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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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jus ton tin trudeau now is the leader of canada. >> and slovenia says --
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>> canada's liberal party has ended nine years and justin trudeau follows in the footsteps of his father as the new prime minister. >> canadians from across this
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country sent a clear message tonight. it's time for a change in this country tonight, a real change. >> stephen harper first came to power in 1996. he has cut government taxes and emphasized national security. he's also been increasingly controversial. >> for the 42nd time in 148 years, canadians have chosen a national parliament. the people are never wrong. >> the leftist party was down the biggest. canadian voters want to change and want the leaders to lead them there.
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>> when the campaign began, awe parties were hovering around 30%. because the election was built around whether or not people wanted to keep the harper government or not, it's been exceeded. >> the same challenges faced by stephen harper remane, low oil prices, a weakening economy, and instability in the world. >> the coastal province is a regime strong hold. the dead include civilians and a
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rebel commander. >> in syria, government troops have captured several villages around aleppo. the government has launched a major offensive to take back a military airport held by isil. the fighting is having a devastating effect on the humanitarian situation. >>reporter: these families left aleppo in a hurry. they're just some of the 35,000 people who escaped the area in the last few days since the syrian government launched a new campaign this time with air support from russia. >> there were rockets and barrel bombs. all kinds of heavy weapons. >>reporter: this is what the strikes have left behind. most
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of the victims are civilians. government forces backed by russian yets have taken control of villages south of aleppo. >> the rebels know aleppo is crucial. it was once syrias financial and industrial hub. for years, it's been the focus of a three-way fight between syrian rebels, regime forces, and isil fighters. >> so far we destroyed five targets. god is great. >> it's been three weeks since russia began its air campaign in
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syria. it appears it's already making a desperate crisis even worse. slovenia plans to use its army to help secure the borders. paul brennan joins me live. tell me about why the army is now plead guilty considered. >> the background is basically that the sloe convene yon authorities believe they cannot cope anymore with the influx of refugees. transiting across slovenia to austria and then to germany. . awes ahs yaps have -- on to
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austria but austria only allowed in 2,000. so a back log of some 6,000 people left. the authorities say as that back log increases, facilities are being overwhelmed. it was an all night meeting of the government and they agreed to put before parliament to guard the borders. at the moment, of course, the army is only allowed to offer technical and logistical support. the motivation is that slovenia believes it's delusional to expect a country the size of slovenia with just 2 million people, to cope with the kind of
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influx over the past three days >> are we not seeing what we saw in hungary. what impact is this decision likely to have on if rest of the eu. >> they urged the europen union to share the burden. there was a summit meeting in brussels where they agreed to push through some of the smeller quinn drinks to rehouse and settle some thousands of refugees. but the flow continues. this is a very different situation here.
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the authorities simply do not have the cape capabilities to house them. >> in availing afghanistan says it's cam captured fighters. scombrine ne'er dmrasz is followal goments from kabul. what's the latest now? >> the fighting has going on. the taliban killed about 20
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afghan and national police police. they thread the taliban and said they have captured those men. the president has advertise watched his -- province to the east saying that he is talking to security officials up in even will make a plan to play off this latest offensive >> compere would the security forces not stop this in happening? ? the police chief was begging for air support yesterday highlighting a shortage the forces need here. they just did not get what they
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needed. reenforcements are bogged down on the road because the taliban have planted bombs. so they're trying to get in to help anticipate couldn't. >> families from north and south korea are meeting each up in a rare reunion. harry has more. >>reporter: after decades of
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waiting, suddenly everything is a rush. they develop t their own slight chaotic routine but they're far from normal. the sense of excitement and expectation is everywhere. he's just one. even seven months married and flee months pregnant, her husband never returned. >> back then we were only just married. had not even called each other darling. >> with her, her 674-year-old son. >> when i was first informed, it was a sense of i have a father. he's alive. it was a feeling of pride >> the formalities of border immigration came first.
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it all depends on the political climate between the koreas. >> we're certainly tried our best to make a regular ongone ron rep dens view is tndezvous >> thousands are tis placed in
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>> governments secretly paying ransoms. >> we were told never to
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disclose that they actually paid. >> are they saving lives or putting more at risk? the top stories on al jazeera. justin trudeau's party has won the canada liberal election. stephen harper has conceded and is resigning as party leader. >> the syrian observatory for human rights says 45 people have been killed in a wave of russian air strikes. the group says the dead include civilians and a rebel demander. slovenia is expected to change
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its defense laws to help the armies guard their borders. israel has arrested the cofounder of hamas in the occupied west bank accusing him of inciting recent violence. he was released from jail in july after a year in administrative detention. the young palestinian attackers in this latest wave of violence defy it. there have been male and female protesters. they have at least one thing in common, knew the consequence of their actions would most likely be death. >> andrew similar mondamons --
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carrying a knife. he wants to kill someone. and this is his attempt. he ends up lying in a street of occupied east jerusalem shot dead by security forces. you could not have guessed his attempt when he left home caught here on security cameras. he looked care free. >> what was going on inside his head. he came from caring parents in a safe home. he was and theingen away with life sleetenning injuries. his parents could not believe what happened. his mother noticed her son had been affected by what he'd seen
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on tv. first, an attack on a woman. which could only be heard but not seen. >> he had tears in his eyes and did not eat or drink. he was stressed always watching tv. he was wired. he asked me what situation are we in. this should not happen he used to say. we should do something to stop the attacks. >> this is one of two men in the shooting and stabbing attack on a bus. one man killed and five injured. he was politically active, outspoken, a youth worker. he left ten commandments including areiningments for he has fine rail and that no
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organization should claim he died for their cause. >> all young people specifically the 19th generation, those who did not live through are strongly pushing to get away from this situation and replace it with confrontation. provocation by politicians with all the major influence. it seems the smart phone camera are as effective as weapons in what threatens to be an up rising. >> a palestinian man has stabbed an israeli soldier in the occupied west bank. it's not yet known. 44 palestinians and eight
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israelis have been killed in a wave of violence this month >> members of the fifa executive committee have -- >> the emergency executive committee meeting taking place has been decided by sett
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blatter. >> externally. >> a tropical storm has brought rain and flooding to the fill peeps. >> we are in an evacuation center. residents has moved here since saturday afternoon. they've been living like this and there's really no decent place to sleep leer anticipate no clean la tree.
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there are also reports some kids are starting to get stick because of the living conditions here. some are catching diarrhea, cough, and colds. they also want food to last for a few days. they also need construction materials. so many of them here have lost their homes. they say they have no place to go back to and no place to sleep. so many farmers here have lost their farms and they need the capital to start planting again. emergency response has been proved but the philippines and a
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typhoon as big as this one is really set to affect millions and million's of people every time. we're spoken to residents who are going to bear the brunt of this typhoon for many years to come >> the president of indonesia completes a year of office on tuesday. his popularity has been sliding. >>reporter: it's been a rough year for the president. one year into his presidency, nearly half of all indonesian indonesians say they're not happy with his performance. he managed to move her and thousands of other out of slum swellings and into proper apartments. but a year on, she's struggling.
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>> the economy is getting worse and our situation is getting more and more difficult. prices are going up and i think the presidents performance is not good yet. he needs to work and try harder. he was faced with a sluggish economy. growth rate was at a low. the government blamed global pressures and analysts led to an inexperienced president. >> he has to be making decisions especially when it comes to good things. i think the good result is not only good things but most often from good things. >> the plan for upgrading existing infrastructure have so-far failed to materialize.
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these have created hazardous smoke over malaysia and singapore. he has fallen from his pedestal. his biggest challenge is to be seen as someone taking charge. >> the government hopes that economic stimulus packages will help the aid in the economy and also the presidents approval ratings. >> this is the period of managing expectations. and so far he's done it quite well because in a way expectations begin to become more realistic but at the same time, we do see the start -- the beginning of new focus on areas neglected in the past. >> and he continues to be
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praised in his education programs for the poor and also a contentious commitment to stopping drug traffickers. he has four years left in office and must hope they're better than the first years >> one of the last mobsters in new york city is now facing the consequences. >>reporter: a braisen airport crime in 1978. masked gunmen make off with 1 million in jewels in new york. >> authorities believe this to be the largest robbery in american history
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>> the culprits italian mafia boss's' ruled the city for decades. >> more than 35 years after the crime, he and others were finally arrested last year. some of the last from an era not jailed or left for dead.
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this is a complicated case and the trial could go on for months or years. >> they've had arrests and other things against him. >> he says books immortalize the crime and mostly forced the police to solve the case. it's violent. these are really bad dudes. they'll kill people for nothing.
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>> and with this trial years later, hopefully it will close the door on a real life squall. >> more on that can be found at this is techknow. a show about innovations that can change lives. the science of fighting a wild-fire. we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science, by scientists. tonight, techknow investigates the ivory trail they've tried to seize it, burn it, but nothing has stopped the terrible trade in illegal ivory. now new tools...