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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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the one issue at the center of their dispute from the outset of the syrian crisis. that is the faith of syrian president about a sad an president bashar al-assad. seeing the offensive take. the political initiative, and it's the open question of how long that can be sustained.
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it will reflect very closely the progress that they in the syrian army make on the grab in syria. moscow claims that it's targeting isil, but tha separatists say that in fact, russia is blooming them. >> syrian state tv continues its propaganda message to try and convince people that russian airstrikes are targeting what the syrian and russian governments call terrorists. this is what is left of the found its unclear how many people were killed. opposition fighters belonging to
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the army of conquest announce the capture of several villages. >> they called for the battle this week after capturing idlib earlier this month. opposition fighters also say that they've taken several towns and villages in the town of aleppo province. syria's armed opposition groups say they've been targeted by airstrikes rather than the so-called islamic state group. on friday isil announced it was in control of the main road connecting aleppo to hama. how russia reacts to this will demonstrate its military priorities. despite airstrikes entering their fourth week isil fighters appear to be largely unaffected.
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>> there are fears 6 flooding and landslides in america. that's despite the storm. patricia is described as the longest storm to hit the western hemisphere. only minor damage and no victims have been effected. john holman has more from mexico. thousands of people are waking up in temporary shirt, so far overnight the report we're getting of the damage poo are trees, power lines, electricity cuts. some damage to buildings but not
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major damage. as you can hear now on the road to one of the states that have been most effective, but it seems that one thing that farmers are reporting that their crops have been damaged. some say they have lost all of their crops, which is obviously going to effect them heading forward. it's worth noting that civil protection are right now trying to get out of ruler communities in this region. that's where we expect most damage in the storm. although major accidents and developments have not been reported yet, until we get out to those rural communities, if their houses remain intact we won't know exactly how much this has damaged the southwest of the country. >> the vice president has been arrested over an allege plot to assassinate the president.
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he's being questioned on the explosion on the president's boat. the president was not injured, but his wife, his bodyguard were. >> the vice president landed at midday today. they did not despite repeated inwireries tell us why the vice president is suspected in the boat fire. the police have not told us what evidence they have found linking the vice president to the boat blast yet.
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what we've seen today there are supporters to receive him at the security. but the city was sort of closed off. 17 people were arrested. so the streets are quite tense but quiet. the police are out conducting a series of raids that a lot of them security forces on the streets. so there is an eerie calm right now. but there has been a clear spl split. it's not out on the streets yet. there has been appears to be a purge from the administration. >> let's take you to u.s. secretary of state john kerry who has been speaking. following his meeting with mahmood abbas.
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>> it reject completely any attempt to suggest otherwise. four, israel welcomes any coordination between israeli authorities and the jordan and bloc including to make sure that visitors and worshipers use restraint and respect with respect to their responsibilit responsibilities. in fact, they plan to meet soon toe strengthen security arrangements on the temple mount. that is to say israeli authorities will meet soon in order to strengthen that security relationship.
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i'm proud to announce an excellent suggestion by king abdullah, to provide 24 hour 50 coverag24 hour coverage. so, today i hope we can begin to turn the page on this very difficult period. we must stress the importance of avoiding provocative action and rhetoric, and we must work cooperatively. it's the only way to go forward. to work cooperatively to restore
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calm by restoring calm we can get back to the effort of lasting peace. >> john kerry after his meeting with the palestinian president mentioning measures and some meetings that are due to take place in the hope of defusing the tensions that have been in the occupied palestinian territory and in israel itself. meanwhile, human rights activi activists in israel are condemning the beating and the wrongful arrest of one palestinian man by israeli soldiers, which has been caught on security camera. he spent five days in detention before his alibis with checked. stephanie deckter went to meet him at the cleaning pr product
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factory where he was arrested. >> outside of the street there is a stand off between palestinians and israeli army, so he stops in the doorway. what follows is not often caught on camera. >> he came to me, he hit me and i fell. then soldiers came and they beat me without any questions. i was telling them i didn't throw rocks. i was at work. it was at if i wasn't even speaking at this point. they were hitting me and trying to drag meouts. >> the israeli settlement just a few hundred meters up that road, and the confrontation were taking place around this area. now he was working in this store room as the cctv video shows when israelis stormed in and started beating him. he was handcuffed and then taken to hospital to treat his rooms. it took three days before he was
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questioned. he still has bruising now two weeks later. they released the attack and arranged the police refuse to check hissal by. it took them six days to release him without charge. it is consequences. they're not caught on video. >> the israeli army said it is investigating the incident. and it's initial findings are that the soldiers' actions are unacceptable. >> it's not humane treating. if it was humane. they wouldn't do that to a
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person. >> palestinians say that these kinds of incidents and worse happen all its time, and that it's only rarely that this kind of hard evidence that the world wakes up to how they're treated. >> still to come, we go inside the archives to find out how millions of records are kept in order. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> governments secretly paying ransoms. >> we were told never to disclose that they actually paid. >> are they saving lives or putting more at risk?
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>> you're with al jazeera. let's take a look at the top stories. the russian foreign minister says that the kremlin is ready to provide air support to the free syrian army. one of the groups that russia is accused of targeting. flooding and landslides are feared in mexico as hurricane patricia has weakened to a storm after hitting the western coast. john kerry said that israel has maintained that only muslims are allowed to pray at al-aqsa mosque. he made his comment after meeting with the president of
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jordan. al-aqsa mosque activity has been the center of rising tensions. >> demanding tightened security after the latest suicide bombing. hundreds have been killed over the past decade. shia muslims have been targeted for what for the first time happened in bangladesh. a 12-year-old was killed when homemade bombs were thrown into a crowd of worshipers. more than a hundred were injured in the procession to the shia shrine. millions gather to mark the comply maximum of the morning
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ritual. the mourners march through the streets chanting. it falls on the tenth day of the first month. the u.n.'s envoy to yemen said that he'll start working immediately with the government and houthi rebels on peace talks. they say that both sides have agreed to attend the delegation, but a date has yet to be agreed. a female suicide-bomber has killed three people in nigerian city of maidugari. it follows two bomb attacks in northeast nigeria on friday. one in maidugari. so far no one has claimed
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responsibility. tanzania's ruling party is facing a challenge since 50 years ago. campaigning is underway for the polls on sunday. for the first time the party is facing a coalition of the four main opposition parties, and the alliance is a formidable threat to africa's longest reining political party. now people in the public of congo are going to be voting on sunday on changes to the constitution, which would allow for the president to seek another term in office. they have ruled the african nation for over 30 years. this would extend his time in office. the voters already have started violent protests in the capital where four people were killed on tuesday. we have more. government officials in congo
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said that the referendum is to say this trying to push ahead push forward will help the poor and the human rights examples. there, there is a clause that does away with the death penalty. you see heavy police presence. you see police stationed on major roads. you have water canons for potential hot spots. across the roads there are people milling around. you see those shops there. they were looted during days of protest. the opposition are saying that it's are the difficult for them to come out on the streets because some admit that they're scared. some are worried about being shot at by police. the internet has been blocked. they can't global myself people on social media.
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the government denies this. that the opposition is just being dramatic. that said the government has a lot of people who do support the president, who do support the new constitution. people who want to vote yes to it have been on the streets for a few days also marching, and also protesting. opposition are concerned there could be violence, that the president will try to hang on to power. but they say the referendum will go ahead on sunday and encouraging people to come out and vote. >> bulgaria, serbia and romania will shut their borders to refugee is germany and austria do the same. the bulgarian prime minister made this warning aing they will not be responsible for the refugees. ththe warning comes as thousands enter europe.
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>> in areas popular with the arab community, syrian refugees have a growing concern. these militiamen are arriving among the refugees fleeing the war. ahmed said he has been in prison, tortured and by the assad government. he has seen some of his abusers in germany. >> if i see people that i'm sure about, i will follow them. i will not just let that pass. these people must be brought to justice for what they did.
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this isn't just about me. more than 200,000 people have been made prisoners. many, many people were killed by them. >> there is a danger. they are a threat to the opposition. we go undercover and prosecutors have filed charges against them. there are three cases before the courts. three refugee who is have any evidence they should contact the tone general, the police or one of our representative. >> they are trying to identify members of assad forces.
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leaders in exile say they're trying to help. >> we're in constant contact. we inform them. >> the u.n. refugee convention addresses the criminal seeking asylum. and the convention does not apply to those who are considering they have committed war crimes or crimes against humanity or serious non-political crimes. activists estimate that hundreds have entered europe. some shotted in public areas aren't trying to hide. and syrian who is say they've suffered at the hands of alleged criminals are determined to seek justice. al jazeera. >> successcuffles have broken out after the opposition led tear gas.
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they want the government to backtrack. >> countries have greed to tackle climate change but there is a lot of pickering where the money implementing the plan will come from. >> they're here to talk about employment change, but there is another word causing a headache in germany:compromise. negotiators were asked to drop the workable plan, but france sees problems ahead. >> the point is that the negotiators need not make compromise here. they just stretched at different options. now there are clear options polarizing options in some cases closer to a bridge and
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compromising others. >> the west between richer and poorer nations than been evident. richer nations wants to stop the temperatures from rising. poorer countries say that the rise should be restricted to 1.5 degrees. but that goal will cost a lot of more money. leaders in the moldives have been more vocal. they fear their island could disappear. they once held a cabinet meeting underwater to littlelous straighillustrate the point. >> we're trying to send of message what will happen if climate change is not checked. >> 2015 is so far the warmest
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year for the planet on record. we have yet to find out if it's also the year something concrete is finally done about it. al jazeera. >> so 70 years since the united nations charter came into effect. the great wall of china is one of more than two landmarks around the world to be lit newspaper blue. that's the u.n.'s official color, to mark the event. secretary general ban ki-moon said that it world would be a far colder spac place. >> we're responsible for the archives of the secretary. we're also responsible for records and archives of operations that are--we fulfill
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operational objectives. some requirements from member states. our whole thinking about preservation, what archives look like is radically changing. it's quite frightening when you open a box and you find the great big floppy 12-inch disk. then you find a hard disk then you hunt around the organization that no one has a vhs player any more. one of the media that are the most stable, and i can't believe i'm going to tell you this because it's embarrassing is micro film. one of the great things about micro film is that you can hold it up to light and read it. you don't need any machine whatsoever. we have the 55 flags that were flown at headquarters of the
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united nations general the general assembly's first session. i think i have one of the best jobs in the u.n. i really do. >> find out about one of the best jobs in the u.n. on the website there is also all the latest of the day's stories at humanity and we're doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science, by scientists. tonight, techknow investigates the ivory trail they've tried to seize it, burn it, but nothing has stopped the terrible


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