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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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>> escalating tensions even as more funerals are held for those killed in the palestinian-israel unrest, another attack takes place in hebron. >> hello there, i'm barbara serra. you're watching al jazeera live in london. also coming up on the program. syria's president bashar al-assad makes a flying trip to russia, thanking vladimir putin for his military intervention. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination.
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>> u.s. vice president joe biden ends months of speculation ruling out a white house run. plus-- [ piano music ] >> a winning performance, this 21-year-old from south korea wins one of the world's most prestigious world competition. >> a palestinian man has driven a car into a group of soldiers north of the palestinian city of hebron. there have been multiple injuries. the driver of the car was shot. that incident came amid calls to end violence which appear to be making little difference on the streets of israel and the occupied territories. earlier two palestinians were killed on wednesday in the west bank. one was shot and killed in ramallah after allegedly attacking a soldier with a knife. the they say the other died from sufficientcation from tear gas in hebron.
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as violence continues ban ki-moon has met palestinian president mahmood abbas in ramallah as part of his efforts to calm the situation. elsewhere, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is expected to meet with u.s. secretary of state john kerry in berlin on thursday. he's already there in talks with german chancellor angela merkel. well, let's go straight live to stephanie dekker. she's in ramallah in the occupied west bank. first of all tell us about this latest incident. >> what has happened in the last half hour or so we're getting the news lines out. we've had confirmation from the israeli army that palestinian man driving a car drove into a group of israelis. he has been shot. we're not sure about the condition of the driver. we're hearing that four israelis
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have been wounded. they're conditions not confirmed that the one of them is in moderate to serious condition. the army tells us they have been evacuated for medical care. so again i think highlighting the tension on the ground and unpredictability of the attacks this one happened just around 10 kilometers north of hebron. hebron is an extremely volatile city. settlers and palestinians living in proximity to each other. it's a difficult place for palestinians. also to look back since the beginning of the tensions, the beginning of october 13t, 13 palestinians have been killed. some of these alleged attacks very different narratives coming out. one of them last night causing a lot of tension on the ground in hebron two palestinian teenagers, the israeli army version is that they attempted to stab a group of soldiers and the group of soldiers open
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fired, shot both of them dead. we've been speaking to people on the ground telling us that they they were from a large family. they were walking along and they were not armed. the soldiers open fired on them unprovoked. it goes to show very tense situation on the ground. everyone is suspicious of everyone, and all this in the context as you said, ban ki-moon has been visiting both sides. he was here in ramallah today meeting with president mahmood abbas. they will have a challenge to try to calm things down on the streets. we managed to speak to the secretary general and we'll have a listen to what they have to say. >> subtle diplomacy from jerusalem to the occupied west bank. the u.s. secretary general reiterates his call for calm after what he calls a dangerous escalation. president mahmood abbas makes it clear that the palestinians have a right to protect themselves,
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he wants to return to negotiations with the israelis, a message he'll bring with secretary of state john kerry when he meets with him on frid friday. >> secretary of state knows exactly what we want. return to negotiations based on international legitimacy. settlement expansion is illegal. we know it. let's put that on the table and we'll return to negotiations. >> abbas said that they had no choice but to ask for international protection. the recent violence is not just been about israel's occupation, but more specifically and crucially the fear that israel wants to change the status quo at the al aqsa mosque compound known a to jews as the temple mount. jews may be allowed to pray there limiting the muslim's ability to worship at the site. i asked what they're doing to calm an extremely volatile situation, and what international protection means.
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>> what kind of international protection, the international monitoring. international protection forces. >> thank you for your time. thank you so much. >> the diplomacy seems a world away from the reality on the ground. there have been a steady stream of protests and confrontations with the israeli army, and the recent surge and incidents of stabbing by the palestinians. one palestinian was shot dead and another arrested. this is the funeral for two palestinian teenagers shot dead in hebron on tuesday night. the army said that the teens tried to stab a group of soldiers but local sources say
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that they were unarmed. >> palestine is being robbed of its women and children, and it's elders are being abused. a knife is planted next to them. this obviously has an affect on us and makes us demonstrate. >> two different narratives and two peoples becoming more suspicious of each other. syria's diplomatic decisions with real impact on the ground may be the only way to calm what has become a tense and violent situation. testify any decker, ramallah in the occupied west bank. >> well, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been criticized by suggesting that a world war two palestinian leader convinced the nazis to exterminate the european jews. the comments are historically inaccurate. the german government has reaffirmed that germany was responsible for the holocaust. netanyahu may the remark on tuesday. >> other attacks on the jewish
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communities in 1920, 1921, 1929 were instigated by a call of the muffy of jerusalem husseini, who was later sought for war crimes in the no noremberg trials. he flew to berlin. hitler didn't want to exterminate the jews at the time. he wanted to expel the jews, and al husseini said that if you expel them, they'll all come here. what should i do with them, he asks? he said burn them. >> since netanyahu has made those comments on tuesday, he has moved to clarify what he meant. >> i had no intention to absolve hitler for his diobol destruction of european jews. he was responsible for th to
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exterminate 6 million jews. >> we'll be speaking to a second world war historian later in the program to get more on those comments. well, benjamin netanyahu is now in germany for talks with chancellor angela merkel and other world leaders. the barnaby phillips sent us in update from berlin. >> the israeli prime minister will have a flurry of meetings here in berlin with e.u. foreign policy chiefs and with john kerry, the american secretary of state. he has met angela merkel, the german chancellor. the two gave a previous statement after their meeting. nothing too remarkable came out of it. angela merkel said she would continue to push for a two-state solution. benjamin netanyahu accusing of terror attacks and palestinian leadership of incitement and lies. perhaps the john kerry meeting
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on thursday morning offers some grounds for diplomatic movement forward because john kerry is later expected to fly to the middle east and meet with mahmood abbas, but we're not seeing tangible signs of progress yet. the other issue which has blown up here in berlin were those controversial remarks by benjamin netanyahu made on tuesday in israel, the grand mufti of jerusalem back in the 1940s actually inspired the final solution, the holocaust. he gave the idea to hitler. since then benjamin netanyahu has road back somewhat from that and said, hitler was ultimately responsible, but these remarks have not gone down well in germany. angela merkel was asked about that at the press statement, she said as far as she was concerned she saw no need to reinterpret history. germany and the nazi regime bore sole responsibility for the holocaust. this is very important here in germany. it is a crucial part of this
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country's sense of identity, the moral foundations of how it rebuilt itself as a democratic tolerant state after the second world war. >> bashar al-assad has made a surprise sift to moscow it's believed to be his first trip abroad since syria's war broke out in 2011. the pair discussed russia's military involvement in syria. >> it was one of the political surprises that the president loves to pull. bashar al-assad, who has not left syria since his country's up rising began four years ago visiting moscow unannounced. >> the terrorism that is spreading today without your decision and actions have spread to mortar tores and states not just in our region but to other
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regions, too. >> russia's airstrikes in syria have allowed president's assad's army to go on the offensive after months of setbacks. they have also according to the observe store for human rights killed 370 people. the russia seems increasingly eager to find a political solution to the war it's now militarily involved in. >> we assume that the long term solution can be reached on the latest developments and process with participation with all political, ethnic and religious groups. >> the west insists that assad should step down soon. but putin still shows no sign of abandoning his long-time ally. what about the russian people. how do they feel about the syrian war? recent polls say that a clear
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majority of them support the air campaign. state media stating that they're defeating terrorism. this video made by production house is going after the computer-gaming generation, drone footage from the ruins of damascus has been matched to a kinetic dot sound track. but most people hearsay they don'they--people here say they have no desire for a lon troops on the ground. >> still much more to come on the program including south african students are sent running by tear gas after taking their protests to parliament. and baby and toddler die in an indian house fire allegedly linked to tensions between social classes.
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not the other way around.
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>> al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective. weeknights, on al jazeera america. >> time now for a reminder in the top stories in al jazeera. a palestinian man has driven a car into a group of soldiers north of the palestinian city of hebron. there have been multiple injuries. the driver of the car was shot. earlier u.n. chief ban ki-moon meant mahmood abbas in ramallah as part of his efforts to calm the situation in israel and palestine. three palestinians were killed in separate incidents in the west bank. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has met
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german chancellor angela merkel in berlin. earlier in the program we heard how benjamin netanyahu has been criticized for suggesting that a world war ii era palestinian leader convinced the nazis to exterminate european jews. what kind of impact are netanyahu's comments making. in the end he accused the grand mufti, the then grand mufti of jerusalem say to go hitler says, if i expel them they'll all come here and the grand mufti said burn them. historically speaking what validity does this have? >> none at all. none at all, i would say. i mean, the concentration camps were bogg being built in the m --were being built in the
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1930s. there were jews being killed across europe in vast numbers. it was not until '42 that they would get the chambers going on an industrial mass. up to they will then been clearing thousands by thousands, country by country. mufti saying burn them? >> benjamin netanyahu made this comment on tuesday, he says he absolutely didn't mean to absolve hitler but he said you can't ignore the role played by the grand mufti and accused him of being a war criminal. is there a controversy over it. >> i wouldn't have thought so. where is he a warmonger. if he is a warmonger, why is he accusing, you know, the others of being butchers in some way? i find the whole thing quite
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puzzling. an otherwise intelligent man can come out with a statement like this at a difficult time. he has difficulties in his homeland. he's seeing angela merkel today. she said we own up to what the nazis did which is almost saying--,why haven't you done that, netanyahu? why are you say it only started in november 1941? no, way before there were massachusettmass massacres of jewish people and of other people as well. >> it wasn't because he made the comments. what is interesting even within israel his comments have been discredited. the professor at tel aviv university saying it's a lie and disgrace. german history professor effectively saying the same. where do you think it might have come from? a lot of things that turn out to be falsehoods one way or another
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kind of gathers momentum. had you ever heard anything like this? >> no, never, not in my life. i'm trying to think netanyahu, who i have some respect for. he has held a difficult country under great stress very much together. this sudden break in the last few days is tough for him to take. it's tough for the people of israel to take. they've always felt a threatened nation in that way. whether he's trying to deflect something, i do not know. but maybe it's something that he has picked up. he was not born in 1941. maybe something in his past from someone has said this is what happened, the mufti came and said burn the jews. it must have got in his blind and in this stressful situation perhaps this is what is really going on. he has made a catastrophic blunder. >> second world war historian. we have to leave it there. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> now it's the biggest job in
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u.s. politics, indeed, the biggest job in the world. the current vice president of joe biden announced he does not want to try to run for president. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate, i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully to influence as much as i can where we constant as a party, and where we need to go as a nation. >> let's go straight now to al jazeera's white house correspondent patty culhane. she's in washington for us. he was running out of time, as he admits he is bereaved. he lost a someone quite recently, but he would have had a chance, wouldn't he? >> you know, he's actually very popular, and he wasn't alone in this. there was an entire interest
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pac, an outside group who can spen spends whatever money they want to. there was a very powerful ad "run joe,," but he decided he's not going to. he clearly sounded like a candidate. he's passionate about certain issues. when you heard him say that he was not going to be silent, it's a bit of a threat to the democrats who are left running for office. if they go after the obama administration including him, then he is going to be very vocal about it. obviously sounding like somebody who wanted to be a candidate saying simply there wasn't enough time. as you mentioned his son bo died of cancer in may. he decided he could not run for president while he was still grieving. he said that they could run a challenge but they had run out of time. the reason this could sound insane considering the next election is not more than a year away, but this is the united states, and the elections are a
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very long drown out thing. the first caucus is in iowa in february. that would give him a few short months. this is what he's up against. hillary clinton. she has an enormous amount of money. she has lined up the endorsements he would be looking for. and she and all of the candidates have teams on the ground in iowa, new hampshire, the critical first states, and it would have been expensive. he would have had a huge gap in fundraising. he looked at a lay of the land and said he was not going to run. but i'll tell you that it was a huge surprise. he was sending up signals that he was going to run, but he's not. >> patty culhane, thank you. university students in cape town have fought with police during protests against higher fees. across south africa students have shut down campuses demanding that the fee hikes be scrapped.
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studio students protest against fee increases saying they simply cannot afford them. but there are calls to lawmakers were met by stun grenades. days of protest began at johannesburg university when management announced a 10% fee hike. according to the student representative council about 20,000 students here already require financial aid. >> the vast majority of our students are from the working class. those students cannot afford a hike in fees but particularly a hike in fee, which is a strategic mechanism used by the university to systematically exclude students from the university. >> here students occupy the university's main senate house for 24 hours demanding the fee increases be scrapped. the fatigue and despair for the university's vice-chancellor. the university has now capped fee increases at 6%.
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>> we do have ways and means of discussing the matter. and i'm hopeful that through that discussion and negotiations and compromises solutions can be found. >> yet students have managed to shut down all major universities in the country. >> students here at the university of pray toe pretoria say no to fee increases. they have dropped it by $150 but the students say that's not good enough. >> this woman owes the university hundreds of thousands of dollars for this year alone. >> i was raised by a single mother, and she was the main breadwinner. but she passed away in 2013. that means for anybody who could
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loan as be a surety any more. my grandmother is a pensioner, that does not many much for paying for secondary education. >> protests have vet to 1 institutions across the country. with students promising to fight on al jazeera, johannesburg. >> in india, a baby and a toddler has been killed in a house fire. it's alleged that up ever caste neighbors staged the attack in the village. al jazeera has this update from new delhi. >> this incident has once again raised questions about caste-based violence in india as well as widely the caste system which exist in many communities across the country. it's also perhaps showing the politicalization of the issue
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not a new thing in india, but certainly shows how quickly this can become a political question. the vice president of the congress party visits the scene and family in the state, and after meeting them he spoke about the idea of these incidents of being rife across the country, and wanting to stop them. the government of india has condemned this violence and said that these things need to stop and there needs to be peace. in terms of the situation on the ground at the moment we're hearing from sources that conditions remain tense and that there is a high security presence which is expected to continue for some time. we should also make important note of the fact that this particular area has been susceptible to caste-based violence for many years. >> the family of an international development worker found dead in a turkish airport now believe no foul play was involved. turkish police released this
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footage of the jacqueline sutton's last moments after she was found at a toilet saturday night after flying from london. her family and friends initially expressed doubt that the 50-year-old had killed herself but her sister jenny has said that the family are satisfied with turkish authorities investigation. a south korean pianist has won the top honor at the 17th international frederick chopin competition. the highly acclaimed contest is held once every five years in poland's capital of warsaw. [ piano music ] >> frederick chopin's co concerto e minor no. 11. >> first of all i couldn't believe it. now i feel a little worried because about the future
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concert. i don't want people left disappointing. of course, being famous is also good, but i just want to make good music. >> he outplayed 77 other con tescontestants to sweep for the gold medal and prize. it was named after the polish pianist and composer one of the few contests in which musicians play pieces by a single composer. running since 1927, show than competition has launched the careers of many young classical pianists opening the doors for them to play at the world's leading concert halls.
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gerald tan, al jazeera. >> incredible. you can find out much more about that and everything else that we've been covering on our website. the address on your screens right now, this week on talk to al jazeera musician and activist, moby. >> glamorous dating, going to the right parties, et cetera, these can be fun, but they're not. they won't sustain you. it's like junk food or cocaine. >> he went from being a relative unknown to one of the most important electronic dance music pioneers. moby has made more than a dozen albums. the singer-songwriter has another set to come out in 2016. >> quite electronic, very song oriented. i have no idea if it's good.