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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> with 53 palestinians and nine israelis killed in the last ten days. u.s. secretary of state john kerry he goes to meet with benjamin netanyahu. you're watching al jazeera, i'm fauziah ibrahim in doha. coming up, bashar al-assad meets with russian president in moscow. the first time he left the country since the civil war began four years ago. joe biden says he is not
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going to run for president of the united states. what it means for hillary clinton and the white house. slovenia, thousands of refugees arrive every day. >> the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will be holding talks with descra israel's pments benr benjamin netanyahu they will meet in the next couple of hours. the violence that has killed 56 palestinians and nine israelis. >> the israeli prime minister will have a flurry of meetings, with the u.s. secretary of state, he's already met angela merkel, the german chancellor. the two gave a brief statement after their meeting.
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nothing much came out of it. angela merkel set she would continue to push for two-state solution. benjamin netanyahu accusing the palestinian leadership of lies. some grounds for deployment movement forward because john kerry is later expected to fly to the middle east and meet with mahmoud abbas. but we are not seeing any tangible signs of progress yet. >> meanwhile, the u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon is urging both sides to pull back from what he calls a dangerous escalation. he met palestinian president mahmoud abbas in ramallah on wed. >> the situation in the west bank also deserves renewed attention. settlement activity by israel is illegal and only inflames the tensions while reinforcing the sense that the viability of the
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two-state solutions is disappearing. we cannot ignore sense of desperation that comes with the slow evaporation of hope. >> reporter: the diplomatic efforts to end the violence haven't taken hold. a palestinian man was shot dead after allegedly driving his car into israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank. stefanie dekker has more from ramallah. >> it's difficult to confirm what exactly happened when some of these incidents occur. one incident on late wednesday night, reported from the entrance of jerusalem, one man apparently trying to stab a soldier, apparently trying to remove the soldier's weapon, was shot and killed. a different narrative from the israeli police, there was a man trying to get off the bus, the man asked the soldiers for their i.d., they refused, reports say he started punching attacking the soldiers who shot him dead.
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that man appears to be an israeli jew. ten kilometers west of hebron, in the west bank. a palestinian had rammed his car into a group of israelis standing on the road. the narrative change. the official army version was, pelted by stones, backup, then palestinian car according to them accelerated and purposefully ran into the soldiers injuring five of them. he too, a palestinian man shot and killed so very clear it's extremely tense on the ground, these snefnts ar incidents are , exactly hard to confirm, who did what, that shows you also the tensions on the ground, suspicions by people, very difficult to get the real narrative on many of these events that are occurring but certainly concerning and that's why we're seeing this diplomatic push to try an appease but i
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think it's going to be difficult to have that translate to the ground. we'll have to wait and see what happens as the situation calms down. at the moment still extremely tense. >> the russian defense ministry says its plains have struck dozens of targets in syria in the last 24 hours. suspected russian strikes in homs province. syrian government backed by russian forces has been bombing the strategic town for the past two weeks. several rebel groups in the area operate under the free syrian army umbrella and have been supported 50 west and gulf arab states. the u.s. has criticized russia for hosting the syrian president during his surprise visit to moscow. bashar al-assad met with vladimir putin on tuesday. assad thanked putin for his military support in what is felt to be his first trip abroad since the war broke out in 2011.
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rory challands reports from moscow. >> bashar al-assad who hasn't left syria since his country's uprising began four years ago visiting moscow unannounced. >> the terrorism that is spreading today would, without your decisions and actions, have spread to even more territories and states not just in our region but to other regions, too. >> russia's air strikes in syria have allowed president assad's army to go on the offensive after months of set backs. they've also according to the syrian ofte observatory for humn rights have killed plain citizens. political solution to the war it's now militarily involved in. >> we assume that the long term solution may be reached on the basis of the latest military developments and political
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process with participation from all political, ethnic and religious groups. >> reporter: the west insists that assad should step down soon. but putin still shows no sign of abandoning his long time ally. but what about the russian people, how do they feel about the syrian war? well, recent polls suggest that a clear majority of them support the air campaign. state tv has pushed the comparison into millions of homes. the russian objective is to defeat international terrorism. this video made by a stayed media linked production house is going after the computer gaming generation. matched to a kinetic dance music sound track. but most people here still have no desire to see russian troops in syria.
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they've always been told that long messy wars in the middle east is what united states does, not russia. rory challands, al jazeera, moscow. >> joe biden has given an answer, it was good news for front runner hillary clinton. our white house correspondent patty culhane takes a look at what this means for presidential race. >> as you walked out to the rose garden vice president joe biden sounded very much like a candidate. >> we can do this. and when we do america won't just win the future, we will own the finish line. >> but biden decided he won't even make it to the starting line in the race for president. he sounds very much like a man who wants to run but he says he doesn't have time to launch a credible campaign. his decision long delayed because of the death of his son bo to bahrain cancer last may,
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when he was grieving, th --to b. that is a huge gain for secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i believe that hillary clinton will almost certainly be the democrats presidential nominee. i do not see any scenario under which senator bernie sanders could beat her in a head to head contest. >> clinton, considered more hawkish than her competitors, the exit of biden means she is not likely to change from her positions, israel and palestine on a two state solution. >> it's very difficult to figure out how either the palestinians or the israelis can put together a deal until they know what's going to happen in syria and until they know will jordan remain stable and supportive of the peace produce because jordan
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with both this king and the prior king have been. and what's going to happen in leb non- >> i'len knob. >> i'm looking forward to working with this man to get it done. >> biden continues to push issues that he cares about but as he walks away from running, he leaves behind much of the power he has. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. >> families separated by war 65 years ago, have been allowed to meet for second event in five years, nearly 400 south koreans were allowed to travel north. a final round will be held on saturday. harry fawcett is live in the south korean capital seoul. harry get us up to date on how the reunions have been playing out so far. >> this is as you say the final day. we saw those amazing pictures on the first day, tuesday, when the
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families here from south korea arrived, wednesday was a reportedly more relaxed and warm and comfortable day after those initial meetings. they had some private meetings as well. they felt like they were getting to know each other a bit better according to those reports and then of course comes what would be a moments of resadness for many of thesreal sadness.they wg good-bye. a final fair well afte farewell. the military demar case line in a couple of hours time from now and this will be the last almost certainly they will ever see of these family members. about five these families have very close familial bonds. husbands and wives, parents and children, also siblings, but the the vast majority is between
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uncles and nephews, satellite more distance bass s because sof these have already died. north korea will run from saturday to monday and this round of family reunions will be over in its entirety. >> by all accounts harry the reunion steamed have gone quite well. is there a possibility of more reunions taking place in the future? >> well, certainly that's what a lot of people both here and north of the border as well are talking about. there's been a lot of commentary about the fact that as always when this happens the emotions run so high. and it really is a very vivid depiction of the kind of division between the people of this peninsula as well as the geographical division that attains here. so we have seen reporting north korean state media talking about the joy these reunions have brought, a commitment to opening a new chapter in korean
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relations north korea saying there's been little progress on mandated intergovernmental talks that have stemmed from a recent agreement. so as always it all depends on the current political climate between north and south and that's as always very hard to predict. >> harry, thank you for that, harry fawcett in seoul reporting on the korean family reunion. still to come, children in yemen are paying a high price as the war shows little signs of ending. and the relationship between britain and china goes nuclear. we'll at the you why.
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>> welcome back. a quick recap of the top stories on al jazeera. and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is expected to meet benjamin netanyahu in a few hours to discuss the rising violence in israel and the occupied territories. the latest unrest on wednesday, a palestinian man was shot dead after allegedly driving his car into israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank. five soldiers were injured. the u.s. has criticized vladimir putin from hosting the syrian president bashar al-ass al-assad. it's believed to be his first trip abroad since the civil war started in 2011.
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and joe biden has decided not orun for the democratic nomination for president. a house committee will question hillary clinton once again over the benghazi attack. some feel it's mend to destroy her campaign for the presidential election. kimberly halkett has the story. >> u.s. state department revealed there was no protest outside of the mission prior to the at a tack. >> what difference at this point does it make? it is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, senator.
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>> the select committee on benghazi said for 17 months it spent $4.5 million to do exactly that. form he secretary of state hillary clinton was in charge at the time. since 2012 there have been multiple hearings and reports but new details about the attack. instead what the republican committee did uncover is during her time as secretary of state l clintoclinton had been using a e server for classified e-mails. >> there is a private investigation into her e-mails. whether she will be brought to justice on that remains to be seen but she brought this on herself, not the republicans not the congress. >> reporter: after a televised interview with kevin mccarthy democrats charge the e-mail investigation has little to do with the benghazi security investigation and are accusing
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the committee of conducting nothing more than a smear campaign to destroy hillary clinton's presidential aspirations. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable right, we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? >> this is about a political effort to derail hillary clinton's presidential campaign. ladies and gentlemen that is a problem. >> an explanation for poor security in benghazi, the night their relatives died. kimberly halkett, al jazeera, washington. >> the u.s. and five companion countries are demanding that iran be punished for discharging a ballistic missile capable of
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carrying a nuclear weapon. despite agreements to begin peace talks there's been more fighting on the ground in yemen, as osama ben javad reports. >> this is the part where you keep your child's clothes but for his father, he believes this is the reminder of his son. he can still smell his son. >> he used to play here, jump on the bookshelf and share enjoyable moments with his brother. can't believe he's dead. >> blaming houthi rebels, fighting to control the town of ta'izz, in war torn yemen. don't bury me says in tears. the medics can be heard assuring him that he'd be okay. but he died. his friends on the street cannot
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believe he's gone. >> translator: we were all playing here and some of us returned home moments before the shell fell on them. we were all scared. my uncle was hit by shrapnel. may god save him and may god punish the aggressors. >> aid agencies hold all sides responsible. >> at least another 573 children have been killed and another 846 have been severa severely injur. conflict everyone who is in this war is responsible for death of children in air strikes, in shelling, in snipers. >> reporter: there's been more violence in ta'izz, more conflict between houthi fighters
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and air strikes. more than a dozen killed in these residential areas, unless there is peace, there are warnings of a far-reaching impact of this conflict. >> there's been risk today but in this country as a result of this conflict is that our generation of the children, in the future, were it millions of children who aren't going to be educated, we're building many more problems for the future. >> parents have yet another family to burr theiy their chil. unless adults find a way to stop the fighting . osama ben javad, al jazeera. planning to sue one of her victims and facebook. petrra laslow accuses the refuge
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osama of change his story. a fire has destroyed part of a refugee camp in slovenia. paul brennan reports. >> the flames spread quickly with tents pitched so closely together the blaze jumped easily from one to the next. firefighters were swift belly oe scene but the damage was already done. much needed emergency accommodation is now ruined. the cause of the blaze is not yet known. but further back along the refugee route, in serbia, the refugees in the open have been lighting small bonfires to stay warm. clear skies are better than soaking rain but the nights are significantly colder. there we are very worried for capacity really that the people
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are slowing, slowing going, and bottleneck will be problematic. but figure for long waiting time and the weather condition. if the weather is still good we can still try to do our best providing blanket, provide some food, water. but if the cold weather is getting worse and worse will be very problematic. >> if conditions deteriorating tensions are rising. if the routes to western europe are increasingly restricted. desperation and exhaustion sometimes develop into scuffles between refugees. in slovenia the parliament has voted to deploy soldiers to reinforce police in the transit camps. the army has certainly arrived at the border. this jeep is the evidence of that but the numbers that have arrived are extremely small and we have counted only five soldiers at the camp here. helping to hand out food to the
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refugees, along with the ngos and the police. despite the vote of the parliament the role is still being worked out. >> translator: the soldiers' role right now is to watch over the refugees here when they arrive. if they spot something out of place, we must inform police because we are the ones in charge. >> an extraordinary mini summit of european leaders will convene on sunday to discuss the issue in the western balkans. images such as these will certainly rming cover their visit.
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>> yet to be developed, prime minister david cameron says more deals are set to be made. >> not only for china to invest in the united kingdom, but for businesses to grow in china. we should increase our economic cooperation with the u.k. as the partner of clois for china in the west. >> protesters have blocked a highway in india after the death of two children burnt alive at an arson attack. set home in faridabad on fire. their mother is currently in critical condition in hospital. police in mexico have been accused of helping joaquin el chapo guzman to escape from
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prison in july. supervised the construction of the one and a half kilometer tunnel that el chapo justified for escape. -f. balloon of dilma rousseff, legislators accused rousseff with involvement in the. >> simply cannot afford them. but their calls to lawmakers were quickly met by stun grenades fired by riot police.
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johannesburg university management announced 18% fee like, according to the student relevant council, 25% of the students require financial aid. >> the vast majority are from the working class. those students cannot afford a like in fees. strategic methodic used 50 university to actually systematically seclude students from the university. >> students demand he the fee increases be scrapped. the key and the spare for the vice chancellor. now capped fee increases at 6%. >> yes, it's a challenge but i wouldn't call it a crisis because we do have ways and means of discussing the matter. and i'm hopeful that through direct discussion and negotiations and compromises, common solutions can actually be
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found. >> yet students have managed to shut down all major universities in the country. students here at the university of pretoria, emergency management had dropped registration fees for about $150. students say that's not about good none. one of them is law student marta ppataki who owes the university for this year's tuition already. >> i was raised by a single mother. now my main breadwinner is my grandmother who is a pensioner needless to say that doesn't go far. >> despite receiving more money, the financial aid scheme helped
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1300 fewer students this year. the protests have spread to at least 11 institutions across the country with students promising to fight on. famida miller, al jazeera, jones. >> you can catch up with the latest news on our website, capital crime. washington, d.c. thought it had crime under control. this summer, though, proved that wrong. >> pow pow pow pow pow. you could see you know, guy running through the door, and he's bleeding. >> "america tonight"'s lynch on "america tonight"'s "america tonight"'s