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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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> the u.s. secretary of state is in the middle east to work on ideas that he says could be a game-changer for syria hello, with the world news from al jazeera, also ahead - while weather from hurricane patricia lashes mexico. the storm is weakened. blooding is a major threat criticism of israel's army over the beat of a palestinian man wrong fully detained. the vice president of the maldives arrested, accused of a
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plot to murder the president u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east to try to press on with a new diplomatic push on syria. after meeting the foreign ministers of russia, saudi arabia and turkey in vienna, john kerry said they discussed ideas that could change the dynamic of the syrian crisis, he travelled after jordan's prime minister said he would coordinate air strikes. kerrry will travel for talks with his counterpart, and is pushing for a round of talks in vienna next week we go to aman with more on the implications of jordan's agreement with russia. >> i wouldn't call it a shift in aman's strategy yet. according to a jordanian official, this agreement to
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coordinate on the ground in syria between russia and jordan is supposed to be in their interest. focussing on southern syria, where jordan shares a border, and it will maintain the civility and security. southern syria is where jordan has influence and interest. since the start of the conflicts in syria, jordan is worried about the spillover, and that is why it's worked hard on building trust and good relations with the anti-bashar al-assad rebels. you may have heard over the years that jordan trained some of these rebels, and it has a facilitated arms transfer. and in many ways they are allied with the jordanian government. they have done a good job by building relations with the
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anti-bashar al-assad rebels in southern syria there are fears of flooding and landslides in mexico in the wake of a strong storm. hurricane patricia weakened to a category 2 system. the extent of the damage is unclear. n.a.s.a. released satellite images showing the extent of the storm. more than 50,000 have been moved from coastal areas. and andy gallagher reports from mexico. >> reporter: fuelled by ocean temperatures, patricia formed in 36 hours, making landfall with winds of 250 k/hr. this is the most powerful hurricane to hit the western hemisphere, and authorities had little time to organise evacuations and residents to safety. thousands flew out whilst others huddled to ride out a storm, predicted to cause catastrophic damage. >> translation: if they are already here at the shelter and settled in, and there are fewer services at night, like taxis,
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shops and centers, we recommend that they stay at the shelter. >> reporter: initially authority stay the storm caused no major damage or loss of life. this sh no time for complacency, says the president. >> translation: i insist the most dangerous part of the hurricane is yet to enter the national territory, we expect rains in the pacific in north central parts of the country. i ask the people to be watchful for information from government officials. >> reporter: there has been reports of mudslides, but it now is a threat to remote areas. many have poor communication and the risk of heavy rain and mudslides could be a threat. the storm is a danger for millions who remain in its path,
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and daylight will give the authorities a clearer picture of how much damage has been done let's get a closer look at hurricane patricia. here is richard with the weather. >> yes, we'll have to wait until daylight to see what has been done. i've been busy trying to work out the records. this is in the top three typhoons, hurricanes, whatever you like. the strongest cyclone winds recorded anywhere we think, sustained winds of 200 miles per hour, 320 k/hr. the lowest hurricane pressure, west mexico's largest storm surge. coming along the coast we could have had a 5 meter storm surge. imagine a wall of water 5 meters high with the waves on top. now, it is weakening at the moment. it's a category 2 hurricane, if it hit as a category 2, you'd think it's terrible.
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it's weakening and rapidly, but producing sustained winds of 122 k/hr. that's the track it will take away. we have had rain fall reports of 260mm in some areas, and i think those values are likely across more central and eastern parts of mexico over the next 12-18 hours. it produces real risk of landslide and further flash flooding. there assist, slowly progressing to the north-east, another aspect to the story is it moves towards texas, feeds in more moisture, and we could see a lot of flooding affecting the southern u.s., but across mexico, the worst will be over. >> thank you richard. police in the maldives say they have arrested the vice president over an alleged plot to assassinate the president. there is an investigation with a blast on the presidential boat, the explosion taking place when
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the president is returning from the pilgrimage last month. reuters journalist is in the capital mali. >> the vice president - there's a lot of suspicion and rumours in mali as always while he's been away, in china for the last week or so. people were describing it has the most eagerly anticipated arrival in the country's history. when he came back people had a strong suspicion that he would be arrested. his friends and close associates - the properties have been searched over the last weeks, and it looked like the writing was on the wall. at the moment the country is without defence minister, and now it seems the vice president, because there has been a reshuffle after this explosion. there's a lot of suspicion, not a lot of trust within the administration. he is, himself, popular with the youth.
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he was moved into the vice president's position on the basis. this is only - this is it in july, he became vice president. the predecessor impeached, not perfect legal circumstances. they desperately wanted him to become vp, and it seems to have all turned around quickly, it's unusual for the chaotic world of mald even politics. >> a procession in sindh province, marking the shi'a mourning was attack. eight dead were children. the attack lead to protests demanding better security from the government. hundreds of the minority shi'a have been killed in shi'a attacks in the past decade shi'a's in bangladesh have been attacked. home made bombs were thrown at a gathering. a 12-year-old was killed and
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more than 100 others injured, it's thought to be the first time a shia minority has been targeted in bangladesh a video of a beating and violent wrongful arrest of palestinians has been criticized by human rights group. security footage shows the boy standing at an entrance to a storeroom when israeli troops spot him, suspecting him of stone throwing. soldiers stormed in, beat and kicked him before arresting him. the video releaser said the boy was held for two days, three days for the ally to be checked before he was released. israeli forces say they investigated the incidence. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet palestinian president mahmoud abbas on saturday. it's the latest diplomatic effort to resolve the unrest in
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israel and the occupied territories. in jerusalem, israeli security has not been eased. people say they continue to suffer under israeli blockades. as andrew simmonds reports from the occupied east of the city returning from prayers at the al-aqsa mosque compound. palestinians found restrictions were eased. life at home is harder by the day. >> it's ruined our lives, it's very hard here. i mean, it's - it's more than that. >> reporter: there are three ways in and out. concrete blocks bar the way to traffic in all but one of them. security forces say they have sealed off the village to keep the peace. this is the center of the village and the confrontation point between israeli security forces and protesters. for anyone in the vicinity, it's a nightmare.
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it's worse than that five days ago for this family. 65-year-old hoda inhaled large amounts of tear gas in her home. her husband says in the early hours of tuesday she became seriously ill. her son set out to drive her to hospital. he says soldiers held him for half an hour before letting him take her to hospital. by then, he says it was too late. she died of a heart attack. >> translation: i was angry, i wanted to save her life. if this side of the village wasn't blocked. it would have taken a couple of minutes to reach the hospital. we would have saved her life. >> translation: what kind of civilisation is this. there are 20,000 in this village, and the ambulance cannot come to my house. >> reporter: police say priorities are given to
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humanitarian cases, and there was no delay at the checkpoint. from this checkpoint. they can see how close it is to the hospital. life is cheap here. he's moving the children nearer to their school, saving up to two hour delays at the road block. it's safer there i want to update you oun the latest developments -- on the latest developments out of the west bank. israeli police reporting that a palestinian arrived at the checkpoint near janine near the northern point. attempted to stab an israeli security guard. the palestinian was shot and killed. and that would bring the number of deaths of palestinians since the violence broke out to 54 palestinians.
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nine israelis have been killed since the violence broke out since the start of october. that's the latest information that we have on that story. we'll bring you more as and when we get it suicide bombings at two mosques in nigeria killed at least 55 people. 28 died in an attack during friday prayers at maiduguri, the capital of borneo state, the birthplace of boko haram. a separate explosion killed at least 27 people nearby still ahead on al jazeera. >> i'm david mercer in gaut rur -- guatemala, and i tell you how the tax rate leads to one of the highest rates of child malnutrition. and inside the archives to find out how millions of records are kept in order.
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hello again, you are watching al jazeera, a reminder of the headlines - u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east trying to process on with a diametric push in sire ja. it's a die after jordan agreed to coordinate air strikes with them. there's fears of flooding and landslides despite hurricane patricia weakening to a category 2 storm. it's the strongest hurricane recorded. more than 50,000 people moved
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away from coastal areas. police in the maldives arrested the vice president over a float to assassinate the president. he was investigated in relation to a blast on the presidential blast. russia's intervention in syria is changing the face on the conflict. there are calls for it to get involved. u.s. led air strikes have not been effective enough in i.s.i.l. imtiaz tyab has the details. >> >> reporter: this is what many across iraq want to see, russian air strikes against i.s.i.l., it's too second to say how successful the campaign against the armed groups and other targets have been. there's growing frustration with the u.s.'s year-long efforts. to retake the territory. russia's approach is what is needed here to win.
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this is the head of the government's parliamentary defense and security committee. he's one of the most vocal supporters of the involvement in the fight against i.s.i.l. >> translation: we know russia did not get involved in the middle east for our sake. rather for their interests. our interests are well matched for the russians. >> reporter: it's not just politicians that want to see russia take a meaningful role, so, too, the leaders of the iranian backed shia militias, explaining why russia and iraq signed an intelligence sharing agreement including syria and iran. russia made it clear it does not want russian jets targetting. and described vladimir putin's involvement in syria has an historic make. a body in the delicate position of appeasing his political and security allies and keeping
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washington on his side. whatever the case it appears that the threat of russian involvement in iraq worked for his advantage. >> translation: the iraqi government has given assurances that they will not ask for help. they have promised not to increase air strikes across iraq and give counterterror. >> forces badly needed vehicles, tanks and weapons. >> reporter: the u.s. insists it's on course to degrade i.s.i.l. the collision intensified strikes to the north and the west. providing air cover to iraqi forces, managing to retake key areas. rarely as i.s.i.l. faced multiple offenses. it appears that the threat of a russian role in iraq stirred the u.s. into action, but the question now is would it last and be enough to lead to
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meaningful gains. the united nations envoy to yemen says he'll start to work with the government and houthi rebels on peace talks. he gave the u.n. security council an update on the current situation on friday. both grade to send delegations, but a date has been agreed. after the sessions it was warned that anyone committing human rights allocations -- atrocities would be dealt with. >> translation: in future cases the violation would be dealt with, and would have implications observed by the international community. those that violated human rights would be held accountable. the current impact is because of war. the longer the war goes on, the
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moment it comes to an end and sit at the table, it will feel positive and regressive signs. turkey is demanding the e.u. deliver on its promise of $3.2 billion to stop the flow of refugees into europe. thousands make the journey, many died. fishermen off the coast fear the worth. this baby found 3km from where the boat sank. he survived and is recovering in hospital slovenia's prime minister calls for closer consultation on the refugee crisis. 50,000 have entered since saturday. robert forrester walker reports from a slovenian town. >> reporter: another leg for another 1,000 or more weary refugees, another never-ending ordeal. >> we are so tired. we are suffering from this journey.
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>> reporter: ali from iraq wanted to make one thing here. he's not here by choice. >> i'm not proud to leave my country, i love my country, we are a threat from militias. >> reporter: you can see from the ground that this is a well-worn route. and these are the latest refugees to arriving in slovenia, and the numbers keep on coming. >> that is a burden slovenia says it cannot bear. without e.u. money, man power and mutual agreement. police released a video showing the croatian authorities, leading refugees towards an illegal border crossing. the slovenian prime minister is frustrated. they send people to us in an uncontrolled way. they do not tell us where yes send the people. they push them through the border unexpectedly.
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sometimes in not a good condition. it's hard for us. >> with the prime minister's visit. they'll return on friday. refugees were registered. transport laid on for them to continue the journey towards the austrian border. it failed again. no more buses, so down came a fence. the uncontrolled exodus continues a memorial ceremony is due to take place in france. dozens dozens of victims in a bus crash. the crash happened on a bend in the road where locals say it's difficult to navigate. >> police in the republic of congo placed the main opposition leader under house arrest before a controversial referendum on sunday. opposition supporters have been protesting against what they say
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are the president's plans to stay in power. we have this report from the capital. >> reporter: police are trying to clean up the streets in the capital, and remove barricades left behind from anti-government protests. the capital is quieter than usual. some have left the city. there's a heavy security presence in some opposition strong holds. >> we could die. so i feel, but i want to restore peace. and the government is there to secure people. >> translation: the police come and shoot us and throw grenades. the people are orestppressed. we need a solution. >> reporter: the constitution has a precedent. saying the president cannot run
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for a third term. the president is 71 and served two terms. they say the government has said nothing about staying in power. >> he doesn't think about these things, i think it will be a subject, perhaps, in a few months. we are not in the election for presidency. it will come, perhaps in may or june of 2016. not yet. yet is for the constitution of a country. >> reporter: more protests are feared before sunday's referendum. some government buildings have been destroyed. this was a police station. opposition say they are not giving up. the presidential election is due to be held in july next year, the propose's changes to the constitution will benefit the poor and strengthen people's rights. many in the opposition don't
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believe them guatemalans will go to the polls on sunday to elect a new president. one of the biggest challenges facing the winner is tackling poverty, they have the fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition. dav david mercer reports from the guatemalan highlands. >> reporter: it's a game enjoyed by youngsters around the world. despite their smiles they mace sa bleak future. all malnourished, stunt physically and mentally. their mother says it's impossible to break the cycle of poverty. >> translation: i take my son to the public hospital. they don't have the medicine. i wish we had the money to buy the medicine, it's hard. >> reporter: down the road
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families line up to receive food assistance. the rations come from foreign government and groups. here, too, the government is ab sent. with a second round of elections, politicians have been putting their stamp anywhere they can. the big question is how they will bring the change to the people that need it the most. 2.5 hours away, there's evidence of a growing economy. the numbers living in poverty is rising. analysts say what is missing is the state's role in redistributing the wealth. >> it is one of the worse tax collectors much under 12% of gnp is collected every year in taxes, which is very far from countries such as brazil. close to to 30% of gnp. earlier this year, a corruption scam led to months of protests and brought down guatemalans
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president. for this woman, and family like her, the responsibility to provide services should be a vital task for the country's next president now, it is 70 years since the united nations charter game effect. the organization continued to a better world. it faced challenges. in the u.n. history they took al jazeera behind the scenes. >> i'm chief of u.n. archives. we are responsible for the archives of the secretary, and also responsible for records and archives of operations that are created vault of the security council resolution. >> we fulfil a number of organizational objectives, and some are requirements from
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member states for accountability. our whole thinking about preservation. and what archives look like is rapidly changing. it's quite frightening when you open a box, and you find - do you remember the big floppy 12 inch disc, and then the little hard disk, and you hunt around in the organization and no one has a vhs organization. one of the needy - the most stable, and i can't believe i'm going to tell you this, because it's almost embarrassing is microfilm, and one of the great things about microfilm is that you can hold it up to light and read it. you don't need any machine whatsoever. we have the 55 flags that were flown at lake success, the temporary headquarters of the
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united nations during the general assembly first session. >> i think i have one of the best jobs in the u.n. more news on the website viewers in the united states - ali velshi "on target", is up next for you. for everyone else, a round up of the international headlines. we just concluded another week of intense political theater in washington, theet theatrics, tripping up and undermining hillary clinton, at the same time clinton's fellow


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