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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 20, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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this. >> thank you, you always get a 5 star review in my book. >> thank you for joining us. that's our show for today, i'm ali velshi, thank you four joining us. grounded - canada's incoming prime minister pulls his nation's fire jets out of the campaign against i.s.i.l. willing to serve. >> what i told members is if you agree to these requests and if i can be a unifying figure, i will gladly serve. >> representative paul ryan agrees to run for speaker of the house, only if the g.o.p. can
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unify behind him. >> controversial shift. >> we know debates will continue about the age to start mammographies. new guidelines, fewer mammograms advocated fewer safety fears. >> we need any drop of water that is suitable and will not be a problem for human health waste water from oil fields used to grow produce for hundreds of millions of people good evening, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera. an historic change in power in canada could have major repercussions in the united states. today canada's next prime minister justin trudeau took a victory act and then spoke with president obama. justin trudeau told the president that canada will withdraw fighters jets. as jamie mcintyre reports from
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washington. the move could signal broader changes in relations between the two countries. estimated militarily canada's withdrawal will not be all that significantly. dana considers four f 18 fighter bombers and 11 other countries will pick up the slack. politically, symbolically it's a blow to the united states. cannes doe is a reliable partner. the two tonned ris manned. the nor at is one of the few places where american troops come under foreign command. in a phone call with president obama, the newly elected canadian prime minister made it clear that he would make good on his pledge to end the combat mission. >> we talked about canada's
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engagement as a strong member of the coalition against i.s.i.l., and we committed to engage in a responsible way, that understands how important canada has, as a role to play in the fight against i.s.i.l. he understands the commitments i made around ending combat mission. >> reporter: canada's contributions to the campaign not just the only loss. the prime minister designate justin trudeau promised to pull canada out of the f-35 programme. the joint strike fighter, the most expensive war plane programme. they cost $100 million and more. a copy - the new prime minister says he wants to take that money and use it to build-up canada's decrepit navy, and planes more
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geared to defend in canada, rather than have a stealthy strike capability. it could be a blow to look heed martin. but potentially could benefit boeing, which makes the f 18 flight now. it may ma decide to buy more than 60 newer f 18 super hornets to replace the ageing fleet. >> jamie mcintyre in washington. canada's decision to pull its fighter jets from the battle against i.s.i.l. came hours after an important move in the u.s. they agreed on rules. the pentagon saying the agreement does not include cooperation or the sharing of target information. john kerry will begin his trip to the middle east dealing with the surge in violence, and will meet with binyamin netanyahu in
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germany, and meet with palestinian president mahmoud abbas somewhere in the middle east. the trip coming as officials say security forces killed two that tried to stop members. the u.s. secretary-general called for calm. that has not helped. carl has more from jerusalem. aid head of arrive on tuesday, the u.n. chief issued a plea for peace. >> turn your frustration in strong peaceful voice for change. you and the people of israel, we proceed to break this cycle of violence and fear.
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as he came to talk, few were listening. these on the outskirts of ramallah. in others, the west bank's largest city, the israeli army said a palestinian was shot dead. also according to the army, two attacks. this one captured by a photographer, and an israeli settler responding with a baseball bat. he's run down and killed by a truck. israeli police say it's not clear if he was run down intention alley. a second attacks close to an israeli settlement, they said he ran a car into an israeli settler. ban arrived in jerusalem, stating his position offering little new. >> i, as the secretary general continue to support efforts to
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create conditions for a return to meaningful negotiations and the comprehensive and lasting piece. >> from the president a welcome. and a veiled warning not to overstep the mandate. >> we appreciate your understanding and intention. it is important that every step taken will not be seen as giving a prize to terrorism. making this an international matter. >> the diplomatic post will continue, with talks planned for the leadership. >> congressman paul ryan says he is willing to serve as house speaker. many congressional republicans have been urging the law-maker to enter the race.
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until today, ryan resisted the calls, this season he said he would take the job if elected by colleagues this friday. >> we need to move from an opposition party to a proposition party. because we think the nation is on the loaning path, we have a duty to show the right one. our next speaker has to be visionally. >> speaker john boehner announced he'd step back and retire from congress october 30th. >> a shift on recommendations for breast cancer screening. the american cancer society says most women should get mammograms slater. lisa stark reports the new advice is getting reaction. >> reporter: for millions of people, it is a must. it's been recommended that they
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start at age 40, now there's new guidelines. >> we know the debate will continue. by age 45 all women should screen. that's where the benefits out way the harms. >> the false articles are where something suspicious turns out to be nothing. >> i feel i would rather have a lift of false positives than catch the disease at a later stage. >> breast cancer survivor has a family history of the disease. the guidelines would not apply to her. they are only for women that are healthy and have an average risk of breast cancer. she says the problem is many women don't know they are at high risk. she believes earlier screening is critical. >> it's confusing to know what doctors should do, and i think
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as a patient it's more confusing when you walk into a doctor's office. there's the uncertainty with regard to insurance, whether they'll cover mammograms or not. >> in addition to raising the age. the cancer society calls for interims only until the age -- exams only until the age 54. after that it's every two years. and there's no need for a breast exam by the doctor. this doctor specialises in breast images at georgetown university hospital and worries about the impact of advice and recommendations. that is the biggest problem. women throw up their hands saying nobility nose what to do. there's little disagreement on one things.
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under certain circumstances, mammograms can help to save lives. >> to find common ground. they plan to hold a conference in january. the cancer society will be there, and other groups. the hope is to come to a consensus on what should be the guidelines joining us now is dr celine, a public health specialist. why this reversal now by the american cancer society, after all these years of telling people that early exams and early detection is important, and the fact that we have seen a decline in the past if you decades in the breast rate from cancer. >> it's important to understand the shast is in respect to two aspects. one is how do we weigh benefits. up until now they are focuses on the benefits and the rick.
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if you have an abnormal mammogram you may need to have more. there's a lot of anxiety provoked by the situation, and you may need biopsies, they are not painless, you may have scarring and stress. as we heard the woman in lisa's package. she said she was willing to live with a lifetime of fls positives to avoid sa serious breast cancer. i suspect a lot of people feel that way. >> some do, some don't. we have to focus on the guidelines. number one is in closer alignment with the services. i think women should be reassured that two different sets are giving you similar advice. they advise that the decisions
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should be made between a woman and her doctor, and they should not get into the mi. there. >> do you think it could be an issue. >> women would be limited at the age of 45, up until 45 from getting breast screenings, and this is something that should be discussed on the blafs of risk, family history, personal preferences. and i things that's where it is concerning when they hear about the guidelines. >> is it there a way of knowing whether the decline in breast cancer implements and deaths is because of all the - all that early screening or treatments are getting better. >> it's some of both, for the majority of women dying of breast cancer who die from breast cancer, 85% in their '40s or request 50s, having a mammogram makes no difference in
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terms of their risk of death. yes, early detection is important. there are certain ages where it has more of an impact and that's what the guidance are supposed to focus on. >> one of the things is that people shi do self-exams and doctors can check. that is something that people are saying. don't do self exams. >> i think what they are focussing on is the physician exam. and the reason is that there's little extra yield of a director performing a breast exam when a woman notices on her own, and you get 10-15 minutes with the doctor, takes about 6 minutes to perform a good exam, you miss out on a lot of things you could be doing. >> it's interesting. i am sure a lot of people out there are confused. good to have you where us. thanks. >> the drought in california forced many farmers to get water
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from questionable sources. some using oil-drilling waste water. >> and a mystery on a florida roadside. a black man killed by police while attending to a broken down car.
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jim webb has become the first casualty in the wras for the democrat -- race for the democratic nomination, dropping out today. he was critical of the party hierarchy, saying he's not sure he'll remain a registered democrat and is weighing whether to run for president as an independent farmers in drought stricken california are using waste woil, and the produce will make its way to tables across the country. jennifer london looks at what is in the water and why environmentalists are worried. >> reporter: if you have oranges, grapes for almonds, it's likely they came from california's valley. this is the water used to irrigate the crop. if you think the black shiny sheen looks like water, you are
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right. this district buys 21 million gallons each day from chevion. 90 formers use it to irrigate the films. it's been happening for two decades, as the drought worsens, some are asking what is in the water. scott took me on a tour of the canal. >> from the testing we have done, the harmful chemicals are not removed. >> what are they? >> methyl een chloride, acetone and dichloride ben zeens. i know in the water they are considered toxic, poisonous and cancerous. >> have you tested the crops? >> they came back with c-20 to c40. known as diesel organics or oil. >> we wanted to ask those in charge whether the levels are
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harmful. but the state's lead agency for the oil and gas industry were passed to the water control board. they said to talk to the regional board, which declined a request for interview. the californian department of public health said more was needed on safety. the department of agriculture said they don't have jurisdiction over water-related issues, leading us with the water district. a cooperative managed by farmers to acquire and divvy up water to 90 farms in the county. >> the water is good and safe. >> when you go along the canal system, you can smell the oil and a lot of time there's a little bit of an oil slick. what are the booms there for? >> they are there to contain any oil that may come through. >> no, this is not a perfect process. there may be some oil that comes
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through. small amounts. >> they will contain it so it doesn't get out to the innovation s. >> chevron didn't return our calls or emails. in this video says using so-called water is safe. public records show in april chevron conducted its own tests which found levels of asset i don't know, but no traces of methyl een chloride. >> the committee is putting together a task force to look into are there other things to look at to ensure the water is as safe as we think it is. why weren't the tests required from the beginning. they were not required. it is not something they want to talk about. we spoke to 20. the majority did not return the
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call. the farmers may not want to talk. shoppers at the farmers markets had plenty to say. >> people feel helpless. they feel they don't have control. jennifer london. >> new information emerged about a police shooting in florida your. early sunday morning cory jones was shot dead after his car broke down. the shot was fired by a plain clothed police officer who stopped at the scene. they pulled a gun on the officer. the victim's family does not believe it and are encouraging him to come forward. i would plead to him to tell the truth. that's the only good thing.
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we have limited information at this time as we get more information and we are able to put it tout to you. investigators say the officer's car was not equipment with a dash cam. they do not wear body cameras. kevin davis was sworn in, spending three months as interim commissioner, after the city councillor voted to exclude davis. they voiced objections to the vote. the former commissioner was forced out. the riots that followed. >> family members seeing each other for the first time in decades. a bittersweet reunion and how they suffered. the texas teen who was cuffed for bringing a home made clock to school is leaving the country.
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sony pictures great to pay $8 million to its current and former employees for personal data lost in the hacking scandal. it will reimburse identity theft losses, pay for preventative measures and pay for security. the nenls caused economic farm. the hack was blamed on north korea, which was upset before the fictional depiction of kim jong un in the sony movie "the
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interview." a texas teen arrested when he brought his home made clock to school is leaving the united states. ahmed accepted a spot at the qatar foundation for education, science and community development. intense media attention led them to make the decision. the story went viral after he was handcuffed at school, when his clock was mistaken for a bomb last month today was a week of reunions for families torn apart by the korean war. some waiting 60 years to see relatives. harry fawcett was there for the moving event. >> reporter: in a hotel north of cthe border, deepest emotions locked up for decades, rushed forward. the prevailing one is love. brother for sister, parents and child and wife.
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this women was pregnant when her husband disappeared. she has brought their son. at 64, meeting his father for the first time. he says he recognised him immediately. >> reporter: we met mother and son preparing for a journey south of the border. >> back then we were only just married. we hadn't called each other darling, not once. >> reporter: they joined 400 others on the journey north. 66,000 south koreans are on the list of applicants, 63,000 died waiting. the system exists for all of this to happen more regularly, depending on the political climate between the koreans. climate between the koreans.c >> 66,000 remained. 30,000 identified. willing to meet each other. we tried our best to make the regular ongoing reunion. soon the buses were snaking their way up the coast to the resort.
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>> reporter: it's hard to imagine the e mogs al meetings came after they did. six such meetings lasting two hours. given the divided natures, there's a high likelihood this will be the last chance they'll ever have. >> it's a fact lost on no one in the room. whole lives distilled into brief conversations, no second chances to get the moments right before they, too, become memories. a part of the center of ancient roman political life reappeared. archeologists unveiled a ramp leading from the roman forum up to the emperor's palace. the 7-level ramp was discovered in 1900, more than 1800 years after it was built. restorations of the structure got under way six years ago i'm antonio mora, thank you for joining us. for the latest news any time
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head to luis suarez is up next with "inside story." have a great night. ♪ >> after almost a decade in charge, canada's conservatives were routed at the voting poot. prime minister stephen harper is out. and the liberal leader, justin trudeau will form a new government with an outright majority. what will that mean for america's biggest trading partner. head north, turn left. it's the inside story.