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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> hillary clinton faces off against republicans in a marathon 11 hour congressional hearing over benghazi. welcome to al jazeera, i'm fauziah ibrahim in doha. coming up, 70 inmates are rest rescued from a prison in northern iraq. and slovenia ss the eu inform help.
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as 12,000 refugees arrive in just 24 hours. former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has faced intense republican questioning in a marathon congressional hearing investigating her actions over attacks in bengha benghazi. u.s. ambassador and three others were killed in 2012. kimberly halkett reports. >> it is the second time hillary clinton has appeared before a congressional committee to answer questions what happened in 2012 in benghazi, libya when four americans died. but the head of the committee insists those questions were different. >> this was diverse in scope. >> i've lost more sleep than all
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of you put together. i have been racking my brain about what more could have been done. >> reporter: this is the 9th investigation in more than 17 months. four and a half million have been spent but turned up few new details. democrats he charge the true motivation of the congressional committee is to destroy carolina's presidential ambitions. >> americans are squandering millions of dollars on this abusive attempt to scuttle secretary clinton's put campaign. >> one from the ambassador who ultimately lost his life. >> why has no one been held accountable? how come a single person did not lose a single paycheck?
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>> ththe combative hearing wentn for hours. >> i move we put into the record the entire tript o transcript oy bloomebloomenbloomenthal. >> i would like us to get back to those times, congressman. beirut we lost far more americans not once, but twice, within a year. there was no partisan effort. people rose above politics, a democratic congress worked with a republican administration. >> despite hearing from its star witness, the committee says its work is not yet complete. it will be interviewing more witnesses in months to come and issuing a final definitive
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report in 2016. kimberly halkett, washington. >> said clinton succeed in avoiding major dmam to her 2016 campaign. >> the general consensus is she has done very, very well. republicans figure they're getting in blows but by and large what is said about her appearance is she has remained calm, professional, has had a lot of facts at her fingertips and handled herself very well, high marks. republicans without thinking through what they were saying, the purpose was to get hillary clinton. the chief of which is kevin mccarthy, head of the majority
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in the house. he was trying to impress his host but the final fact is we have ended up with skepticism whether these hearings were partisan and fed into that skepticism. freeing 70 hostages from i.s.i.l. custody. one american soldier was killed in the raid. first american combat death in four years. operation took place in kirkuk province. rosiland jordan has more now from washington, d.c. >> reporter: i.s.i.l. has held the rak iraqi town of howaga sie 2013. the pentagon said the raid
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turned deadly. >> one u.s. service man was wounded during the raid, after they came under fire by i.s.i.l. he subsequent died after receiving medical care. >> reporter: the unnamed service member was the first american to die in iraq since the u.s. withdrew in 2011 and the first to die in the u.s. led fight against i.s.i.l. there are now questions about whether the obama administration has broken its promise to not deploy combat troops. >> u.s. forces are not in a combat role in iraq. this was a support mission in which they were providing support to the iraqi -- to the kurdistan regional government and u.s. forces north in an active combat mission in iraq, i can say that directly. >> for much of 2015 there has been speculation about whether iraqi forces are ready to retake territory from i.s.i.l. despite the loss of the u.s.
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special ops member, could be seen as a test run for alarger operation. rosiland jordan, al jazeera, washington. >> the israeli military says a sol hesoldier has been stabbed d palestinian has been shot. u.s. secretary of state says he is cautiously encouraged that tensions between israelis and palestinians can ease. john kerry last held several hours of talks with benjamin netanyahu in germany. he will hold further talks on sat. as the violence continues, israelis are rushing to arm themselves against possible palestinian attacks. encouraging civilians with gun licenses to carry them. >> they say it's never been busier in this shooting range as an israeli settlement in
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occupied west bank. get cleared for a firearms license unlike other israeli citizens. more than 150,000 guns are privately owned in israel. add to that private security firms and all of the security forces and services. and that's a colossal amount of fire power on the streets. >> we literally can't believe how fast our predictions have proven right. because in the past few days there have been repeated killings of nen innocent people. >> palestinian israeli and international human rights organizations say there's a shoot to kill policy and there have been summary executions. israeli forces deny such cases being used. southern israel shot by a private security officer. disputed accounts of how a palestinian man was killed by a
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jewish settler in hebron. soldiers made no attempt to disarm him. many israeli civilians are setting out on an offensive of their own. this gun club in west jerusalem has sold out of cs gas and its sale of all sorts of weapons are up 400%. >> what about yourself, do you carry a gun all the time? what do you carry? >> and back at the israeli settlement shooting range there's a massive increase in the number qualifying to carry a gun. >> 200% up, 400% up because the situation you know people afraid. but these families we need to care for ourselves. >> reporter: it takes just a day for these settlers to be tested and then receive a firearms permit.
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andrew simmons, al jazeera in the occupied west bank. >> the swedish prime minister expressed great sorrow after an attack at oschool. a police spokesman refused to comment on the fact that he was a far right extremist. charlie angela reports. >> people felt it was a joke when they saw a man appear at their school. when approached buy teacher he stabbed him, then went looking for more victims. >> we were sitting in a cafe and this guy came in wearing a mask and carrying a sword. he stabbed my teacher. he banged on the classrooms and stabbed people there. >> as he roamed the school he
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locked students in the classrooms. >> he was searching systematically in the school building. we can follow the blood trail in the courtrooms as he knocks ton door when people opens them, he stabs them. one of these people has died. the condition of those who remain in hospital is very serious. >> there was chaos and confusion at dronan school in the southwestern town of trohattan. the students and teachers were told to stay snide for hours. the attacker was a 21-year-old from town, they know his identity but not his motive. they believe he was acting alone. incidents so rare the last one was 1961. the prime minister has called it a black day for sweden.
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charlie angela, al jazeera, sweden. >> the search for the world's most wanted drug lord. i'm john holman, i'll tell you more, coming up.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target >> you're watching al jazeera. a quick reminder now of our top stories. former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has faced tough questions from republican lawmakers over an attack in 2012 in benghazi, libya, four people
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were killed. one u.s. soldier was killed in the raid of northern town in iraq, first american combat death in iraq in four years. an israeli soldier has been stabbed next to a jewish settlement in west jerusalem. the attacker has been shot. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is heading to the region saturday in an effort to ease tensions. india is holding talks with african trade minister, to secure ties with the african continent. bilateral trade has increased tenfold, from $3 billion to $71 billion last year. india's key exports to africa are pharmaceuticals, and cars.
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are transport throughout continent. meanwhile, india's main import is crude oil, gem stones and chemicals. however, the relationship is still grossly underutilized as india only sends 12% of its exports to africa. senegal is one country that india is investing in heavily. the two nations have struck an $80 million deal to upgrade the senegalese mode of transport. >> every morning, no matter how hard she tries, abby jetta is always running late for work. finding reliable transportation isn't easy. this is best option. they're called car rapide but
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they are anything but fast. frequent stops break down and traffic education make congestis the worst part of her day. >> the buses always smell of gasoline, such and un11th part of the day. >> imported from france, these drivers have added colorful touches to the exoors bu exterin the inside it hasn't changed for years. >> translator: these advance are dangerous and not adapted for a modern city. our goal is to replace them with a vehicle that provides better service for those working in town. >> what could replace the car
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rapide, they chose the india version. the india car make are was cheaper and was willing to modify its vehicles to adapt to senegalese driving. very similar to what you find had dacar, the india manufacturer believes it has the know-how to get people from the suburbs into the city and keys congest the metropolis. >> we ourselves are a developing country, we do understand the kind of technology which is required. >> so tata is betting on this, the magic a ace. it is a no-frills van. no electronics just a strong
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engine. but it still needs to convince african consumers. tata is testing in senegal, more headroom and better suspensions. making abby's journey home a little less bumpy but still a long journey home. >> let's look at the clos india-africa ties. joining me from new delhi. thank you for being with us. modi, prime minister modi has described this year's efforts as tremendously scaled up. so why has new delhi now decided to set its sights on africa? >> one, africa has entered a
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very interesting stage economically. it is among the fastest growing areas in the world now. africa has posted an average growth of almost 5.5% for the last decade. and africa glppe gdp is a little than india's gdp, per capita incomes are also higher. by 2025, most of africa will become middle income which means this is going to be a great growth driver and engine for global trade and global growth and india actually wants to be a part of this. >> recognized some time ago, in the last decade china has made major inroads into africa. how do you see this playing out now as india makes its own play into africa? >> i don't think this is a
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competition between india and china. india needs africa as much as china needs africa. we need to sell to africa to pay for resources. same situation with china. nobody is doing charity here. india last come to a certain stage in its economic growth where its oil imports are rising, it imports many oil and needs money to pay for it. >> right, right. africa just moving away from economic ties for awhile, africa does have 54 members in the u.n. do you see this helping india play a more effective role on the global stage? >> well, this is also very important. but i think economic role is even more important, because it sustains india's economy and if india grows wealthier and
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stronger, and has stronger links with africa, then i'm sure it can expect african support for it on the international stage. certainly nothing to be ignored. >> mohan burswari, thank you for joining us. since neighboring hungary closed its border on friday, slovenia has asked for help from the eu. robin forester walker is there. >> outside, najeeb was reluctant to speak on camera. he's been pepper-sprayed earlier.
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he's leading eight men women and children. this is his latest indignity. >> they don't treat you as human. you ask them something, they don't answer. no food no water, no blanket nothing. can you see the kids are sick now. >> reporter: unfortunately, we're being prevented from speaking to these people, and nobody in authority will talk to us about why they seem to have so little in the way of clothing food and water, and why they've been waiting so long. buses have started to arrive now, so we are expectation them finally to be moving off but they have been waiting for hours. adnan a volunteer, estimates two and a half thousand are waiting here. >> if they don't know the
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information it feels like guantanamo bay, like americans are doing. being locked up politics going on. >> reporter: to see how bad things have got, the eu sent its commissioner of migration to slovenia on thursday. >> the commission stands by slovenia and we are ready to assist the country both technically and financially. >> over 12,500 refugees in 24 hours, according to official estimates. hungary's closing of borders has changed the course of the movement. allen forester walker. al jazeera, slovenia.
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>> el chapo, the search from helicopters. john holman reports. >> displaced mexicans, scared and desperate for help. many have moved from their villages in the sierra madre mountains. >> we walked for three days day and night. by the second day i had no shoes. sometimes there wasn't a drop of water to drink. >> reporter: they're fleeing the mexican navy whose helicopters fired on several communities before ground troops stormed through. they were hunting this man, joaquin guzman, known as el chapo, the country's most notice or the yours drug road. as she looks at a video of her
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bullet-riddled home, she remembers running to try to protect her two-year-old daughter. >> i cried and screamed and begged them not to harm us. i told them we weren't bad people. we wanted them to talk to us like the government did before but the only thing they did was shoot at us, without caring who was there or who they killed. >> reporter: when we visited the village the day before, we found only animals, all the owners had fled. to suddenly see navy helicopters in the sky and have their houses peppered with artillery. the people living here are still too scared to come back. it is just the latest of incidents where military have
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trampled people's rights. >> military forces are meant to kill not detain people and take them before authorities. that means there are frequent human rights complaints against them. >> reporter: many support or at least fear el chapo in the mountains where he was born and raised. entering these people's communities and homes but won them few new friends. john holman, elverano, mexico. accused of receiving bribes and allowing planes carrying cocaine to leave the country, the first time in a decade that a military officer was arrested for drug trafficking. nearly 270 tons of cocaine is smuggled out of peru every year. well there's a new kid on the sesame street block. a little girl with autism could be joining the program which helps millions of children to
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learn. as rob matheson reports, the show wants to focus on the things they have in common. >> reporter: meet julia, who according to sesame street does things a little bit differently. julia is autistic. >> we hope this will help children understand autism and promote greater acceptance but more importantly also stress the commonalities that all children share and julia is a wonderful ambassador for that. >> reporter: sesame street producers say they have been working with autism support groups as they develop the character. roughly 1 in every 68 children in the u.s. alone is affected by the condition. >> julia actually talks a little bit about her differences. how she may not look you directly in the eye but that
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doesn't mean she's not being your friend. >> reporter: sesame street is not a stranger in dealing with tough subjects. in 1982, the main character big bird had to deal with the death of his best friend, mr. hoorp. mr. hooper. >> mr. hooper died,. >> i'll give it to him when he comes back. >> big bird, mr. hooper is not coming back. >> there is speculation that bert and ernie are gay. but they just have a special friendship. the first time a tv show was shaped by educational goals and a curriculum. by 2009 it had been shown in more than 140 countries. sesame street's first character with autism will appear in a digital pook.
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whethebook. whether julia eventually will become a regular character will depend. rob matheson. al jazeera. >> you can get all the latest at our website, >> i'm ali velshi on target tonight. china builds island bases in the middle of a crucial trade route. and the bet on the bahamas might go bust. this is another sign of president obama's pivot to asia. the united states has joined japan and india in a week of