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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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high likelihood this will be the last chance these people will ever have. whole lives distilled into brief conversations, no second chances to get these moments right before they too become memories. harry fawcett al jazeera, south korea. check out our website, now leading canada's newth, liberal government.
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♪ . >> this is al jazeera america, live in new york city. canadians overwhelmingly voting for change, choosing a new prime minister after nearly a decade. in a landslide, the son of one of the most famous politician and he hand add defeat to conservative leader. jon tarot is live for us in toronto this morning, how did he in. >> well, in the air, justin has always been considered by canadian as bit of a outsider, but oddly enough, and everything he has done in his career, he has pulled through on the winning side in the end, and that's certainly what he did last night. and the way he did it was to offer a very positive, inclusive campaign, all 11 weeks to canadians and it was internet based as well.
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it attract add young of lot young people, and it was very very similar to president's pam's first campaign. and also i think there's another factor here, which has to be spoken about. he is 43, he is a very good looking young man. he as a beautiful wife, who is an entertainment t.v. presenter, and absolutely gorgeous kids as well. i think canada is just enchanted by them. and why not, there's the pedigree of the father, one of the most successful and well remembered prime ministers. let's listen to a little bit of his acceptance speech, which he delivered in the early hours this morning in montreal, and listen to the obamaesque 2008 style bubbling through. take a listen. i didn't make history tonight, you did.
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[applause] and don't let anyone tell you any differently. i know i am on stage for one reason and one reasonable only, because you put me here. >> and the parallels continue, because in 2008, as you know, only too well, president obama campaigned on hope and change, and justin campaigned on real change. now, having said that, of course, he has an awful weight on his shoulders now. because, he has promised a lot, different kind of candidate, he is going to hike taxes on the 1%. run up the deficit, pretty small one, to kick start the economy. and poohs the middle class if he doesn't deliver then the canadian people will have him out. >> let me ask the question in the u.s., how will that win effect u.s. canada relations? >> well, that is a very good question, you have to remember this is two to
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$3 trillion economy up here in canada. and it is our, as in the united states, biggest trading partner. so more trade goes north from the united states than to any other block in the world, and not a politician in town, either in washington, d.c., or in ottawa that wants to change that, so that's a given. but there are one or two things for example, the election brings him much more in line with the obama policy on the environment. so the u.n. sponsors climate change talks in paris, in november will be a lot more successful i think for north america now then they might have been automobiledly enough he is in favor of the keystone pipeline, so there could be a bone of contention or two there, but he said he will work with the administration to get around the environmental issues they are concerned about. there is the regard
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partnership, that was only sign add couple of weeks ago, which the president has been touting hillary clinton moved away from that, even though she supported ill why she was the secretary, and he also supports withdrawing canadian jets from the u.s. led coalition currently bombing isil targets what does the canadian map look likes that days. >> i hope we do, if it goes up on the screen originally there was a lot of blue across the map, only 30 million people, roughly the same as california, but a huge huge land mass, and now today if you look at the blue map, there's a huge uptick in the amount of red and that is because of the popular vote, the liberals polled around 40% and down to 32%.
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so now we have a ten day period, in which outgoing prime minister will hand over to the incoming prime minister dez nate a very does anything fied resignation speech last night, and he has let it be known he will stay on as a constituency, or a writing m.p., which i think is in calgary. put he will step down as conservative party leader. he is asked the party to actively look for somebody else to take the new focus forward on the palestinian territories at least two men, and one israel settler were killed today al jazeera has more on the challenges that ban ki-moon faces.
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here in israel, and the occupied palestinian territories. we have had a few incident in the occupied west bank, also at least 500 people protesting in the city of bethlehem. there are cashes with the israeli forces there. certainly here in jerusalem, very tense, people will tell you that everyone is suspicious of everyone. neighborhoods and occupied east jerusalem have been quartered off. there are more check points it is an incredibly tense time, so this is the start of a push, i think, ban ki-moon's visit meeting with both israeli prime minister and the president is more to deliver a message, real change on the ground, out of that i don't think we will see more crucially is later in the week, the u.s. secretary of state will be meeting with both sides as well. trying to clarify whether has been a real source of tension. the status quo on the mosque compound.
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this is really what started so people will tell you real change needs to be made. real words of hope. resume me gauchuations sitting down both sides to try the end the occupation to get their own state. is the only solution, otherwise we will see the ebb and flow of violence as we have seen in this region, really for decades just continue and perhaps only get worse. that is stephanie decker for us, that. there is a new poll out today, and it shows donald trump still leading the primary. with 25% of those polled, the ben carson is not far behind, with 22%, and that is in the margin of error. senator marco rubio is in third place with 13%. the state department also saying that the department of homeland security saying that trump and carson requested protection from the secret
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service. both candidates are known for their remarks, and drawing large crowds across the country. and then, senator barack obama was running for pram, he received protect 18 months before he was elected president. al jazeera america has learned that he will likely announce his decision within the next two days. the vice president has been sending signals but as as giles reports he has been meeting with potential supporters as well. last night vice president joe biden met with his closest political aids and advisors. we are told they discuss add race to the nomination. for biden did make a decision last night or early, so far, it has not leaked out. several strategists have acknowledged that for the vice president to participate, in a big jefferson jackson dinner
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featuring democratic candidate speeches, biden will need to make his intentions clear within about 24 hours. more decision that need to be made soon in order to meet the first filing deadlines. starting on wednesday night, they begin to focus on hillary clinton's testimony in front of a house selection committee. clinton's troubles stemming from that attack in libya, including the controversy over her personal email system are among the reasons biden has even considered challenging her in the first place. and members of the house select committee including chairman that new revelations are coming. so even if bide season now leaning against the presidential race, a strategist believe he will
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wait and see what happens in thursday's hearing. and to announce that before thursday. it would diminish some of the interest and significance. but the significance for clinton and other democrats will ratchet higher if biden enters the race, and if joe biden is going to seek the democratic presidential nomination, and supporters expect a clear signal that he is in, as early as today. david schuster, al jazeera. >> there are reports today that former virginia senator will drop out of the domic race for president, and run instead as an independent. remember is polling in the low single digits he also complained about not dwelling enough air time to speak at last week's democratic debates. police in st. louis are looking for clues in a series of church arson attacks. in each case, a outside door was set on fire, one of the
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churches almost destroyed. no injuries have been reported they don't have a suspect, or a motive p tennessee county voting against displaying the flag, and today the university of mississippi is expected to vote on whether to remove that flap, from it's campuses. >> in recent days the debate turned into a shouting match over the vote to take down the state flag at old miss. hundreds of students and faculty members have urged the university of mississippi to stop flying the flag, that fee ur churring the confederate symbol, but today's vote facing opposition, an online petition asked people to rise up and push back and support the flag. mississippi has been asked to change the design in the past, a call echos by olemiss in a statement the
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college writes as a university committed to posters a welcoming and inclusive campus for all students we continue to join other leaders in mississippi to encouraging our government to companying the state flag. olemiss is one of several schools, states and municipalities now taking steps to get rid of the confederate symbol, following june's deadly shooting at the emanuel church in south carolina. those defending the flag, says it represents surge heritage. >> i am proud of my family, and i am proud of being in the u.s., and having the freedom to display whatever flag i am allows to display. >> opponents see the flag as a sign of supremacy and slavery. the legislature voted to remove fit the state house grounds a month later, university of texas removed a statue of confederate president, and in september, nearly two dozen students out of virginia high school were suspended for wearing clothing with confederate
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flags violation of the school's dress code. the state of virginia has also made it illegal to drive with a confederate license plate, the dmv gave motorist to change their plates. al jazeera. outrage in florida, kill a man that was waiting for a tow truck, his family demanding answers.
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>> governments secretly paying ransoms. >> we were told never to disclose that they actually paid. >> are they saving lives or putting more at risk?
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. >> led to flash flooding and storms more rain by the way is forecast for that area. an investigation is underway this morning in florida. that is where police shot and kill add 31-year-old man. police say the man had a weapon, but those that know the man say that's not true. al jazeera has more. >> it is a big blow. a big blow. >> as this prayer vigil went on in a beach florida church, the drum set sat empty, the man who played them, 31-year-old cory jones, died sunday shot dead by a police officer. >> he was a drummer. he worked hard. he was -- i mean he was everything you needed in a son. >> jones and his band the future presidents praying what would be their final gig just after midnight sunday. >> everything seemed normal.
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cory was completely himself. he shook his hands gave each other high fives and he left. >> hours later his car broke down. and then he call add tow truck. but while he was waiting police say officers noman raha wearing plain clothes and driving an unmarked car stopped to investigate what he believed was an abandoned car, police have released many details but said the officer who is only been on the force for since months quote, was suddenly confronted by an armed subject, as a result of the confrontation, the officer discharged his firearm resulting in the death of the subject. police have not said what sort of weapon jones had, jones did have a clean police record, but also had a permit for a gun. friends say he was not a violent person. >> i don't how anyone can perceive cory as a threat whatsoever. he is the most level headed calm kind person. >> never got in any trouble.
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he was actually a very very good kid. >> jones' family and friends say they plan to keep pushing for answers until they know what really happened. >> he just acts for the congregation to pray, and that we can get some type of closure to this. >> jon henry smith, al jazeera. >> south korean families have now begun relatives in the north, the first time they have seen each other for 60 years. a fleet of buss carries the nearly 400 south koreans across the border. into north korea, this is the second meeting of family members in the past five years. earlier i talked about it, her family divide misdemeanor the 1950's, she is hoping both sides will reconcile. for some people they live less an hour away.
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so family separated just five g about each other. it is like a miracle. and so -- i think another thing is for a lot of us, we would love to see an actual peace treaty, because korea is still in a state of war. there was only an arm cyst signed so this is something that we can all work towards. not just people in korea, not just americans but people around the world, it is the call for a peace treaty. so that -- the peninsula is no longner a state of war, that we could work towards reunification of the country, because that is inevitable. it will happen one day. whether or not we plan for that, whether or not we just allow north korean government to collapse one day, and wake up to the news. that there are migrants coming, we hope to see a
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situation where we can actually work towards this as a global community. >> there are more than 65,000 south koreans on that list waiting for a reunion, when they meet the meeting last about two hours. well, the customer may not always be right, we will tell you why amazon is now taking thousands of their own customers to court. and the trial that is right out of a movie, the good fellow in court for one of the most infamous crimes in this nation's history.
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weight watchers international on monday. the company shares involved on the news nearly doubling the value of her $43 million investment. it is the robbery made famous by the movie good follows now nearly 40 years after six minute dollars were stolen from new york's busiest airport, the trial of a gangster is underway. al jazeera has more on the accusations he faces. >> it is the organized crime caper in martin's mob masterpiece good fellas. >> these are the guys they put together for what turns out to be the biggest heist in american history. >> that's the 1990 movie version, the actual heist went down back in 1978.
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authorities aren't saying much more than they believe this to be the largest robbery. >> monday nearly 40 years later, appeared in a brooklyn federal courtroom on trial for his real life role in what because then a record rip off. back then, investigators found an empty black van but they never found the loot, or caught the robbers. that was thanks to the mafia code of silence according to author and former reporter who covers the mob for decades. the authorities knew who did it and how it was done, the problem was getting finding them and convicting them. >> but cracks in that one sacred code have lest to the
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day in court, witnesses against him include former mobsters now cooperating with the government. monday prosecutors called againster through and through, a man that lived a long life of crime. >> one there were a lot of snitches. and they were getting -- they say dropping the dime, at that time it was all it took to make a telephone call, and the fbi and the police were getting a lot of dropped dimes on who was involved. >> the defense team called the government witnesses untrust worthy turn coats. telling jurors when necessary they would like to each other, and lie to save themselves, one a liar always a liar. among other crimes including arson, extortion, he is accused of helping strangle a informant to death with a dog chain. his partner in that grizzly murder jimmy the gent burke,
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the master mind of the heist, played by robert dinner row in good fellas. the real burke dies in prison. >> most of the people involved in the case have been -- either were killed bunched off, died of natural deaths so he is one of the last survivors so longevity in the long run did him in. >> amazon and gearing one the holidays to hire seasonal workers. the retail giant also adding warehouses across the country and working to speed up deliveries experts project most will remain flat. and targeting the people accused of writing those reviews.
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>> but amazon doesn't know who the reviewers are. it is call john doe lawsuit, it is part of a larger amazon campaign, amazon says they tarnished the brand. people do rely on these reviews. in april, amazon sued four companies that sold reviews those companies are now largely defunct, now, amazon is not the only company fighting this. analyst say 15 to 20% of all reviews on the internet are fake, yelp and trip advisor have both successfully sues fake reviewers or websites. but it is a game, there are different international laws, make these fraudsters hard to catch. and coming september of doing to some countries where 5-dollars is real money. they often use fake i.p. address it is problem is that amazon has the economic might to place these, go through the discovery, try to find them, and largely discouraged people from doing it.
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little companies don't have that, so it is meant to be something that sets the stage for sort of minute transparency and more accurate reviews. >> ali velshi reporting. there is proof today that the force is strong, huge demand for presale tickets for the star wars movie crashing websites overnight. >> hours earlier advance tickets went on sale, fans say they had problems getting them. several websites theater site overwhelmed by the crush of orders. the new czar wars film hits theaters in december. i will be on line tonight buying my tickets. thank you for joining us, the news continues next, live from london, stay with us.
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palestinians protest against israel security clamp down as violence continues in h the occupies west bank. >> hello there. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. britt tape reaches out to china, all the porch and ceremony of a state visit. left turn, liberal leader swept to power in canada ending a decade of conservative rule.