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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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a huge record-breaking storm smass into mexico with winds of 260 kilometers an hour. hello i'm darren jordan in doha with the world news in r from al jazeera. forecasters predict the potential for catastrophic results from a hurricane. and we meet syrian refugees
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escaping to thailand but find themselves living in limbo instead. >> the strongest hurricane ever recorded has made landfall in mexico. more than 50,000 people have been moved away from coastal areas. hundreds of thousands are still vulnerabilitvulnerable as john n reports. >> it's very probable that this hurricane will effectively be the more most intense hurricane as existed in this part of the historic in our country since records began in 1949. >> this is an historic storm in many ways, the strongest ever recorded in the pacific. but residents were given some time to prepare.
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>> it's been raised to category 5 now they tell us there will be protections, special sites where people can say. >> we didn't actually believe that much. that's why i think the majority don't participate that much. >> the emergency services have been taking action. >> around 50,000 people have been evacuated along the coast of jalisco, shelter approximately 258 people, massive hurricane and we are just waiting for -- to see the impact and see how badly the area is going to be affected. >> the greatest damage is likely to come not from the high winds but from flooding and possible landslides both in vulnerable coastal villages and the center of mexico unused to such high quantities of rain. john holman, al jazeera,
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guadalajara, mexico. >> let's go straight to andy gallagher, who joins us from mexico city. what are you hearing about the impact on the pacific coast there? >> well, darren we're starting to get reports in from the authorities in those three regions and the president of mexico who are all saying early indications are that there ha hs been no huge damage and no fatalities so far despite all the forecasters saying, this could be a potentially catastrophic storm, the indications it hasn't been exactly as bad as predicted. seven hours until daylight comes to mexico that may reveal a very different picture. remember the storm as it moved in a category 4 as it is now will hit those more remote mountainous areas where people have no communications, and they
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live in ramshackle residence he. we are getting early indications that this isn't the catastrophic storm that perhaps it was forecast to be but as i said early days yet. >> andy how well prepared is mexico for these kinds of hurricanes? >> well they are fairly well prepared. hurricanes are pretty common in mexico but what you have to remember about this storm is just a couple of days ago, it was nothing more than a loose weather system and in 36 hours it was fueled by record temperatures in the pacific ocean and became that category 5 storm. the winds were 325 kilometers an hour. it did weaken slightly as it hit that coast. it gave authorities little time the prepare, the time they did have they used well, so so far
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it looks like they did a pretty good job getting people out of the path of that storm. but the president is saying it's not time to let your guard down yet. as i said that storm is moving in line dissipating as it hits the mountainous regions and it's the mountainous regions that may be at risk. poor communications there, deep risk of mudslides and talking about possibly 500 millimeters of rain for several days to come. clearly, mexico, 7s the people there, not out of the woods yet. >> andy gallagher thank you. israeli has lifted restrictions on the al-aqsa mosque compound in jerusalem. the focus of recent tensions for palestinians. muslims of all ages have been allowed to enter the site for prayers. in jerusalem, palestinians
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say they're still suffering under israeli block addedades, triggered complaints of collective punishment. andrew simmons has a story from occupied east jerusalem. >> returning from prayers of the al-aqsa mosque compound palestinians found restrictions there had been eased but life at home here gets harder by the day. >> it's ruined our lives. it's very hard here. i mean it's more than aziz you know. >> there are freeways in and out ever this area but concrete blocks all but one of them. security force he say they sealed off the village in order to keep the peace. this is the center of the village and the confrontation point between israeli security forces and palestinian protesters. for anyone living in the
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vicinity it's a nightmare. but it turned out even worse than that for this family. 65-year-old hodir had breathed in large amounts of tear gas in her home. but security forces delayed them half an hour before letting them go to hospital. by that time it was too late, she died of a heart attack. >> i was angry, as i wanted to save her life. whatever happened to me didn't matter. if this village wasn't blocked it would have taken me only a couple of minutes from reaching hadassa hospital. >> what kind of civilians is this? 20,000 people in this village and that ambulance cannot even come to my house. >> the police say priority is always given to humanitarian
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cases and there was no delay at this checkpoint. from his balcony, majdi can see how far it is from the hospital. just beyond the blocked main entrance. life is hea cheap here. he is moving his wife and children closer, around it's safer there. andrew simmons acknowledge al jazeera, occupied east jerusalem. 22 shia worshipers were in islamabad for the muslim occasion of ashura. kamal hyder has more from islamabad. >> this particular attack happened in a town of jacob
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abad. named after a major 19th century east india company. that shows you the district town and the attacker obviously picking his target carefully. it was adjacent to a very narrow alleyway. when the suicide bomber struck the people in the procession turned violence, paramilitary forces had to be called in to restore calm. >> two suicide bombings at two mosques in nigeria have killed at least 58 people. north event city onortheastern .
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university students in south africa have welcomed the presidented decision to scrap tuition hikes. but thousands have been protesting because of cost of education. famida miller reports. >> reporter: higher costs mean thousands of students may not be able to afford ouniversity education. >> it is very stressful, you can't study peacefully, might not be here, one of or all of your friends might not be here. >> reporter: protest is culminates in a march to the city building. where jacob zuma and his aids
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met with a contingent of students. >> for the past months we've have been so peaceful. students are very angry and now they're being. >> word from the president after five hours. >> on the matter at hand, we agreed that there will be a zero increase ever university fees in the 2016. >> news of the agreement trickled through to students. celebrations were short-lived. soon after the announcement was made that there would be a zero percent increase in 2016, police started dispursing theipursing .
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>> they're shooting their own children here. >> many terms president's response is a stopgap, famida miller, al jazeera, pretoria. >> two people are dead because of a racist is northwestern. staincident. stay with us. us.
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>> governments secretly paying ransoms. >> we were told never to disclose that they actually paid. >> are they saving lives or putting more at risk?
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>> welcome back, the top stories here on al jazeera. hurricane patricia has weakened to a category 4 storm as it lashlashes the pacific coast of mexico. the storm hit the province of jalisco. israel has lifted restrictions on the al-aqsa mosque in jerusalem. focus of tension of palestinians. all have been allowed to enter the site for friday prayers. bombings at modification in nigeria, northeastern town of maiduguri. nearby state killed at least 27 people. well, let's go back to our
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main story and as you might imagine, the hurricane's all over social media. top trending topic on twitter and lots of videos are being posted. have a look at this. these roads are completely covered in water. truck up ahead starts to skid and then it turns over. and other people might be heading away from the storm but these u.s. government scientists are flying right into it to measure conditions. karen miles, president and creez of save thceoof save the childr. >> our focus will be on the children and very concerned of a storm of this size. the first things that the teams will be doing is basic distribution things like tarps, water, baby kits, clothing those kinds of things that families are going to need right away.
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once shelters are set up and i think there are some set up already for families we'll be putting in child-friendly spaces which is a tradition thing we do in all emergencies, where kids are sheltering for long periods of time. there will be a lot of flooding plus we're very concerned about that and making sure that families are out of harm's way and particularly are children. >> to syria now, russia says it has cut off a key supply line between syria and iraq. it's said to show a bombing of a river on the euphrates. talks over the war in syria have taken place between the russian foreign minister and the
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secretary of state john kerry. kerry says it was productive. >> following the agreement reached by king abdalla ii of jordan, including the activities of their air forces over syrian territory. >> the united states i want to emphasize welcomes support in the fight against daesh. and if russia intends to join in that fight we welcome a constructive role. but targeting moderate fighters doesn't hurt daesh. it makes it easier for assad to continue brutalizing the syrian people. >> meanwhile, turkey is demanding the eu fulfill its promise of $3 billion to stop the flow of refugees into
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europe. fishermen feared the worse, of this young baby acknowledge recovering in hospital now. hundreds of asylum seekers in thailand no longer fear for their lives but instead worry about arrest, hunger and the responsibility they would never be ability to live freely. two suspects arrested for the aarticulate are foreigners as wayne hay reports. >> for the children of refugees in thailand, this is the best education possible. students of all ages are taught the basics. it's made poibility because of a charity organization. there is no help from the thai gft. this country has nothing to protect themselves, this has come from syria but life in thailand is a constant struggle.
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>> you cannot work, can you not have a life. how will you support your family? >> reporter: since a bomb attack at a shrine in bangkok in august, rights groups have trying to pressure the government the change the law. >> if we have the law we would not be living in fear all the time. so that will dramatically actual her lives. >> online campaign to educate the public about the plight of refugees. thied hasn't ratified the united nations 1951 refusing convention meaning asylum seekers, wait for
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the u.n. to repatriate then to another country. a process that can take years. the government acknowledges something needs to change. >> all government agencies need to work together. we hope to find sluice solutions like this. >> .in the meantime, lots of money on,. >> unidentified attackers pnl at shia muslims in dakot da dacca. no one's yet claimed spoblghtd for sat mortgage aarticulation. the victims of a bus crash in
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the southwest of frant. emma hayward reports. >> the coach has been entirely bund out, he just left the are, the crash happened on a bend in the road which local people say is tricky to navigate. the bus and timber truck caught fire when they clieted, leaving. >> the driver of an empty timber truck the but driver saw that the accident was going to happen, did everything i thought but he did open doors to allow a few people to get out.
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>> the emergency services arrived by air. and the french approximates called the accident an immense are, time, the shock terrible. it's a traicial shock for france, today can be plans e-frans and the fresh people are in mourn. >> this was the an investigation into what caused it is now underway, ec ma freemed, a 21 yierd man. >> went on to injury two others before being shot dead by police. investigators say he chose vms based on if color of their skim.
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they also found papers in his apartment, i last some notes in it that tells us that he has planned the act and he has also -- he planned it out of a hate crime perspective. he's also told us by that letter that he consider this will be his final act. >> scuffles have broken oil between police officers and opposition, friday raps session was cut off three times. they, have held the final campaign rallies because drch before'presidents chmp is lighting in the two polls,
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always, running gun engine wush of the main concerns for voters in argentina is the dramatic rise in drug-related images crimes. al jazeera'alal jazeera'al jaze. >> a major transit point for diswrugz. commander juan says drug gangs have taken control of entire areas of the city, tongue into almost the only call i would back to have. >> the proaks in sum case is we did over 90 radar to destroy those ims, the sims will pray to
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drug traffickers have find to export drugs and that's one of the reasons why in eargtd drug related crime have something to use. >> argentina has gone from a transit point to a producer. nar coe is fighting tn orco is . each a much doas costs around 50 cent but we sell a lot. lots and lots of people are doing this in the shum. they're nor abhosh attrit than physical. it is estimated consumption has
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has increased this past year. cocaine consumption has risen over the last few years. more difficult every day. >> we're trying to prevent the case of car tells likes what we didn't want to do. over 100,000 people killed and then in mexico with 200,000 people killed we don't want those consequences. >> reporter: with elections a few days away and drug trafficking and its affect on argentina, has become a major issue, as people try cope with this are threat. teresa vo, al jazeera.
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>> ahead of a trorvel referendul referendum on sunday. >> police try to clean up streets and remove barricades left behind from antigovernment protests. the capital seems quieter than usual. some have left the city ahead of sunday's referendum. there's a heavy security presence in some opposition strongholds. >> they can short and we will die. see. and so i got fear. but i want to restore peace. and a government is there to secure people. >> the police come and shoot us and throw grenades. >> it has an age limit and says a president cannot run a third
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term. the president is 72 years old, and is running for a third term. he hasn't said anything about running for another term. >> i think it will are a subject perhaps in a few months. we are not in the election for presidency. it will come. perhaps in may or june of 2016, not yet. yet it's for the constitution of a cub. >> more protests are feared before the election. this was a police station. opposition leaders say they aren't going up. opposition leaders say the referendum will go ahead. the election is due to be held in july of next year. the proposed changes to the
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constitution will ultimately strengthen the poor. many in the opposition don't believe them. haru mutasa, al jazeera, brazeville. >> there is the address, "on target" tonight, public servant who has the power to make or break hillary clinton's career and he does not play politics. we just concluded another week of intense political theater in washington, theet theatrics, tripping up and undermining hillary clinton, at the same time clinton's


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