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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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today. the u.s. secretary of state is in te middle east to try to work on ideas he says could be a game changer for syria. you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. i'm darena bogeda. hurricane patricia, flooding is the major threat. mlbian man wrongfully maintained. and the vice president of the
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maldives, is arrested, accused of trying to murder the president. hello, the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east to try to press on with a new diplomatic push on syria. after meeting the foreign ministers of russia, saudi arabia and turkey in vienna, kerry has now traveled ojoarnd a day after the foreign minister has agreed that jordan will coordinate air strikes with moscow. talks with his counterpart on saturday, and another round of talks next week. nizreen jamala, to coordinate air strikes with mosk and whether this is a shift in oman's strategy. >> i wouldn't call it a shift in
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oman's strategy just yet. according to a jordanian official this agreement to coordinate on the ground between russia and jordan is supposed to be in's interest. they share a border and it will maintain jordan's safety and stability. southern jordan, since the start of the conflict in syria, jordan has been very worried about a possible spillover from southern syria into jordan. that is why it has worked hard to build trust, you might have heard that jordan has trained some of these rebels, facilitated arms transfers to them through the jordanian poured and in a way many of these syrian rebels have become
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allies with the jordanian government. thinks it's done a good job maintaining its security by building a relationship with the anti-assad rebels in syria. foreign officials have accused russia of targeting mainly antisyrian rebels, tantamount to hitting jordanian interests inside syria. this is why the two had to agree about how to go about in syria. any strikes in syria by russia, any additional violence there that changes the status quo would probably lead to more refugees leaving syria and fleeing to jordan. jordan is already burdened by 1.7 million refugees from syria
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and doesn't want more. exitexperts say jordan will continue to play military accordance with russia is not supposed to affect jordan's role and after the u.s. signed a similar agreement with russia, a few days ago. while this coordination could be beneficial it could become messy because russia is in syria to support the syrian government, the assad regime and many in the coalition actually want to see assad removed. >> thank you nizreen or the that update. one of the strongest storms ever recorded, hurricane patricia has weakened to a category 2 since hitting land but the relationship has remained unclear. the relationship of the storm,
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more than 50,000 people have been moved away from coastal areas. andy gallagher reports from mexico. >> reporter: fueled by historic temperatures in the pacific ocean hurricane patricia formed in just 36 hours. this is the most powerful hurricane to hit the western hemisphere. authorities had little time to get residents to safety. the storm was predicted to cause historic damage. >> there are few services like taxis and trucks and shopping center. what we recommend the is they stay at the shopping center. >> the initial reports is that the storm has caused no damage or loss of life. mexico's president has said this
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is not no time to hesitate. >> in the various states in the central and northeastern parts of the country. i ask the mexican people to be watchful over the common hours for information from government officials. >> there have been some reports of flooding and land slides but as hurricane patricia moves inland it poses threats to the areas inland. ful rural communities have poor communication and the risk could still be a threat. the storm remains a real danger for millions who remain in its path and daylight will give authorities here a much clearer picture of just how much damage has been done. andy gallagher, al jazeera acknowledge mexico city. >> richard is here to give us a forecast. richard. >> i think mexican president had it right. we just don't know how bad it is going to be.
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the point is it's 3:00 in the morning, do you ever know what's going to go on at 3:00 in the morning? i would tend to say. this system has really produced quite phenomenal records. we know it's the strongest storm ever to hit the western hemisphere. it's got the strongest winds of any storm ever recorded, 200 miles per hour, 320 kph. on top of that the predictions of a five meter storm surge. waves on top of that of course. the storm itself is now decreasing, sustained wins about 155 and dropping all the time. but that's still way impressive way over land. the thing goes pretty quickly up to north northeast, it's going to cause problems in mexico, but let's concentrate on the most important things, poor souls
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having to face torrential rain. yes, this thing will dissipate fairly quickly as it breaks up into the mountainous areas of the country but in the next few hours will reveal the true extent of the damage from patricia. >> richard thank you very much. for time being moving on to other news. the police in the maldives have arrested the vice president in attempt to murder the president. returning from the hajj pilgrimage last month. joining us from the maldives capital. daniel. >> hello. yes, the vice president, there's been a lot of suspicion and rumors in mali as always, he's been in china for last week or
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so. and today i think people were describing this as perhaps most eagerly anticipated arrival in the country's history. people have a strong suspicion he would be rafted. hiarrested.looked like the writn the wall before he came back today. >> what will we expect the reaction from the public will be over this? we also understand that ahead of his arrest, there was a major security connectup done by the president after that explosion. >> at the moment, the country is without defense minister or chief of police. and now it seems very soon the vice president because there's been a huge reshuffle after this explosion. there is a lot of suspicion not a lot of trust within the administration. the person himself was very
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suspicion, it's only since july he became vice president. his pred say predecessor. they desperately wanted him to become vp. it all turned around pretty quickly. even in maldives politics. >> just a couple of months ago warned that the human rights situation in maldives was, i'm quoting here, in free fall. >> maldives has made a lot of heaheadlines because of the imprisonment, the deposit is looking increasingly unstable oi'm sure they'll be talking about that a lot more to anybody who will listen.
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>> danielle bozely, thanks very much for giving us that update from mali. >> a suicide bomb are has killed at least 22 muslim worshipers. eight of the dead are reportedly children. the attack has led to protests demanding more security from the deposit, hundreds have been killed in shia attacks. 25,000 people were in traditional procession to a shrine. thought to be the first time the shia muggily has been targeted in bangladesh. >> criticized by human rights group, security footage shows standing at the entrance to a storeroom where he works,
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spotted him, soldiers storm him and continue to beat an kick him before that he released him. he was held for four days before he was questioned, it took another three days before his i.d. was checked by the police, and now they are vegging the incident. secretary of state john kerry with it will meet mahmoud abbas in the coming days. as andrew simmons reports from occupied east of the city. >> returning for prayers of the al-aqsa compound, palestinian officials found that
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restrictions there is easier. >> its more than you know -- >> there are freeways in an out of isarea but cop create blocks bar the railway to traffic in all but one of them. the security forces say they have sealed off the village in order to keep the peace, the confrontation point between israeli security forces and palestinian protesters. for anyone living in the vicinity it's a nightmare. but it turned out to be even worse than that for the darwi beingsch family. hadir darwich soldiers held her son for an hour before letting her go to hospital. by that time it was too late,
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she died of a heart attack prospect. >> i was angry as i wanted to save her life. whatever happened to me didn't matter. at this time the village wasn't blocked it would only take me pooh couple of minutes to reach had assa hospital and we were safe. >> what kind of civil sayings is this? there are 20,000 people in this village and that ambulance cannot even come to mishouse. priority is always given to human tairhumanitarian reasons. he says life is cheap here, he's moving his children to move two hours to school, saving that time in roadblock. it's safe there.
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andrew simmons,age, boston. 28 died in an astack during friday prayers in the northeastern city of maiduguri. a separately explosion in yola and adawala street has killed almost 26 people. thailand, living in limbo instead. we also look at how argentina is trying to stop slums fo becomina hub of illegal drug trade. trade.
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>> the head lines on al jazeera. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east to try to push on with the new diplomatic push on syria. kerry is in jordan, the day after the foreign minister said jordan agreed to coordinate air strikes with moscow. >> there are threats of mudslides in mexico after hurricane patricia hit the coast. more than 70,000 people have been moved away from coastal areas. >> police in maldives have arrest evidence the vice president after he is accused of trying to murder the president.
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thousands make the journey, many have died. fishermen off the turkish coast fear the worst from an 18 month old baby. he was found but is recovering in hospital. hundreds of syrian pro-assad militia men are bleached to have taken advantage of the refugee crisis to gain access to europe. the shabiha go under cover and provide the assad regime with intelligence. osama ben javad reports. >> militia men are arriving among the refugees fleeing the war. says he's been imprisoned tortured and abused by assad government, also known as shabiha.
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he was kept in prison for 18 months and now he's seeing his attackers in europe. >> i can't just let something like that pass. i will follow the progress with the concerned authorities. these people must be brought to justice for what they did. this isn't gist about me. more than 200,000 people have been made prisoners mr. mayor people were killed 50 shabiha. >> human rights lawyers in europe acknowledge the threat among syrian refugees. >> of course the shabiha are trouble, german prosecutors have filed cases against them. yrches refugees who have any knowledge of this should dact federal prosecutor generality,
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the police or one of our representatives. >> carats aractivists are negotn their social media, the syrian are government if compil governe attempting to help. >> the u.n.'s refugee consequence addresses criminal asylum, the convention does not apply too those for whom there are serious reasons to consider they have created war criextion, all crimes against humanity and serious nonpolitical crimes. activists some spotted in public areas aren't trying ohide and syrians who say they have suffered at the hands of alleged
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crmcriminals are determined to k justice. osama ben javad. al jazeera. military government is getting tougher on immigration after reports. wayne hay reports. >> this is the best education possible, crammed into a tiny room, students are taught the basics. there's no help from the thai governmental. this country has no laws to protect those who have fled from their home lands. these people calm in syria. they don't want to be identified for their own safety but they say life in thailand is a constant struggle. >> you cannot work, you cannot have a life. what will you do from where you
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will have income? how will you support your family? >> since a bomb attack at a shrine, police have conducted hundreds of raids, jailing those they believe are immigrants. >> during that time if we have the law that would allow them to stay temporarily they would not be concerned bd pressure all the time. >> this group has entered into an agreement to warn about the plight of refugees. 1951 refugee convention meaning asylum seekers have no time here. they wade for the u.n. to repatriate them in the country.
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the government acknowledges, something need thes to chai prospect. >> all nations need to work together. we have to have solutions for this. >> in the meantime, slum seekers simply have to wait for their lives in hold and spent largely. >> racist hate crime, a 21-year-old man killed a teacher and a student with a sword near gotenburg before ef was shot by police. meantime, students gathered for a memorial parole. at least 43 elderly people died when their cras bus crasheo
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a truck near bordeaux. thousands have been protesting in pretoria south africa for rise in prices of education. >> he's been part of student protests demanding the scrap of proposed fee crisis. >> you can't start peacefully knowing you might not be here or one of you might not be here, all your friends doesn't silt very well with you. >> protests culminate in the country's seat of power. where jacob zuma met with protestors. >> we were very long. would this have taken assad for
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the past has been so much more peaceful. the past is unsent now is are government. >> reporter: after hours of negotiations finally word from the president. >> on the matter at hand, we agreed that there will be a zero increase of university fees in 2016. >> reporter: news of the agreement triblgd through to students. celebrations were short-lived as soon as after this was maid, police started disbursing students using stun gren added and tear gas. police say they are angry dependence the demtion. >> they said to shoot us, we didn't know why they wanted to but they attacked with tear gas
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anyway. >> i feel it's very sad and depressing, we have pickup et cetera that are shooting their own children. >> many say president zuma's statement is not enough. >> one of the main concerns for voters is the dramatic rise in drug related crimes. teresa vo reports in the main areas riddled with drug use. >> rosario has become a major transit opinion for drugs. in charge of the operation. he says drug gangs have taken control of entire areas of the
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city turning it into the most the violent. >> we did over 90 raids to destroy those bunkers. the situation has approved with the president fight against police. >> drug traffickers have tried to find alternative routes to exporlt drugs and that's one of the reasons why in argentina, drug trafficking related crimes have spiked in the last years. >> translator: argentina has gone from being a transit point to being a producer, had a has changed the develop of the fight. >> sevia not her real flaim produces paco to make the regime. each dose costs about 50% of a
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dollar. >> it's very cheap but we set a lot, there are lots and lots of other people who have not been feaskted by this it will it's increased couples has been five times it was years ago. this shows cocaine laboratories have spret thrud the area. >> challenge of facing drug trafficking rings is becoming more difficult every day. >> we don't want to see what happens when the united states implemented plan columbia, with nearly twonlt,000 people killed and now in mexico with 2,000 l
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trying to cope with this growing threat. theresa vo, al jazeera, rosario. >> just a reminder, you can keep track of all the lateliest news at this is techknow, a show about innovations that can change lives. >> the science of fighting a wild fire. we're going to explore the intersection of hardware and humanity and we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. tonight: technkow in search of the great american prarie. >> we're in the prarie state yet ironically, we have such little


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