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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> another day of deadly violence as four people are killed in separate attacks as tensions escalate between israelis and palestinians. hello there, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program. syria's president bashar al-assad makes a flight to russia thanking vladimir putin for military intervention. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> u.s. vice president joe biden
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ends months of speculation ruling out a white house run. [ piano music ] >> the winning performance as 21-year-old from south key kor south korea win with us the world's most prestigious competitions. >> it's another day of deadly attacks between israelis and palestinians. four people have been killed in the latest incident a jewish israeli man was shot dead by israeli forces after he allegedly attacked them. well, earlier on wednesday three palestinians were killed in the west bank. one was shot and killed in ramallah after allegedly attacking a soldier with a knife. the palestinian health ministry said that the other died from suffocation from tear gas. the u.n. chief ban ki-moon met with palestinian president mahmood abbas in ramallah.
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elsewhere, prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet u.s. secretary of state john considejohn kerry on thursday. so far this month 53 palestinians and 9 vows have been killed in israel and the occupied territories. stephanie dekker has more on the day's developments. >> it's unclear of what exactly happened. one incident late wednesday night reported by the israeli police in the entrance of jerusalem, one man aparently tried to stop a soldier, apparently tried to remove the soldier's weapon, and he was shot and killed. different narratives coming out from the israeli police saying that two individuals tried to board a bus. a man was trying to get off the bus. the man asked the soldiers for their i.d. they say that they began to attack the soldiers and that now
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they're dead. the initial report from the israeli police that a palestinian rammed his car into a group of israelis standing on the side of the road. soon after the narrative came. the official army version was that an army vehicle with two soldiers was pelted by stones. the soldiers called for back up, then palestinians car according to them accelerated and purposely ran into the soldiers, injuring five of them. he, too, a palestinian man, shot and killed. so very clear that it's extremely tense on the ground. these i wants are happening, they're very difficult to confirm exactly who did what. and that really shows you that also with tensions on the ground, suspicions between people, but it's difficult to get the real narrative on many of these events that are occurring, but certainly concerning. that's why we see this diplomatic push to try and a piece, but i think it's going to be difficult to translate that
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to the ground. we'll have to wait and see what happens. at the moment it's extremely tense. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu is being criticized for suggesting that a world war ii palestinian leaders convinced the nazi to exterminate european jews. experts say that the comments are historically indrought. inaccurate. netanyahu made the remarks on tuesday. >> in 1920, 1921, 1929 were instigated by a call of the mufti of jerusalem, huff at th mufti hussei husseini, hitler didn't want to exterminate the jews at the time. he wanted to expel the jews.
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and husseini said that if you expel them they'll all come here. so what should i do with them, he asked? he said, burn them. >> he made those comments on tuesday. since then he has moved to clarify what he meant. >> i have no intention to absolve hitler of the responsibility of his di diabolical extermination of jews. it's hard to expel the comments of mufti husseini. >> we have this update from berlin. >> the israeli employment will have a flurry of meetings in
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berlin. with policy chiefs and john kerry. after the meeting nothing too remarkable came out of it. angela merkel said she pushed for two-state solution. perhaps the john kerry meeting on thursday morning will offer some grounds for diplomatic movement forward because john kerry is later expected to fly through the middle east and meet with mahmood abbas. but we're not seeing any tangible signs of progress. the controversial remarks by benjamin netanyahu, but the grand mufti of jerusalem in the 1940s inspires the final solution, the holocaust. he gave the idea to hitler. since then benjamin netanyahu
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has roa rode back from that and said that hitler was responsible. but these remorse did not go over well in germany. angela merkel said she saw know need to reinterpret history. germany and the nazi regime bore sole responsibility for the holocaust. this is a crucial part of this country's sense of identity, the moral foundations of how it rebuilt itself as a democratic, tolerant state after the second world war. >> russian defense ministry said that it's planes have struck dozens of targets in syria in the last 24 hours. the news agency said that the facts have destroyed a factory making landmine and explosives warehouse in the the aleppo
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area. syria's president has made a surprise trip to moscow to meet his russian counterpart vladimir putin. his visit is speed to be the first trip abroad since syria's war broke out in 2011. the pair discussed the war in syria and russia's military involvement. we have reports from moscow. >> it was one of the political surprises the russian president so loves to pull. bashar al-assad, who has not left syria since his country's up rising four years ago, visiting moscow unannounced. >> the terrorism that is spreading today without your decision and actions have spread to even mortar tores not just in our region, but to other regions, too. >> russia's airstrikes in syria have allowed the army to go on the offensive after months. set backs.
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they also, according to the observatory for human rights killed 307 people. 127 civilians and 243 fighters. but russia is increasingly eagle for find a political solution to the war it's now militarily involved in. >> we assume that the solution may be reached on the latest military developments and political process with participation from all ethnic and religious groups. >> the west insists that assad should step down soon. but putin still shows no signs of abandoning his long-time ally. but what about the russian people? how do they feel about the syrian war? well, recent polls suggests that a clear majority of them support the air campaign. state tv has pushed the message into millions of homes that russia's primary objective in syria is defeating international terrorism.
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and an online audience is being targeted, too. this video made villa state media linked production house is going after gaming generation, drones over damascus linked to a sound track. but most people hearsay they still have no desire to see troops on the ground in syria. >> it's been the topic of much debate. would the sitting vice president make another run for the top job? well, joe biden gave his answer today, and it was very good news for current frontrunner hillary clinton. patty culhane takes a look at what it means for the presidential race. >> as he walked out to the rose garden, vice president joe biden very much sounded like a
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candidate. >> we can do this. and when we do america won't just win the future, we will own the finish line. >> but biden decided he won't even make it to the starting line in the race for president. he sounded very much like a man who wants to run, but he said he doesn't have time to launch a credible campaign. his decision long delayed because of the death of his son bo to brain cancer last may. while he was grieving the other candidates were raising money, hiring staff, hitting the trail. he decided he didn't have enough time to catch up. analysts say that is a huge gain for former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i believe hillary clinton will almost certainly be the democrat presidential nominee. i do not see any scenario under which senator bernie sanders could beat her in a head-to-head contest. >> clinton considered more hawkish than they are expecters.
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the exit of biden means that she's less likely to move from her positions like the one she said on palestinian and israel and a two-state solution. >> it's difficult to figure out how the palestinians or the israelis can put together a deal until they know what is going to happen in syria, and until they know will jordan remain stable and supportive of the peace process because jordan with both this king and the prior king have been, and what is going to happen in lebanon. >> i'm looking forward to continue to working with this man to get it done. >> biden warned that he would vocally defend the obama administration and push the issues that he cares about. but as he walks away, he leaves behind much of the influence that he has. >> more to come on the programming, including why wikileaks is threatening to publish the personal e-mails of the director of the cia.
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and a baby and toddler die in an indian house fire allegedly linked to tensions between social classes.
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>> a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. violence continues across israel and palestine. early area an palestinian man drove a car into a group of soldiers in hebron. benjamin netanyahu has held talks with angela merkel in
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berlin. the pair discussed the situation across israel and palestine and the tensions in the middle east. bashar al-assad has flown to moscow to beat with his opportunitcounterpart vladimir putin. which cannily leaks plans to publish e-mails from cia director john brennan. >> well, the cia has responded to the release of private e-mail information on the internet through wikileaks. the cia saying this is a hacking of a family account. this is a crime and the brennan family is, in fact, the victim. this e-mail was blundered with malicious intent. this attack is being condemned but so far there is no indication of the documents that have been released are in any way classified. i can tell you initial review of the documents that have been put
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online seem to indicate that well the content of the mail. it's pretty standard of what you find with someone working in washington with national security expertise. there is a background application for top-secret security clearance which is standard. as well as there are policy papers dating back to 2007 and 2008 again very standard in washington for people with this type of position to be putting forward to various think tanks. this is perhaps embarrassing in the fact that the cia director perhaps it looks like he's not on the cutting edge of technology in the world where we're using google and gmail quite widely. but in terms of being
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incriminating, the documents put forth by wikileaks does not suggest that the director was compromised because the documents date back to when he was a private citizen. >> the university students in cape town have fought with police during protests against higher fees. across south africa students have shut down campuses demanding the fee hikes be skypeed. from johannesburg, we have reports. >> students say they simply cannot afford fee increase. but their calls were met by stun grenades fired by riot police. management announced a 10% fee hike. about 20,000 students already require financial aid.
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>> the vast majority of our students are from the working class, and those students cannot afford a hike in fees, but particularly a hike, which is a strategic mechanism used to systematically exclude poor students from the university. >> here the students occupy the main senate house for almost 24 hours demanding that fee increases be scrapped. fatigue and despair for the university's vice chancellor. they have now capped the increase at 6%. >> yes it is a challenge but i wouldn't call it a crisis. because we do have ways and means of discussing the matter. and i'm hopeful that through that act of discussion and negotiations and compromises solutions can be found. >> yet students manage to shut down all major universities in the country. >> students here at the
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university of pretoria say no to the fee hikes. the universities have dropped the fees by $150, but they say that is not enough. >> this woman is worried if costs go up next year she won't be able to continue her studies. >> i was raised by a single mother. she was the main breadwinner. but my mother passed in 2013. that means i do not have assurity any more. my main braid winner is my grandmother, who is a pensioner. >> despite receiving more money the government backed national student financial aid helped 1,300 fewer students this year. the protests have spread to 11 institutions across the country with students promising to fight
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on. johannesburg. >> at least 17 people have been killed and 100 wounded after houthi rebels fired mortars and rockets into the city of taiz. women, children and the elderly are said to be among the casualties. meanwhile, 30 houthi rebels have been killed by saudi coalition airstrikes. egypt's election commission said just over a quarter of the country voted in the first round of parliamentary collection over the weekend. the low turnout is in stark contrast in the first free elections in 2011 where long lines were seen outside of polling booths. critics have questioned the fairness and analysts say many were disillusions after the army took control in 2013. let's go to where a baby and a toddler has been killed in a house fire that has been blamed on tensions of local classes.
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it's alleged that staged the attack an al jazeera has this update from new delhi. >> this incident has once again raised questions about caste-based violence in india and the caste system which exist in many communities across the country. it has shown the politicalization of the issue not a new thing in india, but certainly shows how quickly this can become a political question. the vice president of the congress party visited on the scene and family in the state, and after meeting them he actually spoke about the idea of these incidents being rife across the country, and wanting to stop them. the government of india has condemned this violence. it said that these things need to stop and there needs to be peace in terms of the situation on the ground at the moment we're hearing from sources that conditions remain tense, and
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there is a high security presence which is expected to continue for some time. we should also make important note of the fact that this particular area has been susceptible to caste-based violence for many years. >> the number of refugees has captured the world's attention. but the situation in asia is just as desperate we have a grim report focusing on the rohingya refugees in myanmar. many are fleeing persecution in myanmar's rahkine state. many are trying to reach indonesia and thailand. from the south of thailand, we went on patrol with the thai navy as the sailing season gets under way. >> shortly after setting sail, the thai naval crews spot a fishing boat and prepare to boat
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it. it's part of routine to intercept undocumented migrants and refugees. >> if they wish to come to thailand it's also our job to explain to them that they'll be charged for illegally entering the country. >> navy personnel conduct the seven for weapons. while another treats a fisherman for minor cuts. answer a few questions and advised to report any unusual activity. the fishing vessel goes on its way. they're trying to prevent a refugee crisis like the one six months ago where thousands of people were left adrift at sea. their smuggles abandoned them after the regionalbackdown on human trade. the migrants spoke of starvation and beatings and kidnappings by their traffickers. many were rohingya, a minority living in myanmar and escaping persecution. this man escaped from myanmar 20 years ago by tracking over land
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to thailand. >> the myanmar government took over the proof that we are citizens, then they say we're illegal migrants and try to push us off our lands. >> the rohingya have been fleeing from myanmar for for years. but it was regional countries were forced to act. the crisis prompted a 17-country meeting. but little has been achieved. a multi country task force has yet to materialize. >> what is lacking, a coordinated response where the countries are talking to each other. that's exactly why the task force is required. it's a bit piecemeal. it's a bit driven by by being in the media. >> meanwhile the factors that drive people to risk dangerous boat journeys remain. >> they believe there have been test runs. human muggl smugglers trying out new routes.
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the thai navy wants to prevent them from landing in thailand, but many say until conditions improve in myanmar and bangladesh thousands more will risk their lives at a chance of a better future. al jazeera, thailand. >> brazil's opposition has filed a new bid to have president dilma rousseff impeached, and one analyst says it has a greater chance of passing congress. there are allegations that she doctored government attacks both this year and last. it's based around a federal audit court ruling that her government ma nil lated accounts to allow for more spending in the run up to last year's election. >> in this new bid, there are details of irregularities that took place in 2015. which means rousseff continues to commit errors which were already presented before the court of auditors. in summary the bid presented
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today has a greater chance of being accepted by the president of the chamber which would initiate a process of impeachment. >> mexico has reopened its investigation into the 43 students who disappeared more than a year ago. the government is giving a group of independent experts more time to examine the case, but they have blocked them from directly questioning the military about it. ugandan troops are pulling out of south sudan where they've been helping the government fight opposition forces. the withdraw was a key condition of a peace deal reached with rebels last august. >> ugandan forces in africa's newest nation preparing to return home. ugandan army went to the aid of president when fighting broke out two years ago. they fought along side the south sudanese army and secured key positions against the rebels. the commander believes they have been vital to security in the country, and that others may
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leave when they do. >> of course, ugandans and even sudanese nationals to first of all maybe follow us, we expect that. of course, they think that the war will break up. that's what they think. >> on the campus of the university the opinion about what the withdraw means is divided. >> we have no problem. that does not effect us. >> i object to the withdraw. we want them to withdraw after the transitional period when there is good and stable government. they are the ones who are protecting the oil facilities and important areas like juba. >> if is a way to bring peace to south sudan, a thing, i think it will bring peace to south sudan. >> people have security concerns. the staggered withdraw of the ugandan army is more of a political move than a military one. >> is the government always has
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the start of the implementation of the peace agreement with the rebels. but by the withdrawal of the ugandan forces from south sudan because this will pave the way for other--other items in the peace to be implemented. >> there is still a long way to go before the transitional government can be formed. there are more security processes to put in place and the creation of 18 new states recently has thrown everything into turmoil. the departure of the ugandan army is a very significant step towards creating that new government. al jazeera, juba, south sudan. >> a south korean pianist has won the top honor in the 17th chopin competition. [ music ] >> the 21-year-old outplayed 77 other contestants to sweep the gold medal and the $33,000
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prize. it is held every five years in warsaw. he said while being famous is good, he just wants to make music. for more on the website, >> representae fishing for the sally field moment and giving the republican house colleagues until friday to demonstrate that they like him, they really like him and then he'll agree to do what they have been begging him to do, become the speaker of the house. it is a power position