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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> this is the news hour. live from london. coming up, hurricane patricia due to hit soon. mexico braces itself for the biggest storm in the western hemisphere. south africa's government forcing the president to take down the increase in their school fees. and fight against drugs is a
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major election issue as argentina prepares to go to the polls. >> i'm robin adams in doha with all the sport. we're capping town with the finals which get under way in just a couple of hours. we'll hear from the springboks and all blacks just a little later. >> hello there, great to have you with us. the greatest hurricane in the western hemisphere is due to hit mexico imminently. a state of emergency has been declared as they await hurricane patricia. the category 5 storm is equal to the hurricane that hit the philippines where up to a thousand people still remain
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missing. this is where patricia is tracking at the moment. it predicts that it will make landfall with wind speeds of 325 kilometers an hour. john holman reports now from mexico. >> these seas are beginning to rage. these buildings will shortly be battered. it won't be possible for tourists t stroll along the beach. hurricane patricia is on its way. >> it's very probably that this hurricane will effectively be the most intense hurricane as it existed in this parts of the pacific in our country since records began in 1949. >> this is an historic storm in many ways, the strongest-ever recorded in the pacific. the fastest ever to develop, but residents have been given some time to prepare. >> i mean, i am doing well here with my mother. they told us it was going to be category 4, and after monitoring
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it has been raised to category 5. now they say there will be protections, special sites where people can stay. >> we didn't buy that much because they regularly say that a hurricane will come, but sometimes they don't hit. that's why the majority don't participate that much. >> experts say this is not a storm to take lightly. >> mexico has a lot of mountains. and the terrain is very dry, most of the damage and casualt casualties are associated with flooding from rainfall. >> it's hard to imagine what wind gusts up to 400 kilometers per hour will feel like. the damage that it can cause. the meteorologists say hundreds of thousands of people are about to find out. there is a category 5 hurricane comes ashore. >> south africa's president has announce he'll freeze a fee increase proposed for university
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students next year. it follows a massive demonstration by thousands of university students who oppose the raise, and they're calling for free education. >> a second-year student at the johannesburg university. he has been part of opportunity protests demanding the scrapping of proposed pee increases. higher costs mean thousands of students may not be able to afford an university education. >> protests culminate in a march to the union buildings, the country seat of power. president zuma met with students and university leadership behind closed door, but protests quickly turned ugly. >> we're angry. we're very angry.
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for the past month we've been peaceful. >> after hours of negotiations, finally word from the president. >> undewe agree that there will be a zero increase of university fees in 2016. >> news of the agreement trickled through to students. celebrations were short lived. as soon as the announcement made that there would be a zero zero-percent fee increase in 2016, the police started disperse students with stun grenades and tear gas. students say they're angry at the police response to their demonstration. >> on the grounds they started to shoot us. we didn't know why they wanted to, but they sprayed us with tear gas any way. >> i feel it's very depressing
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because we have children, but they're shooting their own children here. >> president zuma's response is a short-term solution with equal education still the ultimate goal. al jazeera, pretoria. >> we're joined in studio by the spokesman for a political party in south africa. a very warm welcome to the program. now the point of the demonstrations was to show that the students were serious, and to some degree it has worked. >> absolutely. this is very important for the government to have a wake-up call. that students are--they have real concerns. they can't just keep ignoring all these con ti constituencies. >> is it shorts term to freeze the fees. >> the freeze is welcomed for next year but there are still fundamental problems. one of them is structural.
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the governmenteeds to subsidize the students because education is the future. and then there are roots in the inefficiency of the government. the government doesn't listen to the groups and there is wasteful spending. there are a number of very key roots to this to be solved. >> jacobson, they would come out and talk at the podium. and what do you make of the way the government handled things. we've seen a forceful approach by the police. what is the government worried about? >> by going up they hav i think president zuma was scared to go out and face the crowd as he was two days ago in parliament, and the protesters and students broke through the precinct. they know they have no leg to stand on. they know they have no more ground to be there. they don't have any more authority any more. >> just looking at social media,
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i get the feeling of what has happened is not the end of it. there are some who say they will not go back to school on monday. they're planning other protests and so on. what does the government need to do to show that it's committed for some sort of change that will satisfyify the students in the longer term, i'm thinking? >> first they need to come up with a credible plan. how are they going to fix long-term funding? how are they going to sap thos sap--satisfy those students. and they need to start listening to the people. they can't sit behind their de desks. this is the first time in our history since our democracy that mass protest got same-day reaction where the government made announcement on the back of these protests. very pivotal day for us, and that these protests made a real impact. not just the talk afterwards.
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>> thank you very much for joining us. >> let's take a look now at some live pictures from puerto vallarta. this is where they expect patricia to make landfall in the next few years. we don't know when it's expected to bring extremely strong winds and huge amount of rainfall. we can talk to john holman, who is in mexico, as he joins us live on the phone. hi there, john, to some degree mexico is used to hurricanes during it's hurricane season. but this storm is quite different, isn't it? >> yes. they're really going to be stretched to their limits on this one. i spoke t with spokesman of the
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government of how they're going to deal with this hurricane. they said basically what they've done is move most of the people, those who are willing to go in shelters from their villages, their hotels, and to wait out the rest of the storm. once the storm passes, what is going to happen then? the person i spoke to said that a lot of these villages, they're not concrete homes. they're homes built of wood. homes built of dried mud and things like that. when this hurricane passes it's going to leave an incredible amount of devastation, and then it will be up to the authority to help them out. >> one of the ladies that we saw in the piece earlier mentioned because this happens a lot with hurricane, some people are not convinced by the government's reports that it is going to be the big one, as it worship. have they been able to convince most people to take sanctuaries somewhere else? >> one of the people we spoke to
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said yes. there are a lot of people still in their hotels in puerto vallarta, there are a lot of journalists. they said at the moment it seems calm a little bit of rain and they're relaxing there. that speaks to the attitude of the people in the area who say that the hurricane this time of year is the norm, and it can be difficult to take in that this is going to be the mother of all hurricanes, something completely out of the ordinary. and at the moment we're in guadalajara, there is reasonbly heavy rain, and it's quite difficult to believe almost that in just a few hours this is going to be a very difficult situation. >> john holman joining me on the line from guadalajara. thank you for that update. still to come. claims that seven medical facilities have been hit in
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syria since russia began its aerial campaign. plus, unrest in the republic of congo where referendums are being held to see if the president can stand for a third term. and in sports... >> in the championships in doha, finding out if the sporting event can change attitudes towards disability. >> in occupied east jerusalem, restrictions have been lifted on who is able to enter al-aqsa mosque site. it has been at the heart of violence in israel. we have more from occupied east jerusalem. >> young and old, male and female arrive for friday prayers.
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unlike in recent weeks there are no police check points to navigate. those who have been closely checking each identity on past fridays are now relaxing and simply watching and the palestinian people pass by 37 the scenes were not as peaceful in many parts of the west bank. activist groups declare a day of rage, and there was sporadic fighting between demonstrators and the israeli army in a number of years. the wider israeli occupation remains in place, a critical context for the easing of restrictions of the al-aqsa compound. >> this is the only country in the whole world where they have been occupied and treating people miserable. enough is enough. but the palestinians need to be free. >> this tenuous calm on this day in this place bring hope for those seeing a reduction.
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>> the lifting of restrictions and the meeting benjamin netanyahu had with secretar u.s. secretary of state. the question many ask in the light of the calm that prevails since the restrictions have been listed, why were the restrictions imposed in the first place. mike hanna, al jazeera, east jerusalem. >> well, the restrictions may have been lifting, but it has not improved th for those living in the area. >> returning for prayers from the al-aqsa compound. restrictions have been eased, but life at home gets harder by
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the day. >> it's very hard. >> there are frees in and out of the area, but concrete blocks the traffic in all but one of them. the security forces say this they sealed off the village to keep the piece. this is the center of the village and confrontation point between the forces and palestinians protesters. for anyone living in the facility it's a nightmare. >> but it turned out to be worse than that five days ago. 65-year-old had enheld large amounts of tear gas in her home. her husband said in the early hours of tuesday, she became survively ill. but soldiers held him for a half hour before taking her to the
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hospital. but it was too late. >> what happened to me didn't matter. this side of the till advantage was not blocked. it took me just a couple of minutes and we might have saved here. >> there are 20,000 people in this village, and that ambulance cannot even come to my house. >> the police say that preference is always given to humanitarian cases, and there was no delay at this checkpoint. from his balcony he can see how they have blocked the area. he said he's moving, where it is safer.
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>> two 200 palestinians have been protesting in the israel settlement in the occupied west bank. they have steal bullets, where they've been throwing stones at security forces. stephanie deck kerr has this update. >> it would seem tuesdays and fridays. we have 100 to 150 youth protesting. the mention from the youth is that it's a much against the option, also what we see happening in, extremely concerned about israel's plan here. but there is i if they feel
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that their do not have the pow to do anything, then the message is the same one of resistence. they've seep had moved further and further away from reality. >> they discussed moving towards a two-state solution. >> consistent with the connecticut templated by prior agreements in order to resore with the two-state restitution, the final and end the occupation that began in is the 67. the strong commitment to act in
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ordination with regional and even and to assure and speedometeeverybody involved in the conflict. >> saudi arabia and turkey were in the talks regarding the conflicts in syria. >> the united states i want to emphasize, welcomes support in the fight against daesh. with russia wants to help in that, we welcome it. but fighting daesh makes it
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easier for assad to continue brutalizing the syrian people. >> following the agreement followed by king abdullah of jordan and the president vladimir putin. they've agreed to the activated being held. >> everything can be a target in syria these days. members of the civil defense forces say russian targeted them. they were rushing to ca rescue victims. they said they were appealing to people to leave because words circling over head before this
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happen. rescuers say that the record was fired from a russian aircraft. russian jets have hit hospitals of a few clinics before. >> they don't probably do it deliberately, but they don't care. what they're doing is they have a target that they think they need to hit. they are not worried about the collateral damage, and they're not using as many of their precision-guided weapons because they're so expensive. there is no doubt that they're allowing the aircraft to hit the hospital because they're hoping to put otherobjecttives, hitting the hotels, and killing is something they've been doing since they've been involved. >> russia denies what it calls a fake accusignificance. soon the jets are targeting a number of villages in the
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northern countryside. they say that the town was hit leaving behind untold destruction and fear. many were killed and wounded. russian aircraft struck hello reported to be in a fierce fight in areas north of homs. they say they've killed a commander of a government group. syrian state news agencies say that government forces have made gains in the northern countryside. russian warplanes struck alepp aleppo's countryside hitting many homes and storing their hopes to escape. isil published pictures it says shows the results of airstrikes which killed a number of people. al jazeera. >> 22 people have been killed and 40 others injured after
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suicide-bomb attack. the procession of mourners were attacked. it happened in the southern ci city. >> well, this particular in place in an historic city named after a mid 19th century east indian company jon jay could bees. could be--jacobs. when the suicide-bomber ag's
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truck landed several people in the hospital. people in the procession, they turned violent. saying that military forces had to be called. >> no 20 people have been killed after two bomb attacks in apology near --in nigeria's borno state. it is home to the group boko haram. 17,000 people have been killed by boko haram. more than 2.5 million of them displaced. >> the republic of congo has placed the leader on house arrest. opposition supporters have been protesting against what they say are plans for the president to remain in power. we have reports now. >> police try to clean up
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streets. there is a heavy security presence in some opposition stronghold. >> i've got fear and the gunmen are there to secure people. >> the police can't shoot us and throw grenades. the people are oppressed. we need to find a solution to this problem. >> it has an age limit and said that a president cannot run for a third term. the president is 72 years old, and has already served two seven-year terms. government officials say that the president has so far said nothing about trying to stay in power. >> he doesn't speak about this thing. i think it will be a subject within a few months.
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we're not in an election for presidency. it is for the constitution of the country. >> more protests are feared before sunday's referendum. >> some government buildings have been destroyed. this was a police station. opposition leaders say they are not giving up. >> the presidential election is due to be held in july of next year. government officials say that the proposed changes to the constitution will ultimately benefit the poor and strengthen people's rights. but many in the opposition do not believe them testimon believe them. al jazeera. >> slovenia struggles to deal with 50,000 refugees crossing its board. the latest on the french crash where 40 pensioners have been killed.
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and some of the most ancient sports we have indigenous games. we'll have that a little bit later.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. mexico's bracing for potentially catastrophic conditions as one of the strongest hurricanes on record bears down on its western coast line. for the first time in six weeks restrictions on who can enter the al-aqsa mosque counse compound has been listed. first, we have more from panama city. hi there, a warm welcome to the program. just tell us little bit about what you guys have been doing to help get everybody and everything prepared for this massive weather event. >> well, hello, julie, the
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federation of red cross is supporting mexico red cross is information on the ground. currently the mexican red cross has released items in the area close to impact, and it has approximately 400 volunteers activated once the hurricane hits the area. 782 evacuation center have been equipped to shelter approximat approximately 258 people. >> that sounds like a massive effort. how do you manage to get the message out to people? do you use social media? how do you manage to grab people's attention and tell them what is available for them? >> well, the red cross has an
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sending key messages through any media and from we're discussing how to protect ourselves from the hurricane. >> are people afraid to hear that this is going to be the biggest on record potentially. >> of course, mexico has been hit by hurricanes in the past, and mexican red cross has experience in responding to these disasters. we're just waiting to see the impact, and see how badly the area is going to be effected. >> joining me there from panama city. thank you very much for joining us.
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now a new vote posted online showing the aftermath of what they're calling a failed u.s. operation. a warning that there are graphic images of those who the u.s. has said was killed by isil. they say it resulted in the freedom of 69 hostages. they're saying that the joint effort helped to gather information on isil. >> after receiving specific intelligence that a mass excuse was imminent. as forces provided airlift support and accompany to ledg
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peshmerga. we have heard from hostaged they expected to be executed that day. their graves were reached. not only did our support provide a number mass and prevented them from broadcasting from around the world. >> a roadside bomb killed one police officer and injured three others. no one has so far claimed responsibility for that attack. calling for closed coordination from e.u. member states. as many as 50,000 people have entered the tiny country since last society.
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he has this report. >> another make for another thousand for war, another never-ending ordeal. ali from iraq wanted to make one thing clear. he isn't here by choice. >> i'm not proud to leave my country. i love my country but we are threat from militias. >> you can see from the ground that this is a well-worn route, and these are just the latest refugees to arrive i, and others keep coming. >> that's a burden that so the indian police have released this video showing the illegal proper
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were thpositions. >> they just put them through the board unexpectedly. sometimes not very good condition, this is very hard for us. >> with the prime minister's visit efficiency returns to britain's camp on friday. transportation was arranged for for them to continue their journey from the austrian border. down came the fence, and the ex-dos continues. thaslovenia. >> more than 40 pensioners were killed in a trippology out to.
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>> the truck, the coach has been entirely burned out it was carrying a group of elderly people who left the village just a few kilometers away. they were going on the day trip. the crash happened on a bend in the road which most people say is tricky to navigate. they caught fire when they ignited, leaving some passengers trapped. >> the driver of an empty timber quad lost right of. moment. they saw that the accident bag goinhappened. >> more than 40 people are now known to have perished in the
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fire the french president called the accident a travesty. they'll meet survivors and rescuers. >> it's a terrible shock, it's a terrible shock for france. today frontal system and the french people are in mourning. >> this has an investigation to learn what caused this is now under way. >> the police say that a school attack was racially motivated. most of the students are from immigrant families with right-evening tradition. >> well issuinwe have this
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report. >> the military police patrolling a slum. three hours away from the capital. rosario has become a major transit point for drugs. the commander is in charge of the operation. he said that drug gangs had taken control of the area in the city, turning it into one of the most violent in the country. >> what we have here there are some burningers filled by lie we did over 90 raids to destroy those bunkers. the situation has not improve. >> the fight against arrest sells have trit--
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>> argentina has gone from being a transit point to a producer. that has changed the dynamic of the crime. they now fight to control the territory here. >> she make makes makes drugs to make a living. >> it's very cheap, but we sell a lot. lots and lots of people are doing this in the slums. it is not difficult to get. >> it is so addictive that it is estimated that consumption has increased 200% in the last years. >> it's mixed with cocaine paste. it shows that the cocaine laboratories have spread into argentina over the last years.
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>> they say that fighting the drug trafficking rings become more difficult every day. >> we don't want to see what happens when the united states with over 100,000 people killed and in mexico, 200,000 people killed. we don't want those consequenc consequences. >> as people here are trying to cope with this growing threat, al jazeera, rosario. >> in washington, d.c. with the men and women who risk their lives during an and after the second world war. they've been given america's highest numbers. >> senegal are spans sport.
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>> coming up in sport, president xi jinping, a long-time manchester fan gets a surprise.
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>> welcome back. they were the unsung heroes of world war ii of this some of the greatest were the nazis known as the monument men risked their lives to recover artifacts across europe. 70 years on they received from the united states it's highest honor.
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>> a great part of the art treasures stolen by the nazis. >> they were an unlikely bunch of art historians, scholars, not soldiers. it was their job to find and save some of the world's great works of art during and after world war ii. adolf hitler was keen to take as many items of art as possible. >> i saw to it in my case we had quite a number of paintings that belonged to the museum in the city i was born three blocks away.
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now they've been honored with the highest medal of honor. >> no task is more precious than that. no award is greater than this. for the monument's men, we have received the congressional gold medal. >> this involved men and women from 14 nations around the world. they often went in where the bullets were flying and in the end they recovered 5 million pieces of art and literature. among the treasures recovered, rembrandt's rare self positiv portrait. and the man who wrote the work about the monument men said they were very successful. >> i heard from people around the world people don't tend to think about this quite a much, but the works of arts and
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treasures, it belongs to them. >> they did a remarkable job. i just wish they could do it where isis is where they're destroying all of these wonderful traditional monuments. it's just pitiful what is going on. >> the congressional gold medal has been won by sports stars, application, and diplomats, soldiers, too, but not soldiers like these. allen fisher, al jazeera, washington. >> and senegal, something as simple as getting to work can prove to be a mighty task. the main mode of transport is often bogged down by traffic in breakdowns. but the government is hoping to change all that. they're help to update it's transport system. we have reports from dakhar. >> every morning no matter how hard she tries, she's always running late for work. she works in town but lives in
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the suburbs. finding reliable transportation is not easy. this is the best option. they're anything but fast. frequent stops, breakdowns and traffic congestion makes this the most unpleasant part of her day. >> we're sitting here for hours, it's an unpleasant start of the day. >> imported from france the drivers have added colorful touches to the ex-tear yes, sir, but on the insid inside the basic mechanics have not been changed in more than 40 years. the state wants to get rid of them in a volume of traffic. >> these vans are dangerous and not adapted for a modern city. our goal is to relace them with vehicles that will offer more comfort and a better service for those working in town.
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>> pusthere has been discussion what will replace these vehicles, the indian carmaker was cheaper and willing to modify its vehicles to adapt to senegalese driving. >> the traffic in india is similar to the traffic you find here. so thso they believe they have the know-how to create vehicles for this environment to get people from the suburbs into the city in this growing metropolis. >> we understand the kind of vehicles required here. we ourselves are a developing country. we do understand the technology required. so they're betting on this, the
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magic ace. with 1 million sold in india it's a no frills van. there are no windows or electronics, just a strong engine. but it still needs to convince the consumers. >> it would make 9 journey a little less uncomfortable, but still a long journey home. >> now here is robin. >> thank you very much. hello there, just 17 hours away from the semifinals in the rugby world cup. the headline as to who that is. they look ahead to the south africa-new zealand game. >> they hope to be back in a
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weeks time for the final. their opening loss to japan was a humbling experience, and the springboks have treated every game since as a must-win. >> it was going all out for the final. >> part of new zealand's game plan to shut them down. >> leading by example. >> the always exciting. it's not about smash and bash like other positions can be. but it's more about how you get around the buck. >> what is more about the smash and bash are in the forwards. it's match up once again that gives new zealand seen as crucial in terming the final out come of the match.
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>> we've played evens each other since 2003, there have been a few contests, and i've been on the losing end. >> he's been lucky enough to play it for many years. >> another key area is on the wing wit, and he's expected to have a big influence. as is springs box in havana in the third world cup he needs to cross the line just one more time to take his talented 16 and become the top all-time try scorer. al jazeera. >> the first world indigenous games are about to get under way in brazil. it's bringing together ethnic groups from 24 countries across
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the globe. [singing] >> the proceedings under kay. competitors will take part in ten sports over the next several days. running, swimming, wrestling and football. the more traditional sport on the schedule, a native north american form of football that is played more with the head than the feet. >> we're just hours away from the first-ever indigenous games. we have spoken with organizers who say you won't be seeing the competitive side that olympic games might have, but also because there is a strong emphasis on the indigenous people exchanging ideas on solving problems on alcoholism and prostitution, as well as ver showcaseing dances.
5:53 pm
over all, this is an unique opportunity for people from around the world. this is a way for them to come together and exchange ideas and to showcase their cultural manifestations to the world. >> let's get the update on the latest cricket news. england has dominated against pakistan to bring themselves back in the contest. pakistan resuming pakistan with the added 96 runs. in an extended first session of 378. england started off poorly england ended the day on 182-3. and they are still 106 runs behind.
5:54 pm
>> valentino rosy could mark a return to this sport. he's on the verge of another world title. lorenzo, the spaniard, the quickest at that circuit. five world records were broken on the opening day of the paraathletic world companionships. the first time the event is being held in the middle east. andy richards has the report. >> they're not just getting ready to compete at these par paraolympics championships, they're expecting to win medals. both here in doha. and they're hoping that the efforts will inspire others.
5:55 pm
>> my nammymy name is to encourage more youngsters to take up sports. i want to be an example. in fact, my disability is a motivation for me to three harder. i want the next generation to do sport. >> this is the first time the event has been held in the middle east. it's only the second time that has been held outside of europe. organizers saying that this is a national step in their efforts to normalize attitudes a platform to show what they can rather than what they cannot do. those working in this region to promote equal opportunities in all aspect of life say the fight forceps tans is still ongoing. >> people face tremendous obstacles, whether it's in school, the workplace or getting around in their neighbors and communities and more importantly they face obstacles in the way people perceive their
5:56 pm
disability. >> the effort to remove those on stalls is one local organizers hope can be accelerated by these championships. >> we need to make it officially. we need to let the people know that they can be champion. they can be trainers. they can officials. they can be anything. >> for people to b with disabilities to be included in the same sentence as usain bolt is a powerful vehicle for people to change how they see disabilities. >> just one more example of what can be achieved. andy richardson, al jazeera, doha. >> a rather interesting on china's president, xi jinping, a
5:57 pm
self confessed manchester united rivals who has visited their competitors manchester city. they took the time to take a photo with aguero and then visited the hall of fame to see chinese and u.k. player. with that let's send it back to you to julie in london. >> you can find out more on our website. you can see our main story at the moment. we're paying very much attention to this super storm. this super hurricane that is about to hit. in a few minutes' time we'll be back with more. we'll be back in a couple of moments. we'll see you then.
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bye bye. >> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et >> i've been asked to keep my voice down cause we are so close to the isil position >> who is in charge,
5:59 pm
and are they going to be held to accout? >> but know we're following the research team into the fire >> they're learning how to practice democracy... >> ...just seen tear gas being thrown... >> ...glad sombody care about us man... >> several human workers were kidnapped... >> this is what's left of the hospital >> is a crime that's under reported... >> what do you think... >> we're making history right now... >> al jazeera america
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>> hurricane patricia due to hit soon. mexico braces itself for the biggest storm in the western hemisphere. hello there. i'm julie mcdonald. this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up. [ explosions ] >> student protests as south africa university presidents back down on a student increase. israel eases restrictions on the al-aqsa mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem