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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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i'm ali velshi. thanks for joining us. >> ballot counting in canada. polls close in an historic election north of the border. heightened security. israel takes action to stop a wave of deadly violence in the middle east. >> safer skies. >> registration will reinforce the need for unmanned aircraft users. including consumers to operate drones safely. >> uncle sam prepares to
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regulate the booming drone industry. and a made for tv mob trial. >> authorities are not saying more than they believe is to be the largest robbery history. >> the good fellow going on trial in new york city good evening, i'm richelle carey, antonio mora has the evening off. we begin in canada. it's looking more and more like the country will have a new prime minister. the incumbent stephen harper held the office for nearly 10 years. during that time the conservative party was to the right. the last polls closed an hour ago and results pointed to justin trudeau as his successor. he's the liberal party leader justin trudeau. let's check in with john terrett, live in toronto. >> hi. >> fill us in on the winner. >> what a night in canadian
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politics this turned out to be. going into the elections the polls suggested we'd end with a liberal party minority government in the house of commons in the capital ottawa. in the end it has not turned out like that. it's been a good night for the liberal party and leader justin trudeau, because all the major television networks in canada and elections canada who organized elections predicted a majority government. it is back. as we say, justin trudeau - the leader it the son of the canada's arguable famous perform pierre trudeau, who then he came to power engendered trudeau mania, and there's a certainly amount of that going on again, all these years later in 2015. i gather we have a chance to look at elections canada website. at the moment elections canada
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and the main broadcasters are predicting that the liberal party will have a majority in the commence. over the 170 mark. the present figure is 186. >> the new democrats who really hope to come out of this a lot better, the policy can be espoused to bernie sanders. they had a terrible night. the block, a party peculiar to the francophone province, with 10 seats and the green's with one. the important thing is what is justin trudeau going to do with his mandate in the house of commons. the answer is he is going to raise taxes on the canadian people. helle run up a $7 billion american deficit in the canadian economy. that sounds a lot to you and me, but in a 2-$3 trillion economy, it's not that much money. he intends to balance the budget in canada by 2019, but will use
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the money to get canada out of the recession that stephen harper left it languishing in and to kick start the middle class. what about stephen harper, how have he and the conservatives been beaten so badly according to the projections. >> the canadian people seem to have fallen out of love with him, because he's been in power for 10 years, and a lot of canadian people feel he's accrued too much power to the prime minister office and the notion of cabinet government in ottawa is effectively dead under him. there were a number of key wedge issues. it was felt he was scaring canadians regarding anti-terror laws and scaring canadians recording various muslim practices, including the wearing of niqab, during the canadian citizenship ceremony. harper wanted the women to take it off. that seems to upset the canadiens.
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for that reason, he seems to be badly punished. but a good night for 44-year-old justin trudeau, and the liberal party. >> canadians voted for change - not voting, reporting. you can't vote there, john, you can't. >> i tried. i tried, they wouldn't let me. >> thank you, john israeli officials say they are taking steps to combat weeks of violence between israelis and palestinians. they have tightened security across the country, roadblocks have been set up. there's clashes between the police and residents. we are shown how the clashes took a heavy toll on one family. >> another tragedy. mourning 65-year-old hoda. the family says she suffered acute breathing problems when tear gas drifted into her home in the early hours of monday. >> she couldn't talk. she couldn't do anything.
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all she said is she couldn't breathe. >> this woman was born and raised in new york, returning to occupied east jerusalem, when she married. the dead woman was her aunt. >> i used to call her happy face. she was very, very - a nice woman, very open-minded. she used to always go to every wedding. if there's a wedding, these the first. >> the israeli police threw up concrete barricades and checkpoints, part of a crackdown that began last week. most routes in are blocked completely, police control a single way in. she gasps for air. this is her son's, bundling her into a car to take her to hospital. her niece says israeli security refuse to let the people through a checkpoint for almost an hour.
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her aunt died in the car. >> when someone needs their mother suffering, needing oxygen, they want to take it from the sky and give it to her. they couldn't do nothing. the soldiers didn't let her go through. >> reporter: her husband said he ran to look for other ways to reach the hospital. he gestures how he says israeli security forces pointed guns at his son's car. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: we'll drive through the neighbourhood and down through the checkpoint. how can this bep. >> are we authorised to ask you a question. officials are not authorised to speak to media. we talk on the phone. he was not familiar with the
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case for disturbances that went on in the neighbourhood overnight. >> hospital star decide to comment. as the wait for her were held, israeli police headed into the neighbourhood. israeli officials may dispute the family version of her death, but clearly the concrete cordons around east jesalem, restricting free movement. forget the palestinians, the muslims, anything. imagine them. they are a pet. they need help. you are not going to help a pet. >> there's one thing this grieving family may never forget - the dies worths from a mother to her sons - i can't breathe. >> it's been claimed they
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carried out air strikes. the defence ministry released this footage and said they destroyed rebel workshops and an ammunition depot. the russian air campaign in syria started on september 30th. the syria government carried out a number of barrel bomb attacks on sunday. it's believed to be a syrian military helicopter huddling over the area. activists say the weapons are indiscriminate killing rebel fighters. at least 35,000 people fled aleppo. many are living with host families and makeshift camps in the country sides. aid agencies say they need for and other basics, and are worried about families living outdoors with winter approaching. >> new regulations in the work requires recreational drone
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owners to register. the decision follows incidents in the white house and the u.s. open dennis tournament and drone encounters reported by commercial violence. >> reriational drugs were popular. hundreds of thousands have been told. sold. there has been educational efforts teaching drones where they should fly and where they shouldn't. clearly the government feels it needs to take stronger action. >> there's restrictions on where drones would fly. rogue drones crashed on the white house lawn. come into the stands at the us open, and showed up over california wildfires. grounding air tankers. and perhaps most alarmingly commercial pirates are spotting them in a sky at growing rates. more than 150 times this year.
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four times more than last year. >> the signal we are sending today is when you enter the international air space it's a dangerous manner. forcing drones will help make a dent. >> the registration will reinforce the need, unmanned aircraft, including enthusiasts and hobbyists. >> itly allow a government to go after those that break the rules, if they find them. >> the registration concept is one that will help to an extent. it is going to be yet to be proven as to how much of an impact it will have on the programme. >> why is that? >> you have to be able to get a hold of the device. >> there's a host of unanswered questions. how will the registration system work, will smaller drugs be exempt. how will counter drone owners
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register their devices. >> a government task force has been asked to come up with recommendations in a month, record speed, and the government would like a registry in place already before the christmas buying seen. my colleague is a drone enthust yast, flies every day and hopes one day to use his drones for video production. he said drones like this are hardly harmless toys and so far as the government's move. >> i hope something good happens with the regulations in the correct manner, so it can allow drone enthusiasts to do it correctly and not worry about the next incident that comes along from the every day hobbyist. he and others say the government is playing catch up to an industry that is already flying high. >> every time you don't crash, it's a good flight. >> there's concern as to how
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quickly the government is moving. they are looking at this registry for recreational users, and are hoping to put it to effect in a few months. >> lisa stark there federal agencies are investigating reports someone may have hacked email account belonging to the director of the c.i.a. and homeland security, according to the reports, it did not appear. john brennan used the account for government business. a personal email account jeh johnson appears to have been compromised. a teenicer is claiming responsibility for the attack. >> texas takes a step towards blocking funding. others signal the move. >> could joe biden become the third heavy-hitter in a race for presidential nominations?
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the latest signals next.
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>> where we are standing right now will be the panama canal. >> this will be flooded. >> we have upgraded for bigger ships. >> now we go for weeks without water. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome! >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. [ gunfire ] police in florida released an eyewitness video from a deadly shooting happening in an annual event known as zombie
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come. it showed chaotic scenes. a 20-year-old college student was killed at the scene. four others were taken to local hospitals. so far police say they have no suspects a federal appeals court upheld gun control laws passed in the mass of the shooting at sandy hook in 2012. new york and connecticut passed bans on semiautomatic weapons. other parts where shot done, including a connecticut ban on a rifle that had to be recocked after each shot texas a blocking a major source of funding for planned parenthood. it comes after they released videos targeting foetal tissue donation programme. the government announced a decision after louisiana hit a snag, trying to do the same thing. >> in a move certain to be challenged in court, texas
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announced monday it will cut medicare funding. it comes months after an anti-abortion rights group released undercover videos showing that planned parenthood releases information. in a statement government ab the said: -- abbott said: planned parenthood says the video were edited and misleading. >> the allegation that planned parent profits from tissue donation is not true? >> the news in texas on the same day a louisiana judge ruled that the state must continue to provide money for planned parenthood for the next eight days. planned parenthood sued
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louisiana after a republican candidate ordered the state to block funding. in a statement on monday, planned parenthood called the ruling a victory for the men and women who rely on planned parenthood for care through medicaid. >> we want to see planned parenthood investigating. and ultimately defunded. it has been watched by arkansas, utah, where the users were trying to cut contracts with planned parenthood. >> i see how they face an uphill battle. particularly in the conservative states, in order to continue to serve women. planned parenthood was a provider of apportion. most federal money received is used for pap talks. it's used for breast exams and screenings. a fact women's rights activist
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says has been overshadowed. these videos are referenced continually. they are, in a sense, another excuse for the people who are opposed to planned parenthood al jazeera america has learnt that vice president biden will decide on a presidential run within two days. he gave no hints during an address during a climate change summit. the vice president has been sending mixed signals, he's been meeting with supporters, he and his family is grieving the death of his son. they may not end up being part of the gruelling campaign. we are joined to discuss the rumours about joe biden. he's an al jazeera political contributor. it's good to see you. why the song and dance - for weeks now. why hasn't joe biden made a
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decision? >> it's not for weeks, it's been going on for months, if we think about it, it goes all the way back for summer. i'm in the i don't think joe is running. i don't think he's running. one, he's mourning the loss of his son. two, he's having the conversations. two, no one has been able to give him a clear path to beat clinton. why run. so you - do you think there is a path? >> no, no, i don't think so. i think if you look at the numbers right now, you know, hillary clinton is hovering at 40%. joe biden, with all the polls showing him in now, he's 10-15 behind bernie sanders. if he gets into the race, he is in third place, he has a lot of work to do. to overcome sanders and beat hillary clinton. >> where does the speculation
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come from. >> from people who are bored. they don't want to crown hillary clinton, they don't want to do the job. it doesn't look like he's going to do it. maybe he comes out tomorrow and does a big lebron james decision. and sits and says i'm going to run. that's unlikely. i think the goalpost has been moved. the longer he waits the more he's not going to do it. >> it matters to political analysts. does it matter to voters and supporters when he gets in. does it matter to them. i don't think it matters to the voters. here is the issue. it matters to the people on the ground in iowa, south carolina and in new hampshire. all of those people are saying where have you been, where were you going to show up. the other thing is this. there's always someone to take
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your money, if joe biden wants to put together an organization, he is going to have to cherry-pick from the clinton campaign, the bernie sanders campaign, and that is not a good way to start. >> okay. so you are in the no category, which means we'll have to circle back in a couple of days, particularly if it end up being a yes. we'll have to get you back on. >> hey, i was wrong about lebron james going to cleveland. i could be wrong here. >> you were glad you were wrong about that one. jason johnson, thank you for joining us. have a good night. >> thanks. >> jim webb may quit the race for democratic nomination and run as a dependent. according to an email campaign. the former senator is polling in the low single digit and complained about not getting enough time to speak at last week's debate. >> long before hollywood brought
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it to the big screen, the guy accused of masterminding the heist in the hit film gets his day in court and a sneak peek aired during monday night football. the new star wars movie was crashing websites worldwide. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. >> movie reel: the force is calling to you the force awakens indeed.
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the next star wars movie will soon be in theatres. and tonight fans got their first look at it. the trailer for "the force awakens" debuted during the football game on e.s.p.n. the film doesn't hit theatres until december 18th. yes, a couple of months away. >> tickets are so in demand websites for several movie chains crashed after they went on sale today a trial 37 years in the making started. it was one of the cases, one of the biggest of robberies history, becoming part of popular culture and the movies. gabriel elizonda reports, the gangster is accused of masterminding a $6 million airport heist. >> a brazen airport crime in 1978. master gunmen steal more than $5 million in cash. $1 million in jules from a flight at john f kennedy in new
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york. >> authorities are not saying more than they believe this to be the largest robbery history. >> the culprits - it ruled the underworld of the city, for decades. the heist was immortalized in a 1990 martin scorsese movie. robert de niro played jimmy conway, played on a mob lynch pin and mastermind, jimmy. investigators say key to it all was this van, vincent asaro who allegedly mate the approval for a rated on his crime family's turf. more than 25 years later they were arrested. some of the mafia bosses from the era. the government indictment pinned it to the heist.
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this is a complicated case. the trial could go on for months, if not more than a year. many are wondering when a final verdict is delivered, if it won't mean, once and for all, an end to the mafia in new york. >> this by any part of your imagination doesn't mean the mafia is gone. right now, it's been apart with rests and major cases against them. we have seen other organized crime taking its place. >> it's combined with books written about the turf battles, immortalized the crime and put pressure ire on the authorities. we have an obsession with gangsters and mafia, whether it was good fellows or sopranos, we love the stuff. they are bad dudes. >> these are the guys that jimmy put together for what turned out to be the biggest heist history. about the trial, hope it will
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find the doors on thoughts of a real-life hollywood sequel i'm richelle carey, thank you very much for joining us. next is "inside story", check out the website have a good night. in california earns a buck, the average working woman earns $0.84, with the intention of narrowing that gap, the governor has signed the most comprehensive equal wage law in the country. will that work in or is the modern workplace and the way wages are set so complicated that passing a law won't fix income inequality. balancing wage scales. it's the inside story. ♪ welcome to "inside story." i'm ray suarez.