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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the al jazeera newshour, i'm martine dennis in doha, these are the top stories. a shift on syria - russia says they are ready to provide help to rebels major damage after a hurricane. flooding is still a threat the u.s. secretary of state meets the palestinian president as israeli police say another
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palestinian has been killed preventing a knife attack. >> and in sport. rugby and the twickenham stadium. new zealand preparing to go head to head with south africa. there are signs of significant diplomatic shifts over the war in syria. russia says it's ready to provide air support for the free syrian army. russia also says it wants syria to prepare for elections for its parliament and wt. within the past few minutes, the foreign minister lavrov says he and the secretary of state, john kerry discussed launching a political protest between syria's government and the opposition. joining suss the coeditor --
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joining us is the co-ered tore from a middle eastern magazine and head of the special envoy to syria. thank you for talking to us at al jazeera. this seems to be a process that started at the vienna talks a couple of days soing. >> that's right. the americans, saudis and turks held a meeting at the end of the last few days and great to reconvene because of an expanded fashion, including jordan, qatar and potentially also iran, and as john kerry and sergey lavrov stated, they agreed on everything, except the issue that's been at the center of the
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dispute. and that is the fate of bashar al-assad. what is happening is russia is seeking to take the initiative based on military intervention, seeking to take the political initiative, and it's an open question of how long that can be sustained because it will reflect, i think, closely on the progress that they and the syrian army make. >> and we had a surprise visit to moscow by president bashar al-assad, and now the russians saying they are willing to provide air cover to the free syrian army. >> yes. i mean, these issues are very closely related. russian president putin more or less summoning president bashar al-assad to moscow, because he wanted to get a clear and
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personal commitment from him. he had no objection to russia engaging with elements of the syrian opposition. the purpose was sergey lavrov could speak with the authority of the syrian leadership and have discussions and negotiations with the americans and the turks and others. the other development, of course, is that the russians and jordanians yesterday announced the establishment of a coordination, which is significant because jordan is a close ally of the united states, and this shows, again, russians seeking to take the initiatives. as you know, there has been no russian air raids in the south of syria. which is a main concern, and this could be related to sergey
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lavrov's statement of offering air support for elements of the free syrian army, are which he previously said he didn't have a telephone number. so significant developments, and we'll see how it develops further. >> can we expect a parallel process of negotiation and talks, the actors in the syrian crisis, to further the aim of moving towards presidential and parliamentary elections? >> well, the elections were, in fact, or at least the parliamentary were a russian proposal. they were prescheduled. i mean, the key issue is the interpretation of the clause in the geneva communique that speaks about a transitioning governing body. it's the position of the americans and their allies in the region ta a transition
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governs bod is a body excluding the current leadership of syria and in effect replace him from the outskirt of the process. the russian approach is different, calling for an expanded national unity government and increased parliamentary powers on the basis of the elections that will be held next year. you have a situation of potential compromise, would be that the americans and the saudis and their allies would accept that bashar al-assad's precondition for a transition, and russia and iran on the other hand would say that bashar al-assad remaining in power is not a precondition for the conclusion of the process. having said that, although there's movement and engagement on the face of the positive.
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we are not there yet, there's significant gaps separating the parties. particularly the regional powers. the americans and the russians had less differences on syria. that's where the sticking point remains. >> thank you, good to talk to you. it's an important moment. talking to us live. as mentioned the war continues, and the air strikes are entering the fourth week. rebel groupize say russia is bombing them. friday, several areas in idlib were destroyed. we have more. >> reporter: syrian state tv continues its propaganda message to convince people that russian air strikes are targeting what the syrian and russian governments call terrorists.
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but the pictures on the ground tell a different story. this is what is left of the town on the outskirts of idlib after russian war planes bombed several areas late on friday. it's unclear how many people were killed. on friday, opposition fighters belonging to the army of conquest announced the capture of several villages after defeating them to retreat. the alliance of opposition fighters launched what is called the battle or hamas, after capturing idlib this month. opposition fighters say they have taken several towns and villages in the province. syria's armed opposition groups say they have been targeted by russian air strikes rather than the islamic group. on friday, i.s.i.l. announced it
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was in charge. main i.s. was in charge of the main road leading to hamas, but how russia acts will check with their priorities. i.s.i.l. fighters appear unaffected. armed groups opposed to president bashar al-assad's regime suffered losses, not only at the hands of the russians, but in a continuing battle with i.s.i.l. there are fears of flooding and landslides in mexico, despite hurricane patricia weakening to a storm. n.a.s.a. released these images speaking the ex-spent of the storm -- extent of the storm. patricia is described as at biggest hurricane to hit. no casualties have been reported. damage has hit mainly vastly populated areas. live to john holman, our correspondent in mexico. patricia may have been
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downgraded, but she's still backing a powerful punch, isn't she? >> yes, she has been downgraded and mexico is breathing a sigh of relief. thousands waking up in shelters and school and things like that that authorities provided. overnight, reports of the damage caused in the hurricane, things like powerlines, electricity cuts, some damage to buildings, but not major damage. so as you can hear on the road now to one of the states that's been affected, colima, but it seems to have escaped. one thing that farmers are reporting is that their crops have been damaged. >> of course, there is fear now of lots and lots of rain, which will add to the damage, not the
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least to crops. >> exactly. and we expected there to be heavy rain in the place we are standing now. the sky seems to be overcast. it is not happening here. the storm has moved to the center of the country, there hasn't been, maybe, the rain that's been expected in this part. but it's worth noting that civil protections, a government agency that deals with storms are trying to get out to rural communities in the region, that's where we expect the damaging storm. although major accidents and developments have not been reported yet, until we get to the rural communities and see if they have had mudslides and the houses remain intact. we will not know. >> thank you very much. john holman in mexico.
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richard is here with the weather, to tell us where patricia is now, where she's heading >> i think john summed it up well, most of the main issues. it's a case of dodging a bullet. the worst of it. if you look on the satellite, watch how it begins to fade with time. it gradually weakens. this was an incredibly powerful storm. we know it was the most powerful storm in the western hemisphere. as far as the pacific is concerned usually the biggest is the typhoons. this one rivalled the typhoons. not as deep, but it's rivalled things like violent and nancy. we have recordings of the like
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at 320 k/hr. it is a weakening storm, drifting to the north-east. as said n a report, this throws up the potential for rain. we have seen vast amounts falling. in the next 12-18 hours, there could be 2-300 ms of rage. -- millimetres of rain. there's another issue with this, and that is the surface part comes to grief across mexico, the upper flow moves through to texas. these shots come from aberdeen, where there has been an awful lot of flooding. there seems to be the remnants can intensify the situation. obviously got the formula 1 grand prix. if that takes place - the
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weather may improve towards the end of weekend. generally it's a move from saturday through to sunday. getting better, but we'll look at reports of landslides and mudslides. but nast yes weather heading for southern portions of the united states. >> still to come on the newshour. find out more about the vice president of the maldives, accused of a plot to assassinate the per cent. plus. >> i'll tell you how the tax system here leads to malnutrition. >> and in sport, which team is celebrating a second-straight trip to the world series.
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>> israeli troops shot dead a palestinian man. this checkpoint in northern janine in the occupied west bang. 54 palestinians and nine israelis have been killed in a series of attacks in israel and the occupied territories. now, the u.s. secretary of state held talks with the palestinian president mahmoud abbas in jordan. the meeting was part of john kerry's diplomatic push to end the violence in israel and the occupied territories. the talks centered on the issue of access to the al-aqsa compound in jerusalem, the center of rising tensions. human rights activists in israel are condemning the beating of wrongful arrests by a palestinian man. the incident is investigate by the israeli forces. he was held for five days before he was released.
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stephanie dekker went in the occupied west bank. >> reporter: outside in the street there's a stand off twine young palestinians and the israeli army. he stops in the doorway. what follows is not often caught on camera. >> translation: they came to me without questions. he hit me. i fell. around five soldiers came. they beat me, without questions. i told them i didn't throw rocks, i was at work. it was as if i wasn't speaking. >> there's an illegal israeli settlement, and the conformations were taking place. they were working in the storeroom as the c c.t.v. showed that the israeli show was beaten.
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>> the next day he was tape to hospital. it took three days until he was questioned. he has bruising now, more that three weeks later. it was alleged that the police refused to check his alibi. it took six days to be released without charge. >> it's a culture of impunity that we see here. the soldiers probably expect that consequences for violence, such violence against palestinians will be remote. if we imagine the other incidents that take place all the time but are not caught on video. the israeli army says it's investigating the incident. planting hatred intentions
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between us and the jews, the person feels they are not a human being. it's not humane treatment. if it was they wouldn't do it to a person. >> these incidents and worse happen all the time. this kind of hard evidence surfaces, the world wakes up as to how they are treated shia muslims in pakistan are demanding government leaders tighten security after the latest suicide bombers. friday's explosion killed 22 worshippers, eight children were among the dead. hundreds of minority shi'a have been killed. shia muslims have been targeted in bangladesh, i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for that attack. home-made bombs were thrown at a
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gathering of 20,000 people. police in the capital say a 12-year-old was killed. more than 100 others were injured. it's not the first time the shia minority has been targeted in bangladesh. >> millions of iraqis, took part in the morning ritual of ashura. it falls on the 10th day of the first month of the islamic calendar a female suicide bomber killed three people in the nigerian city of maiduguri. the attack a happened and followed two bomb attacks. so far no group claimed responsibility. people in the republic of congo
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voted on changes allowing for another to rule. the president ruled for over 30 years, it's thought he wants to expend his time in hospital. it has sparked violence. four have been killed. >> reporter: government officials in congo say the referendum is a good thing, the new constitution will help the poor. there's a clause that does away with a stiff penalty. the atmosphere in some part of the capital is tense. there's a heavy presence. they've been driving around and potential hot spots.
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there are people milling around and you see the shots there. they were looted during days of protest. some took advantage of the chaos and stole some things. the opposition says it's difficult to come onto the streets, admitting that they are scared. worried about being shot at by the police. they say it's hard, the internet is blocked. the government denied it saying they have nothing to do with communications and the opposition is being dramatic. that said there is a lot of support. the people that want to vote yes von on the streets say we, yes, want to vote the opposition in. opposition is concerned there could be violence. the government says the
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referendum will go ahead and encourages many to go out and vote. >> an election for the first time since independence. last minute campaigning under way. the ccm party is facing a coalition of the four main opposition fighters. -- parties. the alliance is a threat to the longest reining political party, live to catherine wambua-soi, our correspondent at the newly empowered opposition final rally. what is the mood like there? >> i'm afraid we don't seem top have the sound link with our correspondent. let's see if we can do work on that and bring you the latest from the capital as the country
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prepares to vote in what could be an intriguing election. after two days of haggling, 200 countries agreed on a draft plan to tackle climate change. friday was the last day of talks in bon before a bigger u.n. summit, due in paris. we have this report. >> they are here to talk about climate change, but there's another c word causing a headache. compromise. the meeting was to smooth the way. negotiators in paris were asked to draft a workable plan. >> the point is that the negotiators didn't make compromise here.
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they stretched the options. closer to a bridge. >> the rift between richer and poorer nations is evident. richer nations want to stop the earth rising by what scientists consider dangerous. poorer countries say it's too much. the rise should be restricted to 1.5 degrees. that will cost more money. leaders in the maldives have been more vocal and warn low-lying islands in could be in trouble. >> we are trying to send our message, let the world know what is happening, and what will happen to the maldives if
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climate change is not stopped. >> 2015 is so far the warmest year for the planet. we are yet to find out if something concrete is done about it the vice president of the mohled eaves has been arrested over a plot to assassinate the president. he is being questioned about an explosion. the president wasn't injured. his wife and a body guard and aide were we hope to go to mali, the m maldooef capital to get the latest. we can talk to mali. we can talk to the editor of the maltese independent. can you tell us, plain to us why
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the vice president is a suspect in what most are saying was an attempt on the president's life last month. >> hello. >> this is martine in doha. yes, can you repeat the question. >> yes, tell us why the vice president is a suspect. >> the vice president landed at the international airport in midday. the police arrested him from the tarmac and held a press conference afterwards, and they did not, despite repeated inquiries tell us why the vice president is a suspect in the blast. so we do not know - the police have not told us what evidence yes found linking the white president. >> the maldives is a small place, there's a lot of talk.
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what is the opinion on the street. there's a lot of divisive political wrangling in reens years. >> the main opposition party, supporters are watching quietly at the political fighting been the ruling party. what we have seen is an attempt by supporters to receive him at the airport. the city was closed. 17 people arrested. so the streets are quiet. police are conducting a series of raids. there's a lot of security forces on the streets. there's a sort of erie calm right now. but we have seen a clear split within the ruling party on this issue, so we have seen a fight between supporters clashing on
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social media. there has been a purge, or what appears to be a purge against the administration. >> should we see this in the context of the political infighting besetting maldives in recent times. >> yes, i think so. ever since there was an ousting. maldives has not seen stability. the flawed elections in 2013, the other political leaders, this all follows from - from a flawed or incomplete transition to democracy in 2008. >> thank you for explaining some of that.
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editor of the maldives independent. thank you. >> still to come on the al jazeera newshour. activists in europe fear hundreds of syrian pro-government millerba men could -- militia men could be using the refugee crisis to enter europe. >> and we go's the archives to see how millions are records are set. >> and in sport, how the weather plays a big part in the outcome of the united states grand prix. grand prix.
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you're with al jazeera, a reminder of the top stories. russia's foreign minister said the kremlin is ready to provide air sport to the free syrian army. one of the groups russia has been accused of targetting. u.s. secretary of state john kerry is due in saudi arabia to discuss a peace plan for syria flooding and landslides are feared in mexico. hurricane patricia weakened to a tropical storm after hitting the coast. it was the strongest hurricane recorded in the western hemisphere. the u.s. secretary of state says the palestinian president mahmoud abbas in jordan. talks focus on the issue of al-aqsa, it's been at the center of rising tensions. john kerry says israel and
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jordan agreed on steps to calm attentions at the moly sight. >> russia's intervention in syria is changing the face of the conflict. and there are calls to get more involved. the iraqi coalition partners are complaining that the strikes have not been effective your. here is imtiaz tyab from baghdad. >> reporter: this is what many across iraq want to see, russian air strikes like these in syria. it's too early to say how successful the moscow aerial campaign had been. there's growing frustration among the iraqis with the u.s.'s efforts to retake the vast territory to i.s.i.l. controls across iraq. and say russia's approach is what is needed here to win. this is the head of the government's parliamentary defense and security committee. he's a vocal supporter of russian involvement in the fight against i.s.i.l. in iraq.
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>> translation: we know that russia did not get involved in the middle east for our sake, rather for their interests. rather for their interests. c but our interests are well matched with the russians. >> reporter: it's not just politicians that want moscow to take a meaningful role in the fight against i.s.i.l., so, too do the leaders of the iranian banked shia militia, which could explain why an intelligence sharing agreement including syria and iran. washington made it clear it did not want russian jets in the air -- iraqi air space targetting ci.s.i.l., and described the involvement in syria as a mistake. and now is in the delicate position of appeasing security and political allies and keep russia on their side. whatever the case, it would appear that the threat of lushan involvement in iraq worked to
9:34 am
his advantage. >> the iraqi government has given assurances to the u.s. that they will not ask help from russia. they promise to increase coalition air strikes across iraq and give counter-terrorism forces badly needed military vehicles, tanks and advance weapons. the u.s. insists it remains on course to destroy i.s.i.l. it intensified strikes on baiji in the north, providing air gofr -- cover for iraqi forces who manage d to retake key areas. rarely have they faced multiple offenses. offenses. than it has in the last month. it would appear that the threat of a russian role in iraq stirred the u.s. into action. the question now is how long will it last and will it be enough to lead to meaningful gains we go back to the meeting
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between the u.s. secretary of state john kerry and mahmoud abbas, taking place in the jordanian capital. we can go live to ramallah and speak to the secretary-general of the palestinian national initiative, and a member of the palestinian legislative council. thank you for talking to us. do you think the lines coming out from the meetings that john kerry had, binyamin netanyahu, and with president abbas, 24/7 surveillance cameras at the mosques compound, further assurances that the status quo will be observed and upheld, and do you think that this is going to defuse the current tensions? >> no. i don't think so. i think this is very little, and it does not respond to the main problem. first of all, binyamin netanyahu had to retreat from his missions in al-aqsa, because the intifada, the uprising.
9:36 am
second, there is no sign that the world community is going to provide protection to palestinians from assaults like the one that happened to the family, which was burnt alive. second, there's no guarantee that israeli is ready to stop and seize activities, a demand. uprising. and third, there's no assurance that israeli is ready to end the occupation. the main problem during the last 48 years is the occupation. that is why we had three uprisings up until now. the problem has to by solved and the cause addressed. it's not just the mosque but the system of occupation. >> do you think it will be helpful to try to get some for of dialogue back on drag, of course, which -- on track, which has been missing over the recent months adding to the frustration for the young
9:37 am
palestinians? >> insanity is to repeat the same thing and expect different results. we had negotiations for 22 years. all we have is more settlement, operations and more oppressive measures against the palestinian people. the only way to have real negotiations is israel stops the settlement and declare it's ready to end occupation and release the palestinian prisoners. it's unacceptable that this month started with 6,000 prisoners, and we ended with an agreement with 7,000 prisoners, it's unacceptable. we cannot negotiate - yes, sorry. >> clearly, the israelis are not going to volunteer those concessions are they. this will happen with sustained international interference. are you not in the least bit optimistic, the fact that the united states is re-engaging
9:38 am
again with the problem. >> they should have done more than that. president obama promised more than six years ago that he'd force them to sop, and in the last session he didn't mention the palestinian issue. of course, to have the palestinian sish as a result of the uprising, but the interesting will continue. it will continue until israel says it's ready to end the occupation. any talks is like negotiating over a piece of cheese. the other israeli side is eating the piece of cheese. at the end of the day there'll be nothing left to talk about. the only way to guarantee an option for a 2-state solution is for israel to stop able
9:39 am
toisties. -- thank you for talking to us live from ramallah all right. going back to another of our top stories, the elections due to take place in tanzania. the ruling party facing a first real election challenge. many say since independence because of a newly formed coalition of four opposition parties contesting the election. live to the capital, and our correspondent catherine wambua-soi, who we didn't have much luck talking earlier. can you establish that you can hear us, and if you can, tell us what it's like at the opposition rally. >> absolutely, i can hear you, what i was saying earlier, look at this. thousands are here. this is the main opposition candidate. the ruling party candidate is having his own final campaign in
9:40 am
the region. you just need to come to political rallies like this to understand the excitement and intensity around the election. of course people are saying crowd and political parties do not translate to votes. a lot of people are saying that this could go anywhere. how to campaign has been very peaceful. just a few incidents. they just want a free and fair election. given the ruling party has been in power for more than 50 years, if the opposition coalition was able to dislodge them. how big a shift would that be tore tanzania, one of the most stable countries on the continent. >> people want change, and this
9:41 am
candidate has the support of young people. a lot of critics are saying that when it comes from the same cloth, it's from the ruling party. it just becomes earlier this year from the ruling party to the opposition, when he was denied the ruling party nomination for presidential candidate. people are saying what difference does it make. what new thing did it bring to the table. he's saying they'll bring change. there's eight by the way. eight presidential candidates and the agendas are a promising change, promising to transform lives and provide free education, primary and secondary. yes promise to review taxes for small business owners and combat corruption. people are hoping that these are
9:42 am
not empty words to win elections, and a lot of people here are saying that he was one of the most best performing prime ministers when he was prime minister in this government. he had to resign in 2007 because of a corruption scandal. and that's why the ruling party supporters say look, he's corrupt. why do you need him. before he decamped from the ruling party, he was against the ruling party and voted against, and had different ideals from the opposition party. what is this, this looks like politics. he's saying that he is able to provide the change. >> thank you very much. catherine wambua-soi will be providing our coverage of those important elections for tanzania. now, bulgaria, serbia and romania will shut their borders to refugees should they do the
9:43 am
same. they insisted the three countries will not become buffer zone from refugees. the morning comes as thousands continue to cross europe. hundreds of syrian pro-bashar al-assad militia are believed to be taking advantage of the refugee crisis to get into europe. activists and human rights lawyers say they go undercover. >> in areas popular with the community in germany. they have a growing concern saying militia men are also arriving. he has been imprisoned, tortured and abused bit the government militia. he was kept under custody for months, and is seeing some of his abusers in germany.
9:44 am
>> translation: if i see people i know and am sure about i'll inform them where they live and the authorities. i can't let something like that pass. i'll follow the progress with concerned authorities. these people must be brought to justice for what they did. this is not just about me, more than 200,000 people have been made prisoners, many, many people were killed. >> reporter: human rights lawyers in europe acknowledge the threats caused by implementation of criminals among syrian refugees. >> translation: of course they are a danger. they are a threat to the opposition and activists. they go undercover and supply the assad regime with intelligence. german prosecutors filed charges against them. there are three cases before the courts. syrian refugees who have evidence about the presence of
9:45 am
criminals in germany should contact the prosecutor general, the police or one of our representatives. activists are collaborating on social media to identify the members of assad forces. they are recording the online profile and the current locations. they are deleting their online identities as they are discovered. syria's opposition in exile are trying to help. >> we are in contact. we informed them about gathering evidence and are prepared to evidence and are prepared to cooperate them. the u.n. refugee convention addresses criminals. similar conventions exist. they have committed war crimes, or crimes against humanity or serious nonpolitical crimes. activists estimates hundreds entered europe.
9:46 am
some are spotted in public areas not trying to hide. syrians say they suffered at the hands of criminals, are determined to seek justice. there are lots of electioning on sunday. among them guatemala goes to the polls to elected a president. a big challenge facing the winner is tackling poverty. it's the fourth highest rate of chronic malnutrition in the world. david mercer reports. >> it's a game enjoyed by youngsters around the world. despite their smiles they mace sa bleak future. all malnourished, stunt physically and mentally. their mother says it's impossible to break the cycle of poverty. >> translation: i take my son to the public hospital. they don't have the medicine. the doctors say he needs. i wish we had the money to buy
9:47 am
the medicine outside the hosital, but we don'e. it's hard. the medicine, it's hard.c >> reporter: down the road families line up to receive food assistance. the rations come from foreign government and groups. here, too, the government is ab sent. with a second round of presidential elections, politicians have been putting their stamp anywhere they can. the big question is how they will bring the change to the people that need it the most. 2.5 hours away, there's evidence of a growing economy. the numbers living in poverty is rising. analysts say what is missing is the state's role in redistributing the wealth. >> it is one of the worse tax collectors in latin american along with paraguay. under 12% of gnp is collected every year in taxes, which is very far from countries such as brazil. close to 30% of g.n.p. earlier this year, a corruption scam led to months of protests and brought down guatemalans president.
9:48 am
for this woman, and family like her, the responsibility to provide services should be a vital task for the country's next president coming up all the sports news with andy, including finding out who made it through to baseball's world series, plus... ... >> i'm lee wellings at twickenham for the first world cup semifinal between south africa and new zealand. it promises to be a rough, tough encounter. encounter.
9:49 am
9:50 am
it's an exciting sporting day, isn't it? >> it is. so much going on, we are an hour away from the first semifinal in the rugby world cup. new zealand getting ready to take on south africa, new zealand looking for a 13th consecutive game. the springboks coach describing the line-up as the best team in the game. >> they'll be desperate. there's a match said. it will be brutal because of that. the team that can, i guess, deal with that, and play the rugby, and take the moments that are on offer, and you know, with one that succeeds. that is where the focus is, and the excitement. >> the big thing about them, their attack is phenomenal. they back the execution and the
9:51 am
skill set, and put you under more pressure than any other team. >> our correspondent lee wellings is at london, twickenham stadium. south africa going out of their way to talk up new zealand. are the all blacks favourites? >> ner clear favourites. this is undoubtedly a special all black team. event the defending champions, 13 matches in a row without defeat. they are special. their performance was as good as i have ever seen. you look through from the incredible surveyor, the vast impact. they'll be a staff member. all 15 players. the only thing is i would not expect this to be a similar game. south africa recovered so well. they'll pose their own problems, and they are used to playing new zealand in the championship.
9:52 am
sometimes they put in performances of such a level. it's whether they go the whole way and find a way to beat the team. >> for the first time, no northern hemisphere team in the semifinals. should we be surprised by that? >> no, i don't think it is at all. coming into the tournament. how special the team were. we knew to expect good things. we had a decent chance of winning. south africa - the one thing added to that is argentina had so much experience in the championship. it got better and better. the level they have shown in the exciting rugby has shown that southern hemisphere. that said, let's not think it's been a disaster for the northern hemisphere nations. they have to rip evering up and
9:53 am
start again before the next world cup in japan. scotland should have beaten australia a week ago. they were the better team on the day. who saw it coming. it's not a disaster. we should see scotland playing argentina. >> lee wellings said twickenham. >> the kansas city royals play the new york mets. the royals closing out the american league championships. game 6 could have gone either way. jose bautista hitting a two and homer to level the score 3-3 at the top of the eighth inning. they had to sit through a 45 minute break. the momentum switched to the royals. they were the r.b.i. to put kansas in front 4-3. that was how it finished. the royals in the world series for a second straight year. they have not won the title
9:54 am
though since 1985. >> everybody was fired up, you know, our club does not mine being tied late. they know the ball pen is strong and will hold the fort until we can score a run. that's baseball. we put up the best fight. we have a great team representing the american league also. yes. you demo, any time you lose something, you try to get to the top. it's disappointing. it sucks it out of you. >> the qualifying session at the united states formula 1 could be cancelled due to bad weather caused by hurricane patricia. heavy rain hitting on friday. it resulted in the second practice called off. even force, for the next
9:55 am
few hours, if the race goes ahead. lewis hamilton has the chance to wrap up the third world title. >> markus rein broke his own long jump world record. this effort, though, would have been good enough to win him gold at the last olympics in london. the german with his left leg amputated jumped 8 minutes 40. it was to compete, but is yet to be given the all the clear. >> plenty more on that story and on the kansas city royals progress at the website. check it out. more from me later. >> thank you very much, indeed. now, it's 70 years since the united nations charter came in effect. the gral wall of china is one of
9:56 am
200 landmarks around the world to recognise the fact that the great wall has been lit up in the colour blue, the official colour to market the event. without the u.n., the world would be a bleaker place. the woman that holds the key took al jazeera goodnight the scenes. >> i'm bridge it. chief of u.n. archives. we are responsible for the archives of the secret airiate and responsible for the requisite archives of operations that are created as a result of the security council resolution. we fulfil a number of organizational objectives, and some are requirements from member states for accountability. the whole thinking about preservation, and what archives looked like is radically changing. it's quite frightening when you
9:57 am
open a box. and you find - do you remember the great big floppy 12-inch disc and you find a little hard disc and hunt around in the organization, and no one has a vhs player any more. one of the mediate and stable - i can't believe i tell you this, is microfilm, and one st is that you can hold it up to light and read it. you don't need any machine whatsoever. we have the 55 flags that were flown at lake success, the temporary headquarters of the united nations during the general assembly first session. >> i think i have one of the . >> stay with us. we have a full news bulletin in a little while. don't go away.
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