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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> coming up in the next 60 minutes. a number of soldiers are injured as another attack takes place in hebron in the escalating tensions between israelis and palestinians. syria's president bashar al-assad makes a flying trip to russia, thanking vladimir putin for his military intervention. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the
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nomination. >> u.s. vice president joe biden ends months of speculation moving out a white house run. >> i'm in doha with all the latest sports stories for you. it's been a big night of champions league. one of the most iconic figures. the latest remain in a fifa corruption investigation. details coming up. >> there has been yet another attack in the violence between israelis and palestinians. a palestinian man has driven a car into a group of soldiers north of hebron injuring a number of them. this comes during growing international diplomacy to end
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the violence. palestinian health ministry said that one man died after allegedly stabbing an israeli security with a knife. the other of tear gas. benjamin netanyahu will meet with secretary of state john kerry in berlin on thursday. netanyahu is already in germany meeting with chancellor angela merkel. well, let's go straight to stephanie dec stephanie dekker. just before coming on air we heard of yet another attack. let us about that.
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>> there are reports, not confirmed that they tried to take a weapon away from one of the soldiers. he has been shot, not killed. this is one of the problems with confirming some of these things that happen as they happen. 20 minutes in, so we're not sure, but we're trying to confirm that he was shot. as he stabbed a soldier at the entrance of jerusalem. an israeli army jeep came under attack. they exited the vehicle and called for back up. other soldiers arrived, and then what they said was a palestinian man in a car intentionally rammed his car into the
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soldiers, five of them injured, and the driver of the car had been shot. now very difficult to confirm. they said that an incident did happen, but it's not clear what happened. we had an incident in hebron last night. the israeli army saying that they shot two palestinians because they attempted to stab soldiers in the area. the narrative in the street everybody saying these were two teenagers who were unarmed. it's very difficult to get two sides of the story when it comes to these attacks. we have the israeli army and police lines. incidents are happening all the time. that's not refuted. but the palestinians feel some of the stories coming out, and the narrative you're hearing from the israelis are sometimes not accurate. it's very difficult for us to confirm it. what is clear is it's an extre
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extremely tense situation on the ground. all these incidents not helping at all already with credible suspicion people will tell you that it is an extremely tense situation. >> we're seeing more of the international community. ban ki-moon is in the region. what did he do today? >> that's right. well, ban ki-moon came to meet with the palestinian president mahmood abbas. i think significantly it was announced that he would be coming here to make his presence felt to say that this is a dangerous escalation calling for calm. ban ki-moon really can't change the situation on the ground, but what is important really what he said is that they're looking into requests by the palestinians, what they call
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international protection. also has to do with the al-aqsa mosque compound. this is what they had to say earlier in ramallah. >> diplomacy from jerusalem to the occupied west bank. the u.n. secretary general reiterates his call for calm for what he calls a dangerous situation. palestinian president mahmood abbas makes it clear that the palestinians have a right to protect themselves, but then he wants to return to negotiations with the israelis something he'll speak with secretary of state john kerry when he retur returns. >> secretary john kerry knows exactly what we want. let's butt negotiations. let's butt settlement on the table. it's illegal, and we know that then we'll return to
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negotiations. >> the fear that israel wants to change the status quo at the al-aqsa mosque known to jews as the temple mount. it more jews praying there would limit the ability of muslims to worship at the site. i asked what the secretary general what he's doing and what international protection means. >> what kind of international protection. the president is asking for international presence like monitoring. >> at the al-aqsa mosque temple mount? >> yes. >> thank you for your time. >> the diplomacy seems a world away from the reality on the ground. there have been a steady stream of protests and confrontations.
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and a recent surge of alleged stabbings. an israeli soldier was seriously injured southeast of ramallah. one palestinian was shot dead and another arrested. local forces say they were una unarmed. >> palestine is being robbed of its women and children, and elders are being abused. in jerusalem young men are being killed without committing a crime with a knife planted next to them. this has an effect on us and makes us demonstrate. >> two people becoming more suspicious of each other. decisions with real impact on the grounded may be the only way to calm what has become a tense and violent situation.
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stephanie dekker in the occupied west bank. >> well, the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been criticized for suggesting that a world war ii palestinian leader convinced the nazis to exterminate european jews. experts say that the comments are historically inaccurate and angela merkel reaffirmed that germany is responsible for the holocaust. >> other attacks from instigated by the mufti of jerusalem, al husseini, who was sought for war crimes because he had a central role in fomenting these solutions. hitler didn't want to exterminate the jews at the time. he wanted to expel the jews.
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the mufti said if you expel them, they'll all come here. what should i do, he asked. burn them. >> since then he has moved to clarify what he meant. >> i had no intention to absolve hitler of responsibility for his diabolical destruction of european jews. hitler was responsible for the final extermination of 6 million jews. >> russian defense ministry said it's planes have struck dozens of targets in syria in the last 24 hours. the news agency said that the strikes have destroyed a factory making landmine and explosive warehouse in the aleppo area. it's reporting that other targets have been hit in other provinces including in idlib and hama. well, syria's president has made a surprise trip to moscow to
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meet his russian counterpart vladimir putin. bashar al-assad's visit is believed to be his first trip abroad since syria's war broke out in 2011. the pair discussed the war in syria and russia's military involvement. rory challands has more from moscow. >> it was one of the political surprises the russian president loves to pull. bashar al-assad, who hadn't left syria since the country's up rising began four years ago, visiting moscow unannounced. >> the terrorism that is spreading today without your decision and action, have spread to even mortar tores. not just in our region, but in other regions, too. . >> it has hay loud their army to go o on the offensive, and they have killed 370 people, 127
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civilian and 243 fighters. russia seems increasingly eagle for find a political solution to the war it is militarily involved in. >> we assume that the long-term solution may be reached on the basis of the latest development and political process with participation from all political, ethnic and religious groups. >> the west insists that assad should step down soon. but putin, still shows know sign of abandoning his long-time ally. >> but what about the russian people? how do they feel about the syrian war? well, recent polls suggests that a majority of them support the campaign pap state tv has pushed the message in millions of homes that they're defeating international terrorism. and online audiences are being targeted, too. this video made by a state media linked production house is going
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after the computer gaming generation. drone footage from the ruins of damascus has been matched to a music sound track. but most people hearsay they have no desire to see russian troops in syria. they've always been told that long messy wars in the middle east are what the united states does, not russia. rory challands. al jazeera, moscow. >> let's speak with a fellow from the washington institute for middle east policy. thank you for joining us on al jazeera. it's no secret, obviously, that president putin supports bashar al-assad. what did you make of the surprise trip, and what the two leaders said? >> it's a clear indicator how putin and assad feel about their position. putin indicating to the west once again he's sticking a
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finger in the eye of the west. he is a strong leader, somebody who in his mind is indispensable to solving international problems. and assad, of course, feeling more confident now that he has support from russia and iran. >> very listening to what vladimir putin said. he said that he wants to achieve some peace on the basis of a political process under participation of all political forces. the suggestion that no opposition group should be excluded. that does perhaps turn a corner. because he does seem to want an all inclusive kind of peace settlement. what did you make of that? do you think we're seeing the russian president genuinely trying to look for a solution in syria? >> um, you know, i wouldn't hold my breath on that. i think its pretty clear that putin wants to support assad. he has been clear on that from the beginning. despite his rhetoric on fighting isis that's not what he has been doing either. he has been clearly targeting
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anyone who is armed and sports assad. >> forgive me for interrupting, due that does not necessarily negate his support for president assad. in the past he has spoken only having dialogue of quote/unquote healthy opposition. here we're seeing him use the word "all." do you think that might be a change of tactic? >> i doubt if this is a serious change intact tick. i think it's simply a change in language. i think putin is unlikely to reverse his position. everything he has done until this point shows that he is not going to change course, and frankly it's too late at this point. he's too invested in assad. >> as we see from this trip there is no doubting that the two men are allies, but i guess the isil, and the expansion of isil, do you think he'll try to keep assad in power and be a
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partner with the west as difficult as that would be? >> it's something that we would like to see russia to do. russia has every reason to genuinely cooperate with the west, precisely for the reasons that you've outlined. but putin does not care about his people as much as his own grip on power, as much as looking like he's an important leader. again, i think, you know, if you look at past cooperation between the west and putin on combating terrorism, they haven't quite played themselves out as well as the west had hoped. >> fellow at the washington institute for near east policies, thank you for sharing your views with us. >> thank you. >> first of all, a baby and toddler dying in an indian house fire allegedly linked to tension
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between social classes. why wikileakss is threatening to release personal e-mails of this director. and fifa with some good news. >> now it's the biggest job in u.s. politics. it's really the biggest job in the world, but current vice president joe biden has announced that he isn't going to run for president. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time. the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. but while i will not be a candidate i will not be silent. i intend to speak out clearly and forcefully, to influence as much as i can where we stand as a party, and where we need to go as a nation. >> well, joining us live from atlanta, jason johnson,
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political professor. thank you for joining us on al jazeera. it was no secret that joe biden had been very upset by the death of his son a few months ago. what do you make of his decision not to run? he must obviously have thought about it very seriously. >> right, i never thought joe biden was going to run. i think that the death of his son and the amount of mourning that he and his family continue to go through, that slowed up what inevitably was going to be him not deciding to run. he never has led hillary clinton in the polls. he doesn't have much of a constituency that hillary clinton and bernie sanders doesn't already have, and i don't think he was on a clear path to win the nomination. i'm not surprised by his decision. >> you just heard him say although he's not running for president, he's not going to be silent. what do you think he means by that, and who do you think he'll
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likely damage? >> i don't think it's going to damage anybody. it's a political speech that says please pay attention to me. if joe biden is not running for the democratic nomination, by american standards and history and precedence, he can't say anything. just like president barack obama can't take an active role in the primary, joe biden is not going to be a king maker in this process. this was his one last gaffe hoping people will still want to talk with him. it's now up to the candidates and the voters. >> if the vice president says it's too late to be candidate for president even though you have some momentum behind him and presumably would have had some kind of chance at raising the funds, i guess it's a done deal for hillary clinton, for the democratic nomination, or do you think she still has genuine threat. >> oh, she has no threats. she has no threats. this is a good question.
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this is what explains whyoe biden didn't run. the reason why it took him so long to make a decision he was asking political consultants and managers is there a pathway to beat hillary clinton. if he thought he could win. if he was confident he could beat her he would have entered this race. the fact that he didn't was just an indicator all along that the strengthen of hillary clinton feels she has in this nomination was well founded. >> what do you think it will do to the hillary clinton campaign? she really didn't have a credible opponent among the democrats. it was really her and no one else. >> they'll take that and run. in 2008 she thought he had it as well but was taken out by barack obama. who was elected president and then re-elected president. she may only have a little bit of competition from bernie sanders because her goal is getting into the white house. i don't think they have concerns
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about that right now. the biggest issue is going to be who she'll face on the republican side because some of those candidates could be a threat to her. >> everyone outside of the u.s. still can't believe there is a whole year still to run before we find out who will become president of the usa. jason johnson speaks to us from atlanta. always good to speak to you. thank you. >> yes. >> now the website wikileaks claims it has personal e-mails of cia director john brennan and it plans to publish the content online. this is potentially explosive stuff. what does the cia say? >> well, the cia has given us a statement in which it did point out there has been the first release of the e-mails, and i have to tell you after looking at them and unless there is more to come in the coming days, these are pretty unimpressive in terms of the expectation of what we actually finally saw. the cia echoing that saying this is a family account that was
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hacked. this is where the brennan family is the victim. this is being vicious and no indication that the documents that have been released so far were classified. that concurs with what i've had a chance to look at online. the information put out there is standard with someone with a security expertise and national security interests, and interests in foreign policy. there is a background check for a top-secret security clearance, which is pretty standard in washington. there is also some policy papers dating back to 2007 and 2008. what is key in all that is this is when john brennan was a private citizen. so there is no way that up to this point with what has been released, compromised his role as now the cia director, which he took in 2013. the e-mails become relevant when you consider there is talk about
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hillary clinton and her use of a private e-mail server when she was serving as secretary of state. that is, of course, being investigated by the fbi. in this case it's very different. what we've seen released so far indicates these are e-mails dating back when the cia director was not in a government capacity. >> kimberly, what do we know about the hack and of course the person behind it? >> we don't know the precise identity of the hacker. we do know from a new york newspaper that he is a teenager about 13 years old who appears to be upset with u.s. foreign policy and was looking to take action to retaliate, if you will, apparently posing as an it technician, and through that was able to gain access using john brennan's social security number that he had obtained to try to get this information, and eventually get it successfully. we know that he may have gotten information from the secretary of homeland security, jay johnson. although that has not been
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released on wikileaks. it is a deep concern, obviously. the fact that top u.s. officials are being vulnerable, of course a concern to the u.s. government, and again at the end of the day when it comes to criminal activity with regard to being released, nothing to indicate that. it could be more embarrassing for the cia director, the fact that he was using an older server, america online an aol account in the age of google and gmail, this is more embarrassing than incriminating to show that he was not on the cutting age of technology. >> he's not the only one. kimberly halkett live for us in washington, d.c. thank you. university students in cape town have fought with police during protests against higher fees. south african students have shut down campuses demanding that the fee hikes be scrapped. >> students below test against fee increases outside of south
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africa parliament building saying they simply cannot afford them. but their calls to lawmakers will be met with stun grenades. days of protest began at the university when management announced 18% fee hike. according to the student representative council about 20,000 students already require financial aid. >> the vast majority of our students are from the working class, and those students cannot afford a hike in fees particularly a hike, which is a mechanism used by the university to actually systematically exclude poor students from the university. >> here opportunities occupied the university's main senate house for almost 24 hours demanding the fee increases be scrapped. >> i would not call it a crisis
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because we do have ways and means of discussing the matter. and i'm hopeful that through that discussion and negotiations and compromises common solutions can be found. >> yet students have managed to shut down all major universities in the country. >> students here also pay fees. university management has drop registration fees by about $150, but students say that's not good enough. one of them is law student who owes the university thousands of dollars for this year's fees alone. she's worried if costs go up next year she won't be able to continue her studies. >> i was raised by a single mother, and she was the main breadwinner. but my mother passed away i in 2013.
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>> despite receiving more money, the government-backed financial student, it helped 1,000 students less this year. ithe protest is crossing to 11 different institutions across the country, and the students vow to fight on. witnesses say that shells landed on residential areas in yemen. women, children and the elderly are said to be among the casualty. egypt selection commission said just over a quarter of the country voted in the first round of parliamentary elections at the weekend. the low turnout is a stark contrast to the first free
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elections back in 2011 when long lines of people were seen outside of polling booths. critics have questioned the fairness, and voters are disillusioned after the army took patrol in 2013. well, still ahead on the al jazeera news hour, brick by brick, rebuilding the nigerian community destroyed by boko haram. plus... >> i'm on parole with the thai navy. at the end of the monsoon season they're anticipating an influx of refugees from myanmar, and undocumented migrants from bangladesh. >> and in champions league action, we have the rest of sports later in the program. on al jazeera america.
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>> last year's crisis at the u.s. border seemingly disappeared, but where have the migrants gone? america tonight's lori jane gliha goes in search of answers. >> under that yellow tarp there, that's the fourth murder of today. >> a new migrant crisis. >> this year is more difficult to come to the united states. >> moved to another border. >> we're on a river between mexico and guatemala. >> is mexico doing america's dirty work? >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> time now for a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. there are reports of another attack at the entrance of jerusalem as violence continues across israel and palestine. earlier a palestinian man drove a car into a group of soldiers north of the palestinians.
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benjamin netanyahu has had talks with german chancellor angela merkel in berlin discussing tensions between israel and palestine and current tensions in the middle east. vice president joe biden will not run for president. in india a baby and toddler has been killed in a house fire that was blamed on tensions between social classes. indian social hierarchy is determined by the caste system. we have this update from new delhi. >> it's perhaps showing the politicalization of the issue not a new thing in india but
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shows how quickly this can become a political question. the vice president of th visited the family and he spoke about these incidents being rife across the country and wants to stop them. the government of india has condemned this violence saying these things need to stop and there needs to be peace. on the ground we're hearing from sources that conditions remain tense, and that there is a high security presence which is expected to continue for some time. we should make important note of the fact that this particular area has been susceptible to cast-based vie leans for many years. >> human rights protesters have demonstrated as china's president xi jinping meets with david cameron. they accuse cameron of putting cash before principles. other protesters from the
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spiritual group also called upon cameron to not side step rights abuses. well, the two leaders have signed a deal for a new nuclear power station in somerset in the southwest of england. a chinese nuclear consortium is poised to build the plant and possibly two more. the first is expected to be open by 2025 with china covering 30% of the $28 billion price tag. well, the investment comes at a time when other countries are shutting down their reactors, so let's take a closer look. globally there are 435 nuclear power reactors in 31 countries around the world. they provide over 11% of the world's electricity. but more power stations are being shut down than built. many european countries have decided to phase out nuclear power in favor of more renewable power sources. they want all nuclear reactors to be off line by 2022.
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taiwan is cutting down it's nuclear plants. the u.n. is the world's largest producer of nuclear power, most of it is privately own but with five reactors currently under construction they'll decommission other reactors. sir, thank you so much for joining us. there are obviously two sides to this, one political one economic. sticking to the economic side to start with, how beneficial do you think this is for the u.k. and china as beneficial as mr. cameron has led everybody to believe? >> yes, absolutely right. if there is a need to remind how close the energy sector and policies are, this is another example. this deal is important for both
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countries. first of all, china's economy is slowly slowing down in recent years. this is an attempt to transition away from the low-end mass production of customer goods and away from that, and towards the higher end of services. this is a huge part of china's economic strategy. at the same time, in the u.k. here the attempts are being made to drive investment into the infrastructure sector. doing that without breaking budgetary rules and going across the deficits. this is a good example of where the u.k. government is drawing this with their own interest in terms of having--attracting investment in the energy sector. >> correct me if i'm wrong, but i think it was tony blair who started getting this process in motion. what i find interesting is this
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new nuclear power station in somerset, effectively th china will put in the first 30%, and then france will put in 60%. all this debate over the chinese shows you how mistrust there is still about this relationship, this close economic relationship with the chinese. is there a reason for that? is it justified? >> i think that the governments are both treading new ground on this occasion, and i think there is a realization however much we may have disagreed over certain aspects whether it comes to human rights or wider policies in security issues, at the same time there is a relationship between the two countries and the need to appreciate each other's strengths and opportunities. i think what the two countries
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are trying to achieve here. whether this will bear out, whether the concerns and worries will bear out will be seen. i'm sure there will be plenty of advisers working hard to make sure that those issues are being addressed. at the same time i think this is an interesting time to watch how china is trying to open up it's economy towards the selling of services and goods in a different way than what it used to be in the past. >> well, this new nuclear power station is said to be operational by 2025. i'm sure we'll be discussing this issue. sir, thank you. >> now the number of refugees trying to reach europe has focused the world's attention this year. but the situation in asia is still as desperate. amnesty international has released a grim report focusing on the rohingya refugees in
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myanmar. thousands make the dangerous journey across the sea trying to reach malaysia, indonesia, and thailand. from the south of thailand, al jazeera went on patrol with a thai navy as the so-called sailing season gets under way. >> shortly after setting sail, the thai naval spotted a fishing boat and attempted to board it. it is a process to intercept refugees. >> we'll let them know that they would be charged for illegally entering the country. they seven for weapons and attend to a few cuts. the fishing vessel goes on its way. the thai government is trying to prevent a refugee crisis like the one six months ago. that's when thousands of people
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from left adrift at sea. their smugglers had abandoned them after regional crackdown on the human trade. survivors spoke of beatings, near starvation and kidnapping by their traffickers. but many were rohingya, a minority living in myanmar and escaping persecution. this man escaped from myanmar 20 years ago by tracking over land to thailand. >> the myanmar government took over the proof that we are citizens, then they say we're illegal migrants and try to push us off of our lands. >> the rohingya have been fleeing from myanmar for years but it wasn't unti until recently that regional countries have been forced to act. little has been achieved. a multi country task force has
5:41 pm
yet to b to materialize. >> the countries need to be talking with each other. that's why the task force needs to b to be required. >> the u.n. high commission for refugees says that it believes there have been test runs human smugglers trying out new routes. if these new routes are successful there may be boat loads of refugees. the thai navy wants to prevent them from landing in thailand, but many say until conditions improve in myanmar and bangladesh thousands of people will continue to risk their lives for a chance at a better future. florence lee, al jazeera, thailand. >> the pilot of fighter jet has been killed after crashing on take off from an air base in the u.k. it happened about 100 kilometers north of london. the jet was a.
5:42 pm
f-18 hornet usually based in california. it was one of six aircraft returning to the u.s. they were diverted to scotland where they landed safely. ugandan troops are pulling out of south sudan where they've been helping the government fight opposition forces. the withdraw was a key condition reached in august. >> ugandan forces in africa's newest nation preparing to return home. the ugandan army went to the aid of the president when fighting broke out two years ago. they fought long side the sudanese army and secured key positions. they were vital in the security of the country, and others may leave when they do. >> of course ugandans and
5:43 pm
sudanese nationals, becaus. >> on the campus of the university, the opinion about what the withdraw means is divided. >> we have no problem with that. >> i object to the withdrawal. we want them to withdraw after the transitional period when they are a good and stable government. they're protecting the old facilities and important areas like juba. >> to bring peace to south sudan. >> the people have security concerns. the start of the withdraw of the ugandan army is more of a political move than a military one. >> we started the implementation of the peace but the removal of
5:44 pm
forces from south sudan. that will add to the piece. >> there is still a long way to go before the transitional government can be formed. there are more security processes to put in place and the creation of 18 new states recently has thrown everything into turmoil. the departure from the ugandan army from south sudan is a significant step towards creating that new government. al jazeera, south sudan. >> brazil's opposition has filed a new bid to have president dilma rousseff impeached. the latest request to impeach president rousseff over allegations that she doctored government accounts this year and last. it was ruled that the government manipulated accounts to allow more spending to the run up of last year's election. one of south america's
5:45 pm
oldest tribes is boycotting the first ever world indigenous games in brazil. indigenous athletes from arod the world are arrive forgive the event on friday. but the largest tribe is refus refusing to take part, accusing the event of hiding the suffering of its people. >> in brazil, on the border of paraguay, they're not practicing for the upcoming world games. instead they're getting ready to fight for their ancestral land. >> brazil is throwing a huge party to cover up what they've done. how can we think about going to these games when we have to fight for our land and mourn for our dead. >> the land is among the most fertile in south america.
5:46 pm
they have been consistently displaced by spanish and portuguese conquerors, missionaries and now sugar cane farmers. >> we will not leave this land. we won't sacrifice our identity again. we're not from paraguay. we're not from any other place but here. we've been on this land for a long time. >> they are one of three tribes that make up the largest people occupying land between brazil and paraguay. their land situation is made more complicated with white settlers taking over this land following the war with paraguay. in 2005 the president then recognized this land belonging to the people. but the initiative was flawe fought by farmers who also lay
5:47 pm
claim to this land. the tribe say they can no longer wait. last august one of their main leaders was killed, a shot to his cheek bone that shattered his skull. five year earlier his brother was killed. to date no one has been held responsible for either death. >> we can't accept any other land as part of a deal. this is the land where my brother, my grandmother, my great grandmother are buried. if we don't get out of this alive, they won't either. >> they are intent on remaining in their land. a potential clash with brazil's national guard might prove fatal, but this is something that the brazilian government can ill afford. al jazeera. >> coming up after the break.
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[ piano music ] >> winning performance, this 21-year-old from south korea wins one of the world's most prestigious competitions. >> we're in doha asking if the sport is keeping pace with its athletes.
5:49 pm
>> a south korean pianist has won the top honor at the chopin piano competition. the highly acclaimed competition
5:50 pm
is held once every five years in poland's capital. gerald tan has more. [ piano music ] >> frederick chopin's concerto in e miner opus 11, the winning performance of the 21-year-old south korean. >> first, i couldn't believe t and now i feel a little worried because about the future concert. i don't want people disappoint disappointed. being famous is also good, i just want to make music. >> he outplayed 77 other contestants. the prestigious competition is named for the polish pianist and
5:51 pm
composer, it's one of the very few contests in contestants play pieces from a single composer. second place, the only finalist who selected the concerto in f minor opus 21. [ piano music ] >> the chopin competition has launched the careers of many young classical pianists opening the doors for them to play at the world's leading concert halls. >> now time for the sports news. here is robin. >> barbara, thank you. we'll start at the champions league. it's quite the fight in paris where psg and real madrid contesting group a showdown. chances are plenty for both sides and then ended goalless, they are joint leaders for group a and they left to see sevilla
5:52 pm
1-0 down, they track 91st minute for the 2-1 win and leaves the leaders one group off juventus. united had to fight back in a draw, and athleti atletico madrid, and another day, another scandal the latest figure fo. accusations that germany used a slush fund to buy votes followed the world cup. qatar and russia was chose ton host the 2018 and 2022 world cups. both refused to cooperate with the investigation into the
5:53 pm
bidding process. arguebly germany's greatest figure having won the world cup as a player in 1974 and as a coach in 1990. palestine's football team will get to host a qualifier against saudi arabia at home after an ongoing dispute. but the football federation refused to play in the west bank. they would have had to cross israeli check points to access the territory. fifa have now ruled the match must be played on the fifth of november in palestine. the new york mets and the kansas city royals are one win away from reaching major league baseball's world series and first of those games right now the royals are taking on the toronto blue jays in the american league east while ahead 3-1 in the series. the royals are behind in this contest. at the bottom of the sixth inning. blue jays lead 1-0. the rugby world cup, south
5:54 pm
africa's coach in the semifinal opponent new zealand saying they're the best to have ever played the game. despite that, they'll push the all blacks all the way in what is predicting to be a high-scoring affair. named an unchanged side after finally being able to do so, the springs books beat the all blacks in this time around. >> the winning, i say the first time we'll beat you i'll bring a case of beer. he gave come of game and took it like a man and said i'm waiting for my beer. so hopefully steve on saturday i can give you my beer and a full case of beer. >> the biggest ever par paraathletics championships are just about to get under way.
5:55 pm
organizers will be hoping that the scale of the event will be matched by the levels of support. >> hitting the required standards to compete at the paraolympics championships in doha is one thing. getting the world to pay attention is quite another. after the huge success and profile of the london 2012 paraolympics, some athletes fear the sport has lost the momentum. >> we have to work to bring up the profile. people love it. everywhere i go i get love and i get support. it's not the fact that people don't like it. it's just that they don't know that we exist. that's even worse. >> in london pair ray olympics saw tv global tv audiences and sell out stadiums where people focused less on disability and more on performance of world class athletes.
5:56 pm
the athletes are keeping up their side of the bargain with next year's rio pair olympics in their sites the performance levels have never been better. >> you need to make them interesting. you need to run fast and make people want to give them a party, basically. >> in world class distances, people understand that to jump eight meters, you know, you have to be training just as much as your olympic counter part. >> some paraolympics disciplines make guest appearances at diamond meets. but since london they've focused on developing a series of stand alone paraathletic events. long-term strategy that in the short-sturm can result in small crowds and limited media coverage. but organizers say fully combining paraathletics in the
5:57 pm
diamond league or the olympics simply isn't practical. >> parasports is a very complicated model. it's not just running the 42 events. it's running the 42 events over a multiple impairment times. >> with athletes from 90 countries taking part, these are the biggest ever paraathletic championships. the showcase all involved can sell the sport on its own terms. andy richardson, al jazeera, doha. >> and it's been a very busy day in sport. we have the mlb players on the go and we'll have another update for you. we'll send it back to barbara in london. >> you can find out much more on everything we've been covering, it's all included on the website. or you can stand by your tv and join us in a few minutes for more of the day's news. hope to see you then. bye bye.
5:58 pm
>> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause we are so close
5:59 pm
to the isil position >> who is in charge, and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america >> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered.
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>> another day of deadly violence as four people are killed in separate attacks as tensions escalate between israelis and palestinians. hello there, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program. syria's president bashar al-assad makes a flight to russia thanking vladimir putin for military intervention. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> u.s. vice president joeid