penning them in. >> we do not need this wall. this wall will only lead to an explosion, and more problems between us and the israelis. >> walls and barricades did not stop another attack. an israeli was killed and an eritrean was shot by mistake, say police. he was savagely beaten by the israeli crowd and died after being admitted to hospital. the police have ordered a full investigation and say civilian who is take the law in their own hands will be prosecuted. back in occupied territory the reinforcement of security measures have thanksgiving have not worked yet having sealed off the occupied west bank with the separation barrier, the netanyahu government has started the same process in occupied
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east jerusalem. the foreign ministry said that there is no political significance in these barriers but they point to the irony of israel dividing a city that says they should be united. at the bottom of these barriers written in human bein hebrew temporary barriers. but many believe these, like the occupation, may become permanent. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu has condemned the fatal beating and shooting and warned against people taking matters in their own hands. >> i would like to send my condolences. we're in the middle of a long struggle. i think its obvious that we'll win it. but this sometimes causes friction between the civilians. a crowd which stumbled into the scene of the attack should evacuate and allow security and rescue forces to work.
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we are a law abiding state. no one should take the law in their own hands. >> let's go to ramallah, al jazeera's there for us. we have the soil prime minister saying don't be vigilantes. don't take the matters in your own hands. what from hanna. >> you know, there were very strong words today. she started off by saying that the people of palestine deserve to live in freedom and deserve to have an easy life. she said ever since everybody can remember nobody hats been able to live quite easily. the majority of young people are largely for the most part unarmed. there are a few who are armed
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and carry out these alleged attacks. but basically at the end of the day she says that you can't really be surprised when the situation is this bad in the occupied west bank, that people are going to get angry. now i just got off the phone from someone from the office of president mahmood abbas who tells us that president abbas will definitely attend a meeting between the kingdom of jordan and u.s. secretary of state john kerry. whether or not that meeting will happen on friday or saturday remains to be seen. but back to the commends she basically wanted the world to know that they have asked for international help. that they're still waiting for international protection as well as investigations, and that the palestinian people have the right to protest, have the right to be angry for as long as things are done peacefully. >> you mention the leadership, you mention the international situation. but how are they ever going to be able to put any kind of
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control on this when this is an up rising orchestrated and carried out by youth with no tick affiliation. in fact, it appears that they have a disregard for all authority. is this what you're hearing? that's what we're reading. >> the majority of people that we've been speaking to tell us that they don't want any affiliation to fattah, hamas, or any group. they're functioning on their own and the majority are youngsters. and we have seen people out on the streets younger than that. but they are he adamant that they're not affiliated with answer group. they call themselves the post oslo generation, all the agreements made before them do not apply to them any more.
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they're taking matters in theory own hands. one other interesting note. the people in gaza as well. i had a chance to ask some people out there what they think about the situation that has been happening in the west bank, and they say that they're frustrated and very angry at the occupation situation, and that ever incidenc since, unemployment has been on the rise, and they're very frustrat. >> thank you. in ramallah. >> we were having a few communications problem with our team in central europe. this is the reason why we're going back in just a moment.
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let's look at these pictures. these are refugees many of them believed to be syrian trying to get to germany. they have been stuck at the serbian border with croatia. croatia having closed that border and refusing to let them in. not so very long ago some of those barriers were removed. a steady stream of refugees have been moving from serbia into croatia. it is shot then that they will try to get across their country and into slovenia. they're on their way. conditions getting worse. you can see its raining. people are dressed up against the cold. it's muddy, little food, and it's a rough situation any way you look at it. we want to cross to ivan popovic. our correspondent in croatia. ivan, so you're on that side of the border, the croatian side. have you seen how many people have been coming through? tell us what has been happening?
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>> it is rainy and a cold day. to enter the country, and now they're actually walking towards this place. they are a couple of kilometers away and they expect the people in a couple of hours. it seems that the ministry of internal affairs, they're saying that they expect hundreds to thousands of people coming here. as we learn from humanitarian workers, authorities are trying to now strengthen the control around this camp. we've seen dozens of new police officers who came as part of the
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police reinforcement. and the camp itself can accommodate four to five thousand people. and there are more than 2,000 people inside. it will be a problem to accommodate and assist the people coming here. you're saying people getting ready with food and new clothes, etc., etc. they're going to face registration. afterwards they will be given some food, water, and other supplies, and they will receive medical assistance.
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after a couple of hours they will be transferred to slovenia. there are many buses that have already left with refugees who are going to load the trains. slovenia as austria, reduced the number of refugees which they are prepared to receive on a daily basis. it seems that these people are ready to expect more obstacles, but they're determined to go in a way. they're namely mentioning germany, but denmark, norway and sweden as their destination, and
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they hope to find a better life there. >> glad we managed to get through to you at last. thank you. >> you're watching al jazeera. coming up we'll explain to you how religious tensions are causing violent unrests in kashmir. >> they're trying to force us into one course of action. >> "faultlines". >> what do we want? >> al jazeera america's hard-hitting... >> today the will be arrested. >> ground-breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us. >> emmy award-winning, investigative series. i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware.
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>> refugee try to pass through serbia. the border between the two countries have been reopened. there has been an immediate investigation after an eritrean migrant, mistaken as an attacker, died in hospital after being shot on sunday. thousands of refugees have moved across from serbia, through the border into croatia after restrictions were lifted. as many as 3,000 refugees were left stuck in cold, wet, at the very least uncomfortable conditions. they moved to slow down the flow of refugees across the border. we've already covered with our correspondent in the south what is happening between serbia and croatia. we go to the north, so paul, we
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already had refugees crossing croatia coming to close to where you are now. you have the added numbers that the border a has now been reopened. what is likely the reception they'll get and what is likely to happen to them once they get to where they are. first of all the, the response is one of relief after they opened the border. it was putting huge pressure on the emergency workers here in slovenia, and the real station is that a very real risk of a massive bottle neck was being put on this area here. over my shoulder there are some 16 tents, about 400 refugee who is crossed from croatia into slovenia today.
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the expectation was many, many more were on their way, two train loads and busloads were on their way. that sparked a war of wards of diplomatic spat between slovenia and croatia. slovenia accusing crow with a shah of not abiding, trying to limit the people because there simply isn't room for people once they are moved. trying to slow down the flow. as far as the reaction of the refugees goes, though, the reception that they're going to get here is very welcomed because as you can see the conditions out here on the border are pretty awful. it's been raining heavily all day. the temperatures are down into single figures. it is not yeldon below freezing. there is a biting wind here. if you're out in the open and you're a youngster or a child, well, i really wouldn't fancy it myself. it must be very, very difficult, indeed. so the watch and response of the
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red cross volunteers and the police are carrying for the 400 or so behind me it is essential for their well-being. >> paul, it looks rough on the croatian serbian border. right across that swath of central europe we see winter closing in. as these people make their way across that country through croatia into through where you are and on wards, how are they able to manage the journey every night. what about in between how are they managing to cope? the authorities are essentially moving them from place to place, from border to border as best they can. but it seems what is being agreed by politicians and prime ministers is not being observed on the ground. the austrians knowing that there is fewer and fewer numbers being
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allowed into germany, they're trying to reduce the numbers coming in to austria. that means that slovenia were being asked to reduce the numbers being sent on to austria, and slovenia imposed a limit of 2500 people that they would take in. then what they accuse croatia of doing is busting unofficial, you know, impromptu agreement by sending these additional refugees to the slovenian border and creating a no man's land where people were left in the open. it was simply not an option to leave them in that way. so slovenia had to take them in. their hands were forced. the figure we have, far in transthe 2500, some 5,000 refugees arrived on monday and 1200 were on their way. i need to iron out those figures. the 400 behind may be part of that 1200, but you're looking in ex-possess of 6,000 refugees arriving on monday when the
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slovenians hoped to limit it to 2500. >> difficult which ever way you look at it, paul. thank you. paul brennan there. >> at least eight people have been killed in an explosion near the lebanese border with syria. it was on the outside skirts of a townhousing thousands of syrian refugees. it's been reported that the continues was an attack by the lebanese army attacking syrian rebel groups. now battling to get to remote parts of the philippines that have been hit by the typhoon. bringing with it floods and land slips. deaths reported so far. the number of those displaced up to 60,000 at least. the worst of the weather is now over with the typhoon
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reclassified as a tropical storm. hundreds of north and south korean families separated during the koreanen war will be reuni reunited on tuesday. 65,000 other south koreans are still on a waiting list hoping to meet their loved ones. harry fawcett has more from the border city. >> their relatives who have been seeking that reunion. there has been a rear view mirror full o-- >> this woman's husband went missing. he went on what they thought was going to be military training. but in the confusion of the
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koreanen war he simply never came home. she assumes that he died. she paid tribute to him every year since she looked after his parent. she raised the son who was still unborn at the time of his disappearance. now she said she kept with her all that time a pair of his old shoes, saying her whole life was contained in those shoes, the absence that have man. she brought with her, her now 64-year-old son, he's talking about the ability to embracing both of his parents at the same time, and the sense of pride of finding out he had a father. when you hear a young boy you get a sense of the emotional power that takes place at the moment. they will meet together and then they'll come back to south
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korea. >> now to kashmir where separatists have called for a complete shut down of the kashmir valley. this is to protest the death of a truck worker after rumors of cows being slaughtered in the area. they want a nationwide ban on cattle slaughter. but muslims have been attacked on suspicion of eating beef or smuggling cattle. we're in new delhi with more on that. there have been a number of incidents that have marked this growing issue about the consumption and trade of beef in india. not just in indian-administered kashmir but we're seeing incidents and attacks in the northern state as well as huge
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concerns in the beef trade in september. this is filtering into a bigger debate in secularism. and it's something that people across the country many people across the country are still waiting for definitive response and reaction from the indian government. now senior party leaders have come out and condemned the violence, condemned the tension that is spread across various communities. but many people observe as and analysts alike are saying they're still waiting for a big response from the indian government. they say that a clear response, a clear policy direction is what they're looking for, and that perhaps is the only way to keep fringe elements particularly extreme hindu groups in check and prevent the further tension and trouble that we're seeing at the moment. >> reporting there from the indian capital. and there you see our website,
12:30 pm obviously one of the top stories. the arrest of the palestinians and the reaction to the beating and shooting of the eritrean man. all the headlines for you at >> calling for calm. secretary of state john kerry urging israel and the palestinians to take steps to ease tensions after another violent weekend. a warning to drone owners the faa has a new set of rules for you to fly by. canadians are going to the polls voting for their next government. we'll take a look at how it will effect issues on the global scale.


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