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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 22, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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o. >> with 53 palestinians and nine israelis killed in the last week. u.s. secretary of state john kerry heads to a meeting with benjamin netanyahu. i'm fauziah ibb yo ibrahim. in de la. first trip abroad of bashar al-assad in four years. to moscow.
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and joe biden will not run for the white house. plus. >> the artists responding to the world refugee crisis. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is set to meet with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu in a few hours in berlin. they will be discussing the rising violence in israel and the owbd palestinia occupied pan territory. barnaby phillips has the story about. >> he's already met angela merkel, the german chancellor. angela merkel said she would push hard for a two state
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solution. benjamin netanyahu accusing palestinians of terror attacks and accusing the palestinian leadership of insightment and lies. perhaps the john kerry meeting on thursday morning offers some grounds for diplomatic movement forward because john kerry is later expected to fly to the middle east and meet with mahmoud abbas. but we are not seeing any tangible signs of progress yet. >> meanwhile the u.n. he secretary-general ban ki-moon is urging both sides to pull back from what he calls a dangerous escalation. he meets with mahmoud abbas in ramallah on wednesday. >> this deserves renewed attention settlement activity busy israel is illegal. and only inflames the tension while reinforcing the sense that the viability of the two state
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solutions is disappearing. we cannot ignore sense of desperation that comes with the slow evaporation of hope. >> but diplomatic efforts have little hope. stefanie dekker has the latest from ramallah. >> when one of these incidents occur, one incident on late wednesday night, in the intrangs oentranceof jerusalem, man was d killed. different narrative coming out from the israeli police saying two soldiers actually tried to board a bus, the man trying to get off the bus, asked for his identification, he refused, punched shot the soldiers, that
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man is an israeli jew. initial reports from the police that a palestinian had rammed his car into a group of israelis standing on the side of the road, the story changed, the official story was, the vic was pelted by stones, the soldiers called for backup and the palestinian car backed up and purposely ran into the other vehicle. he was shot and killed. extremely tense situation, difficult to tell who did what. that shows you the tensions on the ground, suspicions by people but very difficult to get the real narrative on many of the events that are occurring but certainly concerning and that's why we're seeing this diplomatic pusho try and appease. but i think it's going to be
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difficult to have that translate to the ground. we'll have to wait and see what happens here if the situation calms down, at the moment still extremely tense. >> max bloomenthat'lenthisenento bears particularly in east jerusalem where 300,000 people live at the mercy of the israeli police right after the israeli government authorized those police to use live am nis
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against stonammunitionagainst s. the violence is being carried out by a generation of palestinian youth ages 13 o28 who have really no connection to palestinian factions who are acting on their own, rebelling against an occupation which is the only reality they know, and so there's no address to go to, to negotiate. there is no leader to assassinate for israel and there's no leader to negotiate with. >> the russian defense ministry says its planes have struck dozens of targets in syria the last 24 hours. these pictures appear to show suspected russian strikes on the rebel held homs province after they say the syrian government backed by the russian air strikes has been bombing the area for the past two weeks, have been supported 50 west and gulf arab states.
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meanwhile the u.s. is criticizing russia for hosting the syrian president during a surprise stroif visit to moscow. bashar al-assad's first trip abroad since war broke out in 2011. rory challands has more from moscow. >> it is one of the political surprises the russian president so loves to pull. bashar al-assad who hasn't left syria since his country's uprising began four years ago visiting mostly cloudy unannounced. >> translator: the terrorism spreading today would without your decisions and actions have spread to more territories and states not just in our region but to other regions, too. >> reporter: russia air strikes have allowed assad the go on the offensive after months of set backs. they have also according to the
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syrian observatory for human rights killed 373 people, 127 citizens and 303 fighters. >> translator: we assume that the long term solution may be reached on the basis of the latest military developments and political process with participation from all political, ethnic and religious groups. >> the west insists that assad should step down soon but putin still shoi shows no sign of abandoning his ally. a recent poll shows a clear majority of russians support an air campaign. state tv has pushed the war into many homes. the russian computer gaming
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generation, this film matched to a dance music sound track. but most here say they have no desire to see russian troops in syria. they have always been told that long messy wars in the middle east is something united states does not russia. rory challands, al jazeera, moscow. it's been a sitting debate, would the sitting vice president be willing to ru run for top job quj patty culhane reports. >> as he walked out to the rose garden vice president joe bind very much sounded like a candidate. >> we can do this and when we do america won't just win the
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future, we will own the finish line. >> reporter: but biden decided he won't even make it to the starting line in the race for president. he sounds very much like the man who wants to run but he says he doesn't have time to launch a credible campaign. his decision delayed by his mourning for his son bo who died last may. huge gain for former secretary of state hillary clinton. >> i believe that hillary clinton will almost certainly be the democrats' presidential nominee. i do not see any scenario under which senator bernie sanders could beat her in a head to head contest. >> reporter: clinton considered more hawkish that her opponents. this trip she recently took on
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postponing negotiations between israel and palestine on a two state solution. >> it is very difficult to figure out how the israelis and the palestinians can put together a deal until they know what's going to happen in syria and until they know will jordan remain stable and supportive of the peace process because jordan with both this king and the prior king have done and what's going to happen in lebanon. >> i'm looking to continue to work with this man to get it done. >> reporter: biden warned that he would locally defend the obama administration and push issues he cares about but as he walks away from running he leaves behind much of the influence he has. patty culhane, al jazeera, washington. the first round of reunion for north and south koreans come to a close today. families separated by war for 65 years acknowledge nearly 400
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south koreans were allowed to travel north. a final round will be held on saturday. harry fawcett sent this report from seoul. >> families were all too aware of the bittersweet shortness of the visit. this is day that reality sets in, final meetings and indeed final farewells. these farewells will be the last time they get osee husbands and wives, it is children, somewhat more distant familial relationships, uncles and cuz i cousins. death of one or another of the feamefamilies involved.
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those who have been able to be traced in north korea and on monday that will be it, the entire event will wrap up. the question of course is whether a more regularized process of such event can now take place. because there are tens of thousands of people in south korea who are on the list of applicants for family reunions. that depends on the political relationship between north and south. talking about their joyful nature claiming a good deal of credit for the fact that they've come about at all and also looking towards a commitment between interpersonal relations, south korea said they're open to any kind of dialogue. it's hard to tell how this will go in the next few months. the hope is that they will be more regular going forward. >> still to come here oal
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jazeera: hillary clinton prepares to answer questions on how she dealt with an attack on a u.s. embassy in libya. and a surprise hit in mexico!
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>> as violence intensifies. >> the growing israeli perception is that no place is safe. >> get the latest news in-depth. >> we should stand up for what we believe and defend ourselves. >> mr. netanyahu is playing with fire. this fire is dangerous for both our people. >> stay with al jazeera for continuing coverage. >> a quick recap now of the top stories on al jazeera and u.s. secretary of state john kerry is set to meet with benjamin netanyahu in a few hours to discuss the rising violence in israel and the occupied territories. in the latest unrest on wednesday a palestinian man was shot dead after he allegedly
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drove his car into israeli soldiers in the occupied west bank. five soldiers were injured. the u.s. has criticized russia for hosting the syrian president during a surprise visit to moscow. bashar al-assad met with his russian counterpart vladimir putin on wednesday. it's believed to be his first trip abroad since the syrian civil war began in 2011. and u.s. vice president joe biden has decided not run in the 2016 presidential election. hopes for hillary clinton to be chosen as the candidate for the democratic party for white house. serving as searvegh secretaf state as four americans died in benghazi. kimberly halkett reports. >> three years later, why it
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happened is still in dispute. first blamed on a widespread reaction to an anti-islam video. u.s. state department later revealed there was no protest outside the embassy. >> what difference does it make? we are trying to prevent it from ever happening again senator. >> spent $4.5 million to do just that. calling back to capitol hill, former secretary of state hillary clinton who was in charge at the time. since 2012, there have been multiple hearings and reports but no new details about the attack. instead what the republican led committee did uncover is during her time as secretary of state, clinton had been using a private e-mail server for potentially classified information.
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>> there's an investigation as to her e-mails. whether she is brought to justice on those remains to be seen but the fact is, she brought this on herself, not the republicans and not the congress. >> after a televised interview with the number 2 leader in the house of representatives kevin mccarthy, accusing the committee of conducting nothing more than a smear campaign. to destroy hillary clinton's presidential ambitions. >> the republicans finally admitted. >> everyone thought hillary clinton was unbeatable right? but we put together a benghazi special committee. what are her numbers today? >> this is all about a taxpayer funded political campaign to derail the ambitions of hillary clinton, ladies and gentlemen that is a problem. >> especially for the victims' families who just want an explanation for poor security in benghazi the night their
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relatives died. kimberly halkett, al jazeera, washington. demand to punish iran for its latest military test. they say the ballistic miferl wamissilewas capable of delivera nuclear weapons. lifting of sanctions in exchange for trawn curbin iran e enriching of 800 number. uranium.
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>> iran says this was a precision guided missile for possibly reaching israel. to say that iran is violating the nuclear deal reached over the summer, when that deal goes into full effect the resolution prohibiting the missile launches is actually set to expire, of course that hasn't happened yet. and united states and its partners seem to be sending a message to iran that they are watching. since fighting started in march, despite agreements to begin peace talks there's been more fighting on the ground in yemen as osama ben javad reports. >> reporter: like most households this is the part where you would keep your child's carlos, but hchild's cll
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can smell his son's consent. >> son's scent. >> residents blame houthi rebels who are fighting to control the city of ta'izz. and his words echo the fears of thousands of other children in war torn yemen. he says don't bury me, the medics assure him he will survive. but he died. friends can't believe he died. >> we were all of playing here and some of us returned home moments before the shell fell on him. we were all scared. my uncle was hit by shrapnel. may god punish him.
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>> another child becomes a victim in a war fought by adults. >> at least another 573 children have been killed, and another 800 have been asked, we see the consequence he of conflict where all -- everyone is in this war, is responsible for the death of children being it air strikes, shelling. knife attacks. >> more fighting in ta'izz, more air strikes. more than a dozen people were killed in these residential areas, reportedly hit by houthi shells. but houthisly blame saud houthi. >> what's building today, what's in the country, our generation
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of children, in the future, millions of children who aren't going to be educated, building many more problems for the future. >> each parents is yet another family to bury their child. unless adults can find a way to stop the fighting. 'em osama beosamaal jazeera. >> the plight of refugees, alex seaton's works are on display,
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hopefully to help. >> after his father was murdered by the taliban he fled afghanistan as a child coming by pakistan and indonesia to australia's christmas island on board an overcrowded ferry. >> he says you can't two back to syria, it's a hot journey. >> he did make it but thousands didn't, drowning between their ship and the islands. attitudes towards the refugees taking to the sea. this scene feels familiar from news reports, it hints that
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suffering and death. >> i use a lot of marble which has a strong memorial tradition and to create awareness by creating any. >> works like this, someone died, discarded life jackets as if strewn along the beach and these, which seem like dozens of children's paper boat but made with marble. >> the first the ar i tift knew about this was 2013, 20 trean. the refugee cries its in europe has may his work just as relevant there. thousands have tried to cross the mediterranean, the journey was developed in paris and seems familiar to then watching the
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situation in europe. >> speaking to the humidity at the latter of the refugee crisis and the seen of. seen. scene. the artist most wants to engage. andrew thomas, al jazeera, sydney. police have arrested people who help joaquin guzman escape from jail last may. the wur 1.5 meter tunnel that ws dug to help him escape. >> bringing one of of their
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country's ancient ball games to the event. john holman has the story. >> first comes the ritual. dmending the players to the full winds and mother earth. then battle begins. this is the bowl game of the people from southwest mexico, they say it's been around for more than 5,000 years and this week it's on its way, symon lazaro will tell us how the game the is played. >> at indigenous people, our cussments can share what we are or do. >> it's the most traditional store in the country. fast and rough it's attracting young players from village kids to university students like
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carla searching for something differently. >> football's gotten really commercial but here we leave it all over the street. we don't need grass, we run over stones, that's more exciting. >> reporter: instead of goals, the aim of these two teams is to do what that did there, chalked at the end of the street, and that's the beauty of this game, it can be played just about anywhere. blessing thblessing the harvest. it's a part of themselves, just as that is at the heart of traditions. >> translator: it's really important that we keep hold of our cultural roots, that's what gives us our oil. we know who we are in this world.
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>> symon is already packing his bags. in his heart lands, the game is alive and strong. john holman, al jazeera, southwest mexico. >> you can always head to our website for the latest news and analysis. >> i'm ali velshi. "on target" tonight. the billionaire cps bold move. i''s bold move.i'm talking aboud branson. america's pr