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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> more funerals are held and they ask what more can be done to end the violence in israel and the occupied territories. >> hello, i'm lauren taylor. we're live in london. also coming up, u.s. vice president joe bind announces he's not running for the country's top job. we'll tell you why. syria's president bashar al-assad makes a flying trip to russia thanking president putin for his military intervention. south africa students are sent back running from tear gas after taking protests to
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parliament. >> hello, calls for an end to violence making very little differen difference on the streets between israel and the palestinian territories. one palestinian was killed after allegedly attacking a soldier with a knife. as the violence continues, ban ki-moon meets with the palestinian president mahmood abbas in efforts to calm the situation. elsewhere, prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to meet u.s. secretary of state john kerry on thursday. netanyahu is already there for talks with the german chancellor angela merkel. >> from jerusalem to the occupied west bank.
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the u.n. secretary general calls to a dangerous escalation. president mahmood abbas makes it clear that the palestinians have a right to protect themselves, but then he wants to turn to negotiations with the israelis, a message he'll bring to the u.s. secretary of state john kerry when they meet on friday. >> secretary of state kerry knows exactly what we want. >> abbas said that they had no choice but to ask for protection. more specifically and crucially the fear that israel wants to change the status quo at the al aqsa mosque. i asked the u.n. secretary general what the united nations
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is doing to calm an extremely volatile situation and what international protection means. >> a protection of forces. >> thank you very much for your time. thank you so much. >> but diplomacy seems a world away from the reality on the ground. there have been a steady stream of protests with the israeli army and alleged stabbings of israelis by palestinians. on wednesday an israeli soldier was injured. one palestinian was shot dead and another arrested.
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this is the funeral of a teenager shot dead in hebron on tuesday night. the army said that the teen tried to palestine is being robbed. a knife is planted next to them. this has had an affect on us. >> two peoples becoming more suspicious of each other. stephanie dekker, in the occupied west bank. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is criticized that perhaps a world war ii
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remarks to burn the jews. >> other attacks on jews in 1920 through 1929 were instigated, fo hitler didn't want to ex-sturm nate the jews. he wanted to expel them. and hoseini said that if you ex-spell them they'll all come here. well, what should i do? burn them. >> i had no intention to an so much hitler of responsibility for his diabolical destruction of european jews.
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he made the decision. >> the vaccinate prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now in berlin holding a joint news conference with angela merkel shortly. barnaby phillips is live for us in berlin. so the comments about the holocaust have caused quite a storm, haven't they. >> that was short shrift here in germany of all places. how ironic that this was benjamin netanyahu's destination stay acknowledging the holocaust that has been the statement that the government has put out today. we alone are responsible for this crime. the nazi murder crimes and we'll carry on teaching our children
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that. certainly a criticism of benjamin netanyahu's interpretation of events in 1941. other historians have weighed in. there is no doubt that the grand mufti of jerusalem collaborated with the nazis to a degree. but to go from there and to say that he was the man who planted the idea of exterminating jews across europe in hitler's head is quite a leap and historians have been saying that massacres of jews had already begun in lithuania and ukraine, often seen as the first stages of the final solution, and the grand mufti did not come in to this city until the final month of 1941. >> tell us what he was hoping to achieve from this meeting? >> well, i suppose there are general hopes for diplomatic
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initiative to reduce the tension. in fact, prime minister netanyahu has been expected in berlin some 15 days ago. he canceled his visit then because of a worsening situation at home. what the germans have told us is unremarkable and what you expect them to be saying at some point in time. there has to be de-escalation of tension and yes israel is entitled to protect it's own citizens and it must do so in a proportional way. berlin will be the focus of diplomacy over the next 12-24 hours or so because e.u. foreign policy chiefs will meet with netanyahu. perhaps more importantly will john kerry. he's expected to arrive tomorrow on route to the middle east. and a meeting with mahmood abbas. so we assume he's looking for common ground. of course, if you're talking about these reasons for optimism
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the situation is bleak, and the obama administration has suffered eight years of setbacks in trying to encourage peace between israel and the palestinians. >> barnaby phillips, thank you very much, indeed. >> the biggest job in u.s. politics current vice president joe biden just announced that they don't want to run for president. patty cuhlane, there has been speculation whether he would or wouldn't run. >> if you listen to his lengthy speech in the rose garden with president barack obama standing next to him and his wife as well. he knew the issues he wanted to campaign on and he was passionate about it. here is the back story. no one thought joe biden would
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run until hillary clinton started stumbling badly on the campaign trail. but here is what they're battling. in may his son bo died of an illness. he said he could not commit his energy to his stop job but he could do that now, but there is a problem, he baited too long. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party and as where we need to go as a nation. >> so people looking at it from the outside in may be thinking, i don't understand, the election
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for president is more than a year away. well, this is america, and campaigns have been going on for months. and they take hundreds of millions of dollars to be able to run. he was far behind hillary clinton in fundraising. he didn't have a ground game. the first caucus vote is in iowa, four and a half months away. it sounded like he would hav would have wanted to run. >> what about the race now? >> it looks like hillary clinton will be the democratic nominee. she is being challenged by bernie sanders. he has challenged her in fundraiser and in the first debates, but he looks to be too liberal to win the election. and to put it in perspective p look at her in the competition she is easily the most hawkish of the democrats who are left
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standing. to give a sense of what her policies could mean. she recently said that she believes believes in this two two-state solution but doesn't think that one can be negotiated. so that would definitely dim the hopes of a two-state solution if she were to be nominated president. >> a fire destroys part of a refugee camp in slovenia. [ piano music ] >> the winning performance of this 21-year-old from south korea wins one of the world's most prestigious music competitions.
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>> we have our top stories. u.n. chief ban ki-moon has met with mahmood abbas in ramallah in efforts to calm the situation across israel and palestine. two palestinians were killed in separate incidents in the west bank. prime minister benjamin netanyahu stated that grand
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mufti suggested to burn the jews. he has clarified his comments. vice president joe biden has made the decision not to run for president. >> the terror that is spreading today without your decision and actions have spread to territories and states not just to our region but to other regions, too. >> russian airstrikes in syria have allowed president assad's army to go on the offensive after months of setbacks. they also according to the observatory for human rights
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killed 370 people. 127 civilians, and 223 fighters. but russia seems increasingly eagle for find a war that is militarily involved in. >> we assumed that the long-term solution may be reached with participation from all political, ethnic and religious groups. >> the west insists that assad should step down soon, but putin shows no signs of abandoning his long-time ally. but what about the russiaen people? how do they people about the syrian war? a clear majority of them support the air campaign. state tv has pushed the message in millions of homes that russia's primary objective is to defeat international terrorism.
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and online audience has been targeted. this video made by a state-media production house with this message with a sound track. they have always been told that long messy wars in the middle east are what the united states does, not russia. >> student protesters have stormed the pre-sync of south africa's parliament. the police fired tear gas and stun grenades as hundreds tried to disrupt the finance minister's reading.
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our reporter met students who are protesting in pretoria. >> these are very much the scenes across the universities in south africa from joes hansberg to pretoria, cape town, now thousands of students have demonstrated at the university of pretoria saying they don't want a fee increase. they say that the decreases made by the university management so far aren't good enough. registration fees have dropped slightly for 2016, but they say that students simply can't manage the increases that they're proposing. classes have been stopped, and this comes just ahead of the examination period that students should be preparing for. >> china's president xi jinping has been holding talks with the u.k. prime minister david cameron. cameron has confirmed that china
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will finance one-third of the first of its first generation of nuclear power plants. it is worth $467 billion during the official state visit. the fires destroyed part of a refugee camp in slovenia. the blaze swept through the tents on the border with croatia. elsewhere there have been successful as exhausted refugees grow impatient to continue their journey. the parliament has used its arm along the border. we have this report. >> the flames spread quickly with tents pitched so closely together the blaze jumped easily from one to the next. firefighters were swiftly on the scene but the damage was already done. much needed emergency accommodation is now ruined. the cause of the blaze isn't yet known. further back along the refugee
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route, the refugees out in the open have been lighting small bon fires to stay warm. fair skies are better than soaking rain, but the nights are significantly colder. >> we're worried about the people, they're slow going, and the bottleneck would be problematic. there will be a long waiting time and the weather condition, if the weather stay good we will try our best providing blankets, food, water, but if the cold weather is getting worse, it would be very problematic. >> if conditions deteriorate, the tensions are rising. the roots to western europe are increasingly restricted. desperation and exhaustion sometimes develop into scuffles with the refugees. in slovenia, they will deploy soldiers to the transit camps.
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the army has arrived, but the numbers involved are extremely small. we've counted no more than five soldiers here. and their role has been limited. they're helping to hand out food to the refugees along side the ngos and the police. so despite the vote in parliament, the larger contribution is still being worked out. >> the soldiers role right now is to watch over the refugees when they arrive here. if they see something out of place the soldiers must inform the nearest police officer because we are the ones in charge. the army is very busy today, and i'm grateful for that. >> many european leaders will convene on sunday to discuss the refugee emergency in the western balkans. images such as these will certainly focus their attention. paul brennan, al jazeera,
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slovenia. >> well, a number of refugees trying to reach europe has focused, thousands make the dangerous journey trying to reach ma lay i can' malaysia and thailand. >> shortly after setting from the island, the thai naval cruise spot a fishing boat and board it. it's part of proceedings to intercept undocumented refugees. >> if they wish to come to thailand, if is our job to explain to them that they'll be charged with illegally entering the country. >> navy personnel seven for
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weapons. and another fisherman is inspected for minor cuts. the fishing vessel goes on its way. the thai government is trying to prevent a refugee crisis like the one six months ago when thousands of women were left adrift at sea. their smugglers had abandoned them after a regional crackdown on the human trade. survivors spoke of beating, near starvation and kidnapping by their traffickers. some were migrants from bangladesh, but others were rohingya escaping from myanmar. this man escaped 20 years ago. >> the government took over proof that we are citizens then say we're illegal migrants and try to push us out of our lands. >> the rohingya have been fleeing from myanmar for for
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years, but it wasn't until this year that regional countries were forced to act. the crisis prompted a 17-country meeting, but little has been achieved. a multi level task force has yet to materialize. >> what is lacking is a coordinated response. that's why the task force is required. it's a bit piecemeal, ad hoc. >> the factser factors that drive people to risk dangerous boat journeys remain. >> they believe there have been test runs human smugglers trying out new routes. if the new routes are successful there may be new boat loads of refugees. >> the thai navy wants to prevent them from landing in thailand. but many say until conditions improve in myanmar and bangladesh thousands of people will continue to risk their lives for a chance at a better future. al jazeera, thailand.
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>> ugandan troops began to pull out of south sudan where they have been helping the government fight opposition forces. the withdraw was part of a peace deal reached in august. >> ugandan forces in africa's newest nation preparing to return home. the ugandan army went to the aid when fighting broke out two years ago. they would fight along side the south sudanese army and secure key areas. >> of course. >> on the campus of the university, the opinion about what what the we traditional means is divided 37.
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>> i object to the withdrawal. we want them to withdraw after the transitional period when there is good and stable government. they're the ones who are protecting the oil facilities, important areas like juba. >> it is a way to bring peace to south you dan. --sudan. i think it would bring peace to south sudan. >> the people have security concerns. the stagger withdraw of the ugandan army is more of a political move than a military one. >> they start the implementati implementation. this will pay for other items to be implemented. >> there is still a long way to go before the transitional government can be formed. there are more security processes to be in place, and
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the creation of 18 new states have thrown everything into turmoil. the departure is a very significant step towards creating that new government. al jazeera, juba, south sudan. >> south korean pianist has won the top honor at the 17th international piano competition. it is held once in every five years in poland's capital of warsaw. [ piano music ] >> chopins con he concerto. >> first i couldn't believe it, now i feel worried about the future concert. i don't want people disappoin
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disappointed. first, being famous is good, but i just want to make good music. >> he out-played 77 other contestants to sweep the gold medal and the prize. the prestigious competition i is one of the few contests where all contestants play pieces from the same composer. not since 1927 the chopin competition has opened doors to play in the world's leading concert halls. gerald tan, al jazeera.
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[ music ] >> there are more for you on our website. the address for that is watch us live by clicking on the "watch now" icon. the address again, win web. >> vice president joe biden ends the speculation announcing he's not running for president. pushing for peace between israel and the palestinians. benjamin netanyahu meets with secretary john kerry. police suspect arsonist targeting predominantly black churches.