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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> a huge record-breaking storm smashes into mexico with 260 kilometer per hour winds. i'm darren jordan. our top story, hurricane patricia. forecasters warning its effects could be potentially catastrophic. issues around the al-aqsa mosque, and jacob zuma withdraws
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a universities fee like after massive student protests. the strongest hurricane ever recorded has landed on the shores of mexico. john holman reports. >> battered buildings and surging seas. hurricane patricia has hit mexico. >> translator: it's very probable that this hurricane will effectively being the most intense hurricane that has existed in this part of the pacific in our country since records began if 1949. >> this is an historic storm in many ways. the strongest ever recorded in the pacific, the fastest ever to develop but residents were given some time to prepare. >> translator: i'm doing well with my mother. they had told us it was going to
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be category 4 and after monitoring it's been raised to category 5. now they will tell us there's protections spesht sites where people can say. >> we really didn't buy that much they regularly say a hurricane will come, but sometimes they don't hit. that's why the majority don't participate that much. >> emergency precautions have been taken. >> along the coast of jalisco, shelters of approximately 258 people. a passive hurricane and we are just waiting to see the impact and see how badly the area is going to be affec affected. >> the greatest damage may not be from high winds but from flooding and landslides and the center of mexico unused to such high quantities of rain.
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john holman, al jazeera, guadalajara, mexico. >> andy gallagher joins us from mexico city. this has been described as the most powerful hurricane ever. talk about the effects on the pacific coast. >> in the last few minutes we just heard from the authorities who represent three of the states who are in the path of hurricane patricia and they say so far there has been no reports of major damage or fatalities. when you think of the power of this storm is fairly amazing at this point. i don't think we'll get a clearer picture of just how much damage has pen done until we hit first light in the morning. this is an incredibly powerful storm. as you said the winds are around 260 cloments a kilometers an hot made land at the port of manzanillo. authorities have evacuated many
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of the residents into shelters, we know tourists have been flying out all day. authorities had very little warning when this storm formed. it formed in about 36 hours, powered by those extremely warm waters in the pacific, powered by the el nino phenomenon and became such a huge storm. we have all seen pictures at this point, beginning to see pictures in social media from the cities along that coast of the sheer power of this storm and in the next few hours as john said in his report what people are really worried about, is flooding we're talking about 500 millimeters of rain, talking about even on the coast of 14 meter waves battering that entire coastline. so far there are no reports of major damage or fatalities. but i think when first light comes it may well be a very different picture. >> andy how well prepared is mexico for these kinds of natural disasters? >> well, obviously there are lots of storms in mexico.
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nothing as this power has ever been seen before as has been said already. but the thing about preparation for this particular storm is that it did form so fast. just remember, a couple of days ago this was nothing but a weak tropical storm hanging around off the coast there of the pacific coast and in 36 hours it suddenly formed into this category 5 storm. at its peak it was productsing g winds of more than 300 kilometers an hour. it could go on to the united states, obviously way too early to tell what will happen but we're looking at hurricane winds in the next five days in that region mudslides and massive rainfall and massive battering waves hitting that entire coastline. they prepared as best as they could. i think because this storm
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formed so quickly and vastly and powerfully, we'll have to see when first light comes what damage has been done. but i think authorities are on high alert and in those three states we talked about earlier, there is a state of emergency. in the path of the storm. many in poorly constructed homes. >> andy, thank you. >> evan fox has more. >> significant damage already, it's very quickly though so that is good news. even two hours ago we were talking 310 kilometers per hour on the storm. it's now down to around 210 kilometers an hour. it is now in the category of 4. we down graded to a tropical storm. can you see how it's losing its intensity right there. look at the eye of the storm breaking up pushing its way
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inwards. the red colors that you can see here. this is where we have the really strong winds, the hurricane-force winds that do expand out around a thousand kilometers. but the eye of the storm can you see where that's positioned that's about 100 kilometers wide and that's where it's at its stillest. the wet weather will make its way further eastward. the lights are showing up really rather nicely. just to the north of mexico city you see the largest clutch of lights there. those landslides will come over the next couple of days. >> israel has lifted restriction owns the al-aqsa mosque compound in jerusalem which has been the focal point of reach recent tensions with palestinians. for the last couple of weeks muslims of all ages have been able to enter the site for evening prayers. angry demonstrations in the occupied west bank.
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in jerusalem palestinians are still suffering they eight from israeli blockades. andrew simmons has the story from occupied east jerusalem. >> palestinians found restrictions have been eased at al-aqsa mosque. but life at home here in is awea gets harder in the da day by da. >> it's hard here. >> there are freeways in and out of isawea. but concrete blocks bar passage in all but one of them. security forces say they sealed off the village in order to keep the peace. the confrontation between israeli security forces and palestinian protesters. for anyone living in the vicinity it's a nightmare.
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but it turned out to be even worse than that five days ago for darwish fest family. the husband says in early hours of tuesday she became seriously ill, son set out to drive her to hospital but he says soldiers held him for half an hour before letting him stay her to hospital. by then he says it was too late. she died of a heart attack. >> i was angry as i wanted to save her life. whatever happened to me didn't matter. at this time the village wasn't blocked. it would only take me a couple of minutes to rees reach hadassa hospital. but we were are have detained. >> the ambulance can't even come to my house. >> police say priorities are
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always given to humanitarian cases and there was no delay. could see how close this part of the village is to the hospital. just beyond the blocked main entrance to isawere. he says life is cheap here, he is moving his children closer to the school, saving two hours at the roadblock. it is safer there. andrew simmons, isawere, jerusalem. eight of the dead are reportedly children the attack led to protests demanding better security from the government. kamal hyder has the latest from islamabad. >> this particular attack is taken in the place of jacob abad, an historic old city named
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after the 19th century east india company john jacob. an old town, district town, the attacker picking his target carefully. he positioned himself in a narrow alleyway six feet wide. the attacker paramilitary forces had to be called in to restore calm. >> two suicide bombings at mosks iatmodification in nigeria. in maiduguri. maimaiduguri killing at least .
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free education in south africa. thousands have been protesting for days against the high cost of education. fahida miller reports. >> second year student at johannesburg university. he's been part of student protests demanding the scrapping of proposed fee increases. higher cost mean thousands of students may not be able to afford a university education. >> it is very stressful. you can't study peacefully knowing that you might not be here, or one of you might not be here, all of your friends might not be here. so it doesn't sit very well with you. >> protests culminate in a meeting in front of the building where jacob zuma and minister met with student protesters
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behind closed doors. >> the past must have been so peaceful. the sense right now the students are very angry and now at the government. >> after hours of negotiations finally word from the president. >> on the matter at hand we agreed that there will be a zero increase of university fees in 2016. >> reporter: news of the agreement trickled through to students. celebrations were short-lived, soon after the announcement was made police started dispersing students using stun grenades and tear gas. students are angry because of their spoons. >> they said to shoot us with the hands up we didn't know why they wanted to but they sprayed us with tear gas anyway.
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>> i feel it is very sad and depressing because we have puppets in uniforms which have children but they are shooting their own children here. >> many say president zuma's response is a short term solution with equal education still the ultimate goal. famida miller, al jazeera, pretoria. >> still to come. slovenia expresses frustration as thousands continue to make their way contractor europe. and we look at how argentina tries to stop their slum from illegal drug trade.
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>> welcome back. the top stories on lks. hurricane patricia has weakened to a category 4 storm as it lashes the western coast of mexico. thousands of people have been moved awa from coastal areas. south african president jacob zuma has reduced the requirement of a raise in fees for university students. back to our stop story, hurricane patricia. as can you imagine the hurricane has been all across social media. top trending topic on twitter
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and lots of videos have been posted. have a look at this, the truck up ahead is starting to slide on a flooded highway and then it turns right over. and look at this power of the rain sweeping right across the streets. and look at this, other people may be heading away from the storm but these u.s. government scientists are flying right into it to measure the conditions. meanwhile lots of people have been tweeting good wishes and thoughts for mexico. marquez is in jalisco some tweets, prayers to my family and everyone in mexico. and deleon, prayers for people over there. well karen miles, president and
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ceo of save the children. she says they're prepared to handle children for a long time. >> our focus is on children and a storm of this size. the first thing our teams will be doing is basic distribution things like tarps water baby kits clothing those kinds of things that families are going to need right away. once shelters are set up and i think they are already set up for families we'll put in child friendly spaces, which is something we do in all plrnlings where wemergencies where we takf kids that will be sheltering for a long time. making sure families are out of harm's way and particularly children. >> in other news, russia says it's cut off a key supply line between syria and iraq.
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russia says it's destroyed 819 targets since the beginning of the month. >> hundreds of shabia are taking advantage of the refugee crisis. they could go under cover and supply the assad regime with details. many osama ben javad has the story. >> application yaman is also arriving. kept under custody for months now he's seen some of his abuses in germany. >> if i see people that i know and i'm sure about i will follow them where they live and will inform the authorities. i can't just let something like that pass. i will follow the progress with
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the concerned authorities. these people must be brought to uchth justicjustice for what we. more than 200,000 people have been made prisoners, many, many people were killed. >> human rights among syria refugees. >> they are a threat, go undercover and supply the assad regime with intelligence. german prosecutors have filed cases against them. syrianing refugees should contact the federal prosecutor-general, the police or one of our representatives. >> reporter: activist are working on soabl media the identify members, they say the
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eabltion critical are deleting their online identities as they are trying to become rescued. >> we were in can't contact with german authorities on the subject. we everyday informed him about that the case is. >> similar provisions of under eu slum law and the convention does not apply to those in serious reasons, serious nonpolitical crimes. activists estimate hundreds have entered into europe. syrian who say they have suffered at the hands of alleged criminals are determined to take justice. osama al javid, al jazeera. >> up to 50 thown have enter
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since lafs sat. >> another leg for another thoou thousand or more srns refugees. >> ah lali from new york wants o sure, to arrive in sloof and the numbers keep on coming. >> that is too butter without >> they do not tell us where
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they will send those people. they just push them through the border, unexpectedly, sometimes in not have vefs good condition. and this is very hard then for us. >> with the prime minister's visit efficiency returns to the camp on friday. refugees were registered and transport laid on for them to continue their journey towards the aw austrian border. the uncontrolled exit continues. robin forester walker, al
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jazeera. at least 43 died when a truck collided with a bus in france. >> the coach has been entirely burnt out. it was carrying a bunt much elderly people a few kilometers away. they were going on a day trip. bend in the road local people sais is tricky to navigate. the bus and the cap of the truck fire leaving some passengers trapped. >> the driver of an empty timber truck lost his vehicle. the bus driver saw it was going to lap, did everything to avoid it? to lo ir allow a few people to get out. >> the emergency services
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arrived by road and air but more than 40 people are now known to have perished in the fire. the french president called the accident an immense tragedy. france's prime minister has traveled to the area. >> it is a terrible shock for the girang and for france. today the people are in mourns. >> an investigation on what caused it is now underway. emma hayward, al jazeera. >> scuffles have broken out in kosovo's parliament. second time let off tear gas canisters.
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presidential hopeful in argentina have held their final campaign rallies before sunday's election. cristina kirchner last been in power for two years, argt's constitution. according to the constitution. >> argentinian military police patrolling a slum in the city of rosario. rosar incheso, turned into one of the most violent in the country.
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>> the problem we had here is there was some bunkers filled with drugs but needed protection in some cases from regulation authorities. says tuition has improved with the presence of federal forces. >> the fight against cartels continues in other parts of the region but drug traffickers have tried to get a a weapon. drug crimes have increased in five years. >> argentina has moved from a transit point to a productser. >> reporter: sylvia not her real name produces, and passes kerosene into the mix. each dose costs about half
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dollar. >> we sell lots, lots of people are doing this in the slums. there are more laboratories so it's not difficult to get. >> it is so addictive that it is estimated consumption has increased 200% in the past years. so much paco available in the states shows that cocaine lab ra tris havlaboratories have incre. drug trafficking rings is getting more difficult every day. >> translator: we're trying to prevent the creation of cartels like the ones we see in venezuela and brazil. we don't want to see what happens when the united states implemented plan columbia, with over 100,000 people killed. we don't want those results. >> its effects in argentina have
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become a major issue as people here are trying to cope with its growing threat. teresa vo, al jazeera. >> and a quick reminder, all the latest on hurricane patricia as it makes its way across mexico. arizona faces a barren landscape of teacherless classrooms. >> arizona is not producing enough teachers because of the low pay. >> "america tonight's" loirnlingsz on th lori janegliha on the distances school districts will go. and also a league of their own. cuba's best exports smoking


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