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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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party sweeps to victory in the general election. ending the nine year rule of steven harper's scefts. harper's conservatives. >> i'm fauziah ibrahim. live in doha. thousands are fleeing aleppo province, where government forces are on attack. typhoon koppu flies over the
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philippines. and one of the good guys, aspiring a blockbuster film. canada's prime minister steven harper has conceded defeat in the general election and is to resign as leader of the conservative party. the liberals justin trudeau is set to follow his father and become the new prime minister. his party has secured a majority in parliament. >> this is what positive politics can do. this is what a positive, hopeful, a hopeful vision and a lat form and a team together, can make happen. canadians -- cheerp [cheering and applause] >> canadians from all across
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this great country sent a clear message tonight. it's time for a change in this country, my friends, a rechange! >> friends, our country is one of the most enduring democracies in the world today. and today for the 42nd time in 148 years canadians have chosen a national parliament. well tonight's result is certainly not the one we had hoped for. the people are never wrong. >> and with a majority of results in the liberal party is well ahead. a short time ago it had secured 175 seats, that's more than the number it needed to win a majority. half are, you canada's parliament has 178 seats. daniel lak is in canada for us. justin trudeau promised a change
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in parliament. what can we expect. >> laying out the vision of what he wanted the country to be and that seems what the people have chosen. he's trying run deficits, stimulate the economy, duet people working, and stimulate the infrastructure, get taxes raised, he will legalize marijuana which may have given him some appeal among younger voters. policies like that and many others have really told the voters of canada what they can expect. what they did do today is vote for change. 60% of them or more have got behind mr. trudeau's party which is quite a result. >> daniel, harper has resigned as leader of the conservative party. what does that mean for the party now? >> it's the sort of thing that happens in politics here, every eight, ten years, even a successful prime minister, a
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successful party leader needs to make way for new blood. when someone who did have a majority goes down to defeat, i think mr. harper will oversee a change in leadership, choose a new one, there is a new leader waiting in the wings, not to mention some equity in the eyes of the voters over the coming years, we can expect a pretty interesting transition in the conservative party because as people say here, there is only one steven harper. whoever comes next will be a different kettle of fish. >> more than 35,000 people have fled their homes around aleppo in syria in recent days. the area has been bombarded by russian jets backing government
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forces against opposition troo troops. victoria gatenby reports. >> some of the 35,000 people who have escaped the area in the last few days. ever since the syrian government launched a new campaign against rebel held areas this time with air support from russia. >> at night there were air strikes, during the day there were barrel bombs. they're using all kinds of force against us. >> home after home badly damaged. activists say most of the victims of the air strikes ar artillery bombardment and barrel bombs are civilians. government forces backed by russian jets have taken control of villages south of aleppo. but opposition fighters say this doesn't represent a change in the balance of power. in the country side around the city.
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the rebels know aleppo is crucial. it's only 50 kilometers from the border with turkey and it was once syria's financial and industrial hub. for years it's been a focus of a three way fight, here rebels target regime vehicles with antitank missiles. >> so far we've successfully destroyed five targets. god is great. >> it's been nearly three weeks since russia began its air strike in syria. its participation may change in the deadlock in syria. making an already desperate refugee crisis even worse. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> turkey's prime minister has rejectan eu offer of aid, in return for his lessening the number of refugees to europe.
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davutoglu prime minister said his country was not a refugee camp. deal was dismissed by the turks a day later. >> translator: the 3 billion euro fund proposal is no belonger on the table. as we have said we will not accept it. we are talking about a 3 billion euro amount in the first stage, the requirements may go up and the assessment of this will neat to be done annually. therefore, we never accept a deal assuming we give this money to refugees so the refugees should staturkey so the wroftio. turkey will not be a concentration camp. >> 16 people have now been confirmed dead while 70,000 have
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been forced to flee their homes. let's get the lates from wayne hay, on the island of luzon that was hit hard by the typhoon koppu. wayne we can definitely see that it's still raining there. talk us through some of the conditions. >> reporter: yes, we're at one of the many evacuation centers that have been set up around the centers like this, this is a school which people have been able to come to to seek shelter and get some food. at times it seems like the rain is easing but then another big heavy fall comes through drenching baggio city. the good news is that the floodwaters are receding. rain is forecast for quite some time yet. there is concern about the danger of landslides in this area. this is a very mountainous part
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of the country and as the storm moves further to the north over the island of luzon that danger is lingering despite the fact that the storm is weamenning as it goes. >> wayne, a couple of years ago the country was hit hard by typhoon haiyan. does the government respond better this time around? >> it seems to. the government got out much earlier, they warned the people in the path of the massive storm to get out of danger areas, areas where there may be landslides, the flooding. the president aquino was on television warning and the communication seems to be that much better because as you mentioned typhoon haiyan which struck particularly in the city of tacloban, the government was
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in criticism for its response, and there seems to be a greater awareness now of the dangers, get so many tropical storms and typhoons in the philippines that people have become accustomed to them. haiyan was so devastating causing such a high loss of life acknowledge that people are more aware of the dangers of the storms that come through country. >> wayne hay, in the area hit hard by typhoon koppu. a area hit hard by the storm. >> we are in one of the main evacuation centers in the province, residents have moved here as early as saturday afternoon. they grabbed whatever they could. little of their belongings,
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their children, their pets. but they have been living like this, there is really no decent place to sleep here and no clean latrines. the president was here yesterday, president aquino and he brought some food back. he brought a few kilos of rice, canned goods, mats, plates. that's it. the food they brought are slowly running out, they've cooked most of it they say, their children unable to go back to school. there are also reports that some of the kids are starting to get sick because of the living conditions here. some of the kids have been catching die recoughs and colds. what they want is food also to last them for a few days. what they need they say is construction materials. so many of them here have lost their homes. they say they have no house to go back to no place to sleep. it is the capital of rice production in the country. so many farmers here have lost their farms they say and what
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they need is the capital to start planting again. there's been a cultural shift when it comes to local government officials and the president and the government's response since typhoon haiyan instruct almost two years ago. emergency preparations have improved. typhoon koppu, a typhoon that big will always affect residents. they are going to feel the impact and bear the brunt of this storm for years to th come. >> find out why these mandarin license arlrcheslessons are a sf their future.
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>> welcome back, you're watching al jazeera. a recap now of our top stories this hour. canada's prime minister steven harper has conceded defeat in the general election and has resigned as leader of the conservative party. justin trudeau's liberal party has 249 seats, he is set to become the new prime minister. the u.n. says 35,000 syrians have fled their homes in the northern city of aleppo in recent days, the area has been targeted by russian jets carrying out air strikes for syrian regime. northeast of the philippines has been battered by typhoon
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koppu, down graded to a tropical storm. thousands of people have been left stranded. israeli pleas have investigated the killing of an eritrean man, in the city of beersheba, 44 palestinians and 8 israelis have been killed since the start of this month. the young palestinian attackers in this wave of violence defy classification. they have been both male and female, political and apolitical, affluent and poor. but it does seem they had at least one thing in common. they did know the consequence of their actions would most likely be death. andrew simmons has been to the occupied east jerusalem to speak to some of the families and friends.
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>> outwardly itzak seemed like a sensible teenager. on a saturday morning most teenagers of his age had been hanging out with friends. but he is carrying a knife. he wants to kill someone and this is his attempt. he ends up lying in a street of occupied east jerusalem shot dead by the security forces. you couldn't have guessed his intent when he left home. caught here on security cameras. he had looked carefree. itzak might have looked calm but what was going o on inside his head, he came from a caring home, friends said he hadn't been indoctrinated in some way. he didn't kill, this man was carried away with nonlife threatening injuries.
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his parents couldn't believe what had happened. this mother realized he had been affected what had happened on tv. first it was attack on a woman which could be heard not seen. >> translator: he had tears in his eyes. he wouldn't eat or drink well. he was stressed, he would watch tv. he was wired. he would ask me, what situation are we in? this shouldn't happen he would say. we should do something to stop the attack. >> bahal was very different than itzak, he was in a stabbing attack on a bus in which one person was killed and five people injured. he was politically injured, outspoken, a youth worker, passionate for the underprivileged. he left ten commandment instructions for his funeral,
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saying that no organization should claim he died in their cause. palestinian leaders should be shaken into change. >> translator: there is absolutely no palestinian talking about an alternative to the plo or the factions. if these factions didn't move to lead this popular uprising we have stayed in the same fashion. what's needed is to correction the situation and the situation of the plo not look for an alternative. >> reporter: many people are convinced that the motivation is given by social media for such attacks. it's the images not provocation by politicians that are the major influence. it seems the smartphone camera and the internet are as effective as weapons in what's threatening to become an uprising. andrew simmons, al jazeera in occupied east jerusalem. >> china's president xi jinping has arrived in the u.k. for a four day rif visit.
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british prime minister david cameron says it will be a opening of a golden era between the two countries. three years ago bilateral ties were affected as cameron met with the dalai lama. joining us live is enoo tangen. thank you sir for being with us. it has been said that this is the reddest of red carpet treatment that's being laid out for xi jinping and his entourage. why? >> well, first off you have to kind of craf contrast this witht happened in the united states a few weeks ago. which wasn't the reddest of red carpets all aol it did end well.
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what occurred earlier you saw england, great britain jump ship and join the ai rvetionb aiib. they are looking for a new and different way of expanding and they are a good fit with china as a nation with 3 trillion economy versus 11 trillion economy very high percentage of technical experts and advance on one side, smaller on the manufacturing side versus china there are synergies there. >> at the same time, we've improved economic ties comes scrutiny on beijing's human rights records. is the chinese government ready for this? >> well, human rights is a kind of where you stand proposition. from beijing's point of view they're trying to move very, very quickly. they sense that they have to avoid the middle income trap so i don't believe that things are
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going to soften up appreciably in the near future. it's only as china gets the middle class grows and china becomes more settled that these types of issues will rise to the forefront. at this point, xi has very important agenda, i can't see that softening up and they will be prickly about anybody stepping on that issue. >> they have played a cautionary card whit comes to china unlike its ally u.k. is washington missing the boat here when it comes to chinese investment? >> well, ask i mean there are 650 ceos the most powerful and largest companies in the united states who went to see xi jinping in seattle. they weren't there because they have a natural love for china. it's very simple. they believe their future depends on developing those markets. quite a different reception in washington where political
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concerns especially electioneering politicians, et cetera are all posing. it's a semblance of what we see in this rising power versus a established power. the key is how they adjust to this. this is not a situation where it has to be a war or things like this. what it needs to do is calm heads, statesmanlike people understanding that the situation is changing. >> thank you for joining us. the british prime minister has announced new plans to tackle extremism within the u.k. counterextremeism strategy deems to be promoting hatred. the new law will also allow parents to seize passports of teenagers trying to travel abroad to join groups like i.s.i.l.
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muslim organizations however have criticized the plan saying that their camps are productive. 30 people have died and thousands others have been infected by dengue fever in india's capital. new delhi's government is trying to contain the outbreak said to have been the biggest in five years. schools and public places have been fume gated, hospitals are struggling to cope with the flow of patients. decisions by officials in bangladesh, to raise gas prices are pressuring people. more from dakka. >> he lives in the two bedroom apartment in the capital. with each passing year he finds
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it increasingly difficult to pay his bills and a recent rise in gas prices is turning up the pressure even more. gas prices were raised by 50%. for alum who earns about $2 a day that's a sizable increase in his budget. >> i'm feeling tension, i used to work eight hours a day, now i have to work 12 hours. it's a lot of pressure. >> it's not just gas, electricity and water have also increased, the government needs new money to build power stations. >> we need money to build infrastructure. we need money to build big plants. i've told you before, we are trying to bring the coal power plants, cost you more than $1 billion. >> the government believes its new status as a middle income country means it should be able
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to charge citizens more for services. but this approach is putting pressure on a growing phenomenon: the urban poor who earn more than the rural poor but have much higher expenses. in the slums of dacca the urban poor end up paying more per square meter than those in more affluent neighborhoods. >> they are not paying more money for their housing but also more for bucket of water. because in many areas, the connection, the water connections are not so-called legal. and they used to sever this service from informal sources so they have to basically pay moor for some of the basic amenities. >> with the world bank announcing a new poverty benchmark of $1.90 a day, people like alum are on the threshold of extreme poverty. he's figuring that out having to
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borrow $50 per month, for the two rooms he and his wife share with their six children. olympic champion oscar pistorius has been released a day early, now be placed under house arrest. one of the last remaining mobsters accused of one of the biggest robberies in history has gone on trial in new york city. al jazeera's gabrielle elizondo reports. >> a brazen airport crime in 1978. masked gunmen steal $5 million in cash and make off with $1 million in jewels.
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>> the largest robbery in american history. >> the culprits, italian mafia bosses that ruled the underworld for decades. >> as a luft ha sa lufthansa aio plane. >> an alleged mastermind of the crime, jimmy the gent burke. vincent asaro gave the approval for the raid on his crime family's turf. he and his family were finally arrested last year, some of the mafia bosses of the last generation not already jailed or left dead. he was a gang sister through and through but the defense countered by accusing the
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government of relying on the testimony of untrust worthy mobsters. >> this is a complicated case. this could go on for many months if not a year. many people are wondering when a final verdict is delivered it won't mean an end once an for all to the mafia in new york. >> this doesn't mean the plaf ya imafiais gone. >> we've heard of other organized crimes taken place too. >> bloody turf battles afterwards, immortalized the crime and kept the authorities on the case. >> whether it's good fellas or sopranos, these are bad dudes. these would kill people for nothing. >> what turned out to be the biggest heist in american
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history. >> with this trial all those years later, hopefully it will close the door on any thoughts of a real hollywood sequel. gabrielle elizondo, al jazeera, new york. >> the address is president obama and african americans many should he could he have done better to lift them up. the long arm of slavery over the american south. barack obama's election in 2008 gave hope to many african americans that a black man living in the white house would mean better lives for black men, women and children living in houses across america. but with just over a year to go in the president's second term some of those hoha