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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello from doha, this is the newshour on al jazeera. bashar al-assad leaves syria for the first time in four years for talks with vladimir putin in moscow a funeral held on the west bank for a palestinian shot dead by israeli soldiers as the u.n. chief calls for calm. >> a clean-up under way in the philippines as the death toll for tropical storm koppu
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continues to rise. and a winning performance of a 21-year-old from south korea wins a prestigious music competition we'll get to those stories in a moment. we start the newshour with a live news event in ramallah in the occupied west bank, the palestinian president mahmoud abbas in a conference with u.n. chief ban ki-moon. >> translation: that you take the credit for all this, and you take the credit for having the palestinian plastic bag hoisted, and premises - the continued violations by the occupation and desecration of our sank tities, namely al-aqsa, will open the
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doors of a sectarian conflict, which has already happened, and we'll regret fully warn the commences of this conflict. stressing that the historical sadist of the terrorism must be preserved, not the status quo imposed since 2000. here, binyamin netanyahu is misstating himself when he claims that he is adhering to the status quo. the status quo imposed in 1967 is the real status quo we are speaking of, not the status quo imposed by sharon in 2000 when he invaded the al-aqsa compound. we stress to mr ban ki-moon of our previous request to provide
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international protection to the palestinian people. as we are no longer able to protect ourselves and our people from the jewish settlers. the live ammunition used by the israeli occupation - we have no other alternative but to seek international protection, and we hope the u.n. will be able to provide a lending hand to us in obtaining international protection in order to safe guard our people from the violations of the occupation and the israeli settlers, including the collective punishments. the collective punishment does not exist in any country of the world, but in palestine. if one single person commits a
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violation, the entire family and people are collectively punished. our people, our young youth do not wish to embrace violence. i reiterate - we do not wish to embrace violence. no one calls for violence. however, we have the right to demand the israeli government to haul to account those who have set fire on and killed the family members. i regret to hear the israeli government saying that they have the intelligence information, but cannot reveal the source. it's a heen us crime. a brutal scrim. how can those behind the crime not be brought to justice.
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despair of the usings and the blocked horizon, and in the eyes of the palestinian youth and in addition to daily violations, and acts of humiliation are braving violence. do not let the palestinian people to despair. i reiterate to the secretary-general that irs rail must put together the implementations under the agreement otherwise we cannot unilaterally honour the same. if the israeli do not honour the international agreement. we cannot. the agreement signed by the premier, the israeli premier,
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including binyamin netanyahu himself who signed two agreements, now the refrain for honouring these agreements, turning a blind eye to established rights. we look forward to living in piece, security and stability in our homeland together side by side with all our neighbours including the israelis, and before yourself i reiterate that our arms are stretched out for peace based on justice. continued denial of palestinian rights and the violations against our people will bear no fruit. an opportunity may be looming for a true lasting piece on what basis - on the basis of legitimacy.
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we do not wish to ask for more. whax what is resolved under international literacy. all are prepared to abide by and honour if the other party, israel are courageous enough to do the same. the in dependents of the palestinian people by establishing their own independent state on the basis of 1967 with east jerusalem, and the solution of the refugees issues. and the u.n. resolution and the release of all the palestinian prisoner is a linchpin to security and stability, here i would like to add a few comments on the statements made by
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binyamin netanyahu, that the cause of the holocaust was not hitler. yet mr how's any -- hussainy. binyamin netanyahu exhilarated hitler of the holocaust and implicated and held him responsible for this heinous crime that was committed against the jews. now binyamin netanyahu states that hitler was not liable for the holocaust. let them realise the misstatement and fabricated reports to undermine by this vicious, despicable manner. he wishes to fapry kate history. he wishes to repaint the entire
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history and the crimes submitted against his own people. alleging it was hussainy not hitler liable for the holocaust. mr secretary i welcome yourself, once again, and your delegation here. we are all hoping that you will continue to exert your precious efforts, wishing you health and wellbeing and the united nations, together with all the success in establishing all the noble principles on the basis of which the base organization was established. thank you very much.
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>> your excellency, ladies an gentlemen, senior officials of state of palestine and coalitio coalitions... [ translation overspeaking english ] that's ban ki-moon speaking in ramallah, we have a little problem with the transnation, we have the arabic translation coming back. we'll talk briefly about what we heard from the palestinian president mahmoud abbas. in fact, i will not. we hear them now. >> families were suffering after so many tragic losses and injuries of their family members. i welcome and encourage the efforts of mahmoud abbas to lower tensions and end the hostilities which are creating
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more victims and suffering on a daily basis. i have indicated, as we all should be, by young people taking up weapons, and seeking to kill. violence is not the way. it will not bring just and lasting peace but will push back the day when palestinians, statehood and both sides will live in peace and stability. i understand the frustration that comes after years of dashed hopes. the only way to end the violence is through a real, visible progress towards a political solution, including an end to the occupation and an establishment of a palestinian state, living in peace and security with israel and their
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neighbours. i stressed through israeli and palestinians that they are patterns for peace. they must refrain from yuny lateral steps. that diminishes prospects for piece and makes significant improvements on the ground, aimed at building the foundations for a 2-state solution. the international community must uphold the commitments to a comprehensive peace settlement. we condition to support all efforts to create the conditions to make meaningful negotiations possible. ultimately, it is for palestinians and israelis to choose peace. our most urgent challenge is to
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stop the current wave of violence and avoid further loss of life. i'm concerned by the provocations at the wholly site. which fuelled the outbreak of violence, addressing existing tensions, critical to reversing the trend. i welcome israeli assurances that it has no definition to change the status quo at the holy sites. in my meeting yesterday with israeli officials, i stress that it's only through actions on the ground that perceptions will change. palestinians and israelis, political communities and religious leaders, against
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violence and incitement. a hateful discourse is worrying and must be denounced by all sides. the risk by israel has added to the already difficult challenges of restoring claim. i emphasised to binyamin netanyahu the urgency of addressing the issue. israelis should not have to live in fear of the next attack. the situation in the west bank resolves tension, settlement activity by israel is illegal and inflames tensions while reinforcing the sins that the viability of the two-state solutions is disappearing.
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we cannot ignore the sense of desperation that comes with the slow evaporation of hope. we must stop the endless needless and mindless cycle of suffering and begin the hard work to restore, a belief that progress towards peace is possible. a failure with advocate violence and division. i urge palestinians and israel's alike to show courage and feigned their way back to a meaningful peace process. i welcome renewed political action, including that, but time is not on the side of peace. we need to act to prevent worsening of an already understandable status quo.
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the united nations they condition to use all efforts to achieve a solution, in their regard i count on the leadership, vision for peace and stability in this region, where two states solution will be realized as soon as possible. and i thank you. [ speaking foreign language ] ban ki-moon, the united nations secretary-general speaking in ramallah. time is not on the side of peace, he said. show courage, he urged both
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palestinians and israelis, to find your way back to a meaningful peace process. two part speech, i guess you would call it from ban ki-moon, one about the long-term process and what must be done to stop long-term issues, but about, the urgent challenge to stop the wave of violence. repeated provocations at the wholly site in jerusalem worried him, and he stressed to israel that it's only through action that persense will begin to change. >> our deepest condolences for the families of the victims and solidarity for those injured that die, that they get speedy recovery and good health. there's no justification for
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killings each other. i have been urging both israelis and palestinians leaders to tell their people correctly that there should be no killings, i know that the people are angry and frustrated, particularly the young people of palestinians. when their life has been under souption, they do not have much hope. when they want to move this way, there's a road block that way, there's a wall. and there have been countless of titles when the promises of international community or political leaders of both sides have been dashed. then there's anger and frustrations. at the same time when there is a
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confrontation or violence i have been warning israelis to exercise restraint. you are rag you loor army, young children use political whiches dom. i urged binyamin netanyahu not to give im pursuanty, and take a solid investigation including the families of settlers whose families were brutally murdered. i sustain to urge that all this - these killings should be
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stopped by both sides. this kind of killing - there must be investigations. >> mahmoud abbas, my quirs question to you is that you'll be meeting with the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, in ayman. what message are you bringing to him and what practical steps are you taking. >> in english, yes? >> yes. >> i've been listening to this arabic. can you... >> i'll start again. my first question to mahmoud abbas, i have one for you, too, mr secretary-general. what message are you taking to the secretary of state, what practical measures are you taking to put pressure on israel to end the occupation to bring hope to the street for a genuine plan, and i'll ask you what you mean by international protection, and my question to you is that it's a great message that you are here, but we have
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seen in the past, whenever there's a u.n. resolution at the security council level critical of israel, that it is vetoed by the united states. what practical moves can you go to put pressure on a tense situation that is genuinely planned to move norwood for a 2-state solution and end to the occupation. thank you. >> translation: providing protection to the palestinian people is our responsibility, we must do all what we can and use all tools to provide protection to our people. however, in the face of these barbarian acts committed by the israeli settlers, and those perpetrated by the israeli army,
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armed civilians and children, and the youse of live bullets snigs to the act and measures of collective punishment. that is why we sought the protection of the international community. this is a lawful demand. with respect to mr kerry, the u.s. secretary of state, he knows exactly what we are looking forward to. we are looking forward to negotiations on the base of international solutions, the secretary-general stated that settlement is illegal. unlawful. let's start on the table. there's disagreement between ourselves and binyamin netanyahu. let this agreement be put into force what is required to resume
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the negotiations. on the other hand, the agreement is signed by ourselves and israel over the past 20 years, were all torpedoed. this honour by israel. demanding israel to honour and abide by the agreement. i have a brief comment by binyamin netanyahu, on the statement made by binyamin netanyahu that habled myself - i reiterate that we are against i.s.i.l., and al qaeda together with all the terrorist organizations, also the terrorist israeli settlers. i ask binyamin netanyahu where is i.s.i.l. and nusra, stationed
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there. who are amongst them. he branded us as i.s.i.l. we are seeking peace. we are advocates of peace. a slightly abrupt end. that was our correspondent there asking that question. and ban ki-moon. let's go to mike hanna in west jerusalem, he has been listening. it seems to me that this is the type of news conference, the type of things heard that could have been said yesterday, six months ago, six months ago. it's the same thing with a more urgent feel to it because of
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what is going on on the ground. yes, we hear there's no concrete solutions to establish an end to the current crisis, the u.n. secretary-general speaking in wide terms. there's no specific idea, thought that is brought to focus on what is happening now. the broader issues of political negotiation is not something that will be kick started in a way to deal with the crisis, there needs to be an approach that takes a look, in particular the dispute with the al-aqsa compound. it's important to note that ban ki-moon praised his deal with israel, making it front and
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center, making it clear that laying behind the content is the opposition of it was a strong attempt. and clearly expressing the united nations view about the israeli presence in occupied territory and pointing at that as a major cause of frustration and violence before and during the current phase. >> it was interesting to focus on the palestinian youth, saying their life was under occupation. they don't know anything else, and he talked about saying to the israelis. these are children, please use your political wisdom and maximum estate. that is what is happening now, trying to limit further deaths. yes, indeed. that was a significant comment. pointing out that this is not an
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eagle struggle: it's not two parties at war. this is an army, well armedz, strongly positioned, coming up against what is a group of children with stone, attacking children. making is clear that the israeli army has a responsibility, and given the fact that there's a mismatch on the face of it. also important from ban ki-moon was demand for an investigation into all the killings that happened. not only the killings of palestinians after alleged attacks but the killings of settlers occurring on act the first. he's trying to establish an even playing fields, and is conplate ght the killing of settlers in the occupied west lang with the killing of palestinians who are
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attackers within israel proper and occupied territory. >> mike hanna, live from west jerusalem on that news con friends with ban ki-moon and mahmoud abbas. >> bashar al-assad has been meeting with vladimir putin. it is believed to be the first trip abroad since the syrian war in 2011. the topic was the war in syria and russia's military involvement. >> we assumed that a long-term solution may be reached on the basis of the latest military developments and split -- political process with the help of the syrian people. and we are willing to support it militarily and politically as well. >> i reiterate that the goal of our campaign, and that of yours is to undermine the terrorist organizations not only for the
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dangers presented to our people, but they are an obstacle to diplomatic gains on the crowned. >> live to moscow, rory challands following the story. it's a bolt from the blue. but you said yesterday on leaving work you thought something was up. >> this is trademark vladimir putin. this is making sense, the traffic in central moscow was at a stand still. many of the thorough fares were blocked. as i cycled over the helicopter a presidential helicopter flue lowdown the river, over my head. it seems likely that it was president bashar al-assad who was nv that helicopter -- was in that helicopter. what did they talk about?
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we know they discuss the obviously things, the russian air campaign in syria, and how this is supporting bashar al-assad's ground offensive. but the big question remains, how much did vladimir putin push bashar al-assad on a transfer of power for him to leave power. now, there are those that have been talking in moscow saying that costco is not particularly wedded to bashar al-assad, as long as whatever happens in the political resolution of this conflict, it leaves moscow's interests relatively unscathed and that a leader is in place in syria, that moscow can work with. every time the west has assumed moscow might be about to give up on bashar al-assad, moscow seems to have done the opposite, doubting down, stepping in to prop up its long-time ally.
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>> thank you for that. rory challands live in moscow. we go to jordan to speak to the former head of political affairs for the office of u.n. special envoy in syria. i am sure that president's bashar al-assad and vladimir putin have the communication lines open. i am sure they talk often. what is the significance of them going there, other than this is bashar al-assad leaving the country for the first time in four years? >> i think there's several reasons for this. as you know, the russians commenced military intervention in syria several weeks ago. and from their perspective they see it as an opportunity to show they have managed to begin restoring stability to syria at a rapid pace, that bashar al-assad was able to take his first trip abroad in several years. and, secondly, i think, they want to also demonstrate what
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they perceive as the effectiveness of the military campaign, and also in doing so, to bolster - seek to bolster the legitimacy of president bashar al-assad, and last, but by no means least, to demonstrate that they are actively pursuing military campaigns, but a political solution. i think the other point is that although russia and syria are obviously very close allies, there have been reports of growing russian frustration with damascus. >> this is the thing i was going to ask you about. >> recalls trance. >> let me interrupt. there has been matters that russia put forth, and syria has not been as forthcoming as russia would have liked. is that a fair assessment? >> i do think it's a fair assessment. moscow, in the last year put forward a framework for a
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political settlement whereby rather than having a fully empowered transitional governing body that would marginalize bashar al-assad, there would be a national unity government in which bashar al-assad would more or less remain in control. nevertheless, syria's talks have been seen as less than cooperative. this would be seen by vladimir putin as an opportunity to speak directly to bashar al-assad, to ensure his commitment to this russian sponsored process. the question is whether russia has successfully managed to take the lead on diplomatic efforts to resolve the syria crisis or whether, to the contrary, because of its intervention, it's now going to get less cooperation from other syrians, and other parties in the region
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with whom it has improved relations, but it is going to be counterescalations from the other parties. >> you get the feeling that syria and president bashar al-assad can't afford too much. because without russian support, syria would be in a whole lot of trouble. >> that's precisely correct. but it is also true that russia has no alternative within syria to president bashar al-assad, this is not a one-party state in the sense that you can remove the party leader and replace it with the one part of the politburo. it's a family regime. it's very much censored on the person of bashar al-assad, if she removes him. if it implots, and with it russian influence in the last remaining bastion of the middle east. despite russia being the
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stronger party, president bashar al-assad and the regime in damascus nevertheless had means of leverage in the relationship with moscow. >> pleasure talking to you. meanwhile, have a look at the unusual video released in russia, said to show vast areas of destruction in a damascus suburb. have a look. get an idea, it's high quality images, shot from drones flying over the city, giving it a rare insight into the fighting, but highly produced. what you see in the middle of the screen, it reads vgtrk - russia, operating some of the biggest media networks, showing widespread damage, tanks and fighters moving through the suburb. we have not been able to independently verify the video. it's been published on the website of a russian media
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agency. the suburb no the north-east of the city, the scene of fierce fighting over recent years. the syrian government launched an offensive to recapture it from forces, with the help of international air power. >> jim walsh is a research associate. he says the video is an irresponsible way to portray the conflict in syria. >> it's a cross between a movie trailer, a music video and a video game, something that young men might play in a basement. it has music backbeat which in the english language and seems to commute - communicate a message that this war is cool, it's cool to blow things up. this is fun. and so on the one hand it shows destruction, post apocalyptic setting, in which planes are blowing things up and tanks are blowing things up, but is trying to say this is great when really
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i find it disturbing and ethically questionable as a portrayal of war. doesn't show anyone dying, just things blowing up. as if there's war without consequences. as if you were on the ground, nothing is really being heard. i think it's a distorted picture, and it is propaganda, absolutely now a sri lankan judge said allegations that troops committed war crimes are credible. this is the first time a domestic inquiry is evidence of the crimes. it was reported by sri lanka's former leader who oversaw the final push from the rebels, ending the war in 2009. a u.n. report accused both sides of atrocities. >> tropical storm koppu is heading away from the philippines, leaving 35 dead and hundreds of thousands forced to
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leave their homes. we have this report. >> reporter: the scene from almost every row here in the province is similar. thousands of hectares of rice fields turned into swamps. crops were submerged into water and mud. damage is unprecedented. the typhoon couldn't come at the worst time. this is supposed to be harvest season, now there's almost nothing left. farmers say this is what is left after months of backbreaking work. the crops are worth almost nothing. more than 90% of the farmers do not have money to start on their own, borrowing money from languages. and more than 60% of their crops destroyed. they are forced to borrow money, and that will leave them in deeper jet. >> farmers are among the former
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people. agriculture has been in effected for the last 20 years. >> the funds that the government should use to support us doesn't go to us, it goes to buy imported rice from vietnam and thailand. >> reporter: the province is pt rice of this growing heart land of northern philippines. before the cyclone koppu hit, that forced the philippines to become one of the biggest importers of rice. farmers have become vulnerable to extreme conditions fought about by change. weather is different. that means the harvest coincides with the arrival of strong typhoons. some say what is needed's a shift in policies. >> translation: it's not acceptable in every disaster they recuperate. they need to study which plant
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can and can't grow. what kind of infrastructure should be there so the solution would be permanent. >> initial reports from the agricultural office put the damage bill to crops at around 900 million, and the number is expected to rise. they may be held back by the devastation, but farmers say for decades they have found ways to cope with barely any help from the government. >> ever tonne is here to expand on the situation. that map looks better than 24 hours ago. >> it is. better. final warnings were issued for the typhoon around 15 hours ago. unfortunately it is still raining, you can't see too much cloud on the satellite, across the northern parts of the philippines towards miller, we have seen vast amounts of rain. the wetter weather is around the equator, south of philippines,
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but we have seen staggering amounts of rain fall, staggering - litter atly we are taug talking metaphorically, 770mm of rain in 12 hours. they are unconfirmed figures in the philippines. vast amounts of rain fall, as much as 1370mm of rain in one day. we have seen huge amounts of rainfall. the rain is coming down. there's spits and spots exacerbating problems. last thursday's pitch goes into friday. it eases somewhat. there'll be one or two showers to come over the next day or so. we are seeing lively showers across northern parts of africa, well worth a mention. long lines of clawed coming across the central sahara, northern areas of algeria. heavily rain. it will slowly but surely make
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its way further east. >> mexico says it will relaunch on investigation into the disappearance of 43 students who went missing last year. the original inquiry was criticized by relatives and independent investigators. the students disappeared after being briefly held by police in iguala, igwaro state. and they were given over to a drugs gang and murdered. canada's new prime minister justin trudeau told the u.s. president obama he will withdraw his country's fighter jets against i.s.i.l. it is likely to lead to big changes in canberra's domestic policy. daniel lack with more from
6:43 am
toronto. >> i spoke with president obama recollects and we and we talked about the engagement as a strong member of the coalition, and i committed that we would engage in a responsible way, but he understands the commitments i have made around ending the combat mission. justin trudeau didn't say did not say when heed bring the planes home. stephen harper committed u.s. fighter jets, justin trudeau said canada shouldn't be in combat, but providing humanitarian aid and training. it was clear the obama
6:44 am
administration didn't want changes in the coalition. >> it made an important contribution thus far, and we are appreciative of the effort. we hope to count on the ongoing support for this mission. >> reporter: as world leaders treat congratulations to mr trudeau and everyone is watching. >> there's two questions to be put to him, one is do you mean you don't want to help us with i.s.i.l., and do you expect me to do anything on keystone xl and the bitumen. justin trudeau is in a tough spot on both of those. >> many canadians voted from justin trudeau, because he promised to reveal greenhouse gas emissions, particularly
6:45 am
headed into the climate. the oil industry and the tar sands is vital to the economy. in almost every area of engagement with the world, there are tough decisions ahead more news to come on the newshour, and after a stuttering start, arsenal breathe new life into their champion's league campaign. >> jo is along with the details in a moment.
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america, is to see the human stories... one at a time. get to know the people, their struggles, their hardships and their triumphs. >> it gives me a lot of pride. >> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight.
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argentinians head to the polls to elect a next president on sunday. the country suffering from a high inflation rate, the economy is at the heart of that
6:48 am
campaign. we have that report from buenos aires. fruit, cotton and other products brought to buenos aires, by farmers who claim they are in crisis. this man says the government is ignoring the community. >> translation: we'll have to decide whether to plant. it costs more to grow the products than to do anything. the government controls the exchange rate, inflation. it's possible to know what will happen. >> reporter: farmers came to push the government to put an end to export taxes and implement economic policy. argentina is getting ready to elect a new president. and the state of the economy is on everyone's mind. inflation is what worries moan. some private estimates putting it close to 30%. the government implemented price control on some products.
6:49 am
it's not stopped prices from going up. argentina's economy grew strongly in the early years of cristina fernandez de kirchner's presidency. economists say things are different now. commodity prices have dropped. experts say the government has tampered with statistics, so it's difficult to know what the real situation is. the economy is in a slowdown and we probably won't grow this year or next year. we are in a complicated regional picture. brazil's situation is a source of instability for argentina now. the government considers that strong state intervention has been a success story, and it recovered from the economic crisis in 2001. lifted millions out of poverty,
6:50 am
and fought against the u.s. hedge funds demanding full payment from deck. ar this is a law-maker, saying they need to put an end to financial implications. we want to have access to credit and the investment argentina needs. so we can come out of the nation we are seeing. all in all. argentina's next president faces difficult economic changes. the agricultural sector is one of the many troubles ahead jo is here with sport. early morning viewers on al jazeera america may want to know what is happening in the baseball. >> absolutely. new york mets and kansas city royals are a game away, both leading the championship series. mets face the cubs at wrigley
6:51 am
field later, and the result could extend a century long wait for the home fans. >> reporter: 107 years and counting, that's how long fans of the chicago cubs have been waiting for the team to add to the 2-world series title. early on there was little to choose between the teams at chicago's wrigley field. a couple of homers for the clubs and met's daniel murphy keeping the scores tied. it changed in the sixth, two fielding errors resulting in the mets going 4-2 out. running out 5-2 winners. >> fordo safe at first. oh, my goodness. >> reporter: the mets chasing history as they bit to win the world series in 15 years. >> the clubhouse, all we are talking about is tomorrow. they know what they are facing. we have experienced play-offs
6:52 am
before and we have big expectations, we have to get ready to play it. >> in the american league the toronto blue jays revival ground to a halt. the kansas city royals bouncing back in game 3 to smash the jays in front of toronto fans. along with the chicago clubs, the blue jays the other great story to come out as they chase a first world series since 1993. but kansas were ruthless in a 14-2 demolition, leading 3-1. >> but we feel good. we like the way we are playing now. our offense has been really, really good. we have edinson volquez coming bark. the defense is spectacular lawyer and the bullpen is prime to go. >> so like the chicago cubs, wednesday's game is a dream
6:53 am
just a day after f.i.f.a.'s executive committee met to move on from the corruption scandal surrounding it, more allegations are expected on wednesday. the independent ethics committee will reveal the identity of senior officials facing punishment. f.i.f.a.'s president is serving a 90-day suspension. that prompted tuesday's meeting of top officials, and the committee decided that presidential elections should proceed as planned on february 26th next year. >> arsenal backed the first champion's league winners of the season, ending bayern munich's run of 12 straight wins. and they were involved in the pick of the action, seeing home 5-home winners. olivier gir oux's goals ensuring
6:54 am
victory. >> we had a necessity to win the game, and we did it in an intense disciplined way and it was a top-level game pitching two good teams. >> i'm so proud. so i like to win. i'm not happy. but we played with a lot of courage. sometimes here taking out the ball from our players and run, run barcelona beat bell russian champions. croatian international got both goals in the win in belarus. >> the bayern lever cues in and roma came produced eight goals, both had to settle for wins in the end. struggling chelsea were held to a goalless draw at unbeaten dynamo kiev. there are eight group games on
6:55 am
wednesday. chinese team are aiming to book a place in the final of the asian champion's league now. they live 2-1 on aggregate as they play a second leg in japan. it's 0-0 at half-time. al-halal of saudi arabia was beaten in a thrilling contest. a late coal securing them a 3-2 win and passage to the first ever final in this cabinetition. -- competition the n.h.l. and washington capital's capital alexander ovechkin completed a milestone. this goal for the capitals against the calgary flames was the 900th of his n.h.l. career, in his 764th game. the 30-year-old russian start helping his team to a 6-2 win over calgary. that's the sport.
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for the latest check out sport sport we have bogs and videos from around the world. a south korean pianist won the top honour at the international fredrik chopin competition, it's highly acclaimed and held once every five years in pollen's capital warshaw, gerald tan has more. [ ♪ ] >> reporter: frederic's chopin piano concerto in e minor, a winning performance for 21-year-old south korean. >> first of all, i couldn't believe it, now i'm a little worried because - about the future concert. i don't want people disappointed.
6:57 am
first, being a pianist is also good. i want to make good musk. -- music. >> he outplayed 77 other contestants were outplayed to sweep the medal and prize. the prestigious competition is named after the 1927 pianist and composure, one of the few contests where pianists play music by a single composer. a canadian came in second. the only finalist to select the concerto in f minor. running since 1927, the chopin competition launched the careers of many young classical pianist, opening the doors for them to play at the world's leading concert halls. a lovely note to end the show on - that's a pun - note.
6:58 am
back with more new us in a moment. see you then. >> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered. >> governments secretly paying ransoms. >> we were told never to disclose that they actually paid. >> are they saving lives or putting more at risk?
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what i told members is if i can truly be a unifying figure then i will the congressman says he's willing to run for speaker of the house, only if conservative republicans do what he says. breaking overnight, a surprise meeting in moscow. syrian presi