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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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overwhelmed by the crush of orders that's all of our type. the news continues this is al jazeera. hello there. this is the news hour. live from london, coming up. >> palestinian pros test against israel's security clamp down, as violence continues in the occupied west bank. the u.n. general secretary has been meeting the israeli prime minister we will have the latest from jerusalem. china's president addressing britain's parliament on the first day of his visit. >> less turn liberal leader
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swept in canada ending a decade of conservative rule. >> separated for more than 60 years what happened when families from north and south korea are reunited. >> hi, everybody robin adams here with sport, live from doha. essential for the next president continues as planned. with the latest from an emergency meeting at the governmenting body. a warm welcome. the dip lo t maic campaign is gathering, trying to force an end to the violence in israel, and the occupied west bank. but on tuesday, the anger spilled over once again, protestors threw stones at forces in bethlehem, with similar scenes that's near ramallah. also nearby a palestinian man was shot and killed after
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stabbing a soldier, and in another incident, a palestinian man was shot after a car ramming incident, they were injured in that same attack. well the u.n. secretary general is now in the region, and he is appealing for calm, and he is meeting with both sides. andrew simmons has been monitoring the day's developments and he sent us this update. >> we have seen violence certainly, with those attacks there. right across the occupied west bank, and here a prolonged demonstration which involved one stage four to 500 it's been pretty heavy here, with masses of tear gags being fired into the crowds. and at one stage, molotov cocktails being thrown, one being thrown directly at the media. you can see what happened here, the molotov cocktail was thrown through the air,
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this lone protestor who managed to move around the security forces and of course, it landed on -- right beside our tri-pod. we got out of the way, but the real issue was the amount of battlegrounds being fired by the army. and they were -- well, i lost count, a massive amount. these are basically plastic coated steel bullets and a lot of injuries were caused to protestors. a number of ambulances were in action, taking people to hospital. the situation as i say, which is just near the location in ramallah, where ban ki-moon has been meeting with president of palestine. if mac mood abbas has gone a couple of kilometers off his course, with his motier kade,
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he would have seen it for himself. a very large demonstration there as well. but the violence just goe on and on julie. >> receive deck live for us. we heard that press conference earlier, and imseems to further reinforce, that the sites are still light years apart. >> absolutely, i think it is significant that the u.n. secretary general came here. the u.m. is criticized for not being able to do anything, certainly when it comes to this conflict, but i think the fact that he came, it was a last minute meeting showed a heightened sense of concern, certainly on the ground. extremely tense times. let's have a listen to what both ban ki-moon and the israeli prime minister has to say earlier when they issue
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as joint statement. >> israelis and palestinians stand on the brink of the catastrophe. we need to keep the situation from escalating into a religious conflict with potential regional implications. we must create conditions for negotiations and the occupation, and realize the peoples.ons of all the >> in the face of this terror im, israel is acting as any democracy would to defend it's citizens. we are not, i repeat, we are not using excessive force. the international community warrants to help end the bloodshed and violence, i believe it must affirm israel's commitment to the status quo on the temple mass, it must support the right to self-defense. and it must hold president abbas accountable for his
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dangerous words. >> well, i think the israeli prime minister's words there go to show as you mentioned earlier, the opposite polars we have here when it comes to what you have from the palestinians and the israelis. this is not new. every time we see a surge of violence, it goes to show there's very little common ground. i think what is significant over the next few days will be the u.s. secretary state jon kerry, he is expected to meet the israeli prime minister, either -- tomorrow or on thursday, and then he will be traveling to meet the jordanian and president mac mood apass, what is key is to try and as kerry says clarify the actual status quo, the muslim access to pray at the mosque compound. this is the key that has triggers what has happened here, because palestinians will tell you they have seen
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increased numbers of right wing groups visits the site. they are not allowed to pray, but they are concerned this is the intense. also doesn't. we have had members of the cabinet, israeli cabinet coming out and calling for the construction of a third term, very complicated sensitive issues i think this difficulty is is that the diplomatic efforts are well and good, but how does it translate to the ground and instill some kind of confidence and hope on the people especially the palestinians who will voice oing concerns through this wage of violence. >> stephanie that was going to be my next question, is how to get this to translate on the ground? it is so difficult,er and fez that those who want progress and clang, who can influence them now. >> i think that's the key question, i think that they have lost trust in their own leaders.
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they don't trust israel, that goes without saying but they don't trust their own leaders. if you talk about the generation, this is the accords sign to try and bring peace between two sides they have seen more and more of their land taken away, even the last round of negotiations we had where u.s. secretary kerry was involved settlement expansion, was continuing. so they have lost all faith, and that's what they will tell you when you hear them going out to protestors. they don't listen to anyone, this is something that has come within grass roots so i think it is very difficult, how to instill confident, how to show the palestinian street, the youth, especially, that something is happening that will actually give them hope that the occupation will end, and they will get their state. i think that is the only way, but they have been disappoint sod many times when you look at how people are living under occupation, is it in the occupied west bank, in
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gaza, under a siege, and now occupied west jerusalem. neighbors being quartenned off. they have now imposed laws that extend possible penalties for ten years in jail. now we have had a real count down. there is a spiral of violence, and oppression they will tell you that doesn't instill any confidence. they are the only way to solve it is to get two sides of the table, and just to become a solution to any occupation, how to convince them that is a genuine thing that will happen, very very difficult. >> stephanie decker joining me there live, thank you. >> now syrian observatory
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says 300 people, a third of them civilians have been killed by air strikes in the last three weeks,s and at least 45 people have been killed in strikes on the rebel held region. the coastal province is a regime strong hold, and has been the target of russian air campaigns. care line malone reports. air strikeslize teaks have killed a number in civilian. when fighting began more than three years ago. the ministry says they hit depo by what it calls militants. government forces as well as further north. opposition groups say they had an armor personnel carrier. while the agency says the
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government retook a number of agencies. the violence has forced 35,000 people from the region in the last few days. they they woundn't have had much of a chance if they stayed this is what is left of the area most of the victims are barrel bombs are civilians. aleppo was one the hub. it's been the focus of a three way fight, regime forces for months. there may be a change on the power on the drowned.
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as more are forced to run away from home, carolyn malone. a large proportion of the refugees making their way across central europe. with little sign of them slowing. >> the progress has been hampers by bad weather, and official restrictions but on tuesday, the pressure reached critical mass on the border. from the refugee camp, more thank 2,000 men women and children gave up waiting and came streaming down the hill to the front tee. >> we told them we want to just -- we don't know, we don't want anything. just we want to go to complete our journey.
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soldiers and police, translators used megaphones to apeople for calm. the atmosphere, is anything but calm. the pressure grows so does the impatience, this group behind me has come walking down the street, and in an unofficial way they are not registered and they are just trying to push they way through, clearly it won't succeed, but you can see that the authorities are having difficulty in maintaining order. the breaking point is the arrival of hundreds more to the slow screenian camp already hosting nearly 2.5000 people. until then the camp had been orderly. with donationing providing food and warm clothes. >> these people hurt my heart. i empty my closets. i took over children's stuff, because i have a small child o. and bring them here.
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i brought them here. just to help people. because they are wet. >> slovenia a country of 2 million people, say it cannot cope with the numbers arriving, continue to outstrip the numbers being allowed on ward. in direct response, police have now reinforced their camability, and brought riot vehicles. austrian denies restrictions numbers and police say that processing refugees has quickly as the system allowed. >> because we want them to have aid, and food, and so that they can have -- so that they can sleep somewhere. and there's no limitation about persons that we get from slovenia, but we need to have a correct order. >> correct procedure. >> a correct procedure to get them. so this is the problem. >> the police don't lack compassion, but it seems the system cannot keep one the reality.
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but for this group, the journey is almost over. they are now boarding coaches they will be taking into austria, once they are closer to their preferred destination of germany. al jazeera. on the austrian border. >> there's a lot more to come here, including we will tell you about a new agreement, aimed at reducing the risk that comes from russia and the united states flying over syria at the same time. where tomorrower typhoon continues to dump huge amounts of rain on the island. many sport we have the latest from major league baseball playoffs coming back from the series in kansas city. canada's liberal party has swept to power in general
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elections ending nine years of conservative rule. it's leader 43-year-old is set to follow his father and become prime minister. well, there are live pictures where he is expected to address his supporters shortly. opinion polls have shown that the liberals were on track to win, but not by such a big majority. >> third place in the opinion polls but as the days and weeks went by, the party support climbs steadily. >> canadians from all across this great country, sent a clear message tonight, it's time for a change in this country my friends. a real change. >> the result was a shark
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rebuke for prime minister stephen harper who first came to power in 2006. harper has cut government taxes and emphasized national security. during his final term in office, he will resign as conservative leader in the coming days. canadians have chose an national parliament. well tonight result is certainly not the one we had hoped for, the people are never wrong once the official opposition, they were the biggest loser dropping seats canadian voters it seems wanted change, and they wanted the liberals to lead them there. he reminds us how toll site the government has become. what struck me is when the campaign began we had three parties all-ing around 30%.
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the conservatives didn't budge, the mvp dropped 12 or 13% that was the difference, because the election was built around the mange issue whether people wanted to keep the government or not, you have strategic voting on a massive scale. and will now govern with a strong majority, be uh the same challenges remain, low oil price as weakening economy, and an uncertain international scene. daniel joins me now live, hi there, so a new era started today, that much is clear. what does that promise. as it materialized. well, what we really need to get is the official beginning he will be sworn in a few days as the new prime minister and then they need to get their files out and
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tell us what they are going to do we have heard from the white house, they welcomed the election result. the being a good friend, and relationship and then raised what could be a sticky issue. stop participating in the bombing and emphasize troop training. there's a number of files that are lying on the desk that await his position. >> what are the big challenges you mentioned it. what kind of things are you going to have to grapple with on the to do list. >> the biggest thing is the expectation of voters, there is not something unfamiliar when he came in in 2008, he ran on a ticket of change, he thought washington and found out you have to proceed increment bly. probably true here. the economy around here won't
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turn around overnight. it is low growth, it isn't really wonderful. we could use more jobs he has to find ways to do that. and also on the foreign policy front, he has to get ready for the climate change. come to the table with gas emission production. he has to make that plain, so he has to hit the ground running. there is no time here for a honeymoon period so hackett exactly is this, what is a memorandum of understanding mean. >> well, basically, this spells out the steps that the russian and the u.s. militaries have to take, in order to make certain that
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their aircraft both those flown by pilots and unmanned aerial vehicles or drones don't get into each other's way, and have a collision or cause some sort of incident. but that's about as much detail as we can get. the pentagon spokesperson didn't even want to say who from the u.s. actually signed the memorandum of understanding on the u.s. side, because the russians made a request to try to keep many of these details confidential however, cook did tell reporters that not only are there certain steps that both sides have to take to make certain they don't run into each other over syrian territory, but also that there is a direct military to military communication channel to try to talk through any possible problems. one thing that is not included is whether or not this would effect air space over iraq, one other factor is this does not involve the syrian government. so that's pretty much what we know, but it is a deal which
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the u.s. said it had been wanting since the rushing starting flying and they say that they are satisfied that this is doing to at least make the situation a lot easier to manage. >> rosalyn jordan there, joining me live from washington, d.c., thank you. >> china's president has begun his four day state visit to the united kingdom. britain has rolled out the red carpet, treating him to a presession with the queen through central london, and a royal gun salute. at the start of his four day visit he was given the rare honor of atremendousing both houses of parliament. >> parliamentarians are the
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cream of a society, i bid you well as we chinese often say, to scale higher to see further. i hope you will continue to promote the u.k.'s relation with china, strengthen our friendship and support our cooperation, and i hope we will build an even brighter and promising future. >> a largely ceremony yeah day, before the two sides get down to business. the ministers expect him to endorse more than $45 billion of trade and investment deals as they look for cash for procorrects to nuclear power stations. there will be big announcements i have no doubt, infrastructure, health, finance, quite a wide range of sectors and it's a chance for him and quite abietic of ministers to engang with us at a lot of level. >> but not everyone want as closer relationship with
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china, protesting outside the palace the hue moon rights groups anxious that the u.k. is putting money before morales. >> many the last three years there's been aalarming deterioration, and already poor human rights situation, so we have seen a crack down on human rights activists and government critics early this year, several hundred people were arrested some have now been released but 20 remain in custody. many don't get access to lawyers. so a very worrying crack down, and what happens to those that criticize the government, and then the on going concerns about free expression. >> rounds off the events will be a state banquet, where talk of human rights is unlikely to be a topic, and prince charles a long type friend and supporter of the tibetan spiritual leader won't be attending. >> over the next few days the president will visit chinese owns companies and take a trip to manchester.
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it will make northern britain more competitive. both sides are hoping that these few days could mark the beginning of a golden era in their relationship. joining us now to discuss this further. mark jake whose is a senior fellow of the department of international studies and a visiting professor. i won't even try to pronounce the name, you can tell me in a second, he is also the author of the book when china rules the world. it is fascinating to watch this visit develop. it is a massive shift in foreign policy for britain, why sit necessary. >> i agree it is a massive shift, the biggest shift in my view since 1945, and i think it's based on a recognition of the profound changes in the world as a result of the rise of china. so the world is being reconfigures by the rise of
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china. what does britain do, does it remain locks in the old world. or does it seek to engang with china which by 2030 will probably be twice the size of the american economy. in a situation like that, you have to engang with it. so i think the government has done definitely the right thin. >> so it is pragmatism. >> >> it is following your interests. every country in the world has to pursue it's interests, it can have values and so on, but it's got to be material interest involved in the it, and clearly, i think correctly, the government is identified a new relationship with chine othat, as in britain. >> and credit this move has it's critics. exposing our economy to the investment of another major economy, but it is not a good
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idea that we aren't a match on other things like human rights what do you think about those criticisms. >> well, i understand them, but i don't agree with them. of course the rise of china is something new. we have not seen a huge developing country arrive to become now the biggest economy in the world. by some measures. and it comes from very different history call roots. to traditional leading countries that have all been western. and so we have to learn to live in that world. we can't just occupy the comfort zone of 15%, the west represents 15% of the population. there's 85% coming from the developing world, and the developing world is on the rise, and of course led by china, a fifth of the world's population. >> so brings tape takes this in some ways bold step, but what does it do to britain's
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allies? that we have these consider verible relationships with. >> well, i think -- i don't think it -- it doesn't overturn those relationships. i think that the british move owill be essentially an economic move. you might say then, well, there isn't a chinese war between economic interests and political security measures. what we are talking about a new economic strategy. and you know it is a recognition. this is what is so interesting it is a recognition by the british to actually they have a very specific and distinct interest. which is not the same as the united states. no long tore leading power in the world and hasn't been for a long time. america is the top dock. it is still the world super
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power, and it has interests based on that, but they are not the same as britain's interest. >> what does china get out of the relationship? >> well, i think that the chinese approach is to try and -- you notice the chinese don't have alliances. they don't have military relationships. the chinese approach is to try and get on with all the countries of the world. and so they -- and every continent of the world, they sought to engang. and i think for the chinese what this represents is the britain is saying we can be your best friend in europe, etc., so or best friend in the west, well, you know, the chinese will think if the british are doing that, that will encouraging overs in the west, and particular in europe, to get closer to us, although germany has been ahead of us, over quite a long period. and so for the chinese it is
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another drawing towards china, a recognition of china. of another important country, a country they respect with a great history, and has been tradition nally closest ally. >> fascinating stuff, thank you very much for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. plenty more to come including why the deportation of a pregnant refugee is threatening to goaf shadow australia's attempts to join the u.n. human rights council. also. >> argentina's economy is struggling and with presidential elections only a few days away, producers have proud their protests to the center of bean necessary air rest, where they are demanding a change in the country's economic policy. >> now arsenal aimed to stop the goal scorer in the champions robin has all the very latest coming up a little later in sport.
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here. >> there have been further outbreaks of violence. palestinians have clashed with forces. the pentagon says the u.s. and russia have agreed on a set of rules on how they can avoided arielle conflict, if their carry out separate air strikes over syria. china's president has addressed the u.k. parliament during a state visit says he wants to strengthen ties between the two countries. let's get more now on our main story, joining froes the israeli city the legal sane tiff for moor knowty rights. a very warm welcome. listening to ban ki-moon, he was appealing to have everybody in the situation to calm down and halt the violence, how can this take place? what kind of things need to happen? is. >> .
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>> well i think one of the foremost things that needs to be addressed is the policies and practices of the israeli security forces. not only in the occupied territories and west bank, but also the police forces inside israel. as we are seeing in the recent weeks much of the violence has been occurring in the occupied territories themselves. this is being characterized by brutal violence, being conducted for palestinian demonstrations in an attempt to quell and push back protestors. we are seeing this with he that will force that the soldiers are using live ammunition, to attack palestinians and this is leading to what is now possibly over two dozen deaths on the palestinian side. we are also seeing this inside israel as well. where police are very quick to use live fire against suspect terrorist, and this
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is a i have key issue, because this is fueling the tension, and indicates how much the state is continuing to choose to use very violent force in order to address these kind of issues and in order to put down demonstrations. >> this is one of the foremost things that needs to be death with. >> and of course, the israelis say they are simply protecting their residents, but i am wornries about the palestinians that rely on troops for protection, what is the trust like there? >> the israeli army is an occupying army. there is neither trust nor reliance, so this is not existing in territories. but for citizens of israel, for example, who are supposed to be treated equally, we are seeing the israeli state is receiving them in the same
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sense as palestinians in the territories. with how as i mentioned before, the police are trying to crack down on demonstrations by palestinian citizens. these are police officers who are supposed to be protecting palestinians but are doing everything they can to quell them. we are seeing this through arrests and violence, of demonstrations. we are seeing think how during interrogations that palestinian citizen minors children under the age of 18, all the basic productions they are supposed to go to them in these situations are being severely violated. so there's very little interest on the part of security forces to take part of citizens and protect them in the same way they would for jewish citizens. we are seeing this with massive deployment of israeli forces along palestinian times. they are stopping and searching cars and especially in jerusalem where you find
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these to be most severe. so for citizens and palestinians in the territory, there is very little sense that there is institute to provide the security. even for those that have citizenship, they feel their rights are being compromised in the interest of making jewish citizens feel safer. >> joining me live, thank you very much for joining us on the program. >> france's far right leader is standing trial for inciting racial hatred, it is over comments she allegedly made five years ago completely muslim street prayers to the nazi occupation. al jazeera eave barker has the story. >> the leader of the front national is rarely out of the national news. for a shrewd politician, familiar with controversy, this isn't just a court case, it is a media spectacle.
2:39 pm
ma do you think of these accusations before you? >> those who brought me in front of the court, for freedom of expression, and for a representative of millions of french people from standing up for the values in the individual, i have not committed any crime. she is charged with inciting occupation the comments made a 5rty rally have enranged antiracist groups. >> when the your upon parliament limited her immunity, four human rights organizations seized the moment to press charges. she cannot compare people who are peacefully praying in the streets to an occupying army which made millions of deaths
2:40 pm
this is not acceptable. >> supporters say the accusations are part of a smear campaign to kit credit her and her party, ahead of regional elections when the front national are can'ted to make some gains but she also has sites on a bigger prize, the presidential election in two years time. she isn't expected to win, but she is expected to steal votes from leading parties. she has been credited of pullerring the party of extremist views. out of the party she founded for antisemitic results but now they accuse of swapping antisemitism. are if found guilty, she can face a year in prison and a $50,000 fine. a final verdict is expected at a latest date, lee barker al jazeera.
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>> families from north and south korea have met during a rare reunion at a mountain resort. separated during the war, the relatives hadn't seen each other for more than 60 years. harry faucet has more. in a hotel just north of the border and the people from each other, deepest emotions rock up for decades rush forth. the prevailing one is love, brother to sister, parent for child, and husband for wife. she was three monthed pregnant when her husband disappeared. >> back then, we were only just married. we hadn't even called each other darling not even once. >> they joined nearly 400 on the journey north. 63,000 have died waiting, the
2:42 pm
system exists for all of this to happen more regularly, it all depends on the political climate. >> 66,000 remain. who is willing to -- so we are certainly trying our best to make this a regular on going rendezvous. >> soon the busing were snaking their way up to the coast to the resort. it is hard to imagine the emotional impact of these meetings and they are given added point yensy lasts two hours each, and then will it be all over, and again the divided nature of these two countries there's a high likelihood this will be the last chance they will ever have it is a fact lost on no one. whole lives in brief conversations no second chances to get these moments right, before they too become memories. al jazeera, south korea. >> tropical storm has caused
2:43 pm
widespread flood damage, at least 18 people have died and 300,000 have been forced into evacuation centers many the cool mountains of northern in the middle of the storm, a warm bowl of soup is a perfect meal. >> leak tens of thousands of others, these children have come to an evacuation center, set up in a school it is providing food and shelter for those forced from their homes. >> right now we don't have electricity, and we lack water. while the winds associated this with hundred, dropped quickly as it moves across, the rain is lingering. >> so far this storm seems to have caused relatively minimal destruction. but with so much rainfalling there remain as major concern in the hills.
2:44 pm
>> the water may continue to flow down the mountains for some time, meaning for those living behind them, the danger remains. the government has often chris sites for it's response to gnash disasters but this time warning systems seemed to have work, and the response has been more coordinated. the government's man in charge of the poor reaction which killed more than 6,000 people two years ago. now he is campaigning to be president, ahead of next year's election, and admits the government needed to improve. >> there have been big changes. we have a project that empowers and enables local governments so they can act swiftly and early enough, this has helped to significantly reduce death tolls and injuries. >> but many want to see more, kristina is an evacuation center, including her gradson
2:45 pm
is becoming sick, she wants to know what the government will do to help? the weeks ahead. >> we were just like the government to help us, give us enough money to stop ed building our homes. we don't have a roof or walls. everything was swept away. >> now all they can do is wait for the rain to stop and hope they can rebuild. al jazeera, the philippines. >> new delhi is facing it's biggest outbreak of dengue fivener two decades. there's been 32 deaths and more than 10,000 reported cases in the capitol city hospitals have canceled vaccinations and -- and new clinics have been opened to deal with the throngs of patients. health officials are being criticized for not acting soon enough to kill the disease killing mosquito following a longer than usual breeding season. protests are growing in awe
2:46 pm
vail yeah, over the deportation of a pregnant refugee, that says she was raped while being held on the pacific island, that's where australia keeps refugees that are trying to enter the country. her case is overshadowing australia's bid to join the united nations human rights council, andrew thomas reports no uh from sidney. bring her back, is the demand. the smalley refugee has been detained on the pacific island, after reaching australia by boat. she says she was raped while in detention, which resulted in a pregnancy, ten days the government brought her back to have an abortion, only to send her back five days later, says she had changed her mind about terminating the pregnancy. >> she didn't wish to proceed with the termination, and as a result was then charted from australia back to nigh
2:47 pm
radio. >> but that's disputed. she says in a letter she just wanted more time to make up her mind, she never refused an abortion. >> for most the refugees being held are out of sight out of mind. most journalists too are banned from visiting the country. but what little is known about her plight, means her story has cut through. as well as protests on the streets videos are being shared online. there are petitions and some opposition politicians have been scathing toward the government. >> there was no scheduled timing for a procedure. >> she didn't meet your abortion deadline? so that's the fly her out of the country? it is pretty harsh. >> on monday, the sit on the united nations human rights council, but it is it's own attitude towards one woman's
2:48 pm
rights that is in the spotlight. andrew thomas, al jazeera. >> in a few days afternoon teenians will be headed to the polls and with the country can suffering one of the highest rates in the world, is economy is at the heart of campaigning. reports no uh from buenos aires. >> over products brought to the center of buenos aires by prodaughter whose claim that their industry is in crisis. is this government has ignored the you remember familying community. >> we have to decide whether we will plant or not. we are literally losing money, it costs more to grow them not do inning. the government controls the exchange rate, it is impossible to know what will happen. >> farmers came to push the government to putter an end to export taxes and implement policies that will help the community. >> argentina is getting ready
2:49 pm
to elect a new president, and the state of the economy is on everyone's mind. inflation is what worries many people here. some private estimates put it close to 30%. the government has implemented price control on some products. but that has not stopped prices from going up. >> argentina's economy grew strongly. thanks to heavy government standing and high commodity prices. but economists say things are different now, prices have dropped and so have the foreign reserves. experts say the government has tampered with official statistics so it is difficult to know what the real situation is the economy is in a slow down, and we probably won't grow this year and we might not grow next year, we are in a complicated regional picture. brazil's situation is substantial source of instability for argentina right now.
2:50 pm
the government considers that strong intervention has been a success story, it has recovered from the crisis of 2001. it has also fought against u.s. based hedge funds that demand full payment of the country's debt. but argentina continues to be a outcast from the international community. an opposition lawmaker she says argentina needs to put an end to the financial isolation. >> we want to have access to credit, so we can come out of this. >> argentina's next president will face difficult economic challenges. thing ary cultural sector is just one of the many problems ahead. >> a lot more to comings including.
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now let's catch up on all the days sports news with robin. >> thank you very much. fifa still dominating world headlines. zurich district court has rejected presidential hopeful request to temporarily lift a ban on conduct. the billionaire wanted
2:53 pm
sanctions set aside so he could campaign to become the fifa's new leader. the fifa presidential election will go ahead as planned on february the 26th a decision made at an emergency meeting in zurich, and it is from there that lee wellings reports. >> an emergency meeting in zurich, notable for those who weren't in attendance, including the suspended sepp blatter. the organization temporarily led by african with it's executive committee including influential, left to put on a brave face, and pick up the pieces. fifa's decision to press ahead with the new president they have taken such a batters nobody would represent them on their multitude of problems. the statement confirms candidate whose are subject to a ban from taking part in football related activity will not be processed as long
2:54 pm
as such a ban is valid and in force. the door left slightly ajar as they will reconsider whether the ban is lifted in time. in a letter seen by al jazeera, asian football president has asked people in his confederation mr. they think she should run if he does stand, his support mean homicide ewill be the favorite. >> is fifa's reform committee updated executives on it's progress. still convinced that it can change this organization. but it is the external pressure from the u.s. and 6 attorney generals that has decimated the power base. and their investigation into individuals and tournament hosts continues relentlessly. for current fifa committee still without blatter will reconvene in early december. it is not just the leaves that have fallen leaving the organization in the worst crisis in it's 111 year history.
2:55 pm
undoubtedly it now faces a winter of discontent. a very big champion league football action look forward to arsenal verses five time winners. that game right now -- arsenal chasing the first points of this campaign, five minutes gone, no goals. the rush champions while chelsea looks for a victory against an unbeaten. tour de france organizers have presented the rout for the 100 third edition. norman da's and finishing as usual in place on july 24th, 21 stages include 28 climbs, two time trials and also pass through spain and switzerland. major league baseball players could level the series 2-2 in the next few hours.
2:56 pm
11-8 victory in game three against the kansas city royals. on the day when a new era began, game three of the season american league champion series represented a fresh start for the country's only major league baseball team 2-0 down against the kansas city royals monday finally saw the jays playing like the team that finished american league east a great catch in the first inning. >> by the reaction of toronto's players it might well have changed the entire mood of this series. and roger said on monday, the medicus definitely one of celebration after the third inning. toronto effectively out of sight. 9-2 their lead, even before half the game is completed. got the jays third and final home run, that made it 10-4
2:57 pm
to enter into the fifth, by the time they got to the 9th, they pulled it back a bit, the final score toronto. >> it is pretty special. we are down 2-0. we realize that, unbelievely confident group that we have, and to go out there and see the bat be swung like othey were, and the defense plays behind me. during the playoffs for the first time in bent two years they are in real danger of going out. the manner of this win hopes that the first series since 1993 is very much alive. >> thank you for watching everything back to julie in london. >> thank you. you can find out much more on our website to big stories you are covering there, what is happening in gaza and the west bank, plenty of analysis there, and david foster will be here with more of the days news, see you soon.
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>> the urge israeli government to do it's upmost to help calm the situation. >> a push for peace by the top diplomat as the violence continues. good to have you along, with me davis foster, this is also coming up in the next 30 minutes. >> the u.s. and russia agreed to rules and restrictions to prevent accidents between their war planes over syria. a warm welcome for china's president, but not everybody is happy to see h


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