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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> and slovenia is troying -- trying to limit the number of people crossing. ban kim noon they need to help those fleeing war and persecution. we report now from slovenia. >> against the driving rain and in the biting cold, they waited and witted, with little or no
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protection against the elements all hoping to cross the board between serbia and croatia. >> it's onslaught. we don't have a chance to treat or the medicines to give out. we don't have any more rain coats. as you can see, people are -- children of 10 days old, hypothermia. we don't have' blanket to give them. we need action. i mean, this is -- i mean the images speak for themselves. >> the balkan countries are in turmoil. hungary's zig last -- decision last week to seal the border means the refugees have to find new routes and that results in countries quarreling about how many people they can cope with and how many people their neighbors can receive. croatia has opened the err -- border with serbia. no man's land between croatia
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and serbia, winter are almost here. >> they want to cross this area to another side they don't want to stay in slovenia. they want to cross all they don't money. they don't want anything. only cross. >> but on the slovenia side of the border, a medical staging post is looking after those who do make it. red cross volunteers and pless working -- working together to help. >> they are trying to slow the flow of the refugees, they keep on coming. while we have been stapping here, four men come trudging out of the darkness, soaking wet, freezing cold and arrived here at this processing center which is staffed by the red cross and the police. they were given blankets and food but now they will be moved further on to the austria border. you can see electricity buses that -- from the buses that are arriving here.
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the slovenian authorities are mooing them on to the destination. >> europe's borders are no longer stable. newer restrictions are imposed and relaxed suddenly. paul brennon, al jazeera. >> we are in sid and explain what conditions are like in refugee camps there. >> here on the border between serbia and croatia is the place where refugees stay. there are about 5,000 people going through serbia. only two and a half thousand. they are waiting for hours to get to croatia on the cold and the rain. i have spoken with many refugees and they tell me that some of them are waiting in line more than 11 hours. there are many old people and the children. croatia doesn't allow all refugees to get through because
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their centers are full. they cannot process. this all. when they final -- they cannot process them all. when they finally cross, they go to slovenia, which allows only # -- 2,500 people to cross over. there are no warm cuts and shoes, volunteers are the only ones there. they are taking care of these people and the serbian police arrived recently. so it's real ledifficult for for -- so it's really difficult for the refugees and the children would need help in the form of warm clothing and foot wear. the turkish prime minister has said that his country is not a, quote, concentration camp. he says that his country wants fresh funding to control people streaming too europe. last week, the ex -- ex u. leader -- e.u. leaders said they reached an agreement, but
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that deal was rejected a day later. >> the 3 billion euro proposal is no longer on the table. we don't want to fixate on this because the requirements may go up and the assessment for this would feed to be done annually. therefore we would never accept this deal. we give the money to turkey so the refugees should stay there. and i told that merkel. nobody should consider us to be a concentration camp and housing migrants. >> the latest upsurge in fighting around the northern city of aletto threatens to make the refugee crisis even worse. >> and the area has been regularly targeted in the past two week by russian jets carrying out airstrikes against
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bashar al assad's government. the united nations says 35,000 syrians have fled their homes. the witnesses have spoken about how they had to flee. >> at night there were airstrikes and they are using all kinds of heavy weapons again people. >> israeli police have launched a investigate after a erittian man. it happened in barsheba. they are looking at min neighborhoods. -- they are looking at many neighborhoods. >> occupied east jerusalem, further divide. in addition to concrete barricades in the streets, miniature versions of the
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separation barrier are being erected. some neighborhoods increased their presence in these palestinian areas, the israeli police now build these barriers to protect themselves shoo the the -- >> the walls, they have bombs thrown at them and it's for their own personal security. >> residents insist that israel should be spending money onel proving the lives of palestinians are rather than penning them in like prisoners. >> we are in need of basic services. we do not need this wall. this wall will only lead to an explosion and more problems between us' the israelis. >> and the walls and barricades cannot -- did not stop this attack. the israeli attacker was shot dead and erithean national was shot by mistake.
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he was savagely beaten by the israeli crowd and died after being admitted to hospital. police launched a full investigation an say civilians would take the law into their own hands will be prosecuted and back in occupied sister tory, the reinforcement of security measures that haven't worked yet. having sealed off the occupied west bank with the separation barrier, the netanyahu government has started the same process in occupied east jerusalem. >> there's no political significance in these barriers, but many palestinians point out the irony of israel dividing a city it says should be united and at the bottom of these barriers written in hebrew are the words "temporary police barrier." however, many palestinians believe that like the occupation, these could become permanent. mike hannah, al jazeera, in occupied east jerusalem. the israeli prime minister
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benjamin netanyahu has condemned the killing of zerhom and those taking acts into their own hands. >> i would like to tend my condolences to the family of the worker from eritrean. this causes conflict. the crowd which stumbles into the scene of an attack should evacuate and allow security and rescue forces to work. we are a law abiding state. no one should take the law into their own hands. now, at least eight people have been killed in aexplosion near the lebanese border with syria. the blast happened outskirts of arsa. it's been reported that it's an attack by the lebanese army, targeting rebel groups and a top rebel commander was killed. the isis says there's a
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glimmer of hope that peace could return with all rival parties agreeing to attend talks in geneva. the last round of negotiations failed but fighting continues on ground. >> yemeni government trooped backed by the saudi-led coalition control areas. the central province was recently retain but shiite fighters control some areas on the outskirts. the government troops are on alert here. the governor shows his visitors what he says are signs of iranian support for the process. >> the communications equipment we confiscated was sent by iran by the houthis. >> most of yemen's oil and electricity is produced here. this is why the government is sending reinforcement to secure the province.
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but meanwhile, the fighting continues in the south. government troops are targeting houti positions in mountains surrounding the city. and the cuddy lead coalition has intensify -- and the saudi led co-coalition has intensified. saudi arabia says they support the peace talk scheduled for geneva. >> the kingdom with the coalition countries has always reiter ated that the solution in yemen is diplomatic and not military. >> then hope to put an end to the war that all but destroyed the country. >> you are watching al jazeera. >> still to come a storm that is become an ever more familiar sight in the u.s. skies. the u.s. government moves to register every drone owner in the country.
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the top stories here on al jazeera. there have been chaos, it seems in croatia as the border reopens and thousands of refugees try to pass through from serbia. israeli police launched april immediate -- an immediate
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investigation into the death of an eritrean worker after being shot by a security guard on sunday. eight people were killed in april -- an explosion in lebanon near syria. three hours to go for voting in canada's election, which polls are predicting it will go down to the wire. prime minister steven harper and his conservative party are facing a strong challenge after ten years if power from a familiar canadian political name. the economy will have played an important part in the campaign trail as canada fell into a recession last month. joining us live now from toronto's financial district is al jazeera daniel lack. i had there, daniel. it's a tight race then? >> well, it's certainly been a very tight race throughout. we have seen first place go from the left of center ndp to the liberal party led by justin
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trudeau. the harper party pretty much in second. opinion polls, they are not votes but the pollsters say that the liberals are pulling ahead gradually. the question is: will they have enough vote to a minority or majority government. they have a british-style. you vote an m.p. and the prime minister is the one who gets the largest number of m. p.s. that's not clear but it looks like the liberals will get the most number of seats in parliament. we will know in several hours time. >> i'm thinking about the people who will vote for change. what is it that they want to be different? >> this has been a referendum on nine and a half years of stephen harper and the conservatives. they want a majority government in 2011. minorities twice before that. people think those that oppose the prime minister then
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two-thirds of voters say they do, that he's been too conservative, too controlling and that his political fortunes have been dictated by the fact that he waps -- wants to change canada and make it less friendly to the world and to make our domestic policies more friendly to business. no one is suggesting that justin trudeau's liberals will change a lot of that. they are pro business. they are promising to do a lot more to help ordinary canadians than the last government has done. that being said, we doppler donw if that will happen, because prime minister harper that is the support of 30 to 35% of voters. >> daniel, thank you. now, the paralympic athlete, oscar pistorius. he was convicted of comparable homicide, the south african
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equivalent of manslaughter. he killed his girlfriend. ms. steincamp's family opposes the early parole. he will be placed under house arrest. the prosecutors are apeeling the goodwill verdict and pushing for a murder conviction. let's get more now from ffamita miller. what do you know? >> well so, far this evening, we have understood that oscar pistorius has been released by correctional services and has taken this issue a short time ago. he's released on correctional supervision. it was expected to happen on a tuesday. it has come a day early, taking the country by surprise. that's based open south african law, where the prison term that oscar pistorius received, five years for the comparable homicide charge and sentence, that five years is reduced to joint venture one-sixth of the sentence based on good behavior. he's not quite out open parole.
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he's his sentence converted to a house sentence and that has begun from tonight. it's understood that he will be staying in his uncle's mansion, and that's where he will be confined and there are a couple of restrictions. we don't have all the details of his release, but he will be barred from having a firearm and according to the correctional services minister here, he will be required to meet with the family of reba steincamp, his girlfriend who he shot dead two years ago. that's if and when her family is willing to or will agree to meet him. so that correctional supervision does begin tonight and it was expected to happen on tuesday, but it's come a day early, of course. >> famita miller joaning us with -- joining us with the update from south africa.
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now mexico has taken steps to improve their educational system. the most controversial new measure is testing teachers, as well as pupils with previously secure jobs at risk. we have more electricity city city -- from the city of los margaritas. >> for the first time, the teachers are undergoing professional tests with their jobs the line. it's a massive reform of the failing educational system. the teachers have support it bitterly, but with the public fed up with absenteeism and strikes and teachers handing down posts to relatives or selling them, the head master says all of that must change. as the reforms comes into force, firing teachers is not the answer. >> what we need in mexico is better training for teachers. we don't defy we need that, but not in a punitive atmosphere,
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where if you don't pass an exam, they kick you out. >> the lack of the game plan following the exams is a serious concern says a respected watchdog. >> testing the teachers has to have a purpose, and the main purpose is in order to help them to prepare themselves better, so that better preparation translate into better teaching and eventually in better resource of quality. that essential change of actions has not taken place so far. >> but it's not just training. resources are lacking across the board, especially in the country's rural schools. forget the internet. they would love to have the basics. more than a third of schools nationwide don't have any drainage, and about a quarter don't even have any running water. in the most isolated communities, volunteer teachers like power do their best while things fall apart around them.
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>> this is the main classroom, but we can't use it. the roof is rotten. the wall too. and in a heavy wind it could fall on achild will -- fall on a child. >> there is money to change that. mexico's education budget is substantial. the problem is that much of it usually ends up in the pock hes of bureaucrats -- pockets of bureaucrats and the leaders of teachers unions. >> there are persistent problems of infrastructure. that is the challenge of extracting the corruption to produce a good quality education. >> the authorities have clamped down on some of the more corrupt union leader, like this leader. but others, mainly government allies are still in place. and until changes take place at the top, a reform which looks good on paper can only be of
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limited help to mexico's next generation. john holman, mexico. the u.s. government is clamping down on the recreational use of unauthorized drones. it's commissioned a task force to create a federal registers of the owner of the flying machines but not all types of aircraft will be included. the obama administration wants the register up and running before the end of the year. it set the deadline because it anticipates more than 1 million drones will be bought as christmas presents. already there's been 600 drone sightings near restricted air space in the u.s. at least 14 people have died after regions in the northeast of the philippines were battered by a typhoon. the chinese president has arrived in the u.k. for a four-day state visit.
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the british prime minister says he hopes to establish what he's called a golden eara. -- era between china and the u.k. they hope to strengthen business ties despite wide differences over human rights policies. protests over china's human rights records are expected throughout the president's visit. now, hundreds of north and south korean families separated during the korean war will be reunited on tuesday. the 65,000 other south koreans are still on a waiting list to meet their loved ones. harry faucet has more from the border city. >> well, this is the hotel lobby where the nearly 400 south korean family members, that their relatives have been seeking this reunion have been registering for this reunion. it's a room full of incredible individual stories, personalized and changed forever by the huge impersonal forces of hisser reinforcement. among those stories -- history.
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among those stories, this woman was married for seven months when her husband went missing. he went off on military training and in the confusion of the korean war, he simply never came home. she assumed that he had died and paid tribute to him every year. she looked after his parents and the son who was still unborn at the time of his disappearance. now she says, she's kept with her all that time a pair of his old shoes saying that essentially her whole life was contained in those shoes. the absence of that man. she's brought with her, her 64-year-old son. he's talking about the ability to embrace both parents and the sense of pride when he found out that he has a father too. you get the sense of emotional power that's around this place. it gets underway in proper on
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tuesday when they travel to the north korean resort. they will meet their relatives six separate times over the space two of hours each. and then that will be it. they will come back to south korea. one of the last remaining italian mobsters accused of one of the biggest robberies. this was one of several armed men who allegedly stole $6 million in cash and jewelry in an airport heist. it inspired the mob movie "good fellows." >> a brazen airport crime in 1978. they make off with $1 million in jewels and $5 million in cash. from a lufthansa flight.
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the culprits, italian mafia mobsters would ruled the underground for decades. >> the heist was immortalized in the 1990 martin scorsese "good fellows." it was based on real life linchpin and alleged master mind "jimmy" the jet "burk. but key to it all was this man, vincent desoro would gave the approval for the raid open his crime family's turf. pore than 35 years after the crime, he and others were finally arrested last year. some of the last of the mafia bosses from a era not jailed or left for dead. the government indictment not only pins him to the heist but the murder of an informan. this is a complicated case. this trial could go on for many
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months, if not more than a year. many people are wondering when final verdict is deleverred if it won't -- delivered it f it won't mean once and for an end to the mafia here in new york. >> right now the italian mafia has been hurt with arrests and major cases against them. we have seen other types of organized crime take its place too. >> he says the blockbuster movie combined with books written about the bloody turf battles afterwards immortalized the crime and likely kept the piecure on -- pressure on the authorities to close the case. >> whether it's the good fellows or "the sopranos," we love this stuff. it's violent. they are really bad dudes. they will kill people for nothing! >> these are the guys that jimmy put to go for the biggest heist in american history. >> with this trial all of these years later, a hope that it will close the door on any thoughts of a real life hollywood sequel.
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